Two Mothers, Two Sons Chapter Four

For, Jessica Denver, the week was mostly a blur. Since allowing her son into her bed and his delicious cock into her pussy, she hadn't looked back. The boy hadn't been to school in three days. Every morning she would peck her husband on the cheek, send him off to work and immediately tear into her new teenage fucktoy. The house had become a den of debauchery. Nothing was off limits and nearly everything had been tried.

She was sore, and she was tired, and she had never felt better.

Over the course of the week, Jason had fucked his willing mother in the living room and on the kitchen table, and on the bathroom floor. He smashed her against the tiles in the shower and held her under the spray as he plowed into her from below. Jessica rode her son to three screaming orgasms on the stairs, and three on the washing machine, and three more on the tiny twin bed in his room. They broke the leg of the table in the living room and they soaked the sheets of Jessica's marital bed with their love sweat. She taught him how to eat pussy on the couch in the den and she let him coat her tits in his wondrous boycum on the hood of the car in the garage.

She gave him her ass on a futon in the basement.

Lying on the floor in the living room with her head on his strong, hairless chest, Jessica couldn't help but grin as she recalled everything they'd done and thought about everything the had yet to try.

In less than a week, the life of the doting mother and loving housewife had changed dramatically. She was falling for her son. She was falling for Jason, and she was falling for him hard.

When the phone rang, she reached over her napping sexual dynamo and retrieved it from the nearby end table. The voice on the other end was instantly recognizable. "Hi, Jess. Haven't heard from you in a while. What have you been up to?" It was her best friend, Donna

Jessica smiled and moaned, and inhaled deeply. Her eyes drifted to the partially hard cock of her son. It was stretched across his belly, still crusty from their most recent marathon session and as beautiful as ever. "Oh, I don't know...about ten inches I guess."

The ladies couldn't help but giggle.

Donna had been enjoying her own son, Matthew, in much the same way. She too had fucked her boy. She'd fucked him, and sucked him and she was done with that she did it all again. The horny mothers were on cloud nine. Their pussies were sore and their bellies full of cum.

Life simply could not get any better.

"What's that handsome son of yours doing right now?" Donna asked with naughty glee.

"He's sl**ping right beside me. Poor k**, I think I might have broken him. Enough about me, how's your week been?"

"Oh my god, Jess, you have no idea. Okay, wait. Maybe you do." The ladies chuckled together once more.

Jessica reached down and started lightly dragging her finger against the length of her son's manhood. Almost instantly it began to stir.

Teenage cock – she'd forgotten how wonderfully resilient it could be.

"You know," Donna continued. "Were going to have to have to send these boys of ours back to school at some point, right?"

Jessica's grin turned upside down.

Donna was right; her pneumonia excuse would only last for so long. Sure the school year was nearly over, but sooner or later, Jason – and more importantly the amazing cock between his legs – would have to leave her. It was a sad realization. It was an annoying, frustrating truth she didn't want to think about. In fact, she was mad at her friend for even bringing it up. "Damn it, Donna. Did you call here just so you could ruin my day?"

Donna chuckled. "Wait, wait, wait. I actually have an idea I wanted to run by you."

"It better be a good one, Mrs. Collddrinkofwater."

"Well, I was thinking that since tomorrow is Friday, how would you feel if, Matthew and I came over for the day and the four of us properly broke in that new pool of yours? I'm talking about a pool party, Jess. A pool party with both our boys, and your pool, and some bikinis and some sun, and lots and lots of fucking."

Jessica's frown turned right back around.

The thought of two sexy teenage hunks and two mouthwatering teenage cocks strolling around her house instantly sent shivers to her clit. She grabbed the already expanding meatof her son and began to hungrily stroke.

She licked her lips and giggled. "Donna, have I ever told you what an amazing friend you are?"

Donna and Matthew arrived early Friday morning. The mothers were anxious to get to the business at hand and get the "business" in their son's pants as well.

Earlier that morning they fed their husbands and rushed the unsuspecting lugs out the door in record time. Dale forgot his briefcase and, Jessica threw it at him from the garage, "See you later, hun! Have a good day!"

He thought it was a bit odd, but he only thought about it for a second.

