breeder's auction

It started when I was going through puberty, my testicles were very large and my cock grew to match. The problem was the amount of cum I produced. It was a third of a cup of sperm and over another third a cup of semen. Anyway, I have always exercised and worked for a landscaping company so have a nice toned body.

I had a new doctor, an older woman. After being poked and prodded and providing a sample she locked the exam door and looked at me, “Samuel you are in a unique position. You have never had sex is that correct?”

I blushed and nodded and she smiled as she pulled out a business card, “How would you like a chance to make some money?”

I looked at her and she held out the card, “call the number on the card and Friday night come to this address. Don’t masturbate before.”

I took the card and looked at it before looking at her, “What would I be doing?”

She laughed, “breeding a woman if your lucky.”

I thought about it for the rest of the week and finally decided to go. I called the number on the card and a sweet woman’s voice told me what to wear, (loose clothing) and where to go and when to be there. The location turned out to be a huge mansion with high walls. A man in a uniform looked at my ID and told me to drive around back. There was a large limo parking area and right behind that was a small area for regular cars.

I parked my old dodge pickup and stepped out to look around. A woman waved from beside a door and I walked to her, she was old enough to be my grandmother. I followed her though a door and through a busy kitchen. She led me to an elegant den and gestured to a chair before sitting beside me, “Now, I was told your name is Samuel?”

I nodded and she smiled, “Samuel, this is a very discrete service. We offer women that are wealthy a chance to have a young man like yourself... service them and possible get them pregnant. The other young men have a very good history of that so you are a bit of an unknown.”

She looked at me and I smiled, “I don’t think that will be a problem.”

She smiled, “it means you won’t get as much starting off.”

She stood, “You see each of you will undress and the ladies will have a chance to look at you. After that each of you will be auctioned off for the weekend.”

I stood and she gestured to the door, “You are not to give your full name.”

She led me to a changing room where six other guys ranging from my age to mid twenties were sitting around naked. I stopped her before she left, “How much do I get?”

She smiled as she turned for the door, “Half the auction price.”

I looked around and a guy pointed to some wooden lockers. I took a breath and crossed to undress. When I turned around they stared and I reddened before stretching and sitting in a chair to wait. Thirty minutes later we went out into what looked like a ballroom. We broke up and I started walking through a large crowd of elegantly dressed women and even a few girls. Everywhere I went women whispered or smiled at me.

Thirty minutes later we were called out and I met the other guys and followed them to a small room. I was new and unknown so I went first. I went through the other door when I was called and walked out onto a raised platform. The bids started slow but soon there were a lot of women bidding and the price kept going up.

When it stopped I was still in shock because the winning bid was a quarter million. I wasn’t sure what to do until the woman that won gestured, “Come with me Samuel.”

I nodded and followed her as she walked out and another guy walked onto the platform. I followed her through the mansion to a suite of rooms. She closed the door after I came in and I turned to see her. She smiled as she started undressing, “Have you been with a woman before Samuel?”

I shook my head as I looked at her stunning body, “No.”

She grinned and then laughed, “And I got you first, they are going to be so jealous.”

I cleared my throat, “Can I lick you first?”

Her eyes widened, “You want to?”

I nodded as I looked at her trimmed pussy and she laughed as she came closer, “I’m Emily.”

I looked into her face and smiled before slowly embracing her and kissing her softly. Her naked body against me is something I will never forget. I caressed her hips and held her before looking around. She took my hand and pulled me after her, “The bed is in here.”

I followed her and kept looking at her beautiful butt. When she turned at the bed I stepped closer and sat her down before kneeling as she spread her legs. I leaned close and smelled her scent and her perfume. I opened her pussy and licked through it and smiled as she shivered and groaned. I nibbled on her inner lips and licked her again before sucking on her clit and teasing it with my tongue.

It wasn’t long before she was moaning and lifting her hips. I kept licking her and teasing her clit and after a few minutes she jerked and shuddered before covering her pussy. I looked up into her face and she laughed before wiggling all the way onto the bed, “Come fuck me Samuel.”

I stood and hesitated, “Emily I... I cum a lot so...”

She laughed and held out her arms, “I hope so Samuel.”

I moved onto the bed and over her. She guided my drooling cock to her pussy and I pushed. I groaned and closed my eyes in pleasure as my cock pushed into heaven. Emily hugged me and waited and I opened my eyes to see her smile. I had dreamed of this a thousand times and started to fuck her nice and slow.

She shuddered and grunted when my cock hit her cervix and I stopped moving. Emily laughed and shook me, “It’s okay Samuel, just start pressing and keep going.”

I kissed her again and went back to fucking her. It wasn’t long before her pussy was spasming and she was jerking erratically as she began to wail. My cock slipped deeper and Emily gasped and thrust up hard, “YES!”

She started bucking and thrashing around as I fucked her hard. Emily stiffened and opened her mouth to scream and I felt my balls tighten and thrust into her hard and held her, “I’M CUMMING!”

Her eyes went wide as my cock swelled and then I peed a solid stream of cum into her womb. She lifted and spread her legs as she began howling. I groaned and shuddered as the stream of cum stopped. Emily sighed, “Damn...”

