The sl**pover

The sl**pover

"Hey Mom, can I have some friends over to spend the night please?" said a hopeful Ryan to his mother as she watched TV.

"Sure hon, just as long as you fix up that basement before you guys go down there and make it a million times messier than it is now. And you will have to wait until I finish my exercises." she said to her son Ryan.

Ryan wasn't the most charming guy in the world. He was tall and skinny with dark brown hair that he liked to keep fixed up nice. He was still somewhat socially awkward despite being an 18 year old senior about to graduate high school. His mother was quite aware of it. She noticed he didn't really go out very much except for the occasional trip to the movies with his friends. As far as his mother knew, he has never had a girlfriend. She thought the same of his four friends which he brought over occasionally and also would go over to some of their houses.

Ryan's mother, Sherry, was unlike her son in the fact that she was none too tall and had short blondeish hair in a bob-cut. She didn’t feel very beautiful, despite her big brown eyes, glasses, a cute smile, and perfect white teeth that shined with her perfect smile. She had a plump body, but she worked very hard to maintain even that. She was curvaceous big woman with a big round behind, a bit of a pudgy stomach and large breasts that stood at 36D.

Ryan happily went down to their very nice, finished basement to begin to clean up a bit knowing that his friends will be able to spend the night there. They had a pool table, a living room with a big sofa and a large flat-screen TV, which is where Ryan kept his video games, and a small area where they kept an exercise machine. He began to pick things up from the floor and put them in their corresponding spots anticipating his night of movies, video games, and pool, with his friends. He also had a large in-ground pool in the yard that they could all enjoy. He cleared up the pool table and was finished with the organizing.

"You finished so soon?" Sherry asked her son as he came up the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Yup, it really wasn't too bad down there so it didn't take me that long." he said with a smile on his face.

"Okay well, dinner will be ready soon. After I eat I will go down to exercise then you can invite your friends over." she smiled to him.

"Sounds good Mom."

At dinner, Ryan explained to his mother that he and his friends would spend the night playing video games, watching movies, and playing pool. She seemed okay with that. As they put their dishes away in the dishwasher, there was a ringing at the door.

"I thought I told you they could come after I finished my exercise!" Sherry exclaimed. She was self-concious about her weight and like working out in private.

"I'm sorry Mom." said an annoyed Ryan as he went to open the front door.

"Hey Ryan!" "What's up Ryan!" shouted his friends, Jim, Erik, Oliver, and Zac, as they walked in through the front door.

"Hey guys! I thought I told you I would let you know when my Mom said it is okay for you guys to come. Why didn't you wait?"

"Yeah, sorry Ry-man. We were all really bored at my house so we just decided to come early. Sorry Bud." said Erik.

"Yeah we really couldn't wait to come over!" said an exited Zac.

"Okay guys. Well come on down now I guess." Ryan said as he led his four friends towards the basement through the kitchen.

"Hello folks!" said Sherry Cheerfully to the boys as she saw them walk into the kitchen.

"Hello Mrs. Davis!" said the four guests in unison.

"Try not to go to crazy down there tonight. And make sure you clean up again tomorrow when you wake up. I'm not going to be cleaning up after you clowns." laughed Sherry.

"Don't worry Mom, I will make sure things don't get to wild down there." said Ryan, assuring his Mom they wouldn't make a mess.

"Oh and by the way, I will be down there in a few minutes to do exercise for a while. Hope you guys don't mind."

"Uh, ok Mrs. Davis…" Mumbled the boys, somewhat amused that a “fat” woman was working out!

Sherry went upstairs to her room to change into her work-out clothes. As she stood in her closet she thought of how much she misses her husband. He was away on business for two weeks now and wouldn't be back for another two. She was thankful for Ryan since he was very protective of her and was always willing to spend some time with her. She put on a loose pink t-shirt with a sports bra underneath. She wore very grey legging shorts that stopped just above her knee. She made her way down to the basement for her daily exercise. Perhaps not the most flattering of garments, but she needed to be comfortable.

When she walked into the basement she saw all the boys crowed around the pool table with all of their book bags sitting on the sofa. She also noticed that Ryan was sitting out since they were playing a 2 on 2 game.

"Hello boys. Don't mind me I'm just going to do a bit of exercise." said Sherry making her way to the machine.

