A Lovely Train Journey

I was lots younger in those days, on a Train bound for the Royal Marines Commando Training Centre, to begin the All Arms course, known as the "Plastic Commando" course; the train seemed to be very slow, when all of a sudden, a very beautiful foreign girl came into my carriage, asking if I had anything to drink? I think she noticed my short haircut, because as she sat down next to me, she stroked the back of my hair and neck, which made my nipples stand on end, and began stirrings downstairs in my jeans; she muttered something in what I now know to be Danish, and slid her hand into my shirt, whilst gently kissing my neck, and lips.

As the train swayed to and fro, I felt her nipples pressing against my chest, and I gently ran my hands over her breasts, she let out a low moan, and I could feel the nipples strain hard against my fingers. She guided my hand down to her crotch, which was very moist, and such a perfume as I had never smelt before filled my nostrils, and little Ian became very excited!

I slowly unbuttoned her blouse, and slid my hands under her Bra, as she straddled me, and rose up, so her breasts were very conveniently at my mouth, and I started to gently lick the nipples before me, she then guided my free hand; and rubbed it against her very wet knickers.

She undid her linen trousers, and slid them off with her g string, and motioned me to pay a visit down stairs. I made sure my fingers were gently sliding over her breasts, as I slid my tongue over her thighs, gradually closer to the beautifully trimmed but glistening landing strip before me.

She lay back, and parted her thighs, exposing her very moist sex, and when my tongue touched there, she shuddered and moaned with pleasure. By this time the train had slowed right down, and my tongue and fingers brought her to an explosive orgasm, and she rose and lay upon me, her tongue licking and sucking my manhood, as my tongue darted in between her dripping wet sex. She shuddered and came with such f***e, I loved watching as her pussy pulsated for what seemed an age, then, she sat on top of me and gently, slowly guided me inside her, moaning loudly as the train helped me thrust deep inside her; wet wetness covering my rock hard cock as we fucked to her third Orgasm.

I then turned her round, and entered her slowly and deeply from behind, gently rubbing her Clitoris with my fingers as she pushed hard against me, my Orgasm building and building, until I could not hold back any more and gushed deep inside her. we held each other tight, not releasing each other until just outside Lympstone, where I got off; savouring the many memories of one of my earliest sexual experiences. We met several times over the coming two years, and the sex got even better!
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