The Intern was sexy

English is not my native tongue, so please forgive the grammatical errors, as the story was originally written in Danish and then translated into English.

To have an intern can be a mixed experience. It is necessary in order to secure their qualifications, so they can learn the tricks of the trade, but on the other hand is it somewhat of a nuisance in the daily life, and hampers the productivity. Of course it also has it benefits in having a pair of fresh eyes looking at things, but that it could result in heavenly sex I had never imagined.
To be precise it wasn't me, which had the responsibility for this particular intern, who would become the center of my life for some months, but my colleague - and this, of course, made the relationship a bit easier to handle.

I met Linda for the first time, when she was on the mandatory tour around the laboratories, but at that time I only saw her as a pretty, young lady.
It was some months later, when she - as part of her internship - should work in the same lab as I, that I got to know her better. Very soon I corrected my first impression from "pretty" to "very pretty". Her face, the medium length dark hair, fine sense of humor and a fast, sharp brain - all this made an impression. And when I one afternoon saw her in silhouette against the bright daylight, the thin fabric of her dress revealed a stunning figure with long legs and full breasts that seemed completely unimpressed by gravity's pull.

That sight haunted me the coming days and weeks, and I started to stalk her very discretely, while naughty fantasies emerged from my subconscious. Dirty thoughts that made me turn on the charm and be a lot more helpful - it became important to be on her good side.
As the days went by we came a little closer, and the mutual confidentiality grew steadily, but the real breakthrough came at a departmental project day with the unavoidable evening party.

After being bored half to death by endless speeches and PowerPoint presentations, came at last the party. The mood of rose significantly as the food, wine and beer was downed, and the dancing began. I spent most of my time on the floor, preferably with Linda. Slowly but surely an air of intimacy began to grow between us, and the dances became more close. When a real quiet number was played, we ended in an embrace, with our bodies pressed firmly against each other.
I enjoyed the feel of her breasts against my chest, especially when her hips began to slowly rotate and hr underbelly caressed mine - with the obvious and inevitable result. Most of all I wanted to slam her onto the floor and fuck her senseless, but unfortunately the crowded dance floor prevented, so instead I politely asked, if a little fresh air would be a good idea.
To my immense pleasure she said yes with a big smile and without being noticed we slipped out on the open porch. The evening was cool, but we hardly noticed as we slid into an embrace. In the protective darkness our lips met in a passionate kiss and our hands began to wander, searching and caressing.

When we finally came up for air, we were both short of breath. I stood with her in my arms and wondered if I was proceeding too fast, when she whispered that she was a little cold and would I be so kind as to e****t her to her room for a night cap.

I was more than happy to oblige, but in order to be as discrete as possible ( the company didn't approve of intimate relations between its employees), she left first and I followed a couple of minutes later.
The door to her room was ajar, so I slipped in and closed and locked the door after me. She was ready with another embrace and kiss, even hotter than the one on the porch. Slowly I slipped my hands down her back and gingerly grabbed her buttocks. Only the thin fabric was between my hands and her skin, and I could feel that she wore G-string panties. Without haste I massaged the firm cheeks, while I pressed her against the hard swell in my trousers, so she could feel how aroused she had made me.
She gave a sweet moan, and her hands began to undo the buttons in my shirt, pulling it from my pants as she went. It took only a moment, then it was loose, and she tore it off me and dropped it on the floor, as her warm hands busied themselves on my exposed skin.

