From straight to bi and then gay

True story and not a fantasy:

I was married at 25 and my wife and I had a son and then a few years later a girl. Up to that point I had never thought of men, only girls. However, when I was about 40 yrs old, my looks changed and I started to look gay. The first time I was aware of it was when I was shopping with my f****y and I noticed two guys giving me the eye. I had never had that happen to me before. Then people would call me a fag, pervert, queer etc and I was completely bewildered. Every time that this happened it would hurt. I told my wife, but she said it was my imagination and also that if she couldn't fix it then I shouldn't bother her with it. Mind you, this was over a period of a couple of years. I even went to a Plastic Surgeon, but he said that he couldn't change my looks. Strange that for the first forty years of my life I looked straight. Anyhow, when I was 43 I started to think about my sexuality and wondered if maybe I was bi or gay. One nice summer day I decided that I would go to a nude beach in Vancouver. I was laying there enjoying the sun naked when an older man - about 50 - walked by and said 'hi'. I said hi back and he kept walking. Then he turned around and came back and sat behind me. I started to get hard and he said: "Hey". I thought that he was angry, but he mentioned for me to come and sit next to him, which is what I did. He started stroking my cock until it was hard. Then he went to kiss me on the lips and I freaked. I had never, never kissed a man in my life. He calmed me down because I was shaking all over. To make things worse there was a couple in the water and the girl was laughing at us. He kissed me on the forehead, then the cheek and then I felt his moist lips on mine and I was hooked! I felt his tongue against mine and our naked bodies touching. He looked like a man, he smelled like a man and he was a man. Then he gave me a blow-job and it was the best that I had ever had. No girl could give a BJ like that!! Meanwhile, the couple in the water were still watching. We kissed some more and then I went down on him and for the first time in my life I sucked a man's cock. I then knew that I was gay or at least bi and even though people still call me a fag, queer, etc. it doesn’t bother me because I know that I am bi or gay and proud of it!

Allan gee

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7 months ago
We have the best of both worlds, buddy...we like cock and pussy!! I can't get any pussy now unless I pay for it, but I can get cock if I'm lucky at several places within 1/2 hr. drive from me. Wish you were that close!!
10 months ago
great history
11 months ago
u had the guts to do what most here have fantasised o for yrs. i will send u an email on ur hotmail addy
1 year ago
nice bb
2 years ago
2 years ago
My fantasy!
2 years ago
Big hug from a friend who is also bi.
2 years ago
Go man go
2 years ago
A lot of us have followed this path...
2 years ago
Rec Beach happens like that
2 years ago
accepting yourself is hard and I am happy that you have.
2 years ago
I like this story!
2 years ago
lu public sex, even better MM with F watching.
2 years ago
Always be happy! Never care what others think! Fuck 'em and don't give them a dollar :)
2 years ago
As long as you are happy and don't hurt's great.