Billy And Mommy

Then his father said the fatal words that Billy had dared hoped might somehow be said that eve. "Now Billy".

Gail turned and looked at her husband in a wide-eye, startled expression. "That is really i****t, not education, Frank!"

"Both, but let him just put the tip in, to see how a pussy feels, as a reward for doing what you asked him to do.

'Fair is fair' thought Gail and she began to spread her legs again. "Okay, Billy but just the tip, no further, you understand?"

Billy nodded, too excited to speak. He scooched on his knees up between his mother's thighs, with his rock-hard raunch-rocket erect and ready.

Gail leaned back against the sofa and spread her legs, giving Billy the most open and intimate look at a pussy to date in his young life. A wreath of curly damp hair surrounded it. The ruddy flesh was a raw maw, which encircled a seeping bright pink portal of womanhood. It presented the perfect target for the youngster's dick, but there was a problem.

As Billy positioned himself, it was clear that while he was nearly as big as his dad in the equipment department, he was still a bit less in height, thus his pole aligned a few inches too low. His father caught on to the situation and grabbed a seat cushion off the easy chair. Billy retreated to let Frank lay the pad on the floor at his mother's feet. When Billy advanced again this time his penis was in perfect position to enter his mother's pussy.

Gail watched in wonder of the evening's events, as her son's cock came closer and closer to their tentative touch of genitals. The distance closed to millimeters, and then Billy hesitated. "It's okay, Baby, come and put the tip in mommy, just the tip though, no more." she said to her son.

Billy leaned forward so that the stiff spar of sex just kissed the center of the Gail's mother-hole. He could feel the warmth radiating. The underside of the head of his dick, dripping with pre-cum now, was slicked even more with the ooze from his mom's cooze. As he pushed, the up-turned meat tube sk**ded past the entrance and slid up her crack, nosing the protruding pink pearl of Gail's clit. Both mother and son moaned at the erotic sensation. Billy wanted to arouse his mother to a peak.

It wasn't exactly a plan, but in the back of his mind he reasoned that with enough stimulation his mom might lose control and let him go all the way in, once, maybe twice or three times if she was really turned on. His manly muscle made long sweeps up and down Gail's flesh-groove, from the low mush-pit to the crinkly tuft at the top. He pressed hard as he rubbed the slick length of his mom's special place.

Gail could tell how ripe she was and knew the two of them were skating on thin ice. The shock of her son's hard love-lance pressing on her hot-button was almost beyond her ability to maintain self-discipline and not succumb to her lust. She couldn't remember a more erotic, and yet, quite frankly, a more romantic night in her whole life. Not even her honeymoon, nor even losing her virginity, was close to the hyper-aroused state she was now in. Then it occurred to Gail that her son was about to lose his virginity with her.

No, was that actually so? Was 'just the tip' doing it? That wasn't fucking, not really, was it? He still would be . . . well not innocent, but not fully experience, still be her baby boy yet; even with the level of intimacy they were about to share, still her sweet c***d. At that moment Billy stretched up to suck her right breast, as his cock pressed into the soft entrance of her vagina it reminded her that despite his youth, her baby boy was well hung with a hunk of man-meat that would be a pussy-pleaser to any woman he put it to. She had, in her sub-conscious, a notion and curiosity to see what it would be like to have her son all the way in her. But in her motherly moral conscience, she denied her hidden desire.

As he leaned over his nude mother to nibble on her nipple, the tip of his tuber aligned perfectly with his mom's entrance. It was well greased up by the action of sawing at Gail's gash. She draws his head up to kiss his lips, as the tip slips in. Their tongues played together in her mouth, then his, as the head of his penis popped into the ring that marked the enclosure's true beginning. She could feel the snug flesh of her vaginal opening encompassing the hot bulb, a spongy orb on a firm staff. Billy closed his eyes as his first inch entered, the hot - wet - slippery - tight - wonderfully intense tactile sensation almost made him cum immediately.

