My First Fantasy- Help!!!

Hi guys I just wanted to get help from the members of xHamster by asking you guys some help with the story of my fanatsy. I have a friend on Facebook who I'll call Mary. She is Latino and I know developed a crush for her. I've known her since I moved here from Juneau, Alaska to Gainesville, Texas. I've came near the end of the year of 8th grade and I've known her since the end of High School and were still good friends. Right now she is going to turn 20 in November and she plan's to go to a Usher concert in Dallas, Texas at the American Airlines Center. She is planning to take her s****r to that concert since she likes Usher but she is still in High School and a Senior this year. I'm needing help by convincing her s****r to go to school and not the concert. I plan on taking the money that I've earned at a job I recently did to get a hotel with one king bed and hopefully make my move then. I told Mary today that I have a crush on her in her language spanish and she speaks english a lot better than spanish and I speak no spanish but I found a website that has a translator. I message to her in spanish that I have a crush on her. She hasn't replied back yet but I'm hoping that she also like's me because of the way she sent me a comment on Facebook. So hopefully she will let me date her and be able to go to the Usher concert and I also like Usher and the concert that she is going to go see is the O.M.G. concert which is the Raymond v. Raymond album. I have it and would like to get it signed by him. This concert is going on November 24th, 2010.So please help me. Currently I'm a virgin and plan on losing my virginity to my friend so that I know whom I'm losing it to and his is also my first story on here so if I make some mistakes I'm sorry and that when you guys want to help me let me know via message on here. Thanks!

Today is November 24th and I'm going with my friend name Mary and she is beautiful in my eye. She is like me kinda a little plum i guess but that doesn't bother me and she is athletic she love's to play soccer. She was on the Varsity Soccer team in 2009 and she still works out. She currently resides in the town I live in and we are going to a concert in Dallas, Texas to go see Usher and Trey Songz. I have booked a hotel room before today so that we can go to a room and sl**p so that we don't have to drive 1 hour and 30 minutes back to where we live. When we go to the hotel room since it's November I plan on seeing if it's going to be warm enough so that we can go to the hot tub and I could see her in her swim suit.

If they are open of course. If the hot tub is open I start getting close and I start kissing her on the cheek, the ear lobe and then the neck to get her really excited. Then after we had some time in the Hot tub we go back into our room and she goes change and I wait for her because I don't want to offend her of what I have planned for tonight. When she get's out she is wearing a small shirt and some short shorts and I go in and I come out with just some boxer briefs on. I ask her if she doesn't mind of me wearing this to bed and she said I don't mind. We have a DVD player in the room and a iPod dock. I grab my iPod and put it on the dock and choose some slow music and some different songs to wear we could do dance widly like at a club. The last song that is on my list is a slow song and I dance close to her and I ask her if we could have a little bit of fun. She ask's what do you mean and I explain that I never seen a girl naked and I've wanted to have sex with a person I know and since we've dated a while that I wanted to do it with you. She say's I don't mind and asks if I have a condom for safety and I say I didn't bring any because I didn't know if you would want to. She doesn't mind and it's cool if we go skin to skind just as long as I pull out before I cum. I said I will since I don't know how are parent's will react if I got you pregnant.

I start going slowly since it's my first time having sex and since it's my first time I start kissing her so that I make her feel more comfortable and then I slowly remove her top. I see that she has a bra on which is fine with me and I start kissing her again going down slowly to her tit's to make her really excited and then slowly I remove the bra from her and I see her nipples are hard. I go around on her tit to make her excited for me to suck on her nipple and play with it. I go around for a little while and then I go in sucking on her nipple and then I go onto the other one and I feel that my dick is hard and that she is not touching it and playing with it while the Boxer Briefs are still on and then she takes her hands and slips them off in one motion. Then she get's down on her knees and start's licking it slowly to tease me since I teased her with her nipples.

Then she takes it into her mouth and Oh man it feels so good since I never had it done before. I take her head and move it a little bit so that it goes deeper and deeper into her. Then I move her head all the way onto my dick to have her smell my manly scent and to also deep throat it. It feels so good and I let go of my hand and she takes her head off of my dick and she says that she want's her pussy sucked on and played with. How can I not object I already gone into it this far I can't back down now.