As she walked the group of 18 year old seniors standing around the pool table, the four of them watched as her breasts jiggled slightly despite having on a tight sports bra. They were staring at her l breasts completely forgetting their game. Ryan noticed this and was extremely surprised. He wasn't angry at them which also surprised him, but he found himself growing in arousal. For the first time in his life, he saw his mother as a beautiful woman. He watched his beautiful mother along with his friends. Her big butt looked unbelievable being hugged tightly in her legging shorts. Ryan felt a stir in his pants as he stared with his friends at his bbw mother.

Sherry noticed that it had gotten extremely quiet all of a sudden and turned around to look at the boys. They all jumped and turned around to look at the pool table trying their best not to get caught staring. They began talking again and shuffling around the table. Despite these efforts, she noticed what they had been doing. This was the reason why she wanted them to wait until she finished her exercise. But, she didn't get mad at them. Instead, this made her a little more proud of the body she has.

Sherry climbed on the treadmill and turned it on and began to walk slowly to begin her warm up. From the boy's perspective, she was on an angle from behind, getting a nice view of her moving butt and the side of her lightly jiggling breasts. As the boys continued on with their game of pool, the boys would turn around to get peeks at their friend's plump mother as she walked. Ryan too was glancing every once in a while trying his best not to stare.

Sherry picked up the pace on the treadmill after she felt warmed up. Her breasts start to bounce up a down a little bit more, and her butt cheeks were rising and falling now more rapidly. All of this was immediately noticed by the five teens. She again looked back to them to see if they might still be looking. And sure enough, she found that her son's friends she knew as Jim and Oliver were looking at her. She also noticed Ryan looking at her then looking away when she turned back. She also noticed a slight bulge in his loose gym shorts. She wondered if it was because of the looseness of the shorts of if it was her that brought on that bulge. She immediately pushed that thought out of her head and instead concentrated on her workout.

She again picked up the pace of the treadmill going up to a jog. Her breasts really started to bounce up and down now quite heavily. She didn't really notice since she had gotten so used to it after years of the same routine. The guys then started gawking at the woman's boobs as they bounced up and down. Erik groaned loudly and began to feel his growing erection through his shorts. Jim then slapped in lightly on the chest to get his attention and he snapped out of his slight trance. Ryan was still getting an undisrupted view of his mother as he leaned against the wall with the boys to hide him slightly. As the pool game came to a conclusion, the boys stood around the table now openly staring at the 48 year old woman doing her daily exercise.

"Well, what should we do now guys?" said Zac trying to get everybody to concentrate on their sl**pover.

"How about some TV?" suggested Jim.

"Yeah okay that sounds good." replied Zac

They made their way to the sofa walking right next to Sherry while she jogged. As the five guys passed her they all looked at her bouncing boobs. She noticed their staring and playfully said

"Knock it off guys! There is not much I can do about these things!"

All the boys immediately turned red realizing that they had been caught looking at her. They moved their bags from the couch to the floor and sat down, all five of them taking up the entire space of the sofa. Ryan was bl**d red. His mother had just caught him and his friends staring at her breasts. He wished he could have found this new perspective of his mother a long time ago since he thought it was exciting. He would have been able to have a daily show.

Ryan grabbed the remote and started flipping through the channels. Since he was sitting on the far end towards where Sherry was doing her exercise, he could look to his side to see all four of his friends. When he looked, he noticed that all four of them were openly staring at his mother. They noticed Ryan looking at them and turned away immediately, afraid that Ryan might get mad at them.

"Well guys... What do you want to watch?" asked Ryan.

As soon as he asked this, Sherry stopped the treadmill which greatly upset the five young, horny boys.

"Why don't we start up a movie? Hey Mrs. Davis, would you like to hang out with us and maybe watch a movie?" asked Zac hoping he could get his friend's mother to stay there.

"Hmmm... A movie does sound like a good idea. But do you guys really want me to spend some time here?"

"Yeah! Why not?!" said some of the boys.

"Oh. Well sure. I would love to watch a movie with you guys. Just let me go upstairs to shower and change and I will be right back."

She left the basement full of horny teens and went upstairs to shower.

"My goodness! Please don't get mad at me for saying this Ryan but your mom is kinda hot!" said Oliver.

