The Girls In The Flat Above - part1!

I used to live alone in a block of 6 flats & as a horny male, I used to get quite a bit of attention from the ladies that lived in the block. One day the young girl that lived in the flat above - that I'de been fucking regularly - got a house & moved out. I was upset but she let me go round to her new house & fuck her in every room & every hole!!

Around 2 weeks later there was a buzz on my door & when I answered it, there stood a rather plain but attractive girl - she said "do you mind if I come in to look at the flat above as we've been offered it" "not a problem", I replied. She went up the 2 small flights of stairs & I couldn't resist looking at her tight little ass! She peerd through the letterbox & said it seemed ok but she wanted her partner to see it first. "Will you be in around 5?" she asked, I replied "yes". "We will pop around then" she said before leaving.

5pm came & I must admit I was looking forward to seeing her again. My buzzer rang again & I went to the door. There she was, in tight tee shirt & jeans WOW! what a difference - my cock started to stir. "My partner is just parking the car" she said "fine, come in & have a drink" I replied. I was making a drink when there was a knock at the door "that'll be my partner" she said, "I'll get it" & off she went. As I heard the door shut I said "does your boyfriend want a drink?" She walked through the door & said "no but my girlfriend will"! SHIT! I was a little shocked, a little excited & also a little pissed off to be honest because I thought "no chance of fucking her then"! Anyway, in they both walked - her girlfriend was stunning dark skinned, dark eyed beauty! My cock started twitching again!

They both went up & had a look at the flat, as best they could & promised to pop round & let me know if they were or weren't going to accept it. Every time my buzzer went, I hoped it was one or the other of them & about 3 days later, they both turned up & told me they had accepted the flat! YES!! They moved in a couple of weeks later & after the usal few nights of banging, bumping & noises that you associate with moving into a new flat, things settled down. I didn't see much of them for about 10 days because of work & stuff but we soon started to become better friends!

We would spend the occasional friday night in one of the flats, drinking & chatting but I was still to shy to raise the subject of sex until one night we stumbled across a bit of "lesbo action" on the tv - Jenny, the plain one said "oh I'm sure Andy wouldn't mind watching me & you do that live for him?" I was a bit gobsmacked but said "too bl**dy right I wouldn't"! & we all laughed. At the end of the night Jenny & Kelly were leaving & gave me the usual hug & peck on the cheek - Kelly first & of she strode up the stairs, Jenny was in the kitchen swilling the glasses but soon came out to leave. "Thanks for anothe good night Andy, I do enjoy coming & chatting to you" she said, at which point, she flung her arms around my neck & pecked me on the cheek "I enjoy seeing you both too" I said, to which Jenny replied "yeah, but you enjoy seeing me more - I've seen you looking at my tits & ass" & she smiled. She still had her arms around my neck & I replied " I won't deny it but I'm not your type so it doesn't matter does it?" she blew me away & gave me an instant hard on when she replied "You never know, Kelly & me both like a bit of cock occasionaly!" With that she kissed me full on the lips & off she went up the stairs, blowing me a kiss! I just stood in the doorway open mouthed!!

Two days later Jenny came downstairs to borrow some cd's & we got chatting. Eventually. I plucked up the courage to ask her about that kiss & what she said. I asked if she meant it & if she regretted the kiss? "Yes & no" she replied - " I, or should I say WE meant it & no I don't regret the kiss"! I blurted out like an idiot " can I have another one?" She laughed & walked towards me - god, my heart will beat right out of my shirt - either thet or I'll have her eye out with my rock hard cock - she put her arms around my neck, tilted her head to her right & closed her lips around mine. "I've been waiting ages to do that properly" she said & leant in for another one. This time she pressed her body into me - I couldn't resist, I made a grab for that tight little ass! As I grabbed it she breathed in deeply through her nose & pressed her lips hardre onto mine! The snogging continued for a few more mins, getting more & more intense so I went for it - I cupped her firm breasts - thinking she would push away, she did the opposite & grabbed my rock hard cock! After a short while of fumbling & snogging, I picked her up & carried her to the bedroom.

