Biggest Baddest 2

The guys name was Peter he said to my wife well can I try you out. She said sure and I am still so horny from fucking Randy and want some more cum in my pussy. This guy came up beside Peter his name was Chad he said can I get in on this to I would luv to get my cock in your nice ass.

My wife started to kiss Peter and then kissed Chad gasping I want you both to fuck me in my ass and cunt. I am so horny, my cunt is so wet, I need you and she knelt down in between the two men. They undid their pants and it did not take her long before she was alternating sucking Peter and Chad. Both men were very well hung, Peter was 9 1/2 and Chad was a little over 10. There black cocks looks so good against the whiteness of my wifes face.

She went back and forth between the two men sucking, licking and deep throating their big long rods. Both men were in getting so turned on their cocks were getting nice and hard. My wife was saying how she wanted to fuck their cocks "I want you in my wet cunt and my tight ass.

She got up and slid onto the bed pulling Peter on to the bed with her. She was kissing him passionately and saying she could not wait to feel his big cock in her wet cunt. He laid on the bed with a quick move slid up and mounted his big black tool. She started to moan and run her fingers through her long blonde hair.

Meanwhile Chad stood up on the bed and put his black cock in my wifes mouth. She grabbed his cock sucking greedily on his balls and big mushroom head. When she took Chads cock out of her mouth to jerk him she gasped to “You have suck a nice cock, you are fucking me so good”.

She then told Chad that she wanted him to fuck her up the ass. I want you guys to make a “black cock whore sandwich”. Chad moved behind my Wife he told Peter to pullher tits down on his chest so that he could get his cock in her ass.

Peter kissed my Wife groping her tits then gently pulled her chest onto his. As she did this her nice little ass came up exposing her ripe ass whole. Chad lined up the head of his long piece of black meat and put the head in my wifes ass.

My wifes suddenly screamed no Chad maybe not you are too big for me. Chad just kept pushing inserting 3 inches of his 10 1/2 into her asshole. My Wife squirmed as Chad pushed more of his manhood into her ass.

It must of started not to hurt as she started to moan and reach back and kiss Chad as he pushed in and out of her ass. The men got into a good rthyme make my wife not only making her pussy cum but she came out her ass. She yelled “oh my god I have never came out of my ass before it feels so fucking good, keep going Chad fuck me! Fuck, I am your black cock whore”.

Chad reached around massaging my wifes nipples as he pounded her ass. Peter was sucking on her nipples that were so erect and pretty pink. Peter kept telling her she had the nicest white tits he ever sucked. My wife moaned thank you baby I want you to cum up my cunt your cock feels so good I want you to fill it with your seed.

Peter said just wait babe lets turn you around and take you reverse cowgirl this is my favorite position fuck my bitches in. I want to take you up the ass Chad cant have all the fun can I cum up your pussy later. My wife moaned yes Peter I would love to let you fuck me again.

My wife turned around and backed onto Peters cock and he slid onto his cock like it it belonged there. She let out a sigh and started to ride his cock. Peter slapped her ass and reached around cupping my wifes its.

The fuck reverse cow girl for a few minutes with my wife tell him that he was making her feel so good. Chad had laid down on trhe bed and continued to stroke his cock to keep it hard ready to fuck. My wife than moaned “Chad it is time to fuck my hot cunt, it is so wet I need to feel some black seed inside of me”.

Chad slid his black cock in her cunt making her lean back on peters chest. She started to kiss her mouth down her neck to her breasts. When her got to her tits he told Peter that her tits were his and he licked her, sucked and massage therm.

After about 10 minutes or so Chad said he was going to blow his load and asked my wife where she wanted him to cum. My wife breathlessly said “LOAD MY CUNT PLEASE I WANT TO FEEL YOUR HOT LOAD”. Chad pumped into her hard his ass tensed up and he moaned “take it you Black cock whore”.

He came in her cunt after which he started to kiss her passionately as well as suck on her hard nipples. My wife came as the same time and howled as he dumped his load. Peter then told my wife to fuck hard and he buried his load up her ass.

My wife pealed off between the two men and laid motionless for about 20 minutes. After getting here second wind she leaned over to Peter and asked him if he was going to dump his load in her wet cunt. He said “yes I want to fill you up you Black Cock Whore”.

The next thing I know she has his cock in her mouth getting him hard enough to fuck her again. It took about 5 minutes of sucking and jerking to get him fully erect again. Peter fucked her in every position possible until he finally dropped his load in her cunt howling like a dog on all fours.

We all fell asl**p about 3 hours later I woke up my wife was not on the bed but the shower was on. I crawled over to the door and was able to get a look at the shower in the large mirror facing it. There I saw my wife and Randy kissing my wife and fondling her wet tits.

I noticed something different in her eyes as I watched them. She was not fucking him anymore, she was making love to him she was acting like we do when I am with her. She fell for the first black cock she had in her life.

It was a scene right out a high class porn movie. It was so hot I had to take out my cock and start to jerk off. She saw me in the mirror and told me to join them in the shower. Randy and I soaped up her body I washed her tits and hair while Randy was in charge of her lower body.

I was rinsing her hair and kissing her deeply when her eyes started to roll back in her head. She started to moan her mouth was so warm and inviting it felt like her cunt. She whispered don’t stop Randy I looked down where I see his face buried in my wifes well soaped cunt.

He ate her until she came hard in his face clenching his head between her legs. I moved from her hot mouth to her beautiful tits that she pushed in my face. After she came she went down on her knees where she started to suck our cocks.

She stood up and started to kiss both of us moaning for her men to make love to her. This was the most unreal sex we have ever had with both of us dropping loads into her. My wife had never been so turned on she laid back and let us take charge of her body.

After we were finished Randy and I got out of the shower and moved out to the bedroom. My wife stayed in the bathroom toweling off and putting on make up. I thought that was unusual as we would not be getting up for a few more hours at least.

We were lying on the bed and by this time Peter and Chad were awake. My wife all of a sudden comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a bath sheet her face make up looked like a street hooker. She dropped the towel and said “Here is your black cock whore I want to get fucked” .

The three men fucked my wife for a few more hours rotating from hole to hole. She was so full of cum it was dripping out of her holes in streams. Her voice sounded so hot as she told the men to give them their black seed.

We the fuck session was over we all just laid on the be totally satisfied. While we were lying there we found out that Peter and Chad had come to help Randy move into his apartment that was not quite ready so he was staying at the hotel.

Peter told Randy that they had to be getting home so they would have to be leaving in the morning. My wife offered to store Randy’s stuff in our garage until his apartment was ready for him to move into. Randy said that he really appreciated it my wife looked at him and told him it was no problem it was a reward for the best sexual experiences she has ever had.

Randy has since moved into his apartment and my wife and I go over a lot to for supper and desert. We sometimes stay over and return home early in the morning to get ready for work and go. He does the same thing when he stays over we try to be a discreet as possible.

Peter and Chad come up and spend the weekend at least once a month. A few times they brought friends and we spent the whole weekend fucking my wife. The men were amazed at how well my wife took their huge cocks.

She is so tired by Sunday that she has to take Monday off just to recover. Monday is spent with her totally past out. She gets up Tuesday bright eyed and ready for work.

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3 years ago
love it!!!! want some of that BBC myself!!
3 years ago
Excellent story.
3 years ago
mmmmmmmmmmm lucky husband. She wouldn't be the only one getting some of that black dick if she were my wife!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Wow what a great story
3 years ago
Very HOT story. I just love IR, every white woman should experience BBC, and us white guys should encurage and help them to get Blacked.