Meeting my Cougar at the Bar

You wait at the bar ordering cosmopolitans. glancing over you see me walk in, you are nervous and a little d***k. I recognize you, ooh you look good in a tight, little, black dress. A gentle smile comes to me, as you walk anxiously over and grab me, I grab you back, our embrace- I can feel the gentle thumps of your heart pounding against me. We hadn't ever meet like this before, but the dim lights hide our passion from the rest of the bar as my hands roll over your lower back, teasing you one lifts you by your round ass, my other moves to tenderly stroke your neck as we kiss, at first gentle- your lips are soft and glossy. My hands lift your higher, as our tongues are introduced to one another, gingerly they touch and roll around, tantalizing you.

I take you by the hip and lead you to the bar, I order a scotch and soda, you get another cosmo. We talk, my hands massage your side as we wait for the drinks. When we get them, and move to a table. The table hides as I slide my hand on your thigh, you kiss my neck.... it sends tingles down my body. and before your head can get away, my lips have already begun to reciprocate, nibbling on your ear and down your neck. My hand moves up your dress, ohhh do i feel lace underwear, ooh, my fingers lightly press up against the lace, as my tongue and teeth interchange lick and nibbles on your earlobe and down your neck. you moan a little, i feel the gentle warmth of your breath and you softly ask me to stop, as you move away, you suck down your drink and my fingers keep massaging you. I finish up mine. you lead me by my hand to the dance floor, playing empire by jayz and alicia, you cradle my hard cock with your ass as your back up into me. my hands grab your hip I follow your underwear and up and down. you raise your head up as I lower mine, you cooo in my ear, my cock jolts into you harder. mmmm. i nibble on your ear, we stay out there for a while... i can't take it anymore, I want inside you, to explore you. I whisper in your ear, let's go, i need you. and kiss your cheek. your hands run down my legs and you give my ass a playful squeeze. I take you by the waist, we go out back. i see my car, its dark out, when we get to it, i press you up against the side, our tongues are ferociously going at each other your hands are unbuttoning my pants, mine are raising your dress and lifting your boobs. I tantalize you as i move to your boobs, nibbling, licking, mmmm and sucking. ohhh you taste soo goodd. you hands now freed my yearning cock, you rub it. I want to take you back to hotel room but I can't we have too- I need to feel you and you need me inside you, plus havin' sex in empty parking lots can be fun. soo I lift you up and slide you on the hoood of the car, my mouth still sucking your beautiful nipples. I plow my face into your pillowy bussom. you raise my head up with your hands, as we met you grab onto me and pull in. my cock slides up your wonderful flower. mmmm, i can feel your juices on dripping out. i shake my cock on your around, teasing your lips (down under), mmm, you grab me hard! i slide in to you... we release and open gasp kiss as i make those first gentle slides, my hands craddle your beautiful breasts, caressing the nipples, I keep sliding in and out, mmm, you moan into my ear. its thrilling, we are outside its a nice night, we satisfying our a****listic cravings. I take and raise you up, your legs clinch around me, squeezin me tight, you bounce up and down. I put you down and then I flip you around for a moment we sway you feel my cock in you ass. I stroke your hair and slowly bend you over you the hood, you reach around and guide my cock inside you, leaving a gentle moan. Oooh, I hold on to your hips and spread your ass... I continue, I bend over to be closer to your, my body warmth against yours and grab your breasts my hands squeezing you kissing the back of the neck... Mmmm. you turn around and slide back up on the hood, we face each other you pull on my dick and then push it back in your sweet flower. you push and pull on me as go in and out, you close in around my cock your muscles tense up and I feel you quiver and I keep moving in and out, gentler, and we grab on to each other, my hands on your ass yours on my mine as I finish my last thrust into you, my warm explosion swarms inside you.

We stay there, lightly kissing each other... you holding me close. I slide up on the hood, we look up at the stars, your leg wraps around mine. we enjoy each others warmth as we gaze up, I take you inside we finish of some more drinks and then go to my hotel room...

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