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A Long Day Dressed

I had to make a trip of some distance by car to see a friend in hospital and obviously the opportunity to be out dressed was to much to resist, the route would be approximately 200 hundred miles there and back which meant an afternoon start and an evening return. As the weather was cold i decided to where my three quarter length coat to visit the ward where my friend was, underneath i had my very short red mini skirt with a fold at the back and a pink half sleeve vee neck top, to complete my ensemble my frilly white french nickers, bra and suspender belt. The previous day i had bought a pair of yellow hold up stockings which i attached to my suspenders they were i remember so nice next to my thighs. Although the coat would cover my attire to just below the knees i took a pair of trousers to put on when i went into the hospital. So there i was in my lovely femm'e clothes on my way to a city one hundred miles away driving in public my face made up with a rich shade of red lipstick on my lips, eye shadow and mascara on my eye lashes with my curly brown hair piece for all to see, i felt so happy and pleased to be out for what should be a wonderful experience over the next six hours. After a short while i stopped my car in a lay-by and got out to remove my coat taking my time as vehicles passed by i slipped it off and opened the rear door folded it up and bending over put it inside, as i have already said the skirt i had on was rather short so as you would expect it naturally rode up my legs as i bent over, quite high in fact and although i could not see how much of my thighs were exposed i could feel the cold air on the back of them. I straightened up and pulled my skirt down adjusted my little pink top and climbed back into the drivers seat making sure my skirt once again rode up as i swung my legs into the car, i love the feminine way of getting into a car and have practiced hard to do it naturally. My posture now was upright, knees closed with the seat belt taught between my breasts, however my skirt was now barely covering my nickers and the tops of my stockings and suspenders were showing over my white thighs, i remember feeling very exposed but oh so sexy. I knew as i passed higher vehicles that if they happened to look into the car they would see someone they thought to be female who was being very cheeky by allowing her nether region to be exposed to view, well they did and the guys who showed there appreciation were very welcome after all us Transvestites are great exhibitionists and we love to be appreciated. After an hour or so of driving i needed to stretch my legs and go to the loo, soon i came across a turn off from the main road which led to a public rest area set back amongs't some trees, both ladies and gents loos were available and a good parking area quite close, this was perfect for me to walk and relieve myself. I drove off the main highway and took the single road which meandered along through pine tree's until i parked a short distance from the loos, there didn't appear to be any other people around so picking up my bag i got out of the car remembering to swing my legs out before i moved my bottom keeping them shut and trying to be as natural and feminine as i could, i began walking towards the ladies toilets and entered the passage leading towards the loos i was filled with nevouseness as although i had taken particular care with my appearance encountering a women at close quarters would lead to me to the possibility of being exposed and all the ramifications that situation would have. As i turned the corner into the main toilet area i could see there was no one around apart from one cubicle that appeared to be occupied, i stood at a wash basin and washed my hands, dried them and choose a cubicle for me to relieve myself, after i had closed and locked the door the relief and buzz i felt became obvious i just had to pee, i lifted my skirt lowered my panties and sat on the loo, what a wonderful moment as i relaxed my muscles the feelings i felt as i peed were as i have never felt, just wonderful. As i sat there having something close to an orgasm i heard the door of the cubicle i had seen occupied earlier being opened and the occupant cross to the sink and wash her hands, drying them and the noise of heels striking the tiled floor as she left the building. I dried myself and pulled my panties up and my skirt down and flushed the loo, look at me i thought i am doing this as though it was a natural thing i did every day, using a ladies loo, it felt so natural to me just another example of how my life would have been if my gender had been different. I left the cubicle and washed my hands at the wash basin, dried them and found in my bag the lipstick i had chosen for today and retouched my lips, i then checked my hair and smoothed my clothing making sure my stockings were tight and straight, every thing looked just fine so i made my way towards the entrance thinking how my heels were making the same sound as the lady who had left earlier. As i crossed the parking area to my car in the late afternoon sunshine i realised how lucky i was being a Transvestite who could act out her fantasies without hurting or interfering with others and enjoy the thrill of feeling so natural. My car was about ten metre's away when a small truck drove towards me and parked a couple of spaces away, inside i could see two men in the cab and the driver who opened his door and got out i realised if i kept on walking he was going to pass very close to me as he made his way to the men's toilet, well it was now or never i thought so i walked as slowly as i dare and made sure my posture was as i had practiced so often, as he approached i looked up at him and smiled, he returned my smile and as he passed i heard a low whistle, wow , wow, wow i felt so good , so sexy , so feminine, i had passed the test i had feared so much.The other guys had been watching this from the truck and continued to do so as i approached my car, well i was up for it now and put on my best hip swing, i opened the car door reached in an found my coat pulled it out and went to the back of the car opened the hatch door and reached in as far as i could allowing my skirt to rise up exposing all of my thighs , stocking tops and pantie clad bottom,i left my bag and the coat and after a moment or two i straightened up adjusted my skirt closed the hatch and just enjoyed the remarks and whistles that were being directed towards me from the guys in the truck who were admiring this sexy 'girl' showing her self off. Once again i sat in my seat swung my legs into the car and drove away giving a lovely smile and wave to my new found admirers. So here i was again on my way to see my friend having experienced such lovely emotions in what seemed an eternity but in reality was a few minutes.\par
