Biker Bitch Part 2

I could tell that Rick wanted to Fuck her just by the look of pure lust in his eyes. He told her to get on her knees beside the bed and move the dam pillow. Tears started to roll down her cheeks as she looked at me and moved to the floor.
Rick then signalled to the three guys on the couch they got undressed and moved over in front of my wife. They had different size cocks 6, 8 and about 10 they were were very much rock hard and I could tell these guys really wanted to fuck my wife.
Meanwhile Rick went and got a video recorded from a bag in the corner. When he came back to the bed he told us that if we went to the cops this video would end up at work. We both have high profile jobs in our small town so we could not have this happen.
Rick told her to start sucking they were going to have a real good time. The largest guy got there first and he pushed his cock in my wifes face. My wife looked over at Rick and I and pleaded with him not to do this and to let us go. Rick just smiled and told her to start sucking.
She took the big cock that as shoved in her mouth and started to suck the head and lick up and down the shaft. he guy told her to lick his balls and jerk it hard. " After a few minutes Rick yelled at her she had 2 other cocks waiting for some attention. She stopped sucking this long cock and started to suck another. Rick told her that she had two hands and start to use the. There was my wife on the floor a cock in her mouth and one in each hand.
Rick asked her how she licked sucking those big pieces of meat. She tried to answer but cocks kept being shoved in here mouth. After about 10 minutes of suck and licking Rick said "It is time for payment guys". The guy with the big cock said I cant wait to get my cock in that little snatch.
Rick got up off his chair and moved over close to the bed only a few feet away from where my wife was suck these three cocks. He said asked my wife which one of these nice cocks does she want in her nice little cunt. She just ignored him or she did not hear and she kept on giving head to the three bikers.
After a few attempts to get her attention he reached over and slapped her on the back of the head.
He then yelled at her "Bitch are you paying attention to me" she stopped sucking and turned her attention to Rick. I want you to tell your husband which one of these guys you want in you cunt and why? My wife looked at me and her face got red she said this one and she grabbed the biggest one. Rick yelled at her "why whore"? She took the cock she was sucking out of her mouth and said "Because he the biggest" .
He then told the guy to get on the bed and get ready to fuck. The guy got on the bed and kept playing with his cock s my wife serviced his two buddies. Rick then said to my wife that it was time to mount up and get the party started. He told her to put condoms the guys because he did not want to have sloppy, sloppy seconds.
My wife put the rubbers on got on the bed and mounted the eager biker. They both started to moan as as his cock went into her already went pussy. He began to feel and suck her tits as she went up and down on his swollen cock. He kept telling her what a nice piece of ass she was and that his cock felt so good inside her snatch.
Rick then moved over to the bed and asked my wife which one she wanted up her tight little ass hole. When my wife heard that she started to plead with him not to make her do it we had tried anal and she did not like it at all. Rick said to her she had no choice and he slapped her on the ass and said pick one or I will.
My wife picked the smallest guy and he went in behind her and started to put his cock up her ass as she fucked the other guy. As he entered her she started to scream Rick told the third guy to get his cock in her mouth and shut the bitch up.
The guy wnd around to her head had one hand on his cock grabbed the back of my wife's head and buried his cock in my wife's mouth and down her throat. This made her stop screaming and all that I could hear is her muffled sounds of her sucking cock.
This went on for he better part of an hour every time they would would be close to coming they would stop and wait so that they could keep going. Finally the guy in her ass started to fuck her hard and yelled he was going to cum. I could see him push it in deep inside her and reach around to massage her tits. She was coming too and she kept telling him to fuck her harder. Pretty soon the other two guys did the same thing and she peeled off them totally spent.
Rick started clapping and said that she put on quite a little sex show your husband should be proud now is time to clean up. He told her that she had to clean the three cocks off and remove the rubbers. She did so and Rick told her empty the cum from the rubbers in her mouth.
He got the video camera really close and told her to smile for the camera he said just in case there was any doubt it was you doing all that fucking. I could see the look of embarassment off her face.
Rick then gave the video camera to one of the guys on the bed turned me and said "ITS MY TURN NOW"

Will continue in Biker Bitch 3

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loving it!