Kirk & Erin


I want to give out a little information before I write this story! My name is Kirk Parmer and I moved to Texas 6 years ago in April and I came from Alaska. I was born and raised in Alaska for 15 years and that is why I have the username Alaska. The xxx is because I like porn! Now this story is titled Kirk & Erin because this is like a parody of the biblical story of Adam & Eve. This story is going to be better though because its going to have sex in it! I hope you will enjoy this and please comment!

Erin and I have never meet before until we came to a tree with a forbidden fruit. When we first laid eyes on each other I thought that she was the most gorgeous women I have ever laid eyes on and she thought that I was the most handsome man she has ever seen.

So we took this forbidden fruit and we ate it so that we could be together but we also learned that we couldn't be up in the heavens. So we went to a place called Earth and we created a house together and called it home. This is our story of how we get along with each other after coming to Earth.

"Oh baby your dick feels so good in my pussy. Give it to me hard." When Erin said those words it drove me fucking crazy so while Erin was on top of me I pulled my cock out of her pussy then I drove it back in. She went "Oh that feels so good now pound it in me faster" So then when I did it one more time and I kept on pounding it in her with my legs going up and down.

"you love this pounding your getting don't you Erin?" She didn't say anything because after a few seconds she goes "Oh My God IIIIIII'MMMMMM CCCUUUMMMIIINNNGGG! Her orgasm and her screaming was so intense that she didn't hear me saying I'm cumming and I cummed like buckets worth of cum right into her orgasming pussy! When we started it was still daylight outside but not it was dark outside.

When my dick was limp I pulled it out of her and I gave her a few passionate kisses and then I stepped outside for some thinking. Erin knows me so well that I give her long passionate kisses after we have sex that she came outside and asked me

"What is wrong my love?" I asked her "Do you ever miss being up in the heavens?" She says "I do sometimes but I'm a horny women and she loves having my dick inside of her" "Also if you go out tomorrow and get us some food and possibly a pet I'll let you have my ass cherry tomorrow. That got me excited and I then kissed her longer and more passionately then I did before after hearing those words.

After she told me that we went back into the house and took a shower and we went to bed all wet because I love how she looks while she is dripping with water from head to toe. We snuggled and then we fell asl**p but now its morning and I got up before Erin did and I had some morning wood. I went outside to go take a piss and do my morning chores.

I started the day by filling up our reinf***ed leafwater container with some hot and cold water since you can divide them. I know how Erin loves to be all fresh in the morning for me and I know how she loves it when I'm all hot and sweaty after a days work. I went out in the forest for some meat and some fruit and that is when I heard a strange noise.

The sound sounded like it was clawing so I grabbed my spear because if it was a bear I would have to defend myself. When I came around the corner I saw it was a tiger. It was a orange and white tiger.

It saw me so I was waiting to see if it would charge and then I remember what Erin said. So I grabbed some Tuna from the bag I have with me and I placed it down in front of me and stepped back a little bit. It smelled the tuna then saw it and it went to eat it and it did. After it was done eating the tuna it came towards me and it rubbed his leg against me to show his affection for me.

So during the rest of my time finding fruit and me it helped me catch some meat and I grabbed the fruit. We were on our way back and when we got to the house Erin saw me and then she saw tiger and she yelled TIGER! The tiger started running on jumped on her and started licking her face. I said "What the hell Erin? You know this tiger?"

Erin finally got up and said "I know this tiger I saw him and gave him some tuna the first time we meet and then I kept on feeding him. I went on another day and found out he wasn't there so I thought he ran off. I would've told you but I didn't know if he would come back or else I would've brought him home." So then we brought him into our house and he settled in fine. Erin also said that she'll give me her ass tonight.

Thru the rest of the day Erin has been teasing me by swaying her ass back and forth while walking around. She has also been bending down showing me her pussy. During the day I got a net and caught some more Tuna for Tiger then after that me and Erin had our dinner. With our dinner we had the meat that Tiger helped catch and we had banana's.

Erin grabs one and she starts teasing me with the banana. She starts to lick it like she does with my dick and then after a while she started to deep throat it. She starts to make some gagging noises and that just breaks me to the limit. I get up and tell her "that's it" and I grab that banana and replace it with my dick. I start to pump it in and out of her mouth at a furious pace.