"Yeah Ry. She really is !" said Erik in response.

Ryan could only smile not wanting to admit that he too thought she was gorgeous.

Upstairs, Sherry stripped off her t-shirt. Then she grabbed the bottom of the sports bra and with a bit of effort pulled it up. Her 36DD breasts burst out of it and bounced into their natural position. She grabbed the waistband of her legging shorts and bent down to pull it all the way down her short, stubby legs. She hadn't wore any panties in fear that the boys might see it through the leggings.
She then began to think about the boys. She had known most of them for many years now. That group of five friends has been together since they were about eight or nine. She knew them all quite well. They weren't very outgoing. And as far as she knew, none of them have been around girls. They all seemed to be still a bit socially awkward. She felt very bad for them. She didn't think they were ugly or anything. She just attributed their lack of girlfriends to their social problems. She got into the shower and washed up a bit.
The hot water felt good on her body as Sherry began to later up to wash off the sweat from her exercises. Her hand dipped down between her legs to wash her privates. Sherry closed her eyes. It felt good to touch herself down there and her hand lingered a little longer than it should. Perhaps it was the boys, or the mood she was in enjoying their stares and looks, but she was starting to become more aroused. It has been a long time since she was gawked at by a man, not to mention a group of horny teens! In a moment of impulsiveness, Sherry grabbed her razor from the shower caddy and looked down at her expansive bush.
“What the hell!” Sherry smiled and with a big dollop of lather, she stood in the shower and carefully began to shave her entire pubic area completely bare.

Downstairs, the boys continued their conversation about the hot woman they had just ogled.

"Big bouncy tits and a nice big round ass! Not to mention a beautiful face too! Hope you're not uncomfortable with any of this Ry-man." said Zac.

Ryan sighed audibly and said "I agree with everything you guys are saying. I was staring at her too. She really is beautiful."

Oliver looked like he had a question and said "Hey Ryan! Would you fuck your mother if you had the chance?"

All of the boys looked directly at Ryan awaiting a response. Ryan turned bl**d red when he figured his answer. He opened his mouth to respond but was suddenly interrupted by the sound of the door at the top of the step opening and closing. They heard footsteps coming down the stairs. They looked back and saw Sherry. She had on a flannel housecoat that came to about mid-thigh. Underneath it was a thin silk nightgown went just slightly above that. She didn't wear a bra. She stood at the foot of the steps and smiled as she saw five guys openly staring at her.

She smiled at them and asked "Do you guys really think I look good for my age?"

Nobody responded. Instead they all turned around to face the TV again.

"You guys all have to stop being so shy around girls. If you don't open up a bit, you will never have girlfriends." she giggled, stepping down the stairs. Her nipples were becoming hard. She was not sure if it was from the coolness of the basement or something else.

She went to the front of the sofa and stood in front of all the boys. They were all looking at her.

"Well boys, what movie are we going to watch?" she asked as she unhooked the knot at the front of the bathrobe and slid it off her shoulders. She grabbed it and threw it on a small coffee table they had off to the side. Her breasts jiggled madly under her thin nightgown with her every movement. The boys gawked at them.

She noticed this and started laughing. "I bet you guys would rather just watch me all night. I'm gunna pick the movie then if nobody can decide!"

She walked over the shelf on one side of the TV where the movies were. She started looking on the top shelf and started making her way lower and lower on the shelf. She started bending over more and more which caused the back of the nightgown to rise up. She knew the boys would be looking at her wide butt. However, she decided to keep going. She bent down until a little bit of her white lace panties were exposed to the guys. The boys all noticed this.

"How about this movie?" she asked. It was a chick flick about dancing. She put it in the DVD which made her bend over once again to give the boys a view of her panties and a little bit of her ample ass cheeks. She went over and turned the lights off and decided to lie down on the floor with her back against the foot of the sofa. She knew the boy would be looking at her legs. She was happy to tease the boys a bit.

Throughout the movie the boys would look at the woman's legs while still paying attention to the movie. Sherry decided to lay further so she slid down until just her head was on the foot of the sofa and her night shirt rose up until even her belly button was exposed. Her panties were out in the open for the five horny teens to see. Sherry smiled knowingly. She stayed that way a few minutes to tease the boys then fixed the shirt down her legs again.

