The Master's Pleasure

Master's Pleasure

I am kneeling, looking up at you in awe, respect and reverence. I can tell your mood is not the best so I need to be very careful and watchful that I do not irritate you further.

"Sir may I be of use ... in some way?" I ask timidly ... looking for an opportunity to gain my Master's favour.

"I am sorry Kayla?" you ask "what do you mean"

"I ... I .. I wondered Sir if I could perhaps do something for you?" I tentatively ask.

"I am sure there are a lot of things you could do for me Slavegirl, what are you saying girl .. speak!" you demand.

"Could I pleasure you Sir? With my mouth?"

You look hard at me, scrutinising my face, thinking before you answer ... "Yes, Kayla, ok you may, Carry on"

I remove my clothing and kneel at your feet. You have only loose trousers on so gently I remove them and lean forward to start my ritual worship of your cock. As the tip of my tongue touches the head of your cock I feel it twitch, start to harden.

"Mmmmm" you moan quietly

Encouraged I slowly swirl my tongue around, flicking the end before licking from your balls to the tip of your cock again in one long, continuous stroke.

"Aaaaah" you say "that's nice Kayla"

I do the same again ... then lick slowly back down to your balls, playing with them for a moment, sucking them gently, first one, then the other into my warm, wet, greedy mouth. You take hold of your cock and push it down to meet my tongue. In response, I open my mouth wide and slide it all the way down the length of you, in one movement, completely engulfing you. You moan and lean back as I move my head up and down, sucking, licking, teasing.

I feel you start to move slightly, thrusting slowly into my throat ... I swallow you, gagging slightly, before coming back up again.

"That feels good" you say ... thrusting into my mouth to get deep into my throat. You wrap your fingers in my hair ... pulling sharply and then pushing down hard ... each time you push down slightly harder and faster. Your cock completely fills my throat as you start to thrust harder and harder, As I choke and gag I feel the wetness as I cannot help drooling on you.

"Oh fuck yes that feels good, I can feel it running down my balls" you say as you suddenly yank me up by the hair, hard, and hold me fast, head f***ed back and start to fuck my throat hard, So hard it hurts. You slap my face, first one side then the other, over and over as you **** my throat. You push in the deepest yet and hold it there, hold me there, one hand on my throat .... looking into my eyes.

As I get to the point of feeling beyond anything you release me and I suck in air and instantly gag again. You take me roughly. "I want you to earn your keep" you hiss in my face as you drag my head back harder and plunge your throbbing fuck tool deep into my throat, Pushing deep, push, push. As I start to gag you push harder, then pull back out again.

I am limp, useless, as you abuse me like this. Just a tool, an outlet for your frustration. I am held up only by my hair, all strength gone from my body as you continue to fuck my throat until it burns. I gag constantly, reaching the point of passing out so many times I lose count ... each time you stop just before I slip over the edge. This is what I yearn for, live for ... to be used this way for your pleasure.

As I feel your excitement mounting, your thrusts become deeper, faster, more impatient and I give my all to you, to please you. Suddenly, you pull out and flip me over onto my back ... my head hanging over the edge of the bed and you begin your assault on my throat in earnest. You fuck my mouth harder and harder, fucking through my gagging and spluttering. "Fucking slave, suck this cock and suck it good." You fuck me relentlessly and mercilessly.

Pinned to the bed I try to take your cock without choking, without losing pace. Keeping up with you is the only way. You have both hands on my throat now as you just fuck, fuck, fuck relentlessly .... calling me your whore, your slave .... god yes, the words I long to hear!

I know you are nearly there as you are rutting like an a****l now, barely in control as you pound every last bit of flesh out of me .... pushing, fucking ... god .. nearly there ... "You fucking bitch take this cock, come on whore! You want to have your Master's cum don't you? You fucking cock sucking slut!"

You fuck me harder, faster, harder, faster all the time telling me how a fucking slave should be treated, what a good for nothing fucking cum slut whore like me should be treated like. You get closer and closer to emptying your balls into the depths of my throat. I know you can't be far off as I feel your cock, like a battering ram, your balls slapping against me, hands tightening round my throat ... fucking, pushing, thrusting .. I can't do it, no, no, no cannot go on then you groan suddenly ... "FUCK YES!"

You fall on top of me, pouring your hot cum into my throat "fuck yes, fuck yes, ohhh fuck." Pump, pump, pump all the time pushing as hard and as deep as you can get. I swallow as fast as I can, squeezing and pulling at your cock, trying not to waste a
ny ... licking, swallowing, slurping ...

As you let your cock fall from my mouth and slap against my face, I can feel the juices running from it, yours and mine as they run from the tip of your shrinking cock onto my face.

Your breathing starts to slow now and I feel you relax. You gently stroke my body, my legs .. resting your head against my thigh. "Beautiful, sexy, loyal slavegirl ... when you worship me like that I know the depth of your feelings for your Master"

I lay there ... complete, utterly fulfilled, so glad to have pleased you, my Master. You climb off me and pick me up, cradling me in your arms. Tears roll down my face, tears of love and gratitude and you kiss them away tenderly, gently stroking me, caressing me.

It's moments like this I know you love me, when you tell me how well I serve you. It is the reason for my existing Master ... to serve you.

By Master Alan & Slavegirl Kayla

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3 years ago
Very well written, we enjoyed reading it a little to much! x x