He steeled his concentration to make the moment last. Billy knew if he blew his wad now that would be the end of the education and he might never get another chance to put his dick in his mommy's cunt. Even as he savored the very instant his penis penetrated a pussy for the first time, his Dad, who had begun growing a new erection at the sight of his wife being entered by their c***d, was observing him. He began to masturbate at the spectacle. "Go on, Billy," Frank urged the teen, "pull out, and then put it in again!"

"No!" Gail protested, but when Billy followed the paternal advice, she was ignored and she felt her son withdraw, not losing contact but keeping his angle in the correct bearing. Then he once more burrowed the bl**d engorged bulb into the haven of his mother's hot hole. Gail, put her hands up to his torso and made a weak effort to push him away. "No ~ noo . . . that's all Baby, you had your taste of paradise, take it out now, please. Please . . . enough!"

But Billy could tell there was little will power behind his mom's words and feeble attempt to fend him off. To test that theory, he pushed another fraction of an inch in. His mother pushed back at his chest, but she also made a small movement with her hips that allowed another smidgen of Billy's bountiful babe-banger to slide deeper a bit more. Gail gasp, as the action grew more dangerous. Billy slowly backed out, Gail smiled until he stroked forward again. This time the head - and shoulders of his dick stretched the opening and gained a foothold.

Gail moaned in both protest to the third entry and from the passion that threatened to overtake her senses. "Frank, that's enough, no more, please, before it's too late." Frank looked up from his study of i****tuous invasion, and shook his head. "Honey, he hasn't cum yet, let him do it until he climaxes, fair's fair, we've both had orgasms, now it's Billy's turn. Gail saw the logic, but the emotional conflict still held her in check (if only by a thin thread) from the abandonment to the pure joy of coupling with her son.

"Wait, Billy," Gail made one last desperate attempt to stave off total i****t with her son. "Let mommy move, you just enjoy and cum when you need to." She hugged him to her breasts, his face alongside hers; she could feel the hot panting next to her ear. Billy could feel the soft pillows of his mother's ample breast press against his chest. The dual cushions floated him on a warm, smooth waterbed of pure femininity.

She raised her hips slightly so he was situated with the tip of his cock engulfed in the mouth of her muff. She began to tilt her hips up and down just a little, so that the super-sensitive knob of her man-c***d disappeared and materialize as it dipped and surfaced in that most special of baths. It was close to real fucking Billy realized, and the thought of screwing his mother began his balls boiling. The urgency for his semen to bubble out of the spout between his legs, which now sipped at the well of paradise, grew in intensity.

He couldn't help himself, he began to move too. The effect of the complimentary motion made the penetration go a little deeper than Gail intended, but she allowed it, in the effort to bring her son off. It felt good for her too, too good. She moved a bit more with the swing of her hips. In and out, dip and withdraw, slip in / slide out, thrust and retreat, down and up; their hips made the dainty dance of sexual teasing a torment to both.

Now Billy was getting a little deeper each time. From the first touch to the first dip, deeper yet. The head, then the head and neck - shoulders - two inches in now and four to go. Gail continued to moved, her body began to dictate the tempo, her physical needs to rule, her a****l lust to reign above any reason, her passion to block all doubts, her excitement to burn in her gut, a fire that needed a heavy hosing to quench the quim, to make her cunt cum. Frank could tell that Gail was a goner and that his son was going to get laid by his mother!

Billy sensed it was time to move to the completion of the evening. He now began to not hold back. His cock went half way on the next push. Gail knew she had lost the battle with her moral vestiges. But still she made one last attempt to stem the inevitable lovemaking with her boy. "Oh! No! Billy don't do it, don't fuck mommy, it's not right Baby, Oh! Stop, no deeper, mommy can't take it, it feels too good!" Billy plunged another inch in the next stroke. "Nooo . . . don't! In a panic now, Gail Cried to her spouse. "Frank, it can't be, it mustn't happen, it will ruin everything!"

