Biker Bitch (Part 1)

This all started a year after we were married. We went on vacation and stopped at a hotel where there seemed to be a large number of motor bikers throughout the parking lot. I went checked in as we had mad reservations months in advance.
We were meeting a friend for supper so we just dropped off our luggage and headed for the restaurant. After a great supper and visit with our friend we returned to our room ready to get some sl**p after a long day of traveling.
We were getting ready for bed and there was a knock at the door. I said to my wife "it must be shane I wonder what he wants, probably a ride". I opened up he door and there were 2 very large men in Biker leathers standing there. I asked them if I could help them they told us their boss wants to see them in his room right away. I said were we about to go to bed what is this about. All they said was you will find out when you get there he needs to see you right away. My wife came out of the bathroom and I told her that we had to go and see these guys boss in room 118.
The two men said just move he is waiting for you. So we went to the room and were let in by the two men. There were 4 men there one sitting on the bed the others sitting on the couch across from the bed. We were led in and told to sit in these to chairs beside the bed.
The one on the bed got up and moved to the end of the bed and started to talk to us. First things first
i want you both to take you to strip so that we can check to for wires. It seems that you are the only people that are not bikers in this whole motel. I was wondering why that can be and he moved toward us in a very menacing way. We both said that we had made reservation months ago. He said that was impossible because be had this whole motel booked for a year.
We argued with him for about 10 minutes and then he finally stood up and said "are you going to strip or am I going to have to get one of these men to ripe you clothes off for you. By this time my wife was crying uncontrollably I tried to calm her down she just kept asking him why he was dong this. The biker only said he was protecting himself.
The biker who we later found out was named Rick reached over and pushed me away and told of the guys sitting on the couch to come over and strip her. I said come on please give me a few minutes so they left the room and i finally calmed my wife down. We better do as he says there is no telling what these guys are going to do.
Rick and the 3 other came back into the room and he moved over to use and said well "are you going to strip or are you going to need assistance". My wife told him that we would do it on our one and she took all of her clothes off. She then ran over to the bed and grabbed a pillow to cover her body up.
The guys on the couch started whistling and cheering as she ran back to me.
Rick gave our clothes to this guys standing at the door and he ran this bar over it. He then said they were clean and threw the clothes back on the floor beside us. My wife went to get dressed and Rick said "Hold on babe there is the payment for staying in our motel". I said "what payment we paid at the front desk. Well they got there payment now we want ours don't we guys. They were all looking at my wife saying we sure fucking we deserve it don't we. My wife realized what they ment and gasped no please no.

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3 years ago
love where this is going
3 years ago
gang bang time
3 years ago
Has good potential for part two.