gloryhole girl

Corwyn was so engaged in having her face fucked, the
hardness sliding past her lips faster and faster,
occasionally touching her throat that she didn't notice
a soft kiss on her pussy lips. She was still twitching
from orgasm, and the man in her mouth was close. His
cock became more and more rigid, throbbing in time with
his heartbeat. He pushed forwards hard, and she was
about to pull off him, not sure if he should cum in her
mouth, when suddenly she felt something warm and hard
slip between her folds, and her eyes widened in shock.

That was a cock!

She was about to cry out when the one in her mouth
exploded with jet after jet of cum, filling her,
dripping past her lips. She tried to swallow, but there
was so much. Way too much to handle her first time. The
taste excited her, and for just a moment she stopped
struggling against the cock slowly penetrating her
virgin pussy.

That was enough.

The man behind her thrust forward, breaking her cherry,
the pain she felt unvoiced because of her efforts to
suck down the load of cum in her mouth. She could
almost picture herself, skirt up around her waist, cum
dripping from her face as she had a cock in either end.
She could almost see it in her mind...and she liked it!

The pain passed quickly as the man behind her began to
slide his meat in and out of her. She was tight, more
so than anything he had ever felt. Her slick walls
gripped his shaft like a vice, at first resisting, and
then trying to hold him in. The momentary blockage he
had experienced was wiped from his mind by the
sensations enveloping him.

But not from her mind.

Corwyn moaned around the softening cock in her mouth,
pushing herself back into the one in her pussy. She had
swallowed a stranger's cum, and as he slipped out of
her mouth, a trail of it clung to her lips, and her
cheek. In her mind she could hardly form coherent
thoughts as the new feelings surged through her. She
was being fucked. A cock was in her. she was
standing in a porn booth, cum on her face and in her
mouth with a stranger's cock taking her virginity from
behind a wall...

And she loved it.

She reached a hand down, still disbelieving, to
encircle his shaft in her delicate fingers where it
entered her He was thicker than she had thought,
considering how easily he was sliding into her. With
all the wet running down her legs now, it was no
wonder. She stroked him as he fucked her, his pace
increasing slowly, his balls sticking through the hole
with his member, slapping against her fingers. She
removed them, finally believing it. She was being
fucked. She wondered about the man who fucked her now,
about who he was, and if he knew he was sliding his
cock into virgin pussy. She wondered why she had waited
so long.

Biting her lip to keep from crying our, she barely
noticed the man in the booth in front of her leaving.
She reached up to her shirt, undoing both the top and
back, tossing it onto the chair. Her fingers went to
her breasts at once, pinching first one nipple, then
the other.

She never noticed the second man enter the now vacant

He had watched her come in, of course, and had
suggested the arcade. The manager had seen the other
man come in, and leave tucking himself in with a wide
smile. He knew...that young piece of flesh was giving
it away, and he wanted his share.

Fucking or being sucked by a young girl doesn't happen
every day.

Before he placed his cock in the hole he took a quick
peak, seeing her open mouth mid-moan and her fingers
busy on her breast. My god, that tight piece of ass was
getting pounded over there, and only the volume on the
movie screens was hiding it at all. Barely. He stood,
and shoved his cock through the opening.

Corwyn saw it, and offered no resistance as it entered
her mouth, sucking on it eagerly. She was cumming
again, her pussy rippling on the cock in her, and she
wanted more cum. She wanted it now! She sucked on the
protruding cock like it was a straw, her tongue lively
on the head. Her thoughts were a****listic now, her
only concerns the man in her lips and the drink she
would get there, and the man behind her, pounding her
wet cunt with abandon. He was bottoming out in her
regularly now, his balls slapping her clit with each

He looked down at the hole each time he pulled back,
the perfect bald pussy and puckered asshole framed so
beautifully in the flickering movie-light. He didn't
know how old she was, but this slut was young, that
much he understood. He could barely take his eyes off
his cock slamming into her with each thrust. He knew
that he couldn't take much more of this. She was too
tight, and her near-constant orgasms were trying to
drain him. Trying to make him cum.

Corwyn achieved a perfect rhythm with her two lovers.
They thrust over and over, faster and faster into her,
each thrusting at the same time, as if to meet in the
middle. It was all she could do now to hold herself
upright as she was fucked so hard her knees buckled.
Both men were nearing that moment when they would not
stop, would be unable to stop. She knew what was going
to happen...

They were going to cum in her.

The one in her mouth went off first, the initial blasts
causing him to slip out, shooting across her face and
tits, and dripping from her nipple before she could get
him back in, sucking him like a straw in a milkshake,
drinking down his fluids with as much desire.

Her own orgasm peaked, and she cried out loud enough
around the cock that each of her lovers heard her, and
the one in her pussy went rigid as he SLAMMED into her,
shot after shot of hot sticky cum filling her wet cunt,
dripping out as he continued to pound her like there
was no tomorrow.

Corwyn felt each hot blast inside her, coating her
inner walls, dripping down her leg and into her
stocking, mixing with her own juices. Never before had
she had an orgasm as good, and she hoped that this
would not be a one time thing. She needed cock now...
needed to be filled, to drink. Cum. This was her
desire, and the men in her were giving her all she
could handle.

For now.

Having sucked the manager clean, he realized that there
was no one watching the store, and he hurriedly pulled
out of her mouth, hearing a disappointed moan, and
shoved himself back into his pants. He rushed to the
front, not wanting to be caught. Yes, she looked
young...but he hoped she would not know it was him, and
he resumed his position at the counter, smiling
slightly, sweating profusely.

The man in her pussy leaned against the wall, his
softening member sliding out of her inch by inch, the
mess of their orgasms and the darkness of the booth
hiding the small amount of bl**d on him. He realized
that he had to know who she was, had to find out if she
did this regularly. Her whole day seemed to be
revolving around sex so far, and he wanted to know
more... and that meant he had to leave first. He wiped
his cock on her ass, leaving a trail of mixed cum, and
quickly left the store, walking a bit further.

Corwyn herself felt aching and empty when they left.
She had felt whole when filled, but now, she was
missing something important. She stood on unsteady
legs, and looked at herself. Skirt up to her waist like
a belt, her chest coated in cum. It was probably in her
hair, and when she touched her cheek she smiled, and
scooped as much into her mouth as she could. Her
stockings were ruined, a stain having formed on the
inner thigh of each, where any could see. She quickly
stripped them off and used them to clean herself up a
bit, replacing her shirt and sandals after, trying to
look at least a bit presentable.

As she left the booth, she put the dildo in her purse,
knowing it would come in handy now. It barely fit,
leaving no room for her stockings, so she carried those
in her hand as she headed to the front. When she saw
the manager, the smile on his lips and the ring on his
finger said it all... he was the second man she had
sucked, had drained and drank. His taste was still in
her mouth, salty and slick, and she flushed with shame
and lust. The stockings, soaked now from her cleanup,
she threw at his counter, and with a flirty grin said,
"...keep them. I don't need them now," to his surprised
face. With a sway of her hips she left the store, a
smile on her face.

Her train was not for hours, and she still had the
whole day to buy her presents.

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2 years ago
I've never been to a glory hole but the thought of doing it with a stranger is too exciting
2 years ago
LOved the story we share the same interests no doubt. keep this kind of hot stories cumming over and over
3 years ago
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3 years ago
Great story
3 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
Very hot loved to have been there
3 years ago
love it