The movie finished after a while. Sherry got up and turned the lights on in the basement. She suddenly felt very horny after teasing the boys during the movie. She wanted to tease them more.

"After watching that dance movie, I feel like dance now too!" she said as she walked over the radio and turned it on. She scanned through a few stations until she found a nice upbeat Latin song.

"Any of you want to dance with me?" she asked as she started swaying quickly around to the music. Her boobs were bouncing all over the place.

Nobody got up to dance with her which is just what she wanted. She was very happy to give the boys a nice little show. She started shaking her tits under the nightgown. She threw her arms over her head and wiggled her hips and chest all over bending her knees and bouncing around. She looked at the boys who were watching her with full attention. She saw they all had big bulges in their shorts which inspired her try to find more moves. She spread legs a bit while still shaking her bbw body which caused the bottom of the gown to ride up and expose her silk panties again. She let it go all the way up to her waist and turned around to reveal her white laced panties to the boys. Her ass looked amazing as she bent over and shook her ass at them. Her ass cheeks and thighs jiggled and shook incredibly.

She stood back up and turned around to face the boys. They were wide-eyed in wonder at this sexy bbw dancing for them. Sherry felt fantastic! To have the rapt attention of these boy-men with her big body. Sherry smiled and grabbed the bottom of her nightgown and started to pull it up. The boys were getting more and more excited by the second.

"Yeah! Wow! Keep going Mrs. Davis!" cheered the boys. Even Ryan was cheering on his sexy mother.

She kept lifting up the gown until it was just underneath her tits. She turned back around and started shaking her ass again. She lifted the gown up over her head, bent all the way down to look at the boys between her spread legs and threw the shirt at them. As the discarded silk gown flew by, the boys could not help but notice a definite wet spot on Sherry’s silk panty crotch. She stood up and put a hand on each big breast and turned around to face the boys. Barely able to contain their fullness, her tits looked amazing. She was teasing them so much by covering them with her hands while still dancing and shaking.
She looked at the boys as they stared at her. Sherry smiled, and threw her arms back up in the air, exposing her big tits to the boys.

"Woo!!! Yeah!! Nice Mrs. Davis!" yelled the boys.

"Way to go Mom!!"shouted Ryan.

Her tits were now bouncing all over the place out in the open. Her nipples were a nice dark color and stood out against her pale BBW skin. Her nipples stood out proudly, surrounded by the large areoula. Sherry was happy and excited and horny. The boys loved every minute of it!

The song came to an end and she went over and turned off the radio. "Ah that was fun! Did you guys enjoy the show?" she asked the boys as they continued to stare and her near naked body.

"Yeah!" they all yelled loudly.

She looked over to Ryan and noticed he was rubbing his erection through his shorts.

"Ryan! That's not nice!" she giggled.

He turned extremely red in embarrassment. She noticed his embarrassment and felt bad for him for putting him on the spot in front of his friends. She walked over to him to give him a kiss.

"I'm sorry honey." She said as she bent down to give him a kiss on the cheek. As she did she put her hand in his lap and felt his erection.

"My goodness honey! Did mommy do this to you?" she asked him already knowing the answer.

Ryan could just nod.

"Well I'm sorry honey." she said sweetly.

She stood up and looked at all the boys and smiled when she noticed that they were now all rubbing their erections through their shorts.

"Oh my! All of you are like this? Well I'm really sorry boys. If you need to masturbate feel free." she said thinking they would be too shy to do so.

To her surprise Erik and Zac immediately pulled off their shorts off completely and displayed big erections. They weren't huge but about average. They started stroking their erections in front of their friends and the sexy woman in front of them. Sherry gasped in amazement at them. This gave the remaining two guests the confidence to do the same as their friends and stripped off their shorts and began stroking their dicks.

"Oh my goodness! I didn't think you boys would actually do it! But keep going it’s okay to masturbate. Ryan, you too. You can relieve yourself if you want." she said.

Ryan then grabbed his shorts and slowly pulled them down and off. Sherry watched as the five young horny teens masturbated in front of her. She was surprised to know that her son Ryan was the biggest one out of all of them. He must have been at least 8 inches long and very thick.

