Missing You

I walk round the lounge, restless, annoyed ... where the hell are you? Early night you said ... yeah right, same old story, heard it all before. In the meantime, I'm here, alone, again. I look across at the cold food on the table, wasted, again. Yet another ruined romantic dinner for two.

I sigh, pour myself another glass of wine and take a large swallow. Sod the mess, I am not clearing up tonight, I am too pissed off, it can wait till morning.

I walk into the bedroom and kick off my heels, oh that feels better. Bastard heels! I only wear them because you love 'em, they cripple me! I put my glass on the bedside table and lie back, closing my eyes ... hell, where the fuck are you? I was on a promise tonight!

Pushing myself up I walk over to the full length mirror. Hmmm, not bad really. Tidy figure, which, even I have to admit, looks stunning in my new black dress. Face isn't bad either. I've always been blessed with lovely clear, smooth skin and Alan has always said that I have 'come to bed eyes and sexy lips'.

Hmmm, Alan. Who, notably, is not here ... is not present and correct ... missing in fucking action AGAIN!!!


I'm horny

And if he walked through that door right now I would fuck his daylights out!

I unzip my dress and step out of it, picking it up and hanging it neatly over a chair. I stand there, no bra or panties (just the way you like me) and the sheerest of sheer black stockings covering my legs.

I really AM horny.

I mentally shake myself and walk towards the bed. Settling back into the pillows I take another deep swallow of my wine before resting the glass on the table again. Sighing, I look at the clock, 12:08am, shit, where ARE you?

I turn off the lamp, it is still quite light in the bedroom. The moon is bright tonight and it is a warm evening. I have left the french doors open and am enjoying the warm breeze on my bare skin. Shutting my eyes I can almost believe it is your hot breath on my body. I smile to myself as I think of the last time we were together.

I let my fingers softly draw circles on my belly, enjoying a tremor of excitement. Oh, I sigh again, wishing you were here now. Licking the tip of my finger, I am beginning to feel decidedly raunchy as I touch my right nipple with my fingertip. Yes ... it immediately springs up in response to my tentative touch.

I gently tweak it sending a delicious tingle straight to my pussy, I know I am already wet there. My left hand now gently strokes the flesh on my belly, my legs, my inner thighs ... teasing before moving up to find my left nipple and rolling it between finger and thumb.

As I play, I close my eyes and imagine it's your fingers on me, caressing me, working their magic like they do oh so well. I want desperately to touch the softness between my legs but resist, knowing that if it were you, you would make me wait.

I cannot help raising my hips off the bed as I start to pull on my nipples more firmly. Pushing one up to my mouth I flick it with my tongue before sucking it in, biting gently, nibbling on it. You love to watch me do this don't you, it makes you so hot to see me playing with my nipples like this.

I can feel the moisture in between my legs now ... I am craving a touch, your touch. As my fingers creep down my body slowly, your fingers, I moan aloud. I stop just short of there, that secret place ... prolonging the bittersweet agony before just very, very slightly brushing my clit with a fingertip. Oh God, it feels so nice ... you feel so nice and those fingers gently, oh so gently touch, stroke, caress.

I need you so badly ... why aren't you here? It should be your fingers taking me on that neverending journey of bliss, your lips I should be feeling .... cool on my hot skin. God, to be able to grasp that cock of yours now, feel the silky smoothness of the skin over the hardness of it, mmmm, yes, to be able to touch, taste, feel.

My fingers are dancing on my clit in the all too familiar way that takes me to the edge. I raise my left leg and reaching underneath I push two fingers inside of my hot, wet pussy. Slowly sliding, moving almost unbearably slowly I start that climb. Clit hard, erect, straining for contact with my fingers. Pussy clenching, squeezing, pulling, sucking my fingers in.

I hear moaning, then realisation dawns on me, it's me crying out. Thrashing about on the bed as my fingers invade that soaking wet cavern I get closer and closer, almost out of control. I start to talk out loud, filthy, dirty wanting ... "oh fuck yes, please yes, more, more!"

God, I am so fucking close, so there ... yes, yes, yes


What? Shit! Footsteps .. coming to the bedroom .. It's you, God, it's you ... you walk over to me, kiss me ... "please?" I beg.

You shake your head and sit down at the foot of the bed ... looking pointedly at my fingers, you raise your eyebrow and ... oh god.. the look .... that look.

My fingers start to move of their own accord ... oh fuck, I am so, so near ... your eyes ... you hold my gaze as I get closer, nearly there. I see your excitement as you watch my fingers, my face ....

"Come on, cum for me" you whisper and fuck, fuck, fuck, yes ... I am there ... head thrown back, hips bucking wildly, fucking my fingers, rubbing my clit furiously and you do it ... you tweak a nipple

"Alan, fuck yes Alan", I scream your name over and over, convulsing, jerking .... cumming over my fingers as I reach that peak over and over gain. You hold me close, tight, lovingly ... kiss me gently on the lips.

"Mmmm I've missed you"
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