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This is a true story as dictated by my wife as she lays on the bed beside me playing with her favorite toy a big 12 in dildo.

After getting fucked by rick and his biker friends it turned something on in my wife that she wanted to try everything. The first thing that she wanted to try was black cock she wanted to find a black cock like she seen in the porn movies we watch. I have come home a few time finding her in the bedroom with her black toy watching some black porn star fucking a beautiful woman.

So we went in search of her big black cock which we could not find for the longest time. One night we were in our local bar and there was this very tall very big black man with a group of people at a table not too far from ours. My wife kept looking over and him finally she said she was going to ask him to dance.

She got up from our table and went over to the table and he got up and they were on the dance floor in a flash. My wife was rubbing up against him and would ever so often whisper something in ear. They must have dance for about 15 minutes with the last song being a slow one where he wrapped his arms around her and they danced whispering in each others ears he had his hands on her ass and every once in a while I would see his hand move up and rub the side of her tit.

She invited him back to our table where we had a few drinks and they danced a few more times. When they returned to the table the last time Randy suggested we continue the party up stairs in his hotel room. We could have a few drinks and get to know each other a little better and he gave a little wink to my wife.

My wife got very excited and said we are in and told him we would wait for him in the lobby. He was just going to tell his friends that he was going back to the room. We went out of the bar into the lobby and I could see my wife was getting very excited. Her nipples were starting to pock through the thin material of her bra and tee shirt.

Randy came out of the bar and we went toward the elevator opened the door and went in. He had his arm around her waist and as the door closed moved down to her ass where he started to rub it. My wife turned to him and they started to kiss deep lustful kisses. His right hand went up her shirt and cupped her b**st she started to moan as he played with her nipples.

His room was right across from the elevator so we moved quickly to the door and he opened it up and we went in. They started kissing again and sat down on the end of the bed groping each others bodies. My wife quickly took off her shirt and bra and Randy lustfully sucked and licked them her nipples were fully erect the biggest I have ever seen them.

She told Randy to start up so that she could see the cock she had been feeling on the dance floor. She undid the front of his pants and they dropped to his ankles. He was wearing a black leather jock strap thing which tied his cock to the inside of his leg.

I could not believe what I was seeing my wife just said oh my god my first black cock is a monster. He helped her take the leather straps off and my wife went to work on his cock. He turned to me and asked me if she gives good head I said the best little cock sucker there is. My wife turned to me and said thank you dear I aim to please.

She started at his large balls and licked them as well as hummed on them. Randy said no woman ever did the to him he started to moan and his eyes rolled back. She had her hand on the shaft and was jerking it and massaging the head. It did not take long and his cock was fully erect it was jet black just like he was. He told us that all the men in his part of Africa have large cocks.

He gentle laid my wife down and stated to take down her very tight jeans. He took her shoes and socks off then slipped her pants and panties off and dropped them on the floor. He started to kiss the bottom of her feet and suck her toes. I looked at my wife she had pure lust in her eyes as she played with here pussy.

Randy then kissed up the inside of both of her thighs finally making it to my wifes pussy. He started by licking the outside of her pussy and opened up her lips and ran his large tongue in a deep as it would go. My wife was rolling here eyes back and playing with her very erect nipples. She moaned out that his tongue felt like a cock and it feels so good inside her.
Randy then started to suck on her clit which I had never seen so swollen. She wrapped her legs around Randy's head and pushed the pack of his head so that he was not moving. I have never seen her cum so hard she actually squired in Randy's mouth that he licked up.

She rested for a few minutes and told him that was the best she has ever had she never squired before. He told her he loved the taste for her cum that he could drink it all night. She told Randy to lie down on his back and she went back to suck his beautiful cock.

She could it nice and wet and in one slow moved mounted his cock. I asked her if it was a big as Ricks or his boss she said way bigger. It feels like it is all the way up into my belly she asked Randy how big it was he moaned 14. My wife his cock like there was no tomorrow. She must have have came 4 time then Randy said he was gong to cum my wife moaned to fill her pussy up to the brim. She wanted to feel his seed shoot into her.

He grabbed her ass and pushed her pussy down on his cock as he did so my wife started to howl. They fucked 3 more times within an hour and a half. My wife and Randy were both covered in sweat. My wife curled up beside Randy and told him he was the best lover she had ever had.

Randy said she was a very nice piece of ass and would love to see her again. He was just moving into town and going to be the manager of the local bank. Maybe you can stop by the bank one day and I will make a deposit. My wife said you can count on it.

She was about to get dressed and the door opened his buddies from the bar came in. So this is what you ditched up for eh. Is she a nice fuck and went over to my wife and felt her ass. Looks like she has a how body did you pump a few loads into? Randy said "I sure did and she is one hell of a fuck".

The guys name was Peter he said to my wife well can I try you out. She said sure and I am still so horny from fucking Randy's huge cock.


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