I also had a longing for some real skin-to-skin contact, so I helped Linda slip out of the sleeveless little thing she was wearing. Her breasts stood proud when she lifted her arms and moved only slightly, when she lowered them again. They were perfectly shaped with creamy skin and darker, slightly puffed nipples crowned them. It was so exquisite a sight, that I just had to touch them, and so I did. Gently I caressed them, let the thumbs pass over the nipples and felt and saw them swell and get larger and firmer. Linda closed her eyes and gave a small cooing sound, when I bent my head and let lips and tongue play over the swollen, sensitive skin.
Shortly after it was my turn to sigh, as her fingers undid my trouser buttons and fly, then sliding a warm hand inside my panties that came in close contact with my hard cock. The other hand pulled the trousers down and I stepped out of them and kicked them into a corner. With that done she concentrated on my underwear and soon I was completely naked.
She used my exposed condition to close on hand firmly on the pulsating rod, while the other carefully caressed my balls. It was heaven, especially when her hand slowly began to move up and down, sending bolts of pleasure surging through my body. My legs began to shiver, and I found it suddenly hard to breathe.
All by themselves my hands descended on her skirt and within ten seconds it fell to the floor, revealing the tiny G-strings. I hadn't time to pull them down, my hand slid in behind them and was met by soft pubic hairs. I caressed the mons veneris a bit, before I went further down, in between her thighs where moisture and warmth greeted me welcome. With two fingertips I followed the labia, even the light touch made her sigh deeply and her hips descended on my searching finger, causing one fingertip to slip in between the silky lips. Linda moaned with pleasure, and my heart almost stopped, when I felt how hot, wet, and smooth she was .
Her juices lubricated my fingers, so they easily could slide along the inside of her lips, probing the firmness and sensitivity and arousing both her and myself in the process. When I was about to reach the seat of her clitoris, I reverted the direction and slid back, I didn't want to be hasty, no... I wanted this to last forever. This had the added benefit that I soon felt the narrow entrance to her vagina and let one finger spin around it a little before I flexed the finger, so the first joint slipped inside her. Linda's whole body shook, when she felt the intrusion and she groaned so loud, that I was afraid that somebody might hear it and I silenced her with a deep kiss. She shivered as my fingers continued to search, explore and caress her pussy, so I had to steady her a bit and came to think that the bed might be a better place to continue our téte-a-téte.
Linda found it a splendid idea and soon shoes and socks were lying on the floor amidst the other clothing, while we enjoyed the horizontal position and resumed the caresses.
Her skin was wonderfully smooth, it was an intense pleasure just to let the palm of my hand slide over it; especially her belly was warm and wonderful to touch. She enjoyed it too, so she let me indulge myself, while she played leisurely with my cock and balls.
However, the expectation was building up rapidly and without words we realized that the ultimate union had to happen now.
Linda lay back on the sheets and I found my position between her thighs. With a hand she guided me, and with a shiver I felt her pussy lips part as the head slid in and continued through the narrow opening into her tight, hot, grasping vagina. It took two or three gentle thrusts, until I was fully inside and our pubic bones met. Linda whimpered, one of the most erotic sounds I have ever heard, when she felt my cock deep inside her. Then her sounds changed to "Oooohh" and Aaahhhh", as I started the rhythmic in and out. I did my best to keep the thrusts slow and deep in order to prolong the intense pleasure, we both felt, but the excitement of finally making love to Linda was too much and made endurance an impossibility.
All too soon I could feel the tension and pressure rise irresistibly deep in my abdomen, the unmistakable indicator of an impending orgasm. Luckily the volume of Linda's groans and her increasing quivers told me that she probably was just as far gone as I was.
Anyway there was nothing I could do. All too quickly the pressure rose to a level, where I no longer could contain it, I thrust the cock deep into Linda's tight cunt, and with a stifled cry I let the first jet of sperm go. When she felt the hot liquid spurt into her womb, she cried out and pressed her underbelly hard against mine, and within seconds she began to shiver violently as she also reached her climax and the orgiastic cramps took hold of her body. My thrusts were wild and hard, in squirt after squirt I emptied myself in Linda, while she met me with counter-thrusts that were just as untamed as mine.
It seemed to last forever, but finally the seizures abated and we fell back on the bed, sweating and still shivering in the aftermath. I had just had one of the best orgasms of my life, and I hoped Linda had it likewise; at least she had enjoyed our tryst, of this I had no doubt - and we came together the very first time we made love, amazing!
She hugged me fiercely and lay in my arm, as we talked. My dreams were fulfilled, when she whispered in my ear, that she had enjoyed it immensely. We kissed and caressed gently, until she had to go to the bathroom in order to avoid the wet spot of my semen oozing from her pussy getting too large.
Afterwards we took the duvet from the floor and lay tight, until Linda fell asl**p. It took me a little while longer the head were filled with happy thoughts about what had just happened, but eventually I dozed off.
At 5 am I awoke. It was light outside and the blackbirds were singing their morning tune. When I carefully turned to look after Linda I saw her lying on her stomach mostly outside the duvet. The wondrous sight of her tanned body with the white stripes after an obviously very skimpy bikini instantly cured the light drowsiness. Her buttocks looked very inviting, as she lay with one leg bent to the side, and I felt life returning to my crotch.
