TEEN ASSPLAY: My night with Angela

My s****r, Sarah, recently turned 18 and ever since we moved to this new town she has turned into a bit of a socialite. This doesn't bother me at all because there is a constant stream of incredibly hot girls sl**ping over. What makes the situation even better is that my s****r doesn't mind me being around when they're over.

Last Friday is a night I won't easily forget.

Angela, my s****r's new best friend, came over for a night watching DVD's. I had often stared at her incredible body and had often hunted on teen porn websites to find a comparable body to jerk off to. Her long legs, slender body and perfect little hips always gave me more material to masturbate to. Angela always wears those tight jeans that make you want to grab a girl's ass. On top of that, the tight tank tops she often wears shape her tits perfectly. What I love most about her is her long brown hair that d****s over her olive skin. Strangely my s****r has never noticed me staring at her.


I had little to do that Friday night, so I asked if I could join them for the DVD. We ended up watching one of those American comedy movies with plenty of porn gags.
One scene included a joke about anal and everyone laughed a little awkwardly, glancing around the room.

Sarah, my s****r, muttered, "As if girls actually like getting it in the ass!"

We all giggled again. Suddenly all the scenes of gaping asses and anal creampies I'd seen on the Internet shot through my mind. I could feel my cock getting excited.

Angela stared at my s****r and nodded, but only half approvingly. Then she glanced at me with a strange smile.

I felt nervous and instantly unsure of what I had happened. The movie went on but for some reason Angela would glance at me from time to time, with the same little cute smile. Amazingly, I could see her little nipples become firm under her tank top.

Shortly after I found myself staring at her chest, the movie ended.

Sarah sighed and uttered, "I'm fucking tired Angela, lets chill in my room. I mean lets go to bed!" Then my s****r got up and went to her room.

While she was gone Angela suddenly stood up leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I'm coming to your room at midnight, OK?"

I replied softly, "OK", feeling both nervous and excited.

I went into my room and sat around.... waiting and wondering what she wanted. An hour past when I heard a soft tap at the door.

Opening the door, I saw Angela in her hot little pajama shorts, still wearing her tank top but clearly without a bra.

"I saw you checking me out during the movie", she said while looking down, with a look of guilt...then added "I'm going to lay down and you are going to play with my ass"

Then she walked to my bed, laying down on her stomach. She looked at me with a slutty yet tired look, her beautiful hair falling to the side of her face over my bed.
I rubbed her back and saw her eyes shut. Slowly I moved my hand across her shorts and then under. Her ass felt tight and warm.

I couldn't wait and quickly pulled her shorts down. Still laying on her stomach I spread her legs, seeing the most wonderful sight. A little delicious teen pussy along with an incredible small wrinkly asshole.

"Lick my hole", she whispered, knowing that I had just spotted her beautiful shithole.

Before licking it I thought I would make it wet, dripping spit all over it, watching it slide down over her pussy lips.

Then I lent down and attacked her ass with my tongue, tasting her salty hole. Then using my index finger I slid it right into her ass feeling her move and moan.

"I want you to put something into my ass", she said suddenly.

What could she want in her ass? I thought. It didn't seem like she wanted my cock. I looked around and saw a hair brush on my bedside table.
I grabbed it and f***ed the round handle into her mouth.

"Put your spit all over it....This is going into your ass", I whispered

"uhhh that's right", she replied.

After seeing her mouth lips embrace the brush handle I pulled it out, caressing her ass with it.

Then I penetrated her ass, moving the brush handle in a circular motion. It got my cock so hard I felt pre-cum soaking my underwear.

I stopped and sat back for a split second, realising Angela's little ass had been violated.

"I'm going to put something softer in there now", I uttered

I took off my pants, spread her ass cheeks aside, preparing her wet little hole. Then I thrust my cock deep inside. I could hear her moan and felt she was getting a little too loud. My s****r could not see what I was doing to her best friend, I had to cum quickly.

Her ass juice was all over me with her ass clutching my cock firmly.

I couldn't hold it anymore, I pulled out of her and walked to the side of the bed.

"Close your eyes", I ordered

Rubbing my cock all over her face with one hand fingering her ass.

Then came a wonderful explosion of cum, bursting from the head of my rock hard cock, angled towards her face.

Cum sprayed all over her face without her flinching!!! Then she put my cock, messy with cum, into her mouth.

I sc****d the cum from her face, making sure my finger was covered in it. Then I dipped it all into her ass, as a final act of pleasure.

She got up and pulled her pants up suddenly. Her tits bouncing as she adjusted her shorts, still with hard little nipples.

"I'm sl**ping over next weekend too, maybe you could give my pussy the same treatment" She whispered

Angela slid out the door before I could answer....... my whole body still reeling from the pleasure.
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2 years ago
Cool story - looking forward to more
3 years ago
Fantastic story.. Hope there was a repeat and you write about it..I agree with Leftie
4 years ago
Nice dude legend if this is true!
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
I would love requests for particular stories, so if anyone has a suggestion please let me know....and I will elaborate :-)
4 years ago
Just a fantasy, no more than that. Surely sexiness is open to opinion, so it makes little sense classifying what's hot and what's not hahaha

Just some teen ass play, that's all
4 years ago
4 years ago
Good story, but you may be a little too influenced by porn cliches. Spitting isn't sexy, and it's even hotter to cum inside a girl's ass (or mouth!) than on her face. If this really happened the way you describe it, though, good for you!!!