Less than ten minutes after he'd left, Jessica greeted her guests the door, stepped to the side and invited them in. When Matthew passed by she let her eyes linger on his firm young ass. It was an awfully nice ass and it deserved a linger. Suddenly she realized that she'd known Matthew his entire life and she'd never one stopped to notice what a nice little butt he had.

It was going to be one hell of a day.

Jessica gathered everyone in the living room and directed Jason and Matthew to the couch. The boys had been friends for as long as they'd been alive. They used to share a stroller when they were k**s. They went to grade school together and they were currently teammates on the high school baseball team. Their birthdays were even just three days apart. The boy's were best friends, and they talked and they were well aware of what the voluptuous, middle-aged sex-goddesses standing across from them had planned.

"All right boys," Jessica smirked with her hands on her hips and her fantastic tits straining the fabric of her cotton shirt. "We're going to go into the other room and get changed. While we're in there we expect the two of you to do the same."

She turned to her friend, "Did you bring what I asked you?"

Donna reached into her purse and pulled out two of the tiniest speedo swimming trunks in the history of speedo swimming trunks. She playfully shot them at the handsome teens on the couch. "Sure did."

Jason sighed. "Really, mom? The speedos, again?"

As much as Jason liked the effect the speedos had on his mom, he hated squeezing himself into them. They were tight. They were way too tight and they pinched his balls.

"Stop whining and just put them on," Jessica responded with a playful smile. "It'll make your mom really, really happy. And trust me when I say, that you'll like it when your mom is really, really happy."

"Also," Donna added. "They won't be staying on for too long anyway."

Immediately after that, the sexy moms retreated to the bedroom and closed the door behind them. The moment they were gone, Jason and Matthew began to strip.

"Holy shit, can you believe this?" Matthew was so excited his voice cracked. He already had his shirt off and was working on his belt.

Jason lowered his pants and his cock sprang out, already half hard and anxious for the day's festivities. "I know man, I know. It's fucking amazing. I haven't had so much sex in my life. My mom is like an a****l!"

"Tell me about it. By the time my dad got home from work yesterday, my dick was so sore it hurt to piss."

"Oh, boyssss" Jennifer's voice interrupted from the other room. "Why don't you go and hop in the pool. We'll be out in a minute."

Jason and Matthew grinned brightly, finished stuffing themselves into the ultra-tiny swimming gear, and bolted out of the house and into the pool. They hit the water with a splash, laughing excitedly. Just a few minutes later their mothers stepped from the back door of the house and to the water's edge. When the boys saw what their sex-crazed moms were wearing, their jaws dropped.

Jessica and Donna were dressed in bikinis so skimpy they could barely be considered bikinis at all. They were colored strings of dental floss and nothing more. Thin patches of fabric molded around the delicate bulge of their pussies and even smaller swatches managed to barely disguise their diamond hard nipples. Every inch of their bodies was on display for their sons. Every curve and muscle, and glistening patch of womanly flesh was spread out like food at a buffet table.

Jason and Matthew licked their lips and swallowed.

They were hungry.

They were really, really hungry.

The grinning mothers walked slowly to the stairs on the opposite end of the pool, whispering to each other and giggling like women half their age. Their sons watched without saying a word, their eyes glued to the matronly asses swaying hypnotically and glistening in the morning sun. Donna and Jessica stepped lightly into the water and moved slowly toward the sexy gap-jawed teens watching them with unblinking eyes.

Jessica wrapped her arms around Jason's neck and pressed her body against him. She kissed him softly on the lips, her fingers twiddling playfully with his soaked hair. Her lips pursed and she whispered, "Hi there."

Jason's heart fluttered. His cock expanded further and he grinned like a k** in a candy store. "Hi."

Jessica leaned even closer to her son. She buried her face into his neck and nibbled gently on his ear. "Unfortunately you're going to have to go back to school next week, so I want to make this a day to remember." She pulled away momentarily and gazed lustfully into the eyes of her only offspring – the amazing, big-dicked boy she'd given birth to eighteen years ago. "Can you do that for mommy, Jason? Can you make this a day I'll never forget?"

Jason wrapped his arms around her and his hands fell instantly to her ass. His fingers grabbed onto the meat of her cheeks, squeezed and pulled her against the oversized cock obscenely stuffed into his speedos. "I promise."