I placed her on the bed we carried on kissing. I slowly eased her shirt over her head to reveal a black lacy bra - I thought I was going to cum there & then!! Her tits looked amazing snuggled up into her tight fitting bra. She took my shirt off by slowly unbuttoning & kissing my hairy chest all the way down. Once it was off, she continued to kiss my body & worked her way down towards my cock. She reached my navel & was kissing my stomach while playing with my nipple with her left hand & started to undo my jeans with her right hand. My jeans came off & I was just in my boxers when she just stood up & took off her trousers. She stood there looking stunning in her matching bra & thong! I stood up & walked towards her, my cock pointing the way. I clamped my mouth onto hers & reached behind her tio unclip her bra. I slowly helped her off with her bra - for some strange reason, I wanted the suspense of seeing he hot tits! WOW!! She had roughly size 36" tits but massive nipples - I love big nipples! I rolled them between my fingers & squeezed her firm breasts. "You like/" she said, "Oh my god yes" I replied. "You've seen my tits, now show me your cock" she said. I slowly eased my boxers down to reveal my hard cock. "mmmmm, very nice" she said "and circumsized too. I like a circumsized cock".

She played with my cock & balls for a while before gently kissing the head. I was twitching like mad just dreaming of her moist mouth around it when it happened - she lowered her mouth all over my pulsating throbbing head. It felt so good. She went further & further down on me, taking in as much as she could. I felt it wouldn't be long before I came so i took my cock from her mouth with the words "I want to eat your pussy!" She lay on her back on the bed & I gently rubbed her pussy through her panties - my god she was soaking wet! I could wait no longer & slowly pulled her panties to one side. Her pussy was bald & stunning. As I moved her panties, her pussy gently opened - one of the most erotic things I'd ever seen. I completely removed her panties, opened her legs & kissed her pussy. I licked & sucked on her pussy lips before pulling the top of her clit hood up to reveal her clit. She let out a deep moan as I placed my lips around it & gently sucked on it. She tasted so sweet as I lapped her juices down. I was eating her pussy for a few minutes when she said "get your cock inside me & fuck my cunt!" I didn't need telling twice - I entered her tight hole & it felt amazing. She was tight, hot & wet. I fucked her missionary, on her side & from behind.

While I was fucking her from behind, she said "rub my asshole bcuz I like it!" Wow, she is so fucking sexy!! I pumped and pumped her & inbetween changing positions, she sucked my cock! I was inside her from behind when she said "Kelly will be hoe from work soon & I won't have time for a shower, so you will have to cum in my mouth! I couldn't believe my ears - amazing! "Lie on your back & let me suck your cock" she said, so I did. She licked my knob & said "I love the taste of my own pussy mixed with your pre-cum" & continued sucking my cock. She sucked & wanked my cock for all she was worh & I started to feel my balls swell - I shot my load of cum deep into her mouth & I expected her to let it all run down my cock but she kept her lips tightly shut & swallowed the lot. She continued to suck & lick my cock clean.
I felt that I'd had the best cum I'd ever had.

Jenny got up & got dressed but I just lay there. She said "not a word to Kelly, She wants to fuck you too but I promised we would do you together!" She said "I must go. I have to wash my pussy in case Kelly feels horny when she gets in". With that, she kissed me on the cheek & said goodbye whilst slowly dragging her hand down my naked body. She stopped at my cock & said "oh, I've missed a bit", she picked up my cock & licked the last drop of cum from my knob the licked her lips & kissed my knob. She took her mouth from my cock & kissed my balls - she said "I want that again - soon"!

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1 year ago
really good, got me hard
2 years ago
Great story. Can't wait to read part 2
3 years ago
I loved it thanks for posting it
3 years ago
Realy sexy story