Isabelle, Ricardo & I - my side of the story

I have to thank DeepThroatDealer for showing me the videos , this story is created in response to [user]emorymed [/user](will link it here) my english isnt really good so dont be too harsh on me.

I Counted the minutes to log onto the site and see what kind of story emorymed had prepared for me, and prepared to enjoy it calmly.
The story was about Isabelle, Ricardo and me! Isabelle was a sexy and wonderful roommate that I had and she came to my mind instantly. Ever since I first met her, I had a strong admiration for her; she was so sure of herself and knew what she wanted and I always envied her.

Ricardo was a rather tall, muscular man I had always found extremely attractive; he had a subtle bad boy attitude and wild side that not all noticed but I that I sensed was present deep down. I was semi-obsessed with him but I never had the courage to make contact with him, never did anything with my feelings about him although many nights were filled with my dreams and feeling aroused with him.

While exchanging text messages with Isabelle, she said Ricardo were having sex at her apartment. I was excited that they were together, not for nothing, I had purposefully forgotten my textbook at her place. Isabelle luckily agreed that I could get the book if I was quiet enough and did not disturb her with Ricardo. From there my heart raced like crazy, I could not stop thinking, my nerves grew to impossible, I always had voyeuristic tendencies but was not prepared for what was to happen.
As I ran toward the house I was asking myself what would happen.
Will I only listen to them?
Or do I will have the nerve to do more?
The very thought excited my senses beyond any known point that I was having trouble focusing my mind.
When I arrived to get my book, I stopped and listened. Sure enough I could hear them making their lover sounds. I slowly touched my breast. At that point I knew I wasn’t going to stop there, I wanted to see them.
That was a door that never should have opened, my life and experiences changed forever.

When I opened that door and saw Isabelle lying face up and Ricardo over her like a dog in heat, using her mouth again and again without rest, without mercy, he was all desire and savagery. That sight made me powerless I could not stop myself and began touching my pussy, imagining that I was her and Ricardo was crushing me with all his savagery, without pity, without compunction just going all wild on me. In my mind I was forming infinite images of him with me, his strong body against mine, trying to get to the core of my being, trying to break inside me, using my body and mouth as he wished.
(watch from minute 5)

My fantasies occupied me so much that suddenly, before I was aware of what was happening, they were finishing their show with a big sexual orgasm. I had to rush quickly away from there.
When I got home, I could not get the images out of my head. When I closed my eyes, I saw Ricardo and Isabelle, I saw myself in the doorway, staring at them. I fingered myself as I pulled off my clothes slowly while I watched. I saw Isabelle below Ricardo watching me with lust in her eyes as I approached crawling towards them. I saw myself grabbing the back of Ricardo firm butt and beginning to kiss his ass. I saw him pushing me toward it, grabbing my head making me lick his ass while fuckfacing Isabelle. I saw him take me and pulling my face up, next to Isabelle’s to use my mouth at his pleasure.
While witnessing all these fantasies, all the while I could not stop touching myself, using my dildo in my mouth fiercely, gagging and masturbating to orgasm again and again until almost fainting of pleasure ....

I knew it was only a matter of time until I would make it happen.
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