With a single fluid movement, Jessica coiled her powerful legs around the hips of her boy and their lips came together. There were butterflies in her chest and her heart was fluttering. She wanted at him. She wanted to taste his tongue and feel his lips against hers. In no time at all the horny couple was moaning, kissing and groping, and panting in the center of the pool. Less then three feet away they could hear, Donna and Matthew doing the same. Jessica threw her head back as her son wedged his hands between them, grabbed hold of her amazing tits and began to paw frantically. He hoisted the heavy wonders from the water and started to nurse.

Matthew was the first to take the heavy four-person make-out session to the next level. The ambitious young boy carried his mother across the pool and lifted her onto the concrete. He pried open her legs, moved aside the pathetic piece of fabric hiding her tasty womanly goods and began to feast. Jason carried his mother to the opposite side and did exactly the same.

As the boys licked and sucked and devoured their mother's willing, delicious cunts, the woman did everything within their power to keep from screaming. Though the eight foot privacy fence kept the neighbors from seeing them, it would do very little to keep their pleasured screams from reverberating down the street.

For the most part, they succeeded in keeping their screams of pleasure at bay.

For the most part.

Staring across the pool at each other the overheated mother's smiled. Their legs were writhing, their cute little toes curling as their feet dragged along the muscular backs of the teenagers enthusiastically bringing them closer to orgasm with every lick, flutter, and suck.

Jessica was the first to pop, and when she came, she came hard.

Her hands latched onto Jason's skull and the muscles in her arms mashed his face into her cunt. As her body began to convulse and her tits wobbled excitedly, Jessica's legs coiled around his head and pulled him closer still. Mere moments after the intoxicating feel of orgasmic bliss began to set in, she could hear Donna wailing across the way. In no time at all, the backyard was filled with the pleasured moans of the middle-aged sexpots. Jessica fell onto her back and her tits spilled from her flimsy top. Her vision was blurring. Jason's tongue was hitting all the right spots and it was hitting the repeatedly. She was in heaven.

She was in heaven and the day had only just begun.

Forty-five minutes away, Dale Denver pulled into the parking lot at work. Donna's husband, Jim arrived at nearly the same time. The men shook hands, offered the customary hello's and decided to walk inside together.

While waiting for the elevator, Dale turned to a bit of small talk to pass the time. "Hey, buddy. You ready for that meeting with corporate today?"

"Oh, god no," Jim moaned, rolling his eyes and shaking his head. "I didn't get any sl**p at all last night. I feel like shit. I had to put back one of Matty's stupid energy drinks this morning just to make it through the commute."

"No k**ding? What's the problem? Not feeling well, or just one of those nights?" Dale answered back as the men stepped into the elevator.

"No, it's actually, Matty. The k**'s been sick for a week. Donna was up and down all night checking on him. Hell, she probably got less sl**p than me. She was doting over that k** for hours."

"What's wrong with him? Anything serious?"

"No, I don't think so. She seems to think its pneumonia, but I don't know. Honestly I think he's milking it a bit. You know k**s. He's a little lazy and now that he's sick he's got his mother taking doing everything she can to make him comfortable."

"I dunno, Jason's been down with pneumonia too. At least that's what Jess seems to think it is. Maybe there's something around."

Jim shook his head. "Yeah, maybe. I don't know. I swear Donna coddles that boy too much. Sure he's sick, but he's not going to die or anything. He needs to learn that his mom isn't always going to be around to rock him to sl**p when he's a little under the weather, you know? He'll be in college next year, for shits sake! If she doesn't give him a little space he'll never grow up."

Dale chuckled, his eyes watching the buttons on the elevator blink as they ascended. "I hear ya, buddy. I hear ya. What're you gonna do though? Boys will be boys."

The elevator door opened. Jim sighed deeply. "Yeah and women will be women, right?"

"You got that right."

"Ohmygod! Fuck me baby! Fuck me with that big, beautiful cock!"

Donna was folded over in a chair in the master bedroom of her best friend. She was screaming and she was moaning, and there was a lusty, slightly pained grimace stretched across her face.

It was the good sort of pain, though - the really good sort of pain.

Her knees were lying on either side of her head like slices of bread and her son's bloated dick was plowing relentlessly at the mushy pink of her sopping pussy. Every time he slammed into her she grunted, and every time she grunted he slammed into her harder.

