Biker Bitch 5

We met Rick several times between September and November. We got a phone call on Christmas day and he told her he wanted to for us for a Christmas Fuck session. He was craving my wifes pussy and he wanted to bury his meat in her wet cunt.I got off the phone she was right behind me and said that was Rick was'nt it. I said yes he wants to meet with you for a Christmas fuck session. 

She turned around and was heading for the door in a flash lets get going we don't want to keep him waiting. You know how rough he gets with me when we are not on time. My ass is still hurting from the last time when we were late.

We arrived at the motel e were both surprised not to see Rick naked on the bed. When we came into the room 3 guys got up off the couch and moved toward us. Rick introduced him as his boss and his Nephew. The boss said to Rick that she was move beautiful than he described and kissed the back of hand. My wife blushed and giggled a bit like a little k**.

After few minutes of chit chat Rick took my wife by the hand and led her into the bathroom. Ten minutes later my wife came out in Christmas red Bra and panties. I asked Rick if the two young guys should leave. Rick turned to me and said that my wife was there Christmas present from there Uncle.

The boss turned around and said that his Nephews never touch a woman or seen a woman naked except in magazines. It was going to be his Christmas present to see them get laid. Rick told me how good a fuck your wife was so I got him to set things up today. The boys were 17 and 18.

My wife came across the room and went up to the 2 younger guys and kissed each of them gently on the cheek. Both turned beet red and started to turn away. My wife just kept moving around them rubbing her tits on there shoulders and giving them kisses on the cheeks and mouth.
This went on for a few moments and I could tell they were getting worked up.

My wife finally stopped at the taller of the two and stated to give him deep kisses. From where I was I could see her tongue going in and out of the k**s mouth. My wife started dancing with him and he put his arms around my wifes waist. After a few minutes his hands went to her ass and he started to rub her ass.

The other guy just stood there like he was in a trance or something. My wife reached over and pulled him toward her and his b*****r. He went behind her and the three of them swayed to back and forth. She turned around and started to kiss the younger boys like she did the older one. He received my wifes tongue much more easily and earerly then his bother.

The Uncle told the older boy to it was time to unwrap there Christmas present. He undid my wives bra and took her panties down. He started to feel her bare ass and moan as they swayed back and forth. My wife stopped kissing and led them to the bed and sat down on the edge.

She undid there pants and were not wearing any underwear their pants just fell to the floor around their ankles. As their cock were sprang out my wife exclaimed "Oh my god what nice cocks you have I cant wait to fuck you". The Uncle spoke up and said that he wanted her to start by giving them both blow jobs.

My wife went about giving them the best blow jobs I have ever seen her give. Both boys exploded in mouth and she licked all the drips of cum off their cocks after Rick told her to make sure they were all cleaned up. She did as she was told and both of the cocks were cleaned to perfection.

The Uncle asked the boys how they liked their first blow jobs. Both of the boys were stuttering to get words out of their mouths. The older one said it was unbelievable and he was going to have to show his girl friend how to do this for him. The Uncle said to Rick "you can probably arrange for your wife to give her a lesson or two" Rick just nodded his head.

As the Uncle is saying this he is taking off his shirt and shoes then his pants. My wife turned to him and asked if she had to fuck him too. He said " I am not going to let them have all the fun". He dropped his pants and a big thick 12 inch piece of meat dropped between his legs. My wife just gasped moved over
and started to massage his cock and balls.

What an eager little beaver we have here, she just cant get enough cock. As My wife stroked his cock she said "there were not many cocks like his and Ricks around so she has to take advantage of the while she can". With that she took his head in her mouth and started to suck it, she then ran her tongue down the front down to his balls where she took each one in her mouth and hummed on them for about 30 seconds. He started to moan and his cock started to get harder in my wifes hand.

He reached over to the night stand and popped a couple of viagra. He ran his fingers through her hair and told her to prepare for a long fuck session. My wife took his cock out of her mouth and said " I want your cock in my pussy so bad". He said he would soon have it in that nice little cunt and her tight ass hole. My wife just moaned and continued to suck his cock to attention.

It took about 3 or 4 minutes to get his cock rock hard and to its longest. I would say that it was over 12 and as round as a coke can. My wife tried to deep throat him but could only get about 10 inches down. He told her she was a good cock sucker because no woman not even his wife was able to take him that deep.

He gently pulled her up onto the bed and laid her on her back and started to kiss her very gently and softly. He turned to the two boys and said this is how you make love to a woman. The spent about an hour making love to her before he finally came deep in her pussy. My wife so into the love making that she forgot to tell him not to cum inside her because it was her fertile period and she was not on the pill.

After he came inside her he told the boys it was there turn and each took there turn just like the uncle cumming in her pussy as they both came to mind blowing climaxes. Cum was dripping out of my wifes cunt onto the bed Rick told her to finger fuck herself and to stuff it back in. She laid there and fucked herself cumming several times arching her back pushing her tit in the air.

After the second climax the uncle told the two boys it was time for them to leave him and Rick want some alone time with this little cum tramp. So they went over to my wife and she gave them a good long kiss they felt her tits and ass then left the room. She said they would be good lovers and that she would fuck them again.

After they left the room the uncle told rick to go into the closet and get the gym bag out. He turned to my wife " This is when the real fucking begins" to be continued.

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wondering what's in the bag?!?!??!
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very sexy