Frank, in response, put his hand on the k**'s hips and pushed as Billy entered his mom once again. Billy knew the ultimate moment of conquest was now, and gave a big shove of hard cock into his mom. Gail knew, when her husband provided permission for the sinful sex to happen between her and her son, by encouraging Billy to make full penetration of her 'holy of holies', that she was outnumbered and out gunned. She knew that her whole hole of hot hairy horniness, that was the very center of Gail's being, was to be fully filled with her son's handsome member. She broke, the dam of morality collapsed, her reserve flowed away as she made the sacrifice of her final feminine mystique to her boy by fucking him.

Gail opened her cunt to her k**'s sweet cock. She made the swing of her hips a full arc; her thighs spread as wide as she could make them and her heals began to beat against Billy's butt as they got into it completely. Billy felt his dad push him into his mom. He understood this was the time, this was the okay, this was the yes, this was the instant he had dreamed of for so long. He felt himself slide / slither / snake to the root of his rod all the way into his mother.

His pubic hair mashed and tangled with hers. He held that socket tight for a long minute. Then he shoved harder still, to cram every last millimeter in. He felt a funny nubby place deep in her pussy. Gail felt her son bottom out in her, the tip nudging her womb. Could he / would he / what if he should make her pregnant? Frank saw his boy's balls bounce on his wife's ass and started to pound his own meat stalk.

Then, the dam broke. Gail commenced to moan, like when she was about to have an earth shaking cum. Billy was banging away at his mom's pussy like he might never get laid again. Frank could feel the jism in his testicles about to blast. Billy reveled in the ecstasy of sex at last, sex with his mother, sex with his parents participating, permitting, enjoying one another and initiating him into the ultimate intimate adult act.

He stretched to kiss with his mom. Then he turned to his father and kissed him on the lips. His eyes said all the thanks needed to his old man for wonder of sex. SEX SEX SEX - he couldn't get enough of going into his mom. He wondered if she would let him give her a baby. Gail could tell her next orgasm was on the rise. Her cum was riding on the brink of release.

Then - then . . . then, they came. Billy suddenly found himself over the edge, he battered his mommy's middle with a raging erection that stretched the skin so it seemed like it might split. His tip bumped her womb, his pubic bone mashed her clit, his nuts drummed her butt, his mouth kissed her cheek, his arms were around her now in a fierce hug, his chest was nipple to nipple with her breasts. Gail let out her pre-cum wail, "Ahh! Yess! O! uhh . . . now!"

Frank considered the possibility that Billy might impregnate Gail. This was the thought in his mind when his penis shot a stream of white cream onto the fucking pair. Billy felt the explosion of his cock in his mother's vagina, like his dick was a stick of dynamite. The flow burst out, a geyser of goo right into the very mouth of the womb that bore him; the place his life and soul had formed in and which his spirit and body had longer to return to, to return to that avenue of love in this very special way, in this spectacular act of reuniting mother and son!

Gail finally released the pent-up climax with her own erotic creaming in synchronization with Billy's spewing his potent poison into her burning center. Her body arched, and her arches contracted, as the spasms of orgasms shook her. She bucked up to pump the last hardness of her son's erection into her hungry hollow. She felt her pussy flutter, gush, cum. Her brain flashed a lightning bolt of pleasure through her nervous system. Her cunt clenched the softening cock of her boy within her. It shrank and dropped out, allowing the draining of their mixed juices to drench the robe beneath her and even soak through to the couch.

The three gasped and looked at each other, as the sweat dripped from their happy faces. Their lust wishes, subverted for so long were now out, open, honest and undeniable. Billy leaned over and kissed a deep French one with his mother. Then he even Frenched his dad, in gratitude for allowing him to not only learn about sex, but to fuck his own mom in the process. Frank then also tongue kissed Gail and asked, "Aren't you glad we did it?"