I know what I'm suppose to do since I've seen porn videos before and I start kissing her outside lips and play with her for a while. Then I start biting gently on her pussy lips and pulling on them to make her excited. Then I stop for a while and play with her clit while I lick it and pull on it gently. Then after a while I'm ready to do the deed. I get ready to insert my dick and I don't know if she is a virgin so I ask if she isn't then I just put it on and if she is then I get close to her and then go in slowly. We are going on for a while while we are talking dirty also we are kissing and it feels so good to be doing this and her pussy is so damn tight it just feels so damn good. We switch positions since doing one position is boring after a while so we go doggy style and she goes on top. (I don't know any other position's that would make my sex with my friend more exciting so if you guys would be able to help I will look up the positions and think about trying them I also know 69 position)

She is riding me for a while and she has already cummed a lot of times during us having sex and they are intense orgasms. When we do one more position she can tell that I'm getting close to cumming and she get's off and sucks me off again and I just enjoy it way too much since it's my first time. (If she is on the birth control pill should I cum in her if she will let me or should I still pull out and cum on her and her mouth you ladies can answer this since I don't know a lot about woman and how they like it) I start getting really close now and I just pull my dick out of her and stroking my dick then I go Oh! Oh! Shit here it come's Mary uhh shit!

It go's on her face, her tit's and she get's some in her mouth and then she take's my dick into her mouth to wipe the rest of my cum off of my dick and she swallow's my cum. I then ask her if she want's to take a shower now and she say's sure. We go into the bathroom and we turn on the shower and get in. This might be a big or small shower but I'm still taking a shower with her. I'm washing her back for her and I go down on it to make sure it's clean. I get onto her ass next and then I get really close to her pussy and start washing it.

I start getting a major hard on again and I just can't help myself with a clean pussy like her's I just start playing with it and I get down on my knees and lick it. She just say's that feels so good and I get back on my legs and since my dick is hard again I just had to put it back in her pussy without her expecting it. She just groans and it just is feeling so good and she is cumming again then since we have the hot water on us it just is making me cum faster. I pull out and I cum on her ass and then I wash it off with the wash cloth.

We get done with the shower and we dry off and after we dry off we are still naked and stay like that. We watch a movie for a while and then we get really tired. Then after were tired we go to bed very close to each other and I kiss her goodnight. Then after were waking up we get dressed and go have breakfast at the hotel together. After were done eating breakfast we go back to our room and we take another shower to be nice and clean for the trip back home.

When we get back home we go to her parent's house and we talk with her parent's about how the concert went. If her s****r isn't home we wait till she get's back and we talk to her about the concert and not what happened after the concert. She is excited that we took pictures for her and that we had a good time just me and her.

We go on with our day and I go home and we talk on the phone about meeting up again for another date. We plan on going to some place that is private so that we can have sex again. We plan for another later date and since Christmas break is coming and college for us is over we are spending a lot of time with each other. When Christmas comes around since I feel like we know each other pretty well and I get something for Mary.

I get her an engagement ring and on the little note I say Mary weve been dating for about 3 months but I feel like weve known each other for a long time and I want to say will you marry me? Then she opens up the present and see's a stunning diamond engagement ring and she says yes! Then from then on we are planning to find an appartment and move in with each other. Then we will get married.

I just put that last part in there for a maybe idea thing if it's a rush of saying will you marry me then I will not do it. Anyway I just wanted your help to see what I should say to her s****r who I know kinda well to let her go to High School and then at the hotel to make my move without freaking her out. That's why I need your help since I never had sex before and I'm inexperienced. So if you guys could help me and leave me a message on here. Thanks for our help. I will post some pics that I can get so that you can see what she looks like. I hope you guys help me I'm just so confused of what to say. Thanks!

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3 years ago
simpel how much moeny u got to get her out the way like send HER AND HER FRIENDS to the movies and make it so u and girl u whant arive to late so shes there u atake her home on the pretext of waiting for another show then u show her a great time;)
4 years ago
I have her little sis on a social networking site and unfortunatly mikey1ra I talked with Mary yesterday and I didn't know this but she has two younger sister's and they both like Usher and are going to that concert so my new plan is get enough money and get two hotel rooms if I go one for me and mary and one for her two younger sisters if I go but she has three tickets so I have to possibly get one for me!
4 years ago
interesting sounds like a plan to me but how to get the lil'sis out of the way?? talk to her about it being your 1st real date
4 years ago
Unforunatly I just realized that on November 24th Mary's sister has no school since of Thanksgiving break so if you guys could help me by convincing her that she should stay home and let me and Mary go that would be great! Thanks!
4 years ago
Please send me a message on my xHamster account and I would really appreciate the help! Thanks!