Soon after the pool party moved from the backyard to the bedroom, the real fun began. It took just minutes for Matthew to peel off his shorts, throw his big-titted mother into the big, fluffy chair across from the bed, toss her legs over his shoulders and get to work.

His cock was deep. His manhood was engorged and thick, and working it's magic.

Donna's eyes rolled back into her head and she moaned in ecstasy. Matthew stopped thrusting for a moment. The muscular teen dug himself in even deeper and began to grind. His mother loved it when he did that.

Donna could feel another orgasm approaching as her stud of a son found his second wind and began to lay into her with long, steady strokes once again. He leaned forward and latched onto her nipple with his mouth. After sucking and nibbling on the super sensitive flesh for a bit, he slid his puffy, boylips to her neck and rolled his tongue against her skin. As a result, Donna mumbled something mostly incoherent. She was gone. She'd reached the point where words no longer held meaning. The fact that she could hear the achingly similar moans of her friend, Jessica on the bed across from them only made the situation hotter.

In all her years she'd never once been involved in an orgy. She'd always wantd to be involved in an orgy.

She was involved in one hell of an orgy now.

The heavy balls contained within Matthew's low hanging sack continued to beat a steady rhythm against her asshole and it was like music to her ears. Wonderful music. It was the best damn music she'd ever heard.

As her son grunted and groaned played every inch of her body like maestro of the highest regard, an orgasm hit. She reached for Matthew's muscular ass, dug her nails into his flesh and held tight. She squeezed, and writhed, and squirmed, and ground her cunt into him with everything she had. When he leaned close to her again, she bit his neck. She couldn't help it.

Just five feet away, Jessica Denver was bouncing on the wonderfully stiff tool of her own son and enjoying every marvelous inch. Jason was sprawled beneath her on the bed, his hands gripping his mother's hips and trying desperately to hold on. She was slamming herself against him with wild abandon. Her pussy was on fire and that was all that mattered. She was an a****l. She wanted cock and she was going to have cock. Jessica threw her head back and bared her teeth. With every angry, lust-filled bounce het fat tits flopped wildly.

Jason reached for her incredible breasts and squeezed. "Oh yes. Oh mom. Oh god yes this feels good."

Jessica smiled at her horse-dicked son and stirred her hips against his oversized tool. "You're making mommy feel so good, baby. Oh, that fucking cock of yours is amazing!"

Though she was out of breath, Jessica did not relent. She loved the feel of the incredible dick lodged inside her and she refused to let it go. It was hers and it was always going to be hers. She slid her hands to the sweaty, chiseled out of stone chest of her son and stared deeply into his heavenly blue eyes through strands of sweat-drenched hair.

"I love you, Jason. Oh god, I love you sodamnmuch!"

She did love him. She wasn't lying. She loved him the way a mother loved a son and she loved him the way a woman loved a man. She was so very proud of him and she so badly wanted to fuck him. She wanted to fuck him and she wanted to continue fucking him until his dick was worn to a nub and his balls had run dry. Lucky for her, Jason wanted the same.

The energized teen slid his hands beneath her flailing ass, lifted her just a bit and began to thrust upward at an incredible pace.

"Ohhhhhh shitttttttttt!" Jessica's words turned into something closer resembling a growl. Her nails dug into his chest and her fingers scrapped helplessly at his aroused nipples. Jason was working her over. He was pushing every button she had and she was at his mercy. Her little boy was fucking her better than anyone, anywhere, had ever fucked her before. No, he wasn't a boy anymore. He was a man with the cock of a horse and the libido worthy of, Zeus himself.

He was firing lighting bolts into her pussy and she loved every second of it.

"I'mgonnacum! I'mgonnacum, Jason! Don't stop momma's gonnacum!"

Her hypersensitive pussy exploded. It sprayed happily and soaked the amazing dick wedged inside. Jessica folded forward and collapsed onto Jason's heaving chest as her cunt continued to twitch and spit, coating the whole of her son's midsection in her slick juices.

Jason wrapped his arms around his mother and held her tight, her tits mashed against his chest as their bodies were reduced to little more than a quivering heap of aroused flesh. As Jessica whimpered through the tail end of her orgasm, she kissed at his slippery skin and muttered love-filled, sex-glazed nonsense. She wedged her arms underneath him and squeezed tight. She mashed her face against his chest and tried to meld their flesh together.

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