Gail nodded and smiled a naughty smile. "Yes Honey, I am. I am now into i****t entirely. It was the best sex I ever had; being with the two men I love the most. Now, tomorrow night, don't you think we ought to continue the lessons for Billy, after all, he needs to experience more positions, doggie, me on top, behind me from the side, me on my tummy and him on top. And maybe," Gail once more grasp the two cocks, one in each hand, "if you're both real good boys, we might do a double penetration!"

Frank winked at Billy, who could only smile back at both his parents with a pussy-eating grin that stayed on his face for a very long time.


With perspiration still on her face, I lead mom back to the easy chair in the corner. I sat her down and then stripped myself. I paused for a moment to let mother take in her grown son's naked body, including the handsome package between my legs. She smiled and lifted her arms in a gesture asking for a hug. I knelt down and pressed my chest into the soft, velvety skin of her lush breasts. We did tongue dancing for several minutes.

Then mother leaned back and held my shoulders to look at me with an amused smile. "I just put two and two together and realized something!" she exclaimed. I used two fingers to slide into her pussy as we talked; I was on my knees between her parted thighs. Mom reached behind her and gave me a throw-pillow to spare my joints. "I know you remember when you used to try to catch me and your father making love. When you would sneak downstairs and peek at us in the f****y rec-room, while we did it."

"You dad was kneeling then too, just like you are now. Just like Billy did in your story about when the parents taught their son about sex. I read that story a dozen times and cum every time! But Darling, exciting as this has been, and as hot and horny as we both are, and as much as a mother/son screwing is a turn on for both of us; we still can't have sex. It would be wrong, no matter how much we both want to consummate our lust. We can't open that can of worms, Honey, we just can't.

The look on my face would have been a classic photo of a forlorn, dejected and disappointed man. But then I decided to not let the moment pass, this was too good an opportunity to have and let slip by, an opening which I might not get again in so favorable circumstances. I sawed the two fingers in and out. My head bent and instead of an argument of words to her refusal, I suckled her nipples.

"No! Oediplex, don't seduce me, I'm too vulnerable!" My mom had called me by my i****t name. My mother had said she was vulnerable. My female parent had told me that she had the hots for me and she was sitting in front of me without a stitch. Her words said one thing but her signs pointed toward a different conclusion. She needed to be seduced to reduce the last of vestiges of moral hang-up. I was more than willing and 'up' for the job.

"Please mom! I didn't cum yet... can't I just put it in once... you'll like it - you know you would."

"Yes I would. But no son, that would be going too far. We're already are on dangerous ground. You wouldn't be able to control yourself."

"I would, please let me, I have wanted you for so long, ' long and hard' I have wanted you, mom. You have wanted me too, just this once, this one time, just one time in you to see, to remember all my life. I want to know what is like to have my cock enveloped by your sweet pussy. Please!"

"Maybe you would have the strength, the control, to only put it in once, but I don't think that I could stop you if you got that far, so going that far is out of the question." My fingers were still ravishing in and out of mother's slick snatch. I was silent. "Honey, why don't I suck you off?" said mom, trying to avoid the ultimate intimate act.

Well that was better than nothing and a step in the right direction. I stood up and leaned toward her. "Okay ma, slurp on my love tool that is so hot for you." Mom bent forward and began to work on my cock. She slid her luscious lips over the crown and her tongue flicked on the skin ridge on its underside. I knew something though that my mother was unaware of, that it takes me a very long time to cum by mouth. This would work to my advantage.

After a while of her finest administrations to my member, my mother looked up. "Sweetheart, are you close?" I imagined her jaw was getting sore.

"That's all right mom, I guess I won't get off with you after all." I sounded as sorry and tragic and heartbroken as I could. I even managed a tear. I am a ham actor, I admit.

"O! God! Baby, don't cry!" On cue, I burst into real tears, went to my knees and hugged her. "Sweetie, my poor Oediplex, how can I help?"

"Maybuh... be, I c... could just put it on your tummy and rub? I might get off that way..."

"Okay, but only on the outside, no penetration, promise?"