I then take the banana that I took out of her mouth and put it in her pussy with the peel still on. She can't say anything with my dick in her mouth but she is in the moment. I ram that banana at the same time as I'm fucking Erin with my mouth. I asked her "You love this you little cock tease?" "I love it some much of how your dick acts but I want to be in a 69 and I also want you to put pieces of the banana in my pussy while you suck my clit!"

So we got into a 69 and she starts to suck on my cock while I peel the banana so I can stick it into her pussy. I get the peel off and I break a quarter of it off and I stick it into her pussy and Erin says "Oh My God that feels so good! Suck on my clit Kirk I need you to!" I stick out my tongue but I touch the tip on her clit then I back off and do it again. Its making me happy that shes in agony and that I'm teasing her like she did with her ass.

After a while she screams "you bastard stop teasing me and give it to me hard!" Before I did go hard on her clit I stuck another quarter of the banana in her pussy and she screamed "Oh My God" and now there is half of it left. I start to suck on her clit, pull on her clit, and flick it with my tongue and I'm repeating it. While I'm doing this I'm bouncing my legs up and down so that she is gagging on my dick.

After that she asked that I take the rest of the banana and stick it in her pussy then pound it in her. I'm happy to oblige since shes the only women on this earth for me so I grab that last bit and stick it in and pound it in her. She starts to say "Kirk your driving me crazy. Pound me hard and make me squirt my cum juice out for you." I then get beneath her and her head is right by mine so I'm able to pound her cowgirl style.

It only took her a few minutes and she starts to say "IIIIII'MMMMMM CCCUUUMMMIIINNNGGG" She squirts some of the banana out and she is squirting far. Now tiger was right beside the front of the bed and he was in the line of fire so he got hit with her cum. After she calmed down from her intense orgasm I ask her "Are you ready to take it in your ass?"

She went "Yes baby I want you in my ass so bad!" I flip her over and take some of her pussy juice on my dick and I rub it on her ass hole. I then lick her ass hole for a while then stick two fingers in! While I was sticking two fingers in her I was rubbing her clit with my other hand to calm her down with two fingers up her ass also so that she can orgasm again.

In a while she screamed and I told her to lower her ass hole onto my dick. She lost balance and she screamed Oh My God because it penetrated her fast and hard. It also hurt my balls a little bit when she did that but then I started moving her hips up and down a little bit so that she can get used to it. She then started to moan so that gave me the clue to start to pound her hard.

After a while she asked me to pound her like a tiger and I did then when Tiger heard his name he started to come up on the bed and he saw liquid on Erins pussy and he started to lick it which was by her clit. She started to scream because the feel of her ass being fucked and her clit being licked it was so intense for her that she had an orgasm immediately. I told her I was close to cumming and I asked her "Where do you want me to cum?" She told me to pound her mouth and cum in there.

She gagged a lot and there was saliva coming out of her mouth and then after a minute I started to cum. She gulped it all down her throat without a drip coming out of her mouth. We just layed down on the bed for a while and I kissed her on her sexual lips that I still tasted a little bit of cum on her tongue.

We went outside and Tiger followed us and when he got outside he started to chase fireflies. Erin was stroking my dick while we were heading out there and when we got there she inserted it into her pussy while sitting down on my lap. For some reason she started to lean forward while holding her chest. I started to ask "What's wrong Erin?" "I think I'm pregnant!"

To Be Continue? Maybe!
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3 years ago
lol man i love this story is hot , funny and creative... and erin is in it, xhamster loves her i see haha great story man
3 years ago
I think they deleted parts of my story! I thought it would be much longer! I'm going to have to check with my original which I put on paper before I typed it all down! Also 2nd story would possibly be more hotter and interesting! Also there might be a third! We'll see soon!
3 years ago
Oh, oh. I've been knocked up on xhamster. There is nothing to do now except to go forth and multiply. That's really dirty about Tiger licking my pussy lips. I'm surprised that xhamster didn't delete that part.
3 years ago
Tame Tiger in Paradise where Erin bears fruit.
Take her out to the Garden of Erin for more hot
love and laps of Tiger´s tongue! - Peter Pan