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[Story] Penelopes FUCKing Birthday

Note: This story i have made to a sexy lady on mfc that goes by the username stackednslim which you can also find her on twitter and this is a story i made for her 43rd birthday last month

hope you guys will comment about it

It has been a couple of months in the planning for me and penelope to finally meet up and fuck each others brains out. I'm sitting on a train right now heading to Los Angeles to finally meet up and fuck each others brains out plus i plan on doing some very nasty stuff to her. While I'm on the train i see that its about time for her show on mfc and i lo... Continue»
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[Story] Kirk & Erin


I want to give out a little information before I write this story! My name is Kirk Parmer and I moved to Texas 6 years ago in April and I came from Alaska. I was born and raised in Alaska for 15 years and that is why I have the username Alaska. The xxx is because I like porn! Now this story is titled Kirk & Erin because this is like a parody of the biblical story of Adam & Eve. This story is going to be better though because its going to have sex in it! I hope you will enjoy this and please comment!
__________________________________... Continue»
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Tribute Pics

If anybody is looking for a tribute pic look me up! You must be 18-28 I will not do some for some people older then that age and I will not do bbw sorry but I just don't do you! Anyway if you want one you have to have a pic of yourself in it nobodys s****r or anything like that! I've had a few of those! Anyway let me know by message and I'll let me cum explode in a few days to how long you want me to wait till I explode! hope to see your messages!
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Almost 21 years and still a virgin

In 3 months from now I'll be turning 21! I live in Texas and the Rangers are having a home game on my birthday so I'm planning on going to Arlington for my birthday! I'm planning on taking 2 of my friends with me to have my first legal beer and I also plan on taking a girl! I'm hoping to get a hotel so we can stay the night! I was hoping to loose my virginity today but things didn't go as planned! The person I was planning on doing it with is moving after her graduation in 2 weeks and 2 days! Its hard to find someone who wouldn't mind doing it with me! I'm hoping to... Continue»
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[Story] HELP!!!

The girl Mary I haven't had the chance to move in but I was wanting to have sex with one of my other friends who is a girl! I asked her and I failed so I was wondering if you guys can help me to learn how to ask for sex the right way so that I can lose my virginity! It's my first time ever asking somebody so please help me! Thanks!... Continue»
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Fantasy Story Not going to do!

It appears that she has another s****r that I never knew about but Mary's birthday is coming up in November and she is planning to go clubbing and I plan to go with her! I'm not going since she has three tickets one for her 12 year old s****r and her other s****r and for her! I plan to do it soon plus I just found out that Mary has just got out of a relationship so I plan to make my move later in the year plus I told her I love her so then she will hopefully love me to! Leave me comments of whatever! Thanks!
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[Story] My First Fantasy- Help!!!

Hi guys I just wanted to get help from the members of xHamster by asking you guys some help with the story of my fanatsy. I have a friend on Facebook who I'll call Mary. She is Latino and I know developed a crush for her. I've known her since I moved here from Juneau, Alaska to Gainesville, Texas. I've came near the end of the year of 8th grade and I've known her since the end of High School and were still good friends. Right now she is going to turn 20 in November and she plan's to go to a Usher concert in Dallas, Texas at the American Airlines Center. She is plann... Continue»
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