Continuing my journey to see my friend in hospital and having had such a lovely experience with the guys at the rest area stop i was feeling very good about being out in the world dressed and feeling very feminine, in fact i was on a considerable high.Gradually my mood leveled out and the monotomy of driving set in until i arrived at the hospital and taking a parking ticket which allowed me into the facility i found a quite place to park and began to change my appearance by removing my hairpiece, coat and black court shoes i then raised my skirt up to my waist and slipped on a pair of my trousers and shoes. My coat covered all my femme clothing and a scarf completed my outward transformation but i still had to remove my make up which is so easy to do with a tissue and make up remover. It was all a bit cramped changing in the car but took no more than ten minutes and i was outwardly back to the person every one knew, i alighted from the car and checked my appearance before crossing the car park and entering the reception area of the hospital, finding a men's toilet i checked i was presentable and made my way out and up the stairs to the ward i knew my friend was in, i thought i would enjoy the buzz of being dressed beneath my clothes in my lovely femme things, and i did , the shape of my breasts was just discernable through my coat and the feeling of my undies caressing my skin and genitalia was so sensuous as i climbed the stairs, i was enjoying every moment. The visit lasted about an hour during which time i had to refuse the invitation to remove my coat, can you imagine the sight my friend and various nursing staff would have seen, a male standing there with red mini skirt around his waist, pink top and frilly white undies attached to yellow stockings, personally i love that sight but i doubt they would have felt the same. Retracing my steps fom the hospital and noting that it was getting dark i arrived back at my car where before getting in i removed my coat, scarf and shoes then pulled my little skirt down to my knees and slipped my court shoes back on then slid into the drivers seat and pulled the door shut, i was in the security of my little female world again and how my heart beat. I like to make my eyes up first and although a little cramped i was pleased with my effort, the eyeliner and eyebrow make up looked nice, in my little handbag i had a choice of lipsticks and chose a deeper red than i had been wearing earlier,after shaking out the curls of my lovely brown hairpiece i gently applied it to my head, i was now ready to be Alanya again and after one more check in the mirror i was confident i could be Alanya again in public, whilst returning from the hospital i noted where the car park charging machine was and thought that it would be nice to charge my ticket when i was dressed en femme. Leaving the relative darkness of the car park and crossing to the reception area of the hospital where the machine was located was such a buzz, there was no one around apart from people chatting inside the entrance and i felt relaxed i was walking with a gentle hip sway and small steps, every time i go out dressed the motion feels a little more natural, it was quite cold as i had left my coat in the car but i didn't feel cold, i felt so warm and natural, the feeling of happiness when i am dressed and free is overpowering, how i wish my life had always been like this. Charging the ticket was done and i returned to my car slipped into the seat and started my journey home.
The journey home was going to take about two hours taking the same route I used coming here, some how return journeys are usually tedious but this was not to be the case today, here I was dressed in my lovely female clothing with my face made up and wearing the lovely curly brown hairpiece I had bought from Transformation in London some two weeks previously, how could that be tedious, it wasn't, it was a real buzz for me and I was on a huge high. Soon I was in the outskirts of a small town and stopped at traffic lights next to a large freight wagon and seeing the driver had a clear view of me and knowing the little skirt I was wearing was already up above my thighs showing my panties I switched the interior light on, looking up at the wagons cab I could see the driver was taking in the scene and to such an extent he did not hear the sound of cars behind honking. I gave the wagon driver a large smile and moved on I enjoyed the tease and I know it was enjoyed by him too. After a while the urge to use the toilet was again pressing and as my last visit to the loo on the way up was so eventful I decided to relieve myself there again, It was now quite dark although the road to these public toilets was quite well illuminated, acssess was by an approach road off the main highway through a wood of pine trees where a rest area had been created, I turned off the main highway into the accsess road my headlights giving a good view of other people or vehicles who might be around, but apart from a pick up truck in the car park some way from the conveniences there was no one around which was not surprising as it was now getting quiet late in the evening. I drove past the pick up truck which was close to the road and could make out a man sitting in the front of it and continued on parking adjacent to the loos where I alighted from my car, as my skirt was still high up on my thighs I pulled it down smoothed out my top and walked towards the ladies loo, hoping the man in the truck might be watching me I walked as sexily as i could manage but giving him no sign I was aware he