Best I ever had

I was at work one night closing up shop when my buddy Nick shows up and asks if I want to come over and party. I say sure. When we get there he tells me his girlfriend Nora might be interested in a little playtime. Now this might not happen again if it does happen he tells me. Well I'm certainly interested. You see we both met her about the same time and she was a hot little number. About 5'1" or so she claims. tight petite little dancer's body. Perky A nearly B cup breasts. Medium length honey blonde hair angreenish hazel eyes. A proper young girl from the suburbs. Yeah read that: Freaky! So we get to the apt and she comes out in this harem outfit and starts to dance. Pointy nipples showing through the gauzy material. Slim supple leg moving in time to the music she had on. Sweet hips swaying to the beat. I was turned on to say the least. I was sweaty from work so I grabbed a quick shower to rinse off. When I got back to the bedroom in a borrowed robe. They were on the bed we did a couple more lines of blow. Not too much I was only 23 but why risk the hard on I was sporting. Especially since she had changed into a white lace bodysuit. WHOA! I am dying here and this is heaven. I drop the robe and start kissing her, both of their hands are on me. Me and Nick are both kissing her pulling the straps down over her shoulders. We work our way down her body. She asks us to kiss, we do. I can smell her arousal and I will do what I'm told. We each take a nipple in our mouths and suckle the sensitive tips to pebble hard points. I slide my hand down her side and onto her thighs, stroking the tender inner part. She moans and spreads her legs for me as I rub the lacy crotch of the suit. I find the snaps holding it closed. She was so wet when I touched her pussy. The soft downy curls slipping through my fingers. That was it I had to taste her. I slid down her body and parted her moist outer lips with my fingers. Then ran my tounge through her wet slit, tasting her juices. She squeaked a bit when I caught the hood of her clit in my teeth. Soon Nick joined me the stubble of our beards scr****g her inner thighs and each other as we both licked her out. We got her good and ready. I wet his cock with my mouth and she climbed on as he lay back. She rode him well as I licked at her ass and stroked his sack. She was calling out and squealing. Nora cried out I can feel it in my ass. nick groaned out I don't think I can baby. A minute later he sprayed cum all over, some got in my mouth. Nora lissed it off my lips. Now it was my turn as Nick lay recovering. Nora started licking my now raging hard-on with amazing expertice. Whirling her tongue around the head, sucking it into her mouth. She asks Nick to help her. They're both licking, sucking and kissing around my cock. It was wildly erotic and, okay the buzz helped. But damn! Well after a bit I start to work on her. Let me step downstage for a moment and speak to you. Now a couple of years before I had a girl friend who taught me a thing or two about oral sex. I later added a couple of flourishes over the years. A later girl got the benifits of the lessons. We were at her parents house, the folks were on vacation. We were making out and I slowly undressed her and kissed her. First her cheeks , her eye lids. Then down her neck and across her shoulders to her arms and fingers. I kissed my way down her body gently, tasting her skin inch by inch. I kept away from her nipples and the center of her sex. From forhead to toes. And back up again. Soft kisses on her ankles, the backs of her knees. Up I went slowly teasing and arousing her. Making her tingle all over. Feather light across her buttocks and the small of her back. I finally kissed her lips again. A long slow, deep, wet kiss. Then I got to work on her breasts again. They were small sweet little A cups, but so sensitive. She was trembling as I ran my tongue around her belly button. I love those hollows just inside the tops of womens thighs. Then I went in for the kill. Licking my tongue up her slit. Circling her clit , sucking it into my mouth. Swirling my tongue faster and faster, Vibrating it under the little man in the boat. She came hard with a building squeal that I will never forget. I just love that technique. Sorry a little spankbank spillover there. Okay, back to Nora I had her in a 69 battling with her to see who would break first. I flipped her over and ate her like it was my Fortune 500 job. I had two fingers in her pussy rubbing the G-spot and slipped a third into her ass. She went wild she'd been having nearly non stop orgasms. Nora was begging me to stop. Pleading with me to let her catch her breath. She was literally climbing the wall trying to get away. I finally took pity on her. I just held her while she subsided a bit, stroking her gently. After I'd waited long enough so I put Nora on her knees, placing the head of my cock at the soaking entrance to her vagina. With my hand wrapped around my cock. Pushing into her a bit at a time. I got going again, good strong half strokes. Then I slammed it to her hard and fast. I reach under and start rubbing her clit. She went into overdrive, groaning and mouthing the word fuck again and again. I was more than ready, the next minute I'm pumping Nora full of my hot load of cum. She went limp as I gave a couple of last thrusts and slipped out of her spent. Not as spent as Nora however. She was totally out of it. Limp as a dish rag. She had passed out. The Big "O", as the french say La Petit Mort; "The Little Death". When she came to we kissed goodnight and I went to crash in the other room. When I woke up and went to get the rest of my clothes. Nick already gone to work and Nora told me to come back to bed. Nick would be home soon. But in the light of day the coach was a pumpkin again, the horses mice. I've always wondered about the shoes though? I mean her dress went back to crap but the slipper stayed. Anyway I was back to my relatively shy self. So I left. They eventulally married as did I. We were friends and had dinners together. Kinda lost touch after awhile. But I ran into Nick not long ago. He helped me find sobriety as he had years before. I went over to his place one weekend afternoon, and Nora got home from work as we had the grill going. She was cordial but distant. Nick later told me she felt somehow uncomfortable with me. Over the months, the few times I've seen her since Nora has seemed to come to terms with that night. She was still the hottest woman I have ever had sex with. No regrets here.

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