Weekend Away!

Let me tell you about our trip this past weekend.

My wife and I decided we needed a weekend getaway, so we packed up and drove to London. We got there Friday night checked in and headed to the room, which was very nice by the way. We had stopped for dinner on the way so neither of us were hungry. Jen decided we should go out for drinks so we headed out. The first place we stopped was a little quite so finished up our drinks and headed to another bar. This place was hoping. We had a few drinks and danced like mad. I was hot and thirsty and told Jen I needed a break so we went and got a new drink. We are catching our breath enjoying our drinks when some guy out of the blue walks up and asks Jen to dance. I tell her that’s fine go ahead. They dance a couple songs, I finish my drink and decide I better go and cut in. We dance several songs and Jen says she is ready for a break. Well after about five minutes off the floor and the guy shows up and asks her to dance again, she jumps up and says sure. I can’t see the dance floor from were I am at so I move to get a better view of the two of them, now Jen thinks she is out of sight and she starts dirty dancing with this guy. I mean she is rubbing all over him humping his leg and grinding into his crotch. At one point I watch in disbelief as she reaches out and starts rubbing his cock thru his pants. Now I am pissed off, but I can’t move. I stand there and watch as she fondles his cock and dirty dances with him. After a while I see their headed off the dance floor so I head back to were I left them. Jen returns and introduces me to Steve.

I am thinking that if I wasn’t here Jen would take this guy back to her hotel room and fuck his brains out but I am here so that wont happen. Well we all have a couple drinks, Jen and I dance a little more the Jen and Steve dance some more, same thing she is stroking his cock again. Next thing I know Jen says she has had enough for one night and wants to head back to the Hotel. We are just about to leave when she invites Steve along for a night cap. As it turns out he is staying at the same hotel with a business group. The three of us get back to the hotel and fix us drinks Steve and Jen are shooting the shit and she as laughing like a school girl. Steve excuses him self and heads to the bathroom, I look at Jen and say what did you invite him back here for, and she says nothing. I say bullshit I saw you playing with his cock on the dance floor, you want his cock don’t you, to which she says no. I say ya right you are hoping I pass out and then you were going to fuck the guy right here in this room while I slept isn’t that right. She shakes her head no. I respond I bet your pussy is soaking wet right now, just thinking about the cock you were playing with on the dance floor. And she says I am not wet, or horny you pig. I reach under her mini skirt and slip my hand into her panties and low and behold my finger slides right into a sopping wet pussy. I look at her and say really your not horny, then why is the pussy juice running down your thighs? Your thinking about his cock and you want to fuck him don’t you? And she nods yes. I look at her my finger still in her and ask did you like the feel of his cock on the dance floor, and she nods yes. I ask her does he have a big cock, and she nods yes. I tell her when he comes out I want to watch you seduce him. I want to watch you take his cock out of his pants and stroke him, suck his cock and balls and jerk him off until he cums all over your gorgeous tits. Would you like that, and she says oh god yes, can I ride his cock after I really want to feel his cock in me.

About now he comes out of the bathroom and joins us. Jen walks over to him pushes him down on the bed, unzips his flies and fishes his cock out of his paints. She looks at him and says I hope you don’t mind but I need some cock and its your cock I want right now, with that she takes his limp cock into her mouth and begins sucking his cock. It doesn’t take long and he is hard as a rock, Jen can only get the head of his cock into her mouth, he is circumcised about 11-12 inches in length and about as big around as a soda can. Well I am watching my wife try and cram this monster cock into her mouth and I think I am going to blow my load right in my pants. We have been married 10 years and I have only dreamed of seeing her with someone else’s cock in her mouth. Now she takes his cock in her hand and starts stroking his cock, and she takes one of his balls into her mouth, it is a wonderful sight, her hand doesn’t fit all the way around his cock and she is stroking up and down, and sucking one ball then the other. She looks up at him and says your cock tastes so good, then she stands up takes her shirt and bra off strips off her skirt and panties, and then undresses him. Now they are both completely naked and she gets back on her knees and starts sucking his cock some more, licking it, sucking it, sucking his balls licking his balls, licking his ass. I can’t stand it, I drop my paints and start stroking my own cock. She is working him over really well when he looks at her and says I want to fuck you know. She says not yet I want your first load on my tits. Well that does it for me and I blow my load all over the place. Well I see his nut sack tighten up and Jen pulls off his cock and starts stroking him really hard and fast, all of a sudden he erupts all over her face and tits, he must have cum a gallon, I have never seen so much thick sticky white cum in my life. Well Jen squeals with delight as Steve covers her with his man juice. At this point everyone takes a short breather, Jen cleans up, as she is prancing around bare assed.