Very gently and carefully I began to caress the firm cheeks with small detours to her lower back. I felt that she was coming around but she kept quiet, enjoying my caresses, only the intermittent sigh revealed that she was awake. I continued with the sensual massage, down her thighs and calves, up again where the ass got a good rubbing. Her sounds changes from sighs to pleasurable moans when I let one hand slide in between the thighs and touch her pussy lips, and her legs slid a little apart to give me more room.
I was fully aroused by now, my cock stood hard, and the feel of the already moist pussy was almost too much, but I was determined that this time things should last longer. So I reluctantly withdrew my hand, and asked her to turn around, so her foreside could get some attention too.
Willingly she turned, while I sat up to get a better position, her eyes sparkling with joy and lust as they met mine, but she lay still on her back and let me have my way with her - good girl!
Actually this was the first time I saw her naked in full light, and what a sight. The lovely breasts stood firmly upwards in mock defiance of Gravity, crowned with darker, slightly swollen, nipples and below the flat belly the dark triangle of soft hair, that showed the way to her pussy. I relished in the sight for several seconds, drank in this vision of perfection, before I overcame myself and started a soft, sensual massage of her shoulders and upper body. I was careful not to touch the breasts at first, but eventually it was their turn to get my (full!) attention.
I put a hand on each, felt their firmness and elasticity, let the thumb pass over the nipples, that reacted instantly by swelling into their fully aroused state, forming a little mound on top of each breast. Gently I let the palm of my hands slide around the breasts, enjoying the touch of every single square centimeter of warm, soft flesh. Linda was enjoying it just as much, I guessed. Her eyes had closed and her mouth had opened a little, allowing small kitten-like purrs to escape. She also moved for the first time, since she had turned; one of her hands found my hard cock and began to play with it, very soft and quiet, but it was enough to make me shiver with delight.
The massage had to continue, though, so reluctantly I left her lovely breasts, and continued down over her stomach, where I felt the muscles tighten and relax in small spasms, as my hands caressed them.
When I reached her underbelly, I let the fingers run through the dark curls, before I continued on to her long legs. First when they had had their fair share, I rewarded myself with a revisit to her crotch. Very carefully I caressed the upper thighs, and Linda got the message immediately and put her legs a little more apart, so I got unhindered access to the treasures, she hid down there. She was now quite wet, because the tip of my fingers almost at once got some of her juices on them, and the oily texture of the liquid allowed them to glide around smoothly.
Very carefully I parted the outer labia and let the moist fingers probe deeper. Once again I marveled at the incredible silky softness of the female inner labia, smoother and softer than any manmade object, and Linda's soft moans told me that they were also very sensitive. While exploring I kept a safe distance to her most sensitive point, the clitoris, it wasn't time yet - but it was time for something else.
I was determined to give her the best possible treatment, so I started kissing her shoulders, revisiting the places with my lips where my hands had already been. Linda acknowledged this with an anticipatory moan, I think she already had guessed where it would lead. So while my fingers slithered around in her pussy, my mouth went on a journey that took it down over her body, with special attention to her firm breasts, of course. She shuttered when I kissed her navel, and then - finally I reached the destination for this little journey, her crotch.
At this time my back was in an awkward position, so I moved down between her thighs and all of a sudden her pussy was there right before my eyes. And what a sweet surprise it was! I found that the hairs on the labia had been meticulously been removed, a thing I hadn't noticed in the heat of the action last night. It looked deliciously naughty and was not quite in line with what I had expected from Linda. She must have sensed my surprise, because she smiled and said:
"You don't like hair in your food, do you?"
I had to agree on that one, must I was past the surprise now and couldn't wait to taste Linda's juices.
With great care I let the tongue slide up one side and down the other, while Linda shivered and moaned with delight; her hand came down and held my head, as I she would prevent me from moving away, but I had no such thoughts, I was determined to do exactly what I was doing, at least until she had had an orgasm.
I did my best to go easy, let the tongue play with the silky folds of her pussy without getting too close to her clitoris, even though she tried to get me to do just that by moving her hips, but I managed to evade. Instead I relished in the sweet, slightly salty taste of her juices, as I licked and nibbled her labia and let the tip of the tongue press against the entrance to her inner vault. After some time with this, and with Linda now moving her lower body around, her moans slowly becoming more intense, I let my tongue touch the fold just next to the clitoris. Linda's body made a jolt, and she let her breath out in an explosive sigh.
Gradually I gave the clit more and more attention, and Linda's response was most gratifying. Her moans grew in volume and her body started shivering with shorter and shorter intervals, and it didn't take long before I could sense her approaching orgasm. At that point I started to caress her clit and its surroundings with the width of the tongue, while I let first one then two fingers slip in and out of the narrow vagina opening.
