Biker Bitch 6

Rick went over to the closet and brought out a gym bag and threw it on the bed. The boss opened it up and took out some handcuffs. He then tied my wifes cuffed hands to the headboard and pushed her face into the pillows. The made her ass go up in the air exposing her already fucked and dripping cunt.

He in behind her and started to finger bang her pussy and lick her ass hole. My wife pushed her ass in his face and moaned she loved getting her ass licked. The boss then reached into the bag and brought out a 12 inch jet black dildo. He gave it to Rick and he pushed in my wifes mouth where she eager deep throated it she was told to spit all over it and make it real wet.

The boss took the dildo from her when she had did what she was told and he started to feed it up my wifes tight little ass hole. She started to scream that it hurt to much but that just made him fuck her with it harder. He was telling her he could not wait to get his cock in her ass.

He fucked her ass for about 5 minutes with the dildo during that time my wife had at least 3 hard orgasms.
Each time telling him to stop she could not take it anymore. This just made him pump it harder into her tight little ass. Meanwhile Rick had got undressed and was feeling her tits and pinching her nipples he was pulling down on her nipples like he was milking her.

The boss took the dildo out and mounted her with a big grunt this took my wife by surprise and she let out a scream as his big pole entered her ass. He leaned down and said "I told you the real fucking was going to begin when the boys left. My wife had tears running down her eyes but she just kept pushing against him and telling him how much she liked his cock in her ass.

Rick untied her from the headboard and put her handcuffed hand behind her back. He told her she was going to fuck no hands so the boss grabbed her wrists and her hair and kept driving his cock home. Telling her she had such a sweet little ass hole and he wanted to blow his load in it.

He asked Rick if he wanted in on the fun Rick said "Damn right" and he got up in front of my wife and fed his cock into her mouth. He grabbed her head and f***ed his cock down her throat making her gag and spit on it. He took it out and kept doing the same thing until his large cock was all the way down her throat and his ball were slapping against her chin.

After about 5 minutes of getting her ass and throat fucked the Boss said it Rick lets sandwich the slut. The Boss said he wanted her ass because he wanted to blow a big load in her. Rock slid under her and he slid into her cunt and started riding it moaning it felt so good inside her. Rick was licking and sucking her nipples and kissing her very passionately telling her she was the best piece of ass he ever had.

The boss then went around to the back and started to feed his cock into her ass. My wife started to scream as he pushed it deeper into her he just laughed and slapped ass and told her to take it you little slut. After about 3 or 4 minutes they got into a nice rythym my wife was gasping that she loved both of them inside her and wanted them to feel her up with their cum.

It was not long after that that boss told her he was ready to deliver his load. He started to pump her harder and harder reaching around massaging and pulling on her nipples. My wife started to howling that is when I knew he blew his load in her ass. The boss said "yes howl you little bitch".

Rick fucked her cunt for a few more minutes then he too blew his load inside her making her howl in loader. Rick as he came said "there you go my little bitch in heat". Little did he know how true that statement was.

They rested for about an hour and the boss told my wife he needed to take a piss but did not want to walk to the bathroom it was too far away. He told her to get up on her knees he need a urnal to relieve himself in. My wife did a little protesting but got up on her knees. He stood above her mouth and piss began to come out the end of his cock.

He would stop every once in a while to let her swallow her mouth full. It took him a good 2 minutes to empty his bladder. Rick got up and did the same afterwards shaking his cock off on her tits and telling her to clean it off. This turned her on because she reached over and grabbed the bosses cock and asked him if he was ready for round 2 this time she wanted him to cum up her cunt.

She fucked them bother again until they fell to the bed totally spent after about an hour the boss told her he needed to take another piss and he emptied his bladder down my wifes thoat once again. Rick told her to get lay on her back he need to take a number 2.

My wife gasped as he laid her on her back and put his cock between her tits and started to tit fuck her. He squeezed her tits together and his cock hit her lips she moaned as his limp cock went in and out of her mouth. As he moved forward he farted and dumped a load on my wifes flat tummy. He then told her to spread it around her stomach and tit then go take a shower then come back to bed.

She did what she was told and returned to the bed where she they both fucked her a couple more times. After the last time the boss told her how nice of a piece of ass she was and that he would not mind having some private fuck sessions with her. She leaned over to him kissed him and told him she would fuck him anytime she loved his cock.

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3 years ago
not into watersports and scat myself, but still looking forward to the next one.
3 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
Thats a good bitch, wish I could have a few rounds with her