Steve and I cum back to life we are rock hard, Jen walks over to Steve who is on the bed and grabs his cock, she looks at him and then at me and says god I want your cock in me now. She lays down spreads her legs and pulls her knees up to her tits, she looks at him and says cum on fuck me with that big cock of yours. Steve gets between her legs, I am watching intently as Steve guides his cock to her opening, he has his hand wrapped around his cock and he rubs it up and down Jens soaking wet pussy, he starts to press the head into her then slides his cock up and down between her parted lips, he does this several times. She looks at him with glazed eyes and say oh god put your cock in me, I need your cock in my pussy, and he says you want my cock, how bad do you want my cock. She looks right at me and says I want your cock so bad please just put your cock in me and fuck me. He looks at her and says what do u want, and she says I want your cock, I want you to fuck me like the slut I am. With that he pushes forward with one stroke and she lets out this deep guttural moan, her eyes roll back in her head and she cums like mad, she squirts all over his cock and balls all over the bed, she has had several orgasms with me but never squirted like this, she must have gone on for five minutes the whole time Steve is not moving just letting her get used to his huge cock stuffed in her tight little pussy.

Well after she regains her composure she starts talking to him, cum on Steve, fuck me with that big cock, fuck me harder oh my good your cock feels so good, fuck me faster, harder oh god yes. I am going to cum again. That does it I blow my second load for the night. The two of them just keep at it, surprisingly I stay hard, Jen looks at me and says I want to suck your cock while Steve fucks me. Well who am I to disobey, so I get closer and she takes my cock in her mouth and starts sucking my cock. About then Steve grunts, drives into Jen and fills her with his cum, that’s all it took and I let loss and fill her mouth, Jen cums again and all three of us collapse in a heap. After a few minutes we catch our breath and have another drink, Steve looks at us and says I should be going. Jen says not yet I am not done with that beautiful cock of yours yet. With that she pushes us both on the bed and starts sucking one cock then the other, she is trying to get us both hard again, and says I hope that’s not all you have because I want this huge cock back in my wet pussy while you fuck my ass, well that was all I needed to hear and I was hard as a rock in no time. I looked down at Jens pussy and I can see Steve’s cum dripping out of her pussy and running down her thighs. She climbs on top of Steve lifts herself up and impales herself on his huge cock, she instantly starts cumming all over again. She starts riding up and down his cock and you can hear those nasty squishing sounds as he plows his cock into her cum filled pussy, it is so hot. She slides all the way down looks over her shoulder and says are you going to put your cock in my ass? So I lube up my cock and slowly insert the head of my cock into her tight little ass, she pushes back, and next thing I know I am balls deep into her ass. It is the most amazing feeling, we get a good motion going and Jen is going absolutely wild she cant stop cumming, then I feel Steve’s cock swell and twitch and I know he is emptying his second load of cum into my wife’s hot, well fucked pussy. That drives me over the edge and I unload deep in her tight ass.

Again we all collapse and just lay there until Stave says he has to go, we thank him he gives us his room number and suggest we meet later in the day, it is morning by now. Well Jen and lay there holding each other and Jen asks me what I thought, I told her that it really excited me, that watching her suck and fuck another guy had always been a fantasy of mine but that the real deal was even better then I had thought. She got a little red in the face and told me that she to had enjoyed more then she thought she would.
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2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Great story. So hot. Thanks
3 years ago
Super HOT story. So damn sexy. Sounds like the three of you had a lot of fun.