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Bred by my Black Lover (True Story)

My first experience with a Black man was everything I wanted and more. We were in a bar and we picked him up and went back to out hotel room. While on the way up to the room I could not keep our hands off each other we started kissing and groping each other even though there were several other people in the elevator with us.

We reached our floor and we basically fell out of the elevator. My husband and another couple got of the elevator and made our way down the hallway in the same direction. The couple followed us and entered the room that was right next to ours and as we past them I could see the wife look at the Black man that was groping my tits and ass.

Once we got into the room he was very tender as he stripped me and got me ready for the fuck of my life. My husband made himself a drink pulled the chair that was sitting in the corner up to the bed. He was about 5 feet from the bed so he had a close up of the action.

Meanwhile, I got down on my knees ready to discovery what was in my Black lovers pants. I new it was big as it was rubbing against my kneed and pussy the whole night as we danced. He was very forward with me on the dance floor going up my shirt several times feeling my tits and pinching my nipples.

I undid the button of his pants and slowly slid the zipper down. Reaching around I pulled down his pants and they dropped to his knees. I was expecting his cock to spring out at me but it was strapped to the inside of his leg in a leather pouch.

The leather pouch opened up easily and I grabbed his cock licking the big mushroom head. My husband exclaimed "is that thing real". The man took it from me slapped it on my lips saying "oh yes and it is going to be buried in your wife's nice little pussy.

It took a few minutes to get his cock nice and hard ready to fuck me. I asked him how big he was and he told me it was 14 inches long. His rather large balls hung below in a nice sack of which I sucked and hummed a little tune on. This drove him crazy he said no other woman had ever did this to him and he loved it.

I slid my tongue nicely underneath his sack and tickled his ass hole. This was a trick I learned from my biker lover who made me suck his cock for hours. He said that I was an expert cock sucker and that I should give some lessons to some of his girls of which I did (But that is another story)

I ran my tongue up the shaft to his head and was just about to push his cock down my throat and there was a knock at the door. I looked at my husband and then to the black man I asked him if that was his girlfriend.

He took his cock out of my mouth and said that he did not have a girlfriend it had to be someone we knew. We did not know anyone in that city so it was a mystery to us as well. We tried to ignore the knocking in the hopes that it was stop and I could get back to sucking this fantastic piece of meat, what a find cock for my first ever black experience.

My husband went to the door and looked through the peep hole. It was the couple from next door so it opened the door, greeted them and asked if he could help them. The man said that his wife wanted to know if she could watch my wife with the black stud.

It turned out that she was trying to get Randy to come back to their room so that she could fuck him. He turned and asked if I wanted an audience to her first Black cock fuck. I was so horny and wanted Randy so bad I said sure come and watch but I am not sharing at least for the first little while anyway.

They came in and we pulled the couch around facing the bed so that they could get a good look at the action. I went back to sucking Randy's cock and getting ready for him to fuck me. My cunt was so wet I could not wait to get it in me.

To be continued............

The li
Posted by albertaman24 3 years ago
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2 years ago
Nice story
2 years ago
Love reading all your stories!!
2 years ago
fantastic start
2 years ago
please continue, waiting for the "being bred" part.
3 years ago
love it!
3 years ago
Loved your story very much! I sure would like for my wife to do something like this. She hasn't so far. I would love to keep in touch with you two and find out more about how you got into this sort of thing. Maybe I could eventually get my own wife to explore such things. (Oh, if ONLY!) What's it like to see other men touching your wife, and seeing her enjoying herself like that!!!??? I truely envy you. Hope you accept my friend invitation!