Mom's New Panties

"Dangit." Debbie thought to herself.
"I walked out without my fucking phone."

It was one of those Monday mornings for Debbie. She was going to have to drive all the way back home to get her phone. It was a little after ten-thirty so at least the rush hour traffic will have died down. Debbie is a fifty-four year old, divorced mother, whose daughter is home from college for the summer. Debbie imagined that Katie would probably sl**p until noon again, so she'd just slip in, grab her phone and not disturb her.

When Debbie got home she quietly went up to her bedroom, grabbed the phone from the charger on the nightstand, and was about to head back out when she heard some soft moaning from Katie's room. Debbie tip toed a little closer to the door and heard the unmistakable sounds of sexual pleasure.

" little baby's all grown up!" Debbie thought to herself.

Debbie thought about just heading back out and giving her daughter some privacy, but she just couldn't resist taking a peek. Debbie expected to find her little girl's fingers in her panties, playing with her love button.

"Holy shit!" Debbie thought to herself as she spotted Jeremy through the crack in the door.

Debbie had known Jeremy since he was ten years old. His f****y lived three doors down the street, and he and Katie had gone to school together since they were c***dren. Katie had gone on a few dates with Jeremy in High School but Debbie had no idea they were this serious. The thought of bursting in on them went through Debbie's mind for a second, it would go through any mother's, but she thought better of it.

"She is an adult now," Debbie thought to herself.

She was about to go back downstairs, but a thought was still lingering in her mind. When she cracked her daughter's door and saw the little boy from down the street, he wasn't so little anymore. Jeremy was twenty as well.

"Damn, has that boy grown," Debbie thought to herself.

He was six-foot, two hundred pounds, without an ounce of fat or speck of body hair on him. That wasn't the only way he had grown.

"Jesus Christ," Debbie thought to herself as she was staring through the crack in the door.

The boy's cock had to be nine inches at least. She just couldn't stop staring! Jeremy was naked on Katie's bed. Katie had her back to the door, straddling Jeremy's face as he ate her pussy.

"I can remember when this boy was ten, sitting in my kitchen, with ice cream smeared all over his face," Debbie thought to herself as she stared at his swollen sex organ.

Debbie's attention turned to her daughter. Her body was writhing with pleasure, as Jeremy's tongue fondled her. "Should I be watching this?" She thought, but she couldn't tear herself away.

Debbie took a step from the door to make sure she wasn't seen, and undid a button on her blouse. A few beads of sweat had formed on her breasts.

"'s hot in here," she thought! Debbie did have to admit that time had taken it's toll on her. Hips were wider that they were, breasts were not perky anymore, unlike Katie's!

Debbie could still see into her daughter's room when suddenly Katie climbed off Jeremy's face and turned to face the door. Debbie's heart skipped a beat until she realized that Katie's attention was elsewhere.

"My God...she's really grown up," Debbie thought as she saw her daughter's naked body.

Katie was about five-foot-two, one hundred twenty pounds. She was a full 36 C-cup, with smooth flawless skin, and long sexy legs. Jeremy was lying on his back in Katie's bed, and Katie was sitting on top of him with her back to his face when,

"Oh my," Debbie thought when she saw that Katie had a condom in her hand. With deft precision,Katie unrolled the condom over Jeremy's hard cock and insertd his massive penis into her.

"Uhhhh my God," Katie moaned as Jeremy entered her.

Debbie could tell Katie was in heaven. Her body was gyrating rhythmically as the boy was penetrating her.

Debbie was sweating profusely now. She was breathing heavily when she felt a tingling between her thighs.

"Oh my god am I wet?"

Debbie was getting aroused. Katie was in ecstasy. Her body was glistening with sweat. She thought she was alone in the house so she was moaning loudly with pleasure. Jeremy's cock was slick with her daughter's pussy juice as he fucked her. Debbie thought she was about to faint, this was all too much for her. Jeremy's cock was sliding in and out of Katie so fast, Melissa thought the k**s might hurt each other.

"Where do they get this stamina?" She asked herself.

A minute or two later Katie moaned loudly,

"Uhhh... Fuck!" Debbie was envious as she watched her daughter experience a wonderful orgasm! Debbie saw Jeremy's toes curl and she could see the condom swell as Jeremy emptied a massive load into her daughter.

