XXX Theatre

As I entered the washroom, both stalls we in use as were both urinals. I waited patiently feeling the urge to piss grow to the point I was sure I would piss my pants. Finally one man zipped up and moved from the urinal. I approached the urinal just as the other man was leaving. It's amazing how you never seem to be able to take your dick out fast enough, when you need to piss so badly. It didn't help that I had a full blown hard on. I had to undo not only my zipper but the button of my shorts, pull down my briefs and exposing not only my cock but my balls and the cock ring, I was wearing.
A short older man came to the urinal next to mine as the bathroom emptied. I had to lean forwards a bit and push down on my dick to keep the piss from flying upwards. This of course caused a constriction, the piss flowing hard with a thin stream. I noticed the old man looking over and watching my cock. He didn't look up, but just kept staring. I peered at his soft cock and noticed he was finished before I was. Still he remained in position until I began to do up my pants. As I backed away, so did he, blocking my exit. He held his cock in his hand a moment before putting inside his pants, then looked up at me. He went to the sink and washed his hands as did I. The whole time he kept looking at my image in the mirror. I left the bathroom before he and went into the lounge. I sat in one of the chairs and lit a cigarette. The old man sat across the room looking at me. The images of him watching me piss and the taking his time to put his cock inside his pants kept repeating in my mind. I couldn't believe what I was thinking. Was I actually thinking of having sex with this man. Worst of all, I was turned on by the idea. Not to mention, I wanted it to happen right here. Jeez anyone could see us, came to mind, only adding to the urges.
As I butted my cigarette out, the old man stood, looking at me one last time, before going inside the cinema I waited a moment, wanting so desperately to follow him and join him. The lights were beginning to dim as I entered. The old man stood by the door. Once I was inside, he began to walk down he aisle to the 4th row on the right. As I slowly walked down the aisle. I began to have doubts. Had his gestures been an invitation. Would he get mad if I went up and sat beside him. What could I do or say. Besides it would be obvious to the other movie goers to what I had in mind. Instead of sitting in the same row, I moved the one in front of his. As I walked the row, the theatre was dark enough, that I pulled down my zipper, reached inside my pants and, wrestle out my cock. I sat one seat to his left, allowing him to view the movie without my head being in the way. I sat, pulling out my balls and exposing them also. It was now up to the old man, if he had truly tried to send me an invitation.
I could feel myself trembling in anticipation. My mind going through thought after thought. My God, I was actually exposing myself in public. The only thing missing was a raincoat. I laughed inwardly, but began to understand the excitement it caused this type of person. The man behind, made no attempt to contact me. Disappointed I lost myself to the movie.
It began as two couples road in a carriage and arriving at an estate. You were lead to believe they were parents with their c***dren. As the parents exit the carriage the younger two are told to stay till they come back. The older couple are met at the door by a young maid and ushered into what looks like an office. Sitting at the desk is an older woman and the discussion begins. The jest of the conversation is the parents are to shy to explain the facts of life to their son daughter, who are twins. The estate, run by the older woman, is a school set up to teach the facts of like. The older woman enquires as to whether the c***dren are old enough, do they have special needs, have they been involved sexually in the past. The couple confirm the c***dren are old enough, they are unaware of the special needs. The mother hesitates saying, that she is unaware of any sexual activity, but had once heard her son moaning as she past by his door late at night. This of course is a surprise to the father. The c***dren are accepted as c***dren, payment is given and they are told to come back in a week to pick the c***dren up. The parents leave in the carriage while the young man and woman are left with a valise each. They follow the maid to the same office, where the old woman explains what is required of them. They are here to learn. They will obey every staff member down to the lowest maid. They are sent to their rooms.
I doubt this part of the film took more then 5 to 10 minutes, but to me the time dragged. Where was the sex, what was the man behind me waiting for.
The following scene is of the young girl in her bedroom. She is told, she must prepare for supper. The maid, helps her undress, as another maid comes in filling the ornate old style tub with hot water. The young lady is helped into the hot sudsy tub and is washed by the maids. From the expression on the young girls face, it's obvious the hands are touching sensitive areas of her body. She is made to stand, while one of the maids massages her breasts and the other fingers her clitoris.
My cock pulsed, if something didn't happen soon, I would be masturbating. I raised my right arm and d****d it over the back of the seat. It wasn't much longer, when the old man reach, grabbing my wrist and, pulling my arm back and down to rest on his soft cock. I stifled a moan at the contact. I gripped the penis and began to slowly pump it up and down, feeling the cock stiffen and grow in my hand. A moment later, he pulled my hand away, leaning forward whispering. “If you keep that up, I will cum. Why don't I join you.”
My mouth was so dry, I nodded in reply.
I had expected him to get up walk the row and come into mine. Instead he climbed over the seat. Once seated he looked down at my lap. It was then I realized, I was sitting under one of the theatre lights. Although the light was dim, one could see clearly, my cock and balls were out of my pants as were my new friend.
“Would you like to go to a motel?” He asked.
“No.” I managed to reply.
“You have a beautiful cock.” He said as he brushed over the side of my dick.
He grasped my cock with his left hand while he reached over and undid the button of my cutoffs and the buttons of my shirt.