"Oh this is turning me on so much! Come over here so I can get a closer look!" she said as she got on her knees on the carpeted floor.

The five boys got up and formed a semi-circle in front of her. They continued stroking their boners in her face for a while.

"Oh this is wonderful! I love watching you guys do this in front of me like this."

Just as she finished saying that, Erik's cock erupted like a volcano that shot out and landed across Sherry's face from her forehead to her mouth. The next one shot from her nose to her chin. Then her eyes and cheeks were sprayed. She closed her eyes as she was sprayed with cum. As the last few drops of cum were sliding out of his cock he moved closer to her and rubbed his dick against her lips. She moaned loudly. He stepped out and sat back on the sofa to watch
Sherry licked her cum covered lips. "Mmmm... it's so warm and salty. Come on boys! Cover me! Cover my face and my tits in cum!"

"Oh my god! Here it comes!" yelled Zac as he felt his climax build up.

"On my tits baby! Come all over these tits!" she said as she grabbed her tits and held them up for Zac.

He sprayed his cum all over her neck then aimed down at her tits. He sprayed about six long streams of cum all over the beautiful tits of his friend's mother.

Jim and Oliver both erupted at the same time sending shots flying all over her. Jim covered her face even more. And Oliver went for her tits. She was starting to shine in cum. Ryan was the only one left. Sherry opened her eyes a little bit to see who was left.

"Ohh Ryan honey! Cum baby!" she said then leaned back on her hells and opened her arms wide as if to hive him a big hug!

He couldn't hold out any longer and his cock erupted onto her furiously, sending shots of cum down her chest into long streams to her wet panties. Cum started dripping down the sides of her boobs and leaked down onto her ample belly. When he was finished, he too went and sat down on the sofa, tired and spent.

They all looked at the woman in front of them covered in cum. She looked amazing like that. Some of the boys were started to grow hard again as they watched her clean the cum from her eyes with a finger to open her eyes. She stuck that finger in her mouth and sucked it clean and swallowed the mixed cum.

"Oh I have never had so much cum on me in my entire life! Thank you boys! This is incredible!" she said looking down at her cum soaked tits.

"Thank you Mrs. Davis! That was awesome!" said Zac.

"Yeah I really enjoyed that mom!" said a jittery Ryan.

They boys stripped their shirts off and sat around for a while. Sherry went upstairs to go get the boys some drinks. She came back downstairs with a tray with iced teas with her face and tits still covered in the now drying cum. The boys all sat on the sofa completely naked and once again with hard erections.

"Here you go boys." she said while handing them their drinks.

She put the empty tray down on the coffee table and stood facing the boys again in front of the sofa. She looked at their boners while they drank their iced teas and stared at her body. She turned around and grabbed the waistband of her silk panties and slowly and teasingly pulled it down to expose her now coverless ass. She pulled them all the way down to her ankles and showed the boys her clean shaved pussy and puckered asshole.

She then laid on the floor facing them, spread her legs and began playing with herself. She rubbed her fingers along the lips of her pussy and played with her sensitive clit. The boys all watched intently while finishing up their drinks.

Once they finished up and put their glasses down, they started stroking their erections again. Sherry felt overcome with eroticism.

"I just can't take it anymore. I have to do something with you guys now!" she said as she got up and approached Ryan.

She kneeled down in front of him and he spread his legs for her. She crawled up and in one fluid and quick motion she engulfed his entire eight inches into her throat.

"Oh fuck!" yelled out Ryan in pleasure.

She pulled back up for air after staying there for a few seconds.

"Oh you guys can feel me up if you'd like. Go nuts!" she told the guys.

All six of them stood up and hands immediately started roaming her body. Hand grabbed her breasts, her ass, her legs, and even her pussy. She grabbed the first two cocks she could reach which belonged to Jim and Erik. She stroked them as ten hands were all over her. She got on her knees suddenly. The first cock that came up to her face was Oliver. She grabbed it with one hand and guided it towards her mouth. She wrapped her lips around it and started bobbing her head up and down his shaft with her mouth. She licked the underside of his cock. She seemed a very skilled cocksucker. Hands continued to roam her body.