Katie and Jeremy were exhausted. They collapsed in Katie's bed and cuddled after their wonderful time together.

Debbie's head was spinning! She undid another button on her blouse, exposing quite a bit of cleavage. Since her divorce, she hadn't had sex with very often. She certainly hadn't had it the way she just saw! She quietly headed back downstairs, and back to work.

Later on that evening, at Debbbie's regular time to get home, she found Katie in the Kitchen.

"Hey Mom," said Katie.

"Hi sweetheart," Debbie replied.

Debbie still didn't have any idea what to think about what she had seen this morning. She was turned on by it, but she didn't have any idea what to say to her daughter about seeing her have sex. Katie was going about her business, munching on a sandwich when Debbie asked, "Hey you wanna go shopping?"

A huge smile came over Katie's face,


Katie went upstairs, got dressed and headed to the local mall with her mother.

Katie and Debbie were browsing through a rack of dresses when one caught Melissa's eye.

"Hey what do you think?" She asked Katie.

"Mom that's slutty!" Katie answered.

"Oh no it's not dear...I'm going to try it on,"

Debbie had picked out a cherry red minidress with an extremely low neckline, and extremely high hemline. Debbie went into the changing room and emerged a few minutes later.

"What do you think?" she asked Katie.

"Holy crap're gonna set off the fire alarm...change out of that before some poor guy sees you and has a heart attack!"

Debbie smiled, "Oh you're just trying to flatter your poor old broken down mother!"

"Jesus can't wear that outside, you'll get thrown in jail!" Katie exclaimed.

Debbie looked at herself in the mirror,

"Oh baby, it's not that bad...let's get you one too!"

Katie started to giggle, "Mom!"

Katie was beginning to realize what had come over her mother and whispered, "Oh my god Mom, are you horny?"

Debbie dismissed her immediately, "Oh of course not dear, I just wanted a new dress that's all."

Katie grabbed her mother's hand and pulled her into the changing booth.

"Dad's been gone quite some time now, you must be going insane."

"Oh I'm ok sweetie." Debbie replied.

"Mom I'm not twelve anymore...we can talk about these things."

Katie had no idea how aware her mother was that she wasn't twelve anymore. Debbie sat down with her in the changing room, finally relented and replied,

"Well maybe a little, but I'm not going on any dates, and I don't want to meet anybody. I'm not ready for that yet."

Katie took her mother's hand, "You know Mom, there's ways to scratch the itch by yourself if you need to..."

Debbie started to giggle, "Young lady!!!" she exclaimed as she realized what her daughter had in mind.

Katie smiled and took her mother's hand, and together they went to the counter to pay for the dress Debbie kept wearing. walking through the mall, Debbie felt more than a bit uncomfortable wearing the tiny dress!
Katie appeared to be looking for a certain store, but for the life of her, Debbie could not imagine what store in the mall could "satisfy that itch" Katie mentioned!
They stopped in front of a store called Spencer's Gifts, and Katie stepped inside. Perplexed, Debbie followed. She followed her daughter to the back of the store where Katie stopped at a dispaly.
Debbie saw that they sold "personal massagers" or more appropiately, dildos! Katie looked at her mom with one eyebrow crooked.

"Well mom? what do you think?" Asked Katie. "See anything you like?"

Debbie's eyes scanned over the toys on display. She picked one out that seemed rather... large.

"Mom!" Katie exclaimed. "That's too big." Asnd she selected a smaller pink one.
Debbie gave her daughter an 'Oh Please look" and said, "Sweetheart YOU fit down there, this little thing is nothing."

Looking the massager over in the package, she read it had multiple speeds and even extended itself.

"Oh mom..." Katie groaned with a smile and went out of the store to await her mom's decision.

Melissa was still wearing the extremely revealing red dress she had just bought, and was getting a bit of attention from other shoppers in the store. She smiled, tucked the item under her arm and walked towards the sales counter.

She passed a display of novelty panties, obviously aimed at a much younger crowd! She quickly grabbed a pair oy way-too-small red ones with no crotch!

She took her new sex toy and placed it on the counter. The clerk rang up the item as he was trying to keep his giggles concealed.

"So...what do you want for dinner?" Debbie asked. The both cracked up laughing.

Once home, Debbie tossed the bag with her purchases on the kitchen table.