I nodded. Progress! I positioned us so mom's hips were hanging almost of the edge of the big chair and I was flat on her, nipples matched to nipples; with my dick pointed at her belly-button and my balls tickled by her pubic hair. I hunched, she gave little humps, and slowly the position transitioned lower and lower, until the tip of my penis was brushing aside the bush and buzzing her clitoris with each stroke. She lay there like she was in a trance, breathing hard and making little whines and whimpers.

I whispered, "Just the tip in, please mom, just the tip, that will make me cum. Please, just the tip, please mommy, your boy needs his mommy's warm love surrounding me. Help me cum momma; let me put the head of my cock in, pleease!"

"Okay, but only the tip, like in our picture by Pandora, just the tip to make you cum, but just this once, and no more than that."

With the green light I proceeded, still unsure I could complete the seduction. The plum bulb of my dick nudged the glossy lips open, and nestled in the radiant heat that felt like heaven. I was now an inch into paradise. I let it rest there for a moment, then began to slowly and slightly withdraw, but before it actually was out of contactor lost its aim I thrust it gently in again and repeated; then once more. The forth stroke pushed the rim of the head so as to be fully seated in mom's pussy.

Mother's cunt seemed to get even hotter and wetter. She was shaking her head and murmuring "No, nooo, oohh nooo, Oediplex don't fuck your mother!" Her hips lifted a touch, the legs spread a bit, her breathing was increasingly deep and rapid. I knew we approaching a momentous and critical point in our relationship, which had taken an unexpected erotic twist. I paid attention to her physical signals and none to her plaint and with the next press of prick was a tad deeper; then, without pulling back, another half inch was advanced.

Mom's eyes popped wide open and she tensed. She looked me with an expression of both dread and lust. Her mouth open as if to speak, but no sounds came out. I looked down at our connected bodies, her gaze followed to our united genitals. The second stretched. We both knew what was going to happen. Then I heard my mother's voice say words an hour ago I could never imagined her saying, save in my stories that is. "Oediplex," she called me, "say the words, tell me the description, speak the narrative. Tell me about doing your mommy, while you do it to me." Green lights all the way down the avenue to home!

I spoke of making love to my mom like I was writing one of my stories. "My mother has her legs spread for me. However, she is unsure we should be this intimate. Her pussy is wet with ardor; her motherly instincts have been over shadowed by the hot lust she has denied for so long. Mom has let me put the tip of my dick in her vagina, yet she hesitates to complete the union with the last vestige of conscience and morality holding her back from depravity. But is it too late to stop her son and herself from committing the i****t they both have lusted for?"

"Yes!" said mom.

"Yes... to which?" I asked, "do you mean I got your feelings right, or it's too late to stop?"

"Both!" as her reply.

As I spoke I suited my actions to the words. "Yes, it has gone too far between them, too far gone with passion, too far into her cunt to turn back, they can't help themselves. I'm going to put into you, mom. I'm withdrawing just to the very lightest of touches at your sweet cuddle-hole. Now in, slowly - so - slowly... a fraction of an inch at a time. It feels like every square millimeter of my penis is super-sensitive as it slides down the gripping channel of your vagina."

"You feel filled and fulfilled by your son's thick long dick in your canal. The returning of his physical self reconnecting to where he came from, inside you; there to repeat the poppa act of inseminating momma. This approaching of your son's impending orgasm and flooding you with his sperm is what really turns you on. It is naughty and nasty and not-natural, but oh so steamy and sexy and exciting. You know that his splurge will send you over the edge too." Mom was nodding her affirmation.

"I'm half in you now, involuntarily my slide hastens, and now I am almost all in." I was and we both moaned in unison as my cock was swallowed by her cunt. "Now I am all the way in you. My balls are snuggled up against your bottom. Our pubic hairs are crushed together, the crinkly hair a kinky tactile sensation in itself. The knob of my pole is plugged hard into your deepest spot mom; can you feel it bumping against the mouth of your womb? That is where I am going to squirt my baby-making juice into you!"