She suddenly felt someone pressing their erection into the lips of her pussy. She put her hands on the ground and pushed her ass back towards the cock behind her. Oliver sat down on the sofa in front of Sherry and she continued to suck on his cock. Sherry’s pussy was on fore! Her ample juices leaked from her like a faucet, running down her legs. The cock behind her pushed slowly passed the lips of her pussy and the entire head was buried into her. It slowly inched into her. It seemed to go on forever until finally she felt the pubic hair on the cheeks of her bubble ass. Erik and Jim sat on either side of Oliver who was getting his cock sucked. Sherry immediately brought a hand to each cock and started stoking them.

She stopped sucking on Oliver for one moment to turn around and see who was fucking her. To her surprise, Ryan was there pumping his cock in and out of his mother's tight pussy. It was heaven for him. She felt so good wrapped around his cock so tightly.

"Oh baby that's it! Don't stop it's so good! Fuck your mother honey! She needs it!" she yelled at her son. Ryan looked down between his mother’s ass cheeks to see his cock slide in and out of her well-lubricated pussy. His cock shined with wetness every time he pulled back before thrusting inside his mother’s womb again. He pushed harder and felt his cock bottom out against her cervix. Sherry released her mouth on the other boy and looked back at Ryan.
“All the way in, honey!” She ordered her son. Rayan still had about 2 inched of cock to put in her so, with a final push, his cock slipped past her cervix into the deepest part of her body.

“Ohhh!” Exclaimed Sherry. She went back to sucking on Oliver and stroking Erik and Jim. Zac laid down underneath her and began to suck and feel her big dangling tits. Her back was getting tired so she decided to change positions.
With her hand, she pushed Ryan back so his massive cock withdrew from her pussy with an audible “Plop!” She turned around and positioned Zac on his back on the floor, his cock pointing straight up in the air. She moaned softly and lowered herself onto Zac’s prick. Riding Zac cowgirl-style, Ryan and Erik were now standing in front of her and she started to suck their cocks switching from one to the other sucking them with skill. Jim and Oliver went on either side of her and Sherry reached up to grab their erections and started stroking them.

She wildly sucked two cocks, stroked to cocks, and rode another. She was moaning and groaning around the cock in her mouth. She popped it out of her mouth to talk.

"Ohh shit!! This is amazing! I'm gunna fucking cum!! AAAHHHHHH!!!!" she yelled furiously as she climaxed intensely over the Zac’s buried deep in her pussy. Sherry began to thrash and scream as wave after wave or orgasam swept through her body. She was a mother, a wife and a slut for these boys and she loved it! Never in her life had she experienced anything like this!
Zac couldn't hold out any longer and thrusting deep into Sherry’s cunt, he shot streams of cum deep into her pussy which intensified the wild horny mother's climax. She fell down on top of Zac and breathed heavily.

"Ohh I haven't cum so hard in my life! Thank you boys so much! You guys can sl**pover whenever you want as long as you do this for me every time!" said a heavily breathing Sherry.

She got up off Zac’s softening cock. Sherry looked down between her legs at her drooling gash and saw streams of young cum drip from her distended pussy. One sticky glob landed right on Zac’s chest. She wobbled to her feet and sat down on the sofa, the 5 boys did the same. Sherry looked around and saw four still hard horny cocks and even Zac who was beginning to get hard again!

"You guys are just too much!" she giggled. “Who want to fuck me next?”

This time, she guided Erik to lie down on the floor on his back. She turned around, her back towards him and grabbed his cock and guided it into her sopping pussy. She bounced up and down on it a few times watching the four other boys play with their hard cocks in front of her watching as her tits flopped up and down on her chest. Sherry grabbed her nipples and pinched them tightly! She sat up a bit and pulled the cock out of her vagina.

"Okay this cock is nice and wet now. You ready for this Erik?" she asked him over her shoulder as she scooted up a bit pressed the head of his erection to her asshole.
“Oh my God…” Erik croaked as she lowered herself very slowly. She felt a bit of pain as his cock spread her asshole more and more as it went in. Finally the head popped in. She then lowered herself onto his lap and had his entire cock shoved deep into her bowels. She laid her back down on Erik's chest and spread her legs as far as they would go. She smiled at the boys while they stared at her in shock. They were amazed. She grabbed her tits with her free hands and kneaded them, making the scene before them just a little more erotic.
Slowly Erik began to piston his cock in and out out of Sherry’s asshole. “Oh man! You are so fucking tight Mrs. Davis!”

