Biker Bitch 3

Rick then moved to the end of the bed and told her to crawl to him like a bitch in heat. My wife got up and moved to the the end of the bed Rick told her to show him that pussy in heat. She turned around bent over and spread her legs exposing her well fucked pussy.
Rick reached over and slapped her ass and said "I cant wait to sink my meat in that nice little honey hole" My wife said I cant wait either I want you to fuck me use me make me your bitch I am yours tonight. I could not believe the words that were coming out of her mouth. At first I got totally pissed and then I started to get so turned on my cock got rock hard and if I could have buried my cock in her right then I would have mounted her and fucked her like there were no tomorrow.
Rick was rubbing the front of his greasy blue jeans and had a look of lust in his eye that I have only seen in porn movies. He opened the front his pants and let his jeans fall to the floor exposing the biggest cock I have ever seen outside porn movies. My wife looked at his cock and exclaimed "oh my god you want to fuck me with that it will never fit". He lifted her head to him and kissed her deeply and told her he would make it fit.
Rick pushed my wife head down on his half swollen cock and she began to lick and suck his huge sack. She started to jerk the shaft of his cock as she enjoyed his balls humming on them. Rick leaned back and spread his legs so that she could get right under his sack. I could see her tongue at his taint (taint cock and it is not ass).
My wife worked on his cock for about ten minutes and then Rick stopped her and told her this was as hard as she was going to get him this way. You have to do a special little trick to get my cock hard enough for me to fuck that nice cunt of yours. He turned around and put his ass in her face and told her to stick her tongue up his ass reach around and massage his cock.
My wife did as she was told and from where I was sitting I could see his cock getting harder and longer the more she licked his ass. Rick kept telling her to keep going he could not wait to get his cock in her nice sweet young cunt.
After about 5 minutes of licking and jerking he told her he was ready to fuck her nice little cunt. He pushed her down on her back and started to kiss up the inside of each leg. He told my wife to finger bang herself and play with her clit she came once as her was doing this. She looked over at me with a hunger in her eyes.
Rick after a few minutes of teasing made it up to her pussy and pushed my wife's hand away. He was about to start to play with her and he stopped. This will not do I don't fuck hair cunt get me my shaving
kits and some water. My wife laid back while he shaved her pussy nice and bald she usually does not do this because she says it itches. She did not move as Rick shaved her cunt bald.
Rick then went about eating my wife out he was an expert cunt licker making her cum 3 or 4 times. She kept telling him he was so good to her pussy and that she did not want him to stop. He finally did stop and made his way up her body stopping at her belly button then her nice 34 size tits. There he sucked and licked her tits making her cum without touching her pussy. He nipples were so hard and stuck out farther than I have ever seen them. She just laid back and moaned all the while telling Rick how good he was to her body.
He then kissed up her neck to her mouth where there mouth met with hot lustful kisses. Rick reached down between his legs putting the head of his 12 inch cock in her pussy. My wife moaned to him "where is your rubber" he told her he did not fuck his bitches with rubbers. He entered her and started to push it in farther as he did my wife's moans turned to cries of telling him to fuck her harder. Breed your little bitch in heat I want it.
He fucked her on her back for about 10 minutes then told her to get up on her hand and knees and back into him. She did what she was told and he fucked her doggy style saying "you are a bitch in heat". He asked her what kind of a dog she was she said she was a nice white samoyed. Rick then said "start fucking like one and she started barking like a dog and making a****l sounds as Rick slammed his cock into her inviting cunt.
He then said he wanted to wash the wall with his bitch. So one of the guys got up and moved the table from the wall so that he had an open wall to pin her against. He picked her up off the bed still impaled on in big rod moved over to the wall and fucked her where she came so hard and loud I thought the whole motel was going to hear her.
One of the guys suggested that he wash the window with her too so Rick told him to open the curtains. Rick made his way over to the window with my wife hanging on and him sucking her tits. As they got closer to the window there were other bikers standing there watching. My wife started to panic and yelled at rick "I will fuck you guys but not all them". Rick did not say anything he just pressed her against the window and fucked her so hard I thought he was going to break it.
He stopped after a about 10 minutes and told them he wanted to finish her off in the window. They pushed the bed up against the window and he took her from behind. I could see cum dripping onto the bed from my wife's pussy as Rick fucked her and called her his little bitch in heat.
Rick was finally ready to cum after almost 1 hour of fucking her. He told her when she felt his cum shoot inside her she was to howl like a dog. He started to pump her hard and the guys in the window began to knock at the window and cheer. All of a sudden she arched her back started howling Rick grabbed her by her long blonde hair as he emptied his load inside her.
He told her after she cleaned his cock that we could go. We went back to our room and my wife and I had the most incredible sex we had ever had. I still remember her howling like his little bitch in heat.

Before we left Rick gave my wife a very sexy kiss and said he wanted to fuck her again and that he would be in touch.

Story of Biker Bitch will continue

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