Yummy Mummy in the Meadow

Her car pulled up near mine. She got out and started to unload and set up a pushchair. Straw coloured hair, petite, the face of a yummy mummy (a little stern, skin well cared for), a pink halter neck top showing a bare back and enhancing her tiny breasts. Was that the stitching giving the impression of erect nipples or actually erect nipples? I moved around to see light white summer trousers, see through, a white cotton thong. She bent over whilst adjusting the straps on the pushchair, her white thong rising high above her white summer trousers. That’s a yummy mummy for you, still hot between the legs, still wanting to know she is attractive, confident in the security of her marriage, but still wanting some attention now and again, still taking pleasure at creating hard-ons when she is in that mood. All packed, she moves off to shop, her ass flicking from side to side as she walks, a hint of thong above her waistband. She shops a little, stops for a coffee. I sit at the next table and make small talk, honest enough to compliment her on her figure and her outfit. She smiles, enjoying the attention. She is about to leave, “me too” I say and we walk out to the car park. The baby is asl**p, if I don’t ask I will regret it, “would you like to make out?” “Where?” she says. “My car or yours?” I reply. We drive over to a more secluded part of the car park, parking alongside. Leaving the sl**ping baby in hers, she climbs into my back seat. Such a hot day, windows down a little so we can hear the baby and so we can breathe. We kiss, her lips light against mine, reflecting her petite body. My fingers on her cheeks, our breath lightly flowing, my hand moves to her tiny breast, braless under her halter neck. My fingers trace patterns on her bare back. I reach to unfasten her top. She stops me. “This is enough for me, there are some things I want to save for my husband”. We return to kisses and caresses, her hand gripping my bottom pulling me against her. I sense a battle of 2 desires, the present and the returning home. “This is enough for me too, but would you let me photograph you so I can ‘take you home’?” She smiles, “get the camera”. She leans back and I start to snap. Then she shocks me by undoing her halter neck and letting it fall away exposing her tiny breasts and erect nipples. “I thought they were for your husband”, “you can see them, he can touch them”. She touched them herself, biting her lip as her sensitive nipples sending shards of pleasure through her nerves. Then she unbuttoned her trousers, lifted her bottom and slid them off. My heart was hammering. She said “I want you to see me, I want you to take me home in these images”. She lay back against the back of the seat, brought her feet up, and let her knees fall outwards exposing the soaking crotch of her white cotton thong. She slipped a finger inside her thong and started to masturbate. Her body shook intermittently. Then she turned over, onto her knees, pushing her bottom into the air as I snapped away. Then she hooked her fingers into the waistband of her thong and slid it off. She grasped her bottom cheeks, pulling them wide apart exposing her pink gash. Then she flipped back over saying “I want to cum, take out your cock”. I pushed my trousers down and she leaned over, taking my cock in her hand and her mouth at the same time, her other hand moving between her legs. A stillness came over us as she controlled our pleasure. Tiny little movements extending and intensifying the pleasure until her body unleashed an almighty orgasm and as I watched her pleasure it sent me over the top as I came into her mouth. We rested a little, she looked up and said “I need to do something”. She guided me onto my back, straddled me and guided my cock inside her. Slowly she moved up and down, smiling, at peace as she took the thing she wanted inside her. After a minute she lifted herself off me. “Better go” she said.
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brill do write more