Katie could see her mom was nervous and guessed she wanted a bit of time alone to experiment with her new purchase.

"Mom, I'm going to watch some TV." She told her mom. "Why don't you go upstairs and... relax?"

Debbie pulled her toy from the bag and went upstairs with a knowing smile!

A bit later on, Katie got up fromthe couch because she had to pee. She passed by her mother's bedroom and heard movement. She peeked in to see Debbie naked in bed testing her new sex toy. Katie quietly giggled and thought to herself. "Damn Mom."

Debbie was on her back with her chubby legs wide apart. Her eyes were tightly closed as her toy hummed in her hand. Katie could hear the humming change in pitch as Debbie thrust the rather large toy in and out of her wet vagina!

Debbie was in heaven! It had been so long, the feel of the stiff toy inside her was incredible! It was to her own surprise that her thoughts kept drifting to her daughter and when she saw Jeremy fucking her. "Was this what HE felt like?" Debbie asked herself. Her own body responded as she thrust the toy deeper and deeper inside her and she began to shake...

Katie quickly went down to the bathroom and answered the call of nature. By the time she was done her mom had finished satisfying her needs and appeared to be sl**ping soundly. Katie could see a large wet spot on the sheets under her mom's ample butt.

Katie silently went back downstairs. She saw the bag from the store on the table and it appeared to contain... something else? She looked inside and saw the tiny red crotchless panties. Taking them out, she held them up and smiled!

Katie quickly ran upstairs and into her room where she stripped off her clothes and put on the tiny red panties. A perfet fit! Katie looked at herself in the mirror. She liked what she saw! Her clean, shaved pussy was very visible in the panties.

Katie looked back towads her mom's room. She knew from experience that her mom would be asl**p for some time. Throwing on her robe, Katie went downstairs and texted Jeremy telling him to come!

Debbie awoke with a start.
Smiling, she stretched and was pleased to discover her toy still inside her! Slowly, she pulled it from her wet vagina with an audible "plop".
She stretched again, got up, and put her robe on.

Going downstairs, she suddenly remembered the panites she bought! Looking at the bag, it was empty. With some humor, and a bit of annoyance, Debbie marched up to her daughter's room and threw the door open wide.

She heard a yelp and a flurry of movement inside Katie's room. Katie was up against the bedroom wall, her bathrobe wide with Jeremy's face pressed tightly against her pussy.

"Mom!" Katie cried as Jeremy stumbled back and grabbed a pillow to hide his nakedness from Debbie.

Debbie just stood there, her mouth slightly open and knew instantly what she had interruped! But she also knew that she saw that Katie was wearing the panties that Debbie had bought for herself, NOT for Katie and Debbie was a bit angered.
Debbie reminded herself of what she saw earlier that that and her mood sofened. Perhaps...

Debbie crossed her arms over her chest and gave Katie a stern look.

"Ahem..." Debbie cleared her throat. "You have something of mine?"

Katie looked down at the floor in embarassment. Katie looked toward Jeremy cowed in the corner holding the pillow over his naked crotch. Debbie followed her gaze to Jeremy.

"Did you like what you saw, Jeremy?" Debbie asked the obviously frightened boy.

"Uh, umm, uh..." Jeremy stammered, unable to make eye contact with either of them.

Debbie uncrossed her arms and walked over to where her daughter stood. Snapping her fingers in mock annoyance "Well, let's have them back."

As Katy sheepeshly removed the red panties, Jeremy could not help but look up at her.

"Th-those were your...moms?" Jeremy squeaked out.

Debbie stood there and Katie handed the panties over to her. Debbie scanned the room and saw an open box of condoms on the floor. She bent down and picked up the box.

Jeremy looked like he was about to die.

"And these?" Debbie asked the boy. Instead of handing him the box, Debbie pulled the foil packs from the box, ripped one off and handed him the foil pack containing the rubber.

With one hand holding the pillow, Jeremy took the condom from Katie's mom with confusion.

Debbie turned towards her daughter and handed her the crotchless panties.

"Well, put these back on." she told her daughter. "And Jeremy, put down that pillow!"

With great reluctance, the two teens did what they were told. Katie slowly dropped her robe and stepped into the panties. Jeremy dropped the pillow and stood there fully exposed to the two women. Jeremy's gaze went to Katie and his flaccid, scared cock began to twitch and rise!