"Oh, yes, Baby, fuck me, fuck your mommy, Oediplex, and cum in momma's cunt! Do it to me, Sweetie, make me climax too! I've waited so long to have you back within me, now my dream has been realized, my fantasy come true! O God I love it! Fuck me, screw me, do me, love me, love me Honey; make love to your hot, horny mom!" She was totally gone, and I followed right along as I began the long slow strokes from head to root of my boner.

I continued to tell my mother about the dirty things we were doing. "Yes I'm fucking my mommy! Hard and fast, rubbing your clit with my thumb, touching the G-spot as I penetrate, poking at your uterus with the knob of my wicked wand. My nuts are close to pouring your chalice to overflowing with the spume of my love. I can't hold out much longer, the banging of my balls on your soft buns is making them ready to release a torrent of cum in you, mommy!"

Then I stopped talking all together as the peak hit me and triggered hers. I could feel my hairy orbs jumping in time to the clenching of my asshole, as the swelling and pulsing and throbbing, almost to the point of pain, of my penis pumping in my mother's vagina continued. I could feel her treasure box vibrating with the contractions of mom's special place, the home of all homes, the sacred spot of sanctuary away from the world's problems and cold cruelty. And I had been invited into that holy hole of my sainted/sinner parent beneath me.

What was the best cum you ever had? How great did it feel? Do I need to heap superlatives about the mutual orgasm my mom and I had? Okay, it was rockets and dynamite, volcanoes and earthquakes, shooting comets and supernovas. We bucked as we finished our fuck, then with the stretched moment of socking it to her solid, next the rapid fire raw ramming, plus I added the swiveling motion to make my hard-on hit every spot. The wild dance of hips was echoed in the ballet of tongues and lips. We were in lust and love, living our fantasy out. Finally, the flow of fluids gushed on my balls as my dick started to soften. What a rush!

"Well, Oediplex? Was it as good as in your stories? Did reality live up to fantasy? You certainly lived UP to your name and reputation in fact and action!" Mother continued to hold me in our hug of love.

"Like it? - boy did I ever Mom! Oh wow! Was that spectacular!"

"And did you like the fact that I was reluctant and resistive, did I play my part well?"

"That was acting?"

"Sure, Babe, I read your stories; I know what turns you on. So I decided that I would make your fantasy as close to perfect as possible. Since you knew that I have been hot for you for nearly as long as you've had a yen for me, I was hard press not to be totally round-healed. My fantasy came true when I felt your cum in my cunt."

She continued, "You can thank Pandora's Box for getting to finally fuck your mother. If we both hadn't like that same picture of his, with the mother and son who look like us, I might never have spilled to you my own Jocastic desires. But now we have gone all the way, there's no going back. You won't have to wait so long, Honey, until we are once more making love, because I know we won't be able to resist the temptation to trespass the i****t taboo again."

"That's so true!" I said prodding her tummy with my res-erection. But first do you know what the translation of Oedipus means from the Greek?"


"Ate her puss..."

She laughed, and then giggled as my lips nibbled down her tummy then up her thighs, then she sighed as my mouth made contact with her genitals, she groaned as my tongue touch her pink pearl of femininity, she gasp as it tunneled into her love haven. What followed...


Jenny laughed, and pulled he son close to whisper in his ear, "Yes and mommy liked it every time, but that is just between the two of us. We want to keep that in the f****y. She suddenly realized that her hug had brought them together so that her breasts pressed against his chest and his peter poked her tummy. The twist of the conversation from baby making to love making to her admission of liking sex had begun to turn her on. Joey was her son, but a male as well, and the setting was rousing old feelings with this perfect copy of her only lover.

Jenny slowly rolled back away so as not to appear to be negatively reacting to their touch. Actually the opposite was true; she had started to dampen between her thighs. A natural thing, considering everything that this emotion laden place stirred up, she reassured herself. But Joey had other ideas about continuing the bodily contact. He turned toward her, so he wound up half lying on Jenny, one leg over hers, his respectable root on her thigh where she could detect a hint of pre-cum which dampen her bare skin. Why shouldn't he be like his father in that respect, she thought to herself, for that matter as horny outdoors as both his parents, truth be told?