was there. Inside I used the same cubicle as before and again enjoyed the sensation of peeing whilst aroused, before leaving the toilet from my bag I took my lipstick and make up and did a quick refresh job, after all a girl likes to look her best doesn't she. Going outside I noticed that the pick up truck had moved position and was in the same area of the car park where my vehicle was, I think the occupant was interested in this women who had arrived to use the toilet on her own at night in a secluded place and was behaving in a sexy way, I was happy with that situation in fact as I approached my car walking with my hips swaying I lifted my skirt and pulled my stockings up my thighs before opening the door and swinging my legs in, how my friend was feeling i can only guess but my heart was pounding my throat was dry and another part of my anatomy had broken loose. Before starting the engine it occurred to me that perhaps I was lacking in wisdom deliberately leading this man on a Transvestite alone in the semi dark area of this rest stop made me very vunerable, a sobering thought. Putting any fears behind me I started the engine and set off to continue my journey home still some hundred miles away, passing the pick up truck I could see that the driver was a bear of a man but was looking away from my gaze so I could not see his face, driving on I regained the main highway and looked into my rear mirror, I could see some two vehicles back the outline of the pick up and noticed that its headlights had a yellowy tinge which was quite different from other vehicles. My feelings at this moment were on a real high it appeared that I had turned this man on to such an extent that he was looking to put his thoughts into some kind of action, although i was in the relative safety of my car where would this situation lead, driving on and keeping watch through the mirror for the next few miles nothing changed, the pick up stayed a couple of cars back leading me to think that perhaps he was just going in the same direction as myself and my imagination had been running wild with what I have to admit were delicious thoughts. Some while later with my new friend still tagging me albeit at a respectable distance the road changed from single lane into dual carriageway and cars who could not overtake before began to pass except the pick up which remained some hundred yards behind and stayed there until the carriageway was clear both in front and behind, I watched in my mirror as he approached from behind and drew level with my window no more than two yard between us, he remained in that position and I could feel him urging me to look across, the feeling of excitement and expectation was surging in me, how could I resist such emotions, I couldn't, I looked, his seat must have been elevated very high and he was sitting with naked, in his hand was his penis, very very hard and so long which he was vigourously masturbating, he was smiling with obvious excitement. I accelerated and left him behind, what to do, how to react, trembling, heart racing, obvious stimulation of my own, before I came to any decision he was beside me again and yes I had to look again and not just at his face, his penis a magnificent sight, ooh if only. A car was approaching from behind and my amorous new friend dropped back to allow it to pass giving me time to think how far I should allow this affair to develop bearing in mind my vulnerable situation as a Transvestite and his undoubted ardour for someone he believed to be a women, I remember being so pleased that my outward appearance and demeanor had attracted this very masculine guy so much he felt the urge to engage me sexually and perhaps to have his way with me if I allowed him too.
About two hundred yards up the road I could see a slip road and lights of a village beyond and decided that if I took it at least I would be in a more populated area and not so vunerable,a well lighted street appeared ahead which was obviously the original road before the one I had just left was built,looking in the mirror there was no sign of my new admirer so the feeling I had was a mixture of relief but mostly disappointment.I stopped the car in a lay-by adjacent to a public phone box,the need for some fresh make up and a general tidy up of my hair was what a girl needed now and after some lippy and eye liner I felt much better, funny isn't it girls how something so simple can refresh a girls spirit,the lay-by was well lit so a walk seemed a nice thing to do especially as the occasional truck was passing, after a couple of white thigh flashes for the truck boys from the side of the road the pick up truck with the yellowy light appeared and passed me,the driver was a bear of a man and showing a lot of interest he must have gone by the slip road and done a U turn my reaction was again unsure but the adrenalin was pumping and my cock was rising I felt flushed and expectant at being lusted after.
He was coming back towards me now but more slowly perhaps waiting for me to give him a sign that I was interested, I knew i was up for it but on my terms and not until I felt I would be safe with him. This was my first experience of how a women must feel having the attention of a strange man who wanted her,the phone box was no more than ten yards away so why not make a call,I walked my best girly walk with my skirt well above my knees and entered the box hitched my skirt even higher so my white thighs were just showing and made a pretend call with all the gestures girls love to make,looking around from inside the box i could see he had parked no more than twenty yards behind the phone box and was outside the pick up leaning against the nearside front door, should i continue with what could be a dangerous liason or run away and never know the pleasure he might give me if i surrendered to him, the moment had arrived to decide and in the end the decision was easy since i was in a very hungry mood to be taken and satisfied, i was full of adrenaline and ready for a man, wow!! i was so ready breathless, horny and so ready. to be continued.

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1 year ago
Wonderful, you leave the reader wanting
1 year ago
Sounds like a fun day out with a lot of cum.