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A Long Day Dressed

I had to make a trip of some distance by car to see a friend in hospital and obviously the opportunity to be out dressed was to much to resist, the route would be approximately 200 hundred miles there and back which meant an afternoon start and an evening return. As the weather was cold i decided to where my three quarter length coat to visit the ward where my friend was, underneath i had my very short red mini skirt with a fold at the back and a pink half sleeve vee neck top, to complete my ensemble my frilly white french nickers, bra and suspender belt. The previous day i had bought a pair ... Continue»
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[Story] Preparing For a Special Date

Preparing For a Special Date

I have a date to night with a girl called Lucy just like myself another Transvestite who I met on the net over a month ago. She is a little smaller than me with nice little breasts, nice little clitty and brown hair like mine but shorter, she is a little younger and good looking and we get on so well. We have met five times now dressed, mainly in the back of her car and have tasted each other on every occasion, I have put my fingers inside of her and she has done the same to me but ... Continue»
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[Story] Alanya's Alternative Experiences

When i decided to write my blog i thought i would recall the early times of my crossdressing and how i started and how i felt emotionally. I suppose my first feelings of wanting to experience and develop the feminine side of my personality was when i became aware of the beauty of the a womens body and the softness of the female persona, from that moment just thinking about changing my male public image to my feminine image gives me a wonderful comforting and exciting feeling which is unsurpassed by anything i had ever imagined.That is just thinking that i might make the change, actually making... Continue»
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