"Oh yes, Erik! Call me Mrs. Davis as you fuck this old woman up her ass!” Sherry told the boy with a wicked smile. She spread her chubby legs wide apart, and crooked her finger at her son, motioning him forward. “Ryan, honey, come here and fuck my pussy again with that big cock of yours!" she urged her son.

Ryan, without thought, got down onto his knees and quickly got into position between Erik's and his mother's legs. He guided his cock to the entrance of his mother's pussy and quickly inserted it all the way and began to thrust in and out.

"Ohh yeah!! That's so good!! Keep doing that boys!! NNNAARRGGHH!!!" Sherry screamed. She had never been double-penetrated before, but now, oh my God! What a feeling having two young cocks inside her at the same time!

She made very unladylike noises and grunts. "I want more cock!" she yelled.

The three other boys quickly went into action. Oliver decided to climb on the woman's chest and guided his cock in between her massive melons that still had the cum on them from earlier. He squeezed her tits roughly around his cock and began to guide back and forth. Zac and Jim kneeled down on either side of the cock hungry woman before them and she quickly turned her head to one side and started slurping on Jim's cock.

She grunted loudly around his cock as he began to fuck her mouth roughly causing her to gag and cough loudly. She switched over to Zac and sucked his cock the best she could. This position was a bit awkward for her. Her neck started to hurt from sucking the cocks to the left and right of her face. She then rested her head on Erik's shoulder who continued to fuck her ass. She reached up and grabbed the two cocks near her face. After a few minutes of this wild fuck, it seemed everyone came at the same time. Ryan pumped her pussy with more cum, Erik shot his load deep into the woman's ass, Oliver came all over her face and tits, and Jim and Zac completely covered her face again with warm fresh cum. When all of this happened, Sherry lost it.

"WAAAARRGGGGHHH!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!! OH MY GOD!! HUUUHHH FUCK!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs in ecstasy.

"Holy shit! That was hardest I have ever come! Oh I love you boys so much! Thank you thank you thank you!"

She climbed off and fell on the couch falling asl**p, naked, happy, and covered in cum. The boys all stood naked in the basement living room and looked at each other. Nobody was able to say anything about what just happened so they all just smiled. They gathered their sl**ping bags and fell asl**p on the living room floor. They all slept like babies that night after the wild fuck.

Sherry slowly began to open her eyes. She was jolted a bit when she found that the five horny boys were playing with their hard cocks as they watched her beautiful naked body.

"Oh good morning boys.” Sherry beamed at her five studs. “ I would love to fuck you all again but my entire body is completely sore. I don't think I can handle it! But why don’t you all have a seat on the couch. Momma wants a morning snack!”

She got on her knees in front of them and one-by-one she sucked them off until each teen shot a huge load into her hungry mouth. Swallowing five big cumloads was a lot for her to handle and on the last one she gagged a bit. Sherry leaned back and quite erotically, spit-up all 5 loads of cum onto her heaving breasts. She was completely soaked and reeked of cum and sweat.

"Okay boys. Thanks for all the fun!” Sherry smiled as she got to her feet and made her way up the stairs.” You guys can spend the night here every weekend when my husband is away on business!" she said, looking forward to many nights of fucking these young boys. “By the way, if you’re interested in ‘cumming’ around for lunch to watch some tv…” She emphasized. “I have a television in my bedroom…”
She gave them a little wave and ascended the wooden stairs. Cum was dripping from her pussy, tits and face leaving a puddle on nearly every stair.

From then on, everything was quite different in the Davis’ house. Ryan fucked his mother regularly around the house when his father wasn't around and sometimes even when he was! And his friends, well, his friends grew in numbers and did spend a night there every single weekend that his Mr. Davis was away on business. Sherry Davis, the sexy BBW, was loving every cum-filled second of it all!

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2 months ago
please carry the story on, I am so so horny
3 years ago
what a great story
3 years ago
The came alot read that story
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
So fucking amazing....Very Hot
3 years ago
3 years ago
DAMN....I came so hard reading your great story....thanks
3 years ago
that is jusy to sexy hot
3 years ago
mmmmm so fucking hot, loved it verymuch