It was like spurring a horse, she shivered violently and she let out a scream; within thirty seconds the shivering stopped for a moment and then her whole body contorted as she climaxed and an intense orgasm shook her. Her hand pulled my hair painfully, but I hardly noticed, I hang on and tried to prolong her pleasure as long as possible.
When she fell back on the bed, I shifted to a slow caress, while she recovered her wits.
With a gentle pull in my hair Linda asked me to stop and come up to her. I was met with shiny eyes and a sweet, lingering kiss, which more than words told me, that she had enjoyed it.
We lay on the bed close together, enjoying the moment and the closeness, both knowing that there soon was more to come, something Linda made apparent by stretching her hand down, so she could caress my, by now, only half-erected cock. It reacted with élan to her touch, and within seconds was ready for some action. I probed her pussy with a couple of fingers and she was still quite wet. A light shiver ran through her and she turned her head and kissed me violently, before she withdrew an inch, looked me in the eye with a naughty smile and said: "My turn"!
Not wasting any time she straddled me, put a hand down to guide me in, and impaled herself on my cock, that was as big as it had ever been and hard as iron. She stopped when our pubic hair met and sat there for a short while, slowly moving her hips back and forth, giving my cock an intense massage in her hot grasping pussy. It was heaven on Earth and it got even better when she leaned forward and kissed me, as her hips began to move up and down agonizingly slow in the start, taking her time to enjoy and raising the pace one single notch at a time.
It was intense, it was a feeling that words cannot describe, this sensation of my cock getting a steady massage in Linda's tight, slippery pussy - it was unearthly, and I came to realize that my feelings for this lovely intern had moved beyond mere carnal lust to a full-blown infatuation. It appeared in my mind with such stunning clarity, that I almost blew my load right there on the spot, and it was only with the utmost self-control, that I prevented it from happening.
Linda misunderstood the sudden stiffening of my body and the guttural sound I made as I struggled to hold back. She intensified her ride and said in a hoarse whisper, that I shouldn't hold back, but just let it come, 'cause she was about to come, too.
As in a fever I began to thrust upwards meeting her hips as they came down, burying the cock as deep in her as it could possible come. It took twenty to thirty suck wild thrusts, then Linda began to shiver uncontrollably, she gave a low, hoarse cry and her pussy contracted violently around my shaft, as she fell over the edge and a new orgasm took hold of her. It was shorter than the previous, but just as intense and left her limp on my chest, gasping for air. I hadn't come yet, but stopped my thrusts, when Linda asked, she had to get her breath. So I stopped with the cock buried in her quivering vagina.
I was a bit disappointed when she climbed off me and lay by my side, but she looked so lovely with her rosy cheeks and happy, shiny eyes that I couldn't help but reach and caress her cheek and then kiss her.
When we parted she looked me in the eyes and smiled. "Don't worry, I won't cheat you. I'm just feeling exhausted right now, but you have been so good to me that I can't get it over my heart to cheat you."
She reached down and took my cock in her hand.
"Just say when you are about to come, okay? Promise?"
I nodded and she began to stroke the cock while she kissed me with all her warmth and passion. It felt really good, her grip was firm but not hard and the speed was just as it should be, but I couldn't help but feel a sting of disappointment, I had so hoped to come inside her wonderfully tight, little pussy.
But her handjob was done so expertly, that it didn't take long, before I had to tell her that the "point of no return" was approaching fast. Immediately she let go of the cock, turned her back to me and thrust her buttocks into my crotch.
She lifted the upper leg and said. "Come quick, take me. I want you inside me when you come."
Filled with gratitude I placed the head at her opening and then pushed it inside the warm welcoming pussy, that immediately closed around the intruder. Once again I was in Heaven, as I began a series of thrusts in and out of this wonderful young girl who had guessed my longings. I was filled with love and joy as I lay there with one hand on her hip and the other holding and caressing a warm firm breast and its hard, swollen nipple.
She was really tight in this position, but when she lowered her leg, tightness became an incredible squeeze and that vice very quickly became too much for me. A last handful of wild thrusts, and I surrendered with a roar that I silenced against her back, while my body went rigid and the sperm erupted in a fountain deep inside my Linda. I moaned, sighed and gave hoarse cries, as I emptied myself in squirt after squirt, each more incredibly joyful than the other.
As the spasms subsided and Linda's pussy milked the last drops of semen from me, I was eternally grateful that she had let me use her for my own pleasure, it had been one of the best orgasms I had ever experienced.
This I told her when we held each other tight in the afterglow of a wonderful mornings togetherness. Her answer was that I had made her feel so wonderful that it was only fair for her to return the favor.
After a quick shower we dosed off, until it was time to join the others in the dining room for breakfast, another day's seminar awaited. We had to be very discrete, so I went to my room and made the bed and bathroom look like it had been used.
We succeeded in fooling the others, but we managed to get a quick hug and a kiss a promise, that she would come to my place the same evening.

Since then we spent almost every night and weekend together, and the sex just kept getting better. None of us are shy, so we made love wherever and whenever lust overcame us.
Right now she is abroad to finish her study, but in a few months she will be coming home for her final exam, and then we will make it official. I can't wait!
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