(Male) teen given enema, and spanking, before bein

This is my first attempt at writing one of these, so e beingI do hope you enjoy it. It is entirely a work of fiction.

I was 175when I first went into the locker room at my high school. It was my first day there, and I was looking forward to my first period class, Gym. I was pretty scrawny at the time, and only about 4'6" tall. As soon as I walked into the locker room, I realized that I was the smallest one in the room, everyone else was around 5'10" and big enough to bench press me.

After I went in and found a locker, the guy with the locker next to mine greeted me with a "hello," and went on his way. After everyone had changed into their gym class "uniforms," which consisted of a red T-Shirt, and a pair of gym shorts, we went into the gym to warm up. After that, we had the option of basketball, 4-square, or walking around the gym. Since I didn't know anyone because all of my best friends were in other classes, I opted for 4-square.

I got in the line, and waited until my turn came. The other guys saw me joined, and tried not to laugh too loud about my size. I stayed in for about 4 hits before the guy to my right spiked the ball over my head. I quietly walked back to the back of the line. Looking around the room, I saw a group of guys that had chosen to walk pointing my way, say something, and then they all laughed. I had no idea what they said, but I would the next day.

I came back the next day after a very uneventful first day. I walked to the locker room, where everyone else was waiting to spring a trap that everyone but me was in on.

As I walked in and got to my locker, I was grabbed by one of the largest guys in the room, and was held down on a cold, metal bench, where everyone circled round to strip me of my clothes. They stripped me until I was bare-naked, and they took my clothes and put them in the locker next to mine and put the large padlock on it. As I lay there on the bench, I looked down, and saw that my already unimpressive penis had shrunk to being about two inches long from the cold air, and the fear I was feeling.

The other boys began laughing at the size of my penis, and began to call me a baby. They then took me into the showers where they had a bulging, soapy covered enema bag waiting on me. One of them f***ed me to my knees, while another f***ed my upper body down so that they had me on all fours.

Once I was like this, I realized what was about to happen, and I uncontrollably started crying. This made them laugh at the "Little Baby" even harder. One of them took his jock-strap off, and f***ed the sweaty crotch part of it into my mouth to gag me. The smell and taste of it almost mad me vomit, while I continued crying.

After they had silence me, it was time for the enema. They took down the hose and opened the nozzle to let the air out. A small spurt of water from the hose hit my back, and it felt very hot. One guy dipped the tip in some vaseline, before bending down and slowly pushing the tube up my ass. The tube had an area where it flared out to be about 2 inches across, and I felt the entire thing as he twisted it into me. Once the end was all the way in, I felt them begin to inflate the flared end inside me so I couldn't get it out, and they did the same with the smaller, outer flared piece.

Once the tube was securely inside me, one guy opened the valve, and the painfully hot, irritatingly soapy water gushed into me. I noticed several guys had their hands down their pants, others were taking pictures, and making videos, and some were just laughing. This was by far, the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to me. When the bag was about half empty, I started to have cramps that made the experience even worse.

After the enema, I was put on a bedpan, and was made to empty myself of part of the enema in front of everyone. They only allowed me to empty half before standing me up and putting in a butt plug. They took me to the same bench as before, and one by one took me over their knees, and all 20 guys gave my naked butt a hard spanking. Each whack made me give a small yelp through the jock strap. When they were done, they got out a disposable diaper.

I was laid back down on the bench, on top of the diaper, this is when the butt plug was taken out, and the diaper was secured. They then put on my red shirt, and f***ed me into the gym. I tried to hold in the other half of the enema, but I was unable, and released it into the diaper, forming a large, wet, brown spot. They then took my diaper off, and because we were out of the locker room, and in the gym, all of the girls who were in the class saw me, getting changed, crying, with a jock strap in my mouth, and they too joined in the laughing, especially when they saw how little my penis was.

I had to continue going to that school, and got this same treatment on a weekly basis. Because of it, I came to hate everyone in that gym class, and I made sure to not be in the same classes as any of them the next year.
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1 year ago
love if that would have happened to me, only with a bunch of girls
3 years ago
Nice story, boy!