I reached for his cock, but he stopped me with “No! Not yet.” Then added. “Lift your ass up.”
“What?” I asked not knowing why he wanted me to lift my rear off the seat.
“Just do it.”
As I did, he let go of my cock, leaned over me and reaching for both sides of my hips, pulled both my shorts and underwear down over my knees to let them fall around my ankles. He pulled the leg closest to him, indicating he wanted me to spread my leg. He ran his hand gently over my inner thigh. The touch made my flesh rise with goose bumps. I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning. He ran his fingers over my balls saying. “Nice and smooth.”
To my surprise, he let go of my balls and ran his hand over my tummy and up to my chest. When he began to gently make circles around my left nipple, I began to shiver, like being cold yet this was pleasant. I looked down unbelieving how sensitive I was. My nipple stuck out like Karen's when she was so turned on. This may have been an old man, but really was adept at turning someone on. I nearly jumped out of my seat, when he ran the tip of his finger over the nipple.
“Sensitive?” He whispered.
“Oh God yes.” I heard myself reply.
He continued to tease the one nipple, then moved to the other. Like to first it drove me crazy with lust. He moved from one to the other slowly, sometimes just ticking other times pinching. Each touch brought out a different sensation. Even the pinching went from pain to pleasure. I saw very little of the movie, whatever image and sound passed by, was obliterated by the sensations my body was going through.
After some time he said. “Look at how wet you are.”
When I looked down my cock and balls were glistening being covered in pre-cum. He let go of my chest and again grasping my cock with his left hand, squeeze more pre-cum from the tip. Dabbing the index finger of his right into the fluid, he raised his hand and smeared the viscous fluid onto my lips. “Does it taste as good as it looks?” He whispered.
My tongue snaked out and I tasted the saltiness of the pre-cum. “Yes.” I managed to whisper back.
“Come taste mine.” He said as he grabbed my neck and pulled me down towards his crotch.
My mouth couldn't quite make it to his cock, because of the arm rest and I found myself getting onto the floor on my knees. For a brief moment I felt panic. Anyone sitting behind could have seen me getting down. Then the thought only added to my lust. My lips touched his soft cock. It was damp, real damp. I parted my lips and sucked the flaccid dick right down to the balls. I savoured and swallow the mixture of his pre-cum and my saliva. The taste was stronger, but still great. I began to suck him harder as his cock grew. When he became fully erect, he grabbed my hair and pulled my head away.
“Not quite yet.” He said and then added. “Sit up.”
I must admit I was a little confused, but sat back up again. Once more her grasped my cock at the base squeezing it with one hand and using the end of his middle finger of the other hand to smear more of my pre-cum around the head of my cock. I kept having to bite my lower lip to prevent from screaming. After a while he moved his free hand down to my balls. Ever so gently he massaged my nuts.
“Your shaved balls feel so nice and smooth.|” He commented.
He next ran his middle finger down the crack of my ass. I raised my ass off the seat to give him better access. Finding my anus with the tip of his finger, he began to rotate the finger over the sphincter muscle. My ass hole twitch as my hips began to rotate. I raised my hips up even more now supporting my self with my arms on the armrests and my shoulders against the top of the backrest. I don't know how long he kept his up, but then suddenly he pulled his hand away from my ass. I felt a sense of loss wanting him to continue and do much more.
As I tried to lower myself back down onto the seat, I was surprised at the strength he had as he still held onto the base of my cock and held me in the position. Once more he dabbed pre-cum with the middle finger and brought the finger back down to my ass hole. This time, he slowly pushed the finger inside. With the pre-cum it slit in with ease. Now he was finger fucking me at the same time began to pump my cock. I could couldn't help but move my hips up and down wanting more and more of his finger up my ass as well as cum from his massage. I could feel my cock ready to spew forth when he drove a second finger up my ass. It was to much to bear as my cock exploded. I mean exploded as globs of jism spewed out one after the other, flying up to land on my chin, chest and abdomen. I feel myself convulsing with pure pleasure as I tried desperately to prevent from making a sound. Still I heard myself moan and gasp from the ultimate pleasure.
He pulled his finger out of my ass, as I collapsed back down onto the seat. Dabbing the jism from my chest and abdomen, he kept feeding it to me, while I tried to catch my breath. I sucked at his finger tasting my own cum. He kept this up, till he was satisfied, I was clean.
To my surprise, he zipped up his pants and said. “I'll see you next week same time.” He got up and left.

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1 year ago
Have you ever thought how much hotter that would have been if you had gone to the motel with him. To be in the bed completely naked and feeling his hands roam all over your naked body, feeling his finger being pushed inside your little pussy? I bet he would have fucked you and you would have enjoyed it very much. In fact I bet you would have met him again and again. He might have brought a friend of his with him and just feeling 4 hands roaming all over your naked flesh would have drove you wild. I know it would have because it had happened to me more than once and just thinking about those nights gives me a hard on today.
1 year ago
wow, very hot
1 year ago
very ecrotic..good job
1 year ago
i would love to have an encounter like this
1 year ago
Bravo! Great story!
1 year ago
Excellent tale. Will there be more?
1 year ago
very Hot