It came to her she was horny now too. The seaside paradise, the hidden haven of a little heaven on earth beside the sea was ideal for temptation. That is why so much had happened here. She felt safe and protected, private, and secure enough to give herself freely to nudity, to her husband, to losing her maidenhead, to making - no, use Joey's vernacular - to fucking. Only they knew what went on, what came off, what went in and how many times they came. And what came out of it all was this perfect copy of the man she loved.

Jenny was lost in a moment of memory and clutched her son to her as she had her husband that last day of passion, before the shock of grief. Spouse and son were for an instant one and the same, she kissed him and called, "David . . ." Joey, confused but game for a sexy kiss, even - no, especially from his mom, bussed her back with enthusiasm. His warm lips made Jenny's mouth naturally open up to a French kiss, and for long moments their lingual digits danced the duet of lovers. A splash of spray from a strong wave bursting on a nearby boulder brought her back to the present. She lifted her brow in surprise at what they had just done and she put her hand up to cover her mouth in shock.

Jenny gasped, but Joey knew that she was not upset. They both laughed, the tension broke. "For a minute there, I thought I was back in your father's arms and making love to him!" The mother smiled to make light of her inappropriate action.

"That's okay mom, I know I look a lot like dad. I know you loved him a whole lot, and I'm glad you love me too. It was fun and I didn't mind. After all, this is our 'secret beach' and no one knows what goes on here, it stays in the f****y, just between us. And just between us, I wish we could do it again." That made Jenny's eyes go wide, but she didn't move and they remained in the clench. "And just between us," Joey now was the one leaning close and speaking in a breathy soft voice, "I wish I could do what daddy did." With a not too subtle hint he pushed his stiff dick higher on her leg and gently cupped a nipple with his palm.

Jenny thought about the youth's proposal, but she knew that would not be what should normally happen with mothers and sons. Still her pussy was damp with erotic fluids, as dirty thoughts flowed in on a tide of lust. "No Joey, you can't take daddy's place, Sweetheart."

"Not in your heart, but I could in your body!" Joey maneuvered himself higher on her prone form. "Weren't you and dad planning on another baby when he got back from the war? Don't you want another baby?"

"Joey! We couldn't, it would be right, what if someone found out?"

"Who's going to find out - since we are here, no one will know!"

Jenny threw her head back and laughed at her c***d's lack of logic. "Babe! if I have another baby, everyone will know I got knocked-up, and since - as you pointed out - I have no boyfriend or hubby they will wonder who the father is. When he comes out looking like a carbon-copy of you and your dad, they could pretty well guess who the father is then. That would be a scandal that would haunt us all our lives!"

"If we move, you could say dad did it before he went off overseas."

"It is the right time of the month for me to conceive, but Darling, making a baby doesn't happen every time people - fuck.. Besides, I don't think that I should be the person to take your virginity either." She interrupted their conversation that had concentrated their attention on each other. "Oh! Look at the beautiful sunset!' The sky was a brilliant glowing cacophony of color, orange mixed with red that blended into purples, the blue dome framed the varied hues and puffy white clouds overhead contrasted the tints with their highlighted linings glowing gloriously.

The moment made it a special juncture of mothering love and romantic lust. Jenny found her lips seeking Joey's to celebrate the spectacle. Joey instinctively responded by now kissing his mother back in a seductive way as he crept over her to spread his legs on each side of hers. His weeping penis pushed its clear ooze into her open navel. Their arms entwined as the glory of that place and the memory of their dearly departed raised the specter of i****t. Jenny's brain was becoming fogged with the chemistry of sexual arousal.

He's only doing what comes naturally, it echoed in her head. He is a naturist now, after today, just like his father. Just like his Father made me a naturist. Just like his father made me. Just like his father and I made him here. Just like I lost my virginity here. Wouldn't he be just like his mother to lose his virginity here at this sacred site? He was heir to the perfect spot to do things in privacy, in secret. Who would know if I taught him about sex? Let him take his daddy's place inside my body, they are both inside my heart, I love them both so much.