Debbie's eyebrows rose and Jeremy's cock began to stand at attention.

"Well, you going to put that on or what?" Debbie asked him pointing towards the condom in Jeremy's hand. "I don't want Katie to get pregnant!"

Jeremy tore the package open and rolled the condom down over his large, growing penis.

"Now lie down on the bed, young man." Debbie commanded. She turned to her daughter who had been silent the entire time. Katie stood there nakled except for the red panties. debbie could both see and smell that her daughter was obviously aroused and the her pussy was very wet!

"Well?" Debbie looked towards Katie and motioning towards Jeremy who was lying on Katie's bed, his condom-covered cock standing like a flag pole.

Katie walked over to her bed. Swinging her leg over her boyfriend, she slowly lowered herself onto his rigin pole.

Katie's and Jeremy's bodies could not betray themselves and soon they were fucking faster and faster. Their moans and groans filled the room along with the odor of sex.

Debbie watched in amazement as her daughter took Jeremy's full length inside her again and again. The two teens were obviously enjoying it and Debbie knew that soon they would cum together.

Debbie leaned down where her face was near Jeremy's.

"Do you like those red panties?" She asked him. Jeremy nonnded dumbly as Katie's body slapped down on him over and over.

Debbie gently placed her hands on Katie's shoulders and motioned for her to dismount her boyfriend. Jeremy looked confused and Katie was breathing hard as Katie got off of him.

"Give me the panties." Debbie told her daughter. Katie nearly fell over removing them and ahnding them to her mom. deftly, Debbie put the panties on. Obviously too small, they looked almost comical on her.

Debbie stood there and removed her robe, exposing her naked body to the two young lovers. Jeremy's eyes went wide and took in the look of his girlfriend's nude mom standing next to the bed.

Debbie could not believe what she was about to do but she did it anyway before she changed her mind.
Debbie moved onto the bed, her knees on either side of Jeremy's hips. To Jeremy's shock and awe, Debbie reached behind her and with one stroke, removed the condom from Jeremy's cock.

"Mom!?" Katie cried. "What are you doing?"

Debbie lowered her wet pussy over Jeremy's cock, taking him fully into her mature pussy as her daughter looked on.

"How does it compare?" Debbie giggled to Jeremy.

Debbie got her answer as Jeremy's thrusts increased and with a mighty lunge, he began to shoot stream afer stream of hot cum into his girlfriend's mother.

The hot cum took Debbie by surprise and it triggered her own massive orgasam! It felt like nothing she had ever experienced. Through the fog of her cum, Debbie counted four, five, six hot squirts fill her up. Amazing!

Debbie screamed as she came, forcing herself hard down upon poor Jeremy!

When their orgasams subsided, Debbie lie there on top of Jeremy, the sweat from their sex covering eachother. Debbie looked back at Katie. Katie way lying on the floor against the wall with her fingers buried inside her teen pussy, cominng down off her own cum as well.

Somehow, Debbie climbed off Jeremy and made her way back to her own room where she fell immediately asl**p.

It was late that night when Katie lightly knocked on her door,


"Hey sweetie" Debbie answered.

Katie crawled into bed with her mother,

"Some day huh?"

Debbie put her arm around her smiling and answered "You have no idea!"

"So what got into you today?" Katie asked.

"Well sweetheart, I walked out and forgot my phone, and I had to come back and get it."

Katie got a puzzled look on her face when she realized what that statement meant. Melissa gave her daughter a kiss on the forehead,

"It's ok honey, Jeremy is a nice boy."

"You have grown into a very beautiful young woman, and wow, has that boy grown!" The two women laughed.

"so you got turned on watching us?" Katie asked.

"Very much so!" Debbie beamed at her daughter. "Not as turned on as you were! I had a wonderful orgasm today!"

Debbie held Katie's hand. Debbie slowly drew her daughter's hand down across her tummy to Debbie's hairy pussy. Katie could feel the copious amount of cum that Jeremy had deposited there

Katie giggled. For the rest of the summer Katie and Melissa enjoyed quite a few more times watching each other!

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1 year ago
Great story,,,hope there's more,,,but who is Melissa ?
1 year ago
nice and hot
1 year ago
1 year ago
Pretty hot. Could be better if I could figure out who Melissa and Debbie were. Same person, different name?