Biker Bitch 7 Pregnant

A month went by after the Christmas fuck session with Rick, his boss and his Nephews. I was lying in bed and my wife came to bed with big tears in her eyes. She said that she was pregnant and it was from the Christmas fuck so any of the 4 men could be the father.

After holding her for a few minutes I asked her how she felt about getting pregnant and knowing one of them was the father. She turned to me with a smile and told me that it turned her on and made her pussy wet. She undid the front of her nigh gown showing me her rock hard nipples.

She reached down between my legs and started to massage my cock she soon deep throating me and moaning to make love to her. I rolled her on her back and went down to her wet pussy and started to lick and play. As I ate her out and finger banged her she climaxed in my face and moaned she want my cock inside her.

I slid up her body kissing and sucking her tits up her neck to her warm inviting mouth. I reached down between my legs and guided my cock into her wet inviting cunt. We fucked like that for a few minutes thwn she whispered she wanted me to fuck her like Rick like a bitch in heat.

I got her up on her hands and knees and rammed my cock deep into her wet cunt. She started to pant and making little howling sounds. This turned me on so much I started to fuck her harder reaching around grabbing her nipples. This lasted for about 5 minutes and she panted back to me to fill her cunt. I pumped it in deep and hard and she started to howl just as Rick maks her do when her fucks her.

After we finished we phoned Rick and told him that my pregnant and that it happened the night of the Christmas fuck so 1 of the 4 of them was the father. Rick said he would call us back he would have to tell his boss. A few minutes later Rick called back and told us that his Boss wants to see at our usual hotel.

We agreed to meet them the next day and showed up at around 2 pm. All four guys were there sitting around a table having drinks. As we came into the room the boss came over to my wife and gave her a deep passionate kiss. He felt her tits and rubbed her ass saying what a beautiful woman she was and how good she was going to look pregnant.

They moved over to the bed where he stripped her and made love to her much like the Christmas fuck session. After he was finished one of the Nephews got up from the table and made his way over to the bed. My wife met him at the edge of the bed and slowly stripped him of his clothes. She asked if the other one was going to join them but Rick said they were all going to fuck her by themselves first.

The boys cock was Rock hard and my wife went right to giving him head. He moaned that he wanted to fuck her and that she was the only thing he could think of since Christmas. My wife told him that she could not stop thinking about him either such a nice cock and he knew how to use it for a virgin.

He laid down on his back and my wife mounted him going up and down as he sucked and played with my wifes tits. She rode him for a while then he told her he wanted to take her from behind. He got up went behind her and shoved his cock in her cunt and started to make panting and howling sounds. Everyone at the table started laughing so he did them louder.

He fucked her for about 10 minutes my wife would stop him just before he was going to cum. Finally she told him he wanted his load so he started to pump her harder. She was telling him she wanted his cum so bad, as he came my wife stated to howl then saying how good his cum felt in her pussy.

My wife asked Rick for a drink of water before she took on the other Nephew. Rick brought her a glass of water and she guzzled it down. She got off the bed and put the glass on the table then took then Nephew by the hand then returned to the bed.

He was the older of the two boys so he seemed to know a little bit more about what to do with my wife. They started to kiss passionately beside the bed. He all of a sudden pushed her onto her stomach and started to lick her ass. He told her was was going to pile drive her ass and blow his load in her.

He turned my wife around and shoved his cock in her mouth and told her to get it nice and lube up. He was going to pound her nice little ass when she had it ready. After a few minutes of sucking he slapped his cock on his face and told to get ready to get ass fucked.

He pushed down so that she was flat on her stomach and told her to get ready for his big fat cock. He lined up the hole and pushed his cock into my wifes ass. She started to moan that it hurt to much he told her to shut the fuck up and he pumped her harder. It did not take him long to cum she started howling and he calapsed on top of her.

The Uncle to the Nephew that my wife had some news for them. My wife turned to him and said you did not tell them yet Rick and I thought you should be the one to tell them. My wife told the other Nephew to come back to bed and she laid between them and told them she was pregnant and one of them could be the father.

This made them both so turned on they started to kiss my wife and the next thing we know it she is getting fucked from behind and sucking the other ones cock in her mouth. After a while my wife said to them she wanted them to make a sandwich out of her. She told them that they could take turns in both of the holes to see what it felt like.

The older boy told the younger one he wants her ass hole it felt so good cumming in it before. His cum was still dripping out onto the bed. My wife mounted the young guy and he started to suck and lick her nipples as she went up and down on his cock. Rick told him to pull her tits down to his chest so that her ass would be in position for his b*****r.

He did what he was told and big b*****r put his cock up her ass. My wife was in going absolutely crazy telling them she loved their cocks and she did not want them to stop. They switched up a couple of times before blowing their loads in her pussy and ass. My wife just laid in their arms for the longest time kissing and stroking their cocks.

Rick then announced it was his turn and he stripped off his clothes and got onto the bed. He really made slow passionate love to my wife. She responded to his body like I had never seen before when he came he slowly pushed his cock inside her and gave her deep passionate kisses. I thought I heard my wife say I love you just as he came.

My wife fucked different combinations of guys throughout the day in every position imaginable. The boss showed his Nephew how to use my wife for a urnal. They both pissed in my wifes mouth several times throughout the night. They were grossed out when Rick took a dump on my wifes tits then came in she was then told to spread the cum and shit on her tits. He took pictures before he told her to shower and get back on the bed so they they could continue to fuck her.

She went back to bed and kept fucking and suckfing she could not get enough. By the end of the night the bed was soaked in cum from my wife and the men. We went home that night and she could get into bed face enough. I fucked her again and I pissed in her mouth for the very first time. I did not shit on her but I want to try it.

Eight months later she gave birth to a baby boy and the father was one of the Nephews. Rick was very disappointed that it was not him he convince her to have a baby with him. The night came and Rick made love to her and got her pregnant his first time.
After giving birth to another boy Ricks Boss who was in his late sixties got my wife pregnant this time she had a baby Girl.

We have 2 other c***dren 1 fathered by me and the other by her black love but that is another story.

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Amazing!! very sexy!!
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great too
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Amazing story. I would love to talk to you about some of the details if you care to share.
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very sexy