Joey could feel the loosening of his mom's thighs; the kisses were now tongue tussles and sweet smooches all over each other's face. He brought his feet together, a wedge to part the limbs that guarded the canal of love. Still he did not f***e things, but let the natural course of events unfold. He knew that soon he and his mother would be fucking. He broke from the lip lock and whispered, "Do you want to know a secret?" Jenny nodded affirmatively. "Mommy, we are naked, naughty naked like Adam and Eve after they tasted the apple!"

Jenny realized he was right. They had gone from nudity to nakedness, and with that transition from natural love to unnatural lust, from the blessing of togetherness to the sin of i****tuous sexual union. But she didn't care anymore, David was coming home. She now spread her legs wide to welcome him, to give her man a natural spot to plunge into the wetness of her womanhood. The shores of carnal knowledge were awash with the waves of desire that flooded them, Jenny and Joey both.

Jenny was mother-earth taking in the seed to produce the fruit of her loins. The fruit of his father's loins was plowing at the gates of heaven. She stopped thinking then and just allowed the exciting sensations to cascade over her. Joey moved down so that his mouth could suckle on his mom's nipples. The youngster's hips humped his hard-on through her pubic hair in a search for his place of origin. This prompted Jenny to raise her knees to guide her son home as her back arched to angle her dripping cove for his harpoon to thrust in.

The plum colored head of Joey's spear, a match for the fading sunset, pushed through the portals of his mom's secret petals, the bay of birth was private no longer, as the perfect heir pierced where only before his Pater had explored. It sank into the warm liquid depths, stone solid prick of pride in putting it to his beautiful mother. He withdrew the shaft and thrust again, it felt so good; again, again. The rhythm of the rucking couple repeated and echoed off the rocks. The slapping of flesh a clapping unheard other than by gulls overhead. The bird's cries were nothing to the cries of ecstasy issued from Jenny as Joey fucked her.

The splashes of sea-spray cooled the steaming pair as her climaxes rose and fell and peaked and rolled over her entire being. Then she sensed the urgent tattoo of Joey's taboo taking of her, his impending orgasm now on automatic. She felt the hot seed of his semen squirt deep inside her womb, the delicious throbbing of his male member within her; no memory of love lost, but now the proof of lust discovered as a f***e of nature.

In a profound rush, her brain began to function once more. Yes! Sex was an irresistible f***e of nature. The monkeying around that naked apes did was only natural. Didn't she read about i****t among the Bonobos, the pigmy chimps, in an issue of National Geographic? And the natives in hot climates were always almost naked. Did they have any i****t in their culture? Of course the magazine would never mention anything like that, any more than it showed them fucking - no making love, and they were nude, not naked. They must have morals too, like any human culture.

But what had happened here at their secret beach might be immoral, but it was immortality too. The perfect heir taking his father's legacy and carrying it to the next generation, Jenny knew that she would get with c***d from this intercourse. Yes they could move north to a different community, closer to their special cove. And here, thought Jenny, as Joey's penis slipped from her vagina, on this perfect day, when the air was perfect, and her body was ripe, they had made another perfect heir. In the sky the sun had set, but on mother-earth the son was just rising again, naturally!
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12 months ago
incest might be alive and well but that was awsome , shame big daddy uses 3 words to say 1!
1 year ago
This is an awesomely profound, thought provoking insight, nay...unvailing of the natural, carnal and historical evolution of a subset of the instinctive male and female human species! Fortunately for the incestually inspired, participants and lovers of pure and true bodily and sexual unions of blood-related family, this human subset has not only survived but evolved, matured and beckons the sane of society! Incest is alive and well.
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Excellent story. Thanks for sharing.
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worth a wank
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Wow, takes some reading, but worth it.
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Great story of tender love.
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hot story hope there is more to come
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Very good
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great story,looking forward to more