Biker Bitch 4

We returned from Holidays and were just sitting around relaxing and the phone rang. It was one of Rick's friends he told me that Rick wanted to Fuck her again and he gave me the name of the hotel and room number. I called my wife and told her that was Rick and he wanted us to meet him so that he could fuck her. My wife got an excited look on her face and we headed for the hotel.
We found the room knocked on the door and were let in. There was Rick naked on the bed stoking his cock a look of excitement came across his face as we entered the room. He told my wife he could not wait he had to fuck her again she was such a nice piece of ass.
He told me to strip her and bring her to him so that he could fuck her. I looked at my wife and she had that excited look on her face and could not take her eyes off of Rick stroking his massive cock. I stripped her and took her over to the bed where Rick told her to crawl to me and beg him to fuck her because she was in heat.
I wife did as she was told and slowly made her way up to Rich kissing the inside of both legs. When she got to Rick's cock she was told to suck his balls as he stroked his meat. She did as she was told and started to kiss is sack containing his massive balls.
She took each one in her mouth and hummed on them this drove Rick's crazy. He told her to make her was to his ass so that he could get hard enough to fuck her. She went from his balls and slide her tongue into his ass Rick continued to stroke his cock make it become bigger and harder.
After about 5 minutes he told her he was ready to fuck his bitch in heat. My wife moved up the bed and mount his swollen cock I could not believe how easily he entered her cunt. Rick's eyes rolled back in his head as she impaled herself on his 12 inch rod. He gasped how wet her cunt was and that she must truly be in heat.
She fucked him for a while like that telling him how nice of a cock he had and how she missed it in her cuck. He was sucking on her nipples and using her ass as handles to raise and lower her onto his big fat cock. Each time he lowered her down taking his full cock into her she groaned not to stop.
He the told her to get up on her hands and knees he told her he was going to breed his little bitch from behind. He got up behind her and put him cock into her with a big grunt. "How is that my little bitch in heat" Rick yelled as he started to slam his cock into her cunt. My wife yelled out "Breed me Rick Breed me I am yours to Breed".
He had her in several other positions before he finally came in her cunt. When he did she howled like like a wolf out in the forest. Rick kept his cock in her for a few minutes reaching around and pulled on her erect nipples. When he did pull out a load of cum fell onto the bed she was told to clean up after herself so she went down and licked the cum up off the sheets.
He told her she could give his two friends head until he was ready to fuck her again. These two guys who had beed watching from the door moved over to the bed. She undid there pants and started to suck their cocks running here tongue up and down the shafts, licking their balls and jerking their cocks. This went on for a few minutes and each deposited a load down my wife's throat. Each guy exclaiming that was the best blow jobs they ever had.
By then Rick was ready to go at her again telling her to get over to him and suck cock. She crawled over and started to devour his cock I had never seen her act that was before. She was able to get Rick hard without tongue licking his ass. Rick said "You must be a good cock sucker because that has never happened before. My wife clearly out of breathe from sucking said "I here to please you".
He got her up on her hands and knees and told her that the afternoon would not be complete with a good ass fucking. My wife started to plead with him not to fuck her up the ass because he was to big. He just pushed her down and started to slide his cock up her ass. She started to scream and telling him to take it out it was hurting too much. The more she yelled the harder her fucked telling her now nice his cock felt rapped around his cock.
After about 5 minutes or so he ask my wife if he want him to cum up her nice little ass hole. She pleaded to him to cum and he pushed his full length making her howl and pant until he took it out. They fell together in each others arms and fell asl**p.
When they woke up Rick told her that he had to go so she needed to clean off his cock. She went down on him and cleaned his cock off clean. He told her she was the best piece of ass he has ever had and he wanted to see her again for another breeding session. My wife just moaned yes anytime I am looking forward to it.
We spent the rest of the day in the hotel room fucking I did her up the ass and she came so hard I blew my load right up her ass. I had never fucked her up the ass before she was so hot.
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