She jerked as I thrust into her and held her while spewing another huge stream of cum. She screamed as warm sperm flooded her womb and it expanded. I shivered when I stopped and pulled back and Emily looked at me as she trembled. I pushed into her slowly as I started pumping more cum and she clutched at me, “FUCK!”

She was jerking erratically as her cum filled pussy spasmed and began to leak around my cock. I stopped and the groaned as I spurted a couple more times and then I slowly relaxed. Emily hugged me as she relaxed and then she began to laugh. I was embarrassed but she shook me, “That isn’t cumming a lot Samuel. That was drowning my womb.”

I smiled shyly and she kissed me softly, “Thank you Samuel.”

I hesitated, “Should I pull out?”

My cock was throbbing and pulling out was the last thing I wanted to do. She laughed, “Your cock is still hard and throbbing so I know you want more.”

I smiled again, “Well...”

She laughed and shook me, “We are going to do this all weekend Samuel. Go ahead and pull out.”

I pulled out and lay next to her and cupped one of her firm breasts as she sighed and shivered. I leaned close to kiss her and she closed her eyes and smiled. An hour later she slid out of bed, “Come wash me Samuel.”

I followed her into a huge bathroom and shower and washed her before she taught me how to douche. After drying off she led me back to bed where I started all over again. Meals were brought to us and almost every hour I made love to Emily. It was Sunday night when she dressed and led me back to the room where my clothes were. She give me a last kiss and left.

I sighed and dressed, before I could leave the old woman showed up. She smiled and then laughed, “Emily is already bragging about you Samuel.”

I smiled and she held out an elegant envelope, “Don’t have sex and don’t masturbate. Come back in two weeks.”

I nodded and she left, the envelope had a check for a hundred and twenty five thousand dollars in it. I spent the two weeks like normal, exercising and working. I deposited the money and paid the taxes before investing it in a good company. By the time two weeks were up I was hurting because my balls were so full. There were as many women at the mansion as before but they seemed more interested in me.

I saw Emily as I made the rounds through the ballroom and she excused herself to come to me, “Samuel!”

I smiled, “Hello Emily.”

She hugged me and looked into my face, “I came to thank you, I’m pregnant.”

I grinned and hugged her and she laughed before cupping my face, “You were the third one to try.”

I grinned, “I’m sorry I wasn’t trying Emily. I was just enjoying your beautiful body.”

She laughed and kissed me, “Thanks Samuel.”

I watched her walk away and felt disappointed a little. I shook myself and turned to walk around before we were called out. This time I went last and the bidding went higher. The woman that bought me had a girl of maybe eighteen with her. When I walked to her she nodded to the girl, “I’ll be back Sunday Tracy.”

She walked away and the girl blushed before reaching for my hand. I let her lead me to another suite and after she closed the door she hesitated. I looked around and then looked at her, “I’m Samuel.”

She blushed, “Tracy.”

She hesitated and then blurted, “My husband is infertile.”

I reached for her hand and led her to a comfortable couch and sat beside her, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

She sighed, “Robert is and his mother paid for you soo...”

I squeezed her hand, “But did you want to get pregnant?”

Tracy smiled and nodded, “Yeah, but the idea of a guy just... you know.”

I smiled, “I have only been with Emily and I don’t plan to just.”

She looked at me and then giggled, “Emily was why Robert’s mother wanted you. She said you are the best she has ever had.”

I smiled and stood before pulling her up, “Come with me.”

I led her into the bedroom and to the huge bed before turning to undress her. She was trembling as I sat her on the bed and knelt between her legs. I leaned close to her shaved pussy and opened it before licking her. She shuddered and lay back with a gasp, “OH!”

I licked, nibbled and teased her for almost ten minutes before she spasmed and pulled away. She laughed as I stood up and moved back onto the bed, “No one has ever done that.”

I moved over her and kissed her as I positioned my cock and pushed. She was more then wet enough but was so tight it took a moment to push into her. Tracy groaned as she spread her legs and lifted her hips. I continued to kiss her as I began to fuck her slowly. Before my cock hit her cervix she was convulsing and wailing. I started fucking her bucking body with deep thrusts, pushing into her womb.

Tracy was incoherent as her wet pussy rippled and squeezed my cock constantly. She was thrashing around and howling as I fucked her harder. I buried my cock and held her as I began to pee cum into her womb. She arched her back when she felt warm sperm flooding her and screamed. She jerked erratically and clutched me as I stopped and took a breath before thrusting into her slimy womb to spew more cum.

She jerked and began to spasm as her womb was filled completely. When I finally stopped cumming she was leaking and shaking as her pussy gripped my cock tight. I kissed her before slowly pulling out and laying beside her. I cupped her breast, “Rest and in a little while we can wash and do it again.”

Tracy laughed, “And I was afraid it would be constant sex for two days.”

I grinned, “Love making for me.”

It was as much fun to be with Tracy as it was Emily. When she left Sunday it was with a fierce hug and kiss. I made a quarter million that weekend. Grandmother as she told me to call her was more then pleased. I was tempted to quit my regular job but the money I had made didn’t seem real. I was back two weeks later and one thing I noticed was not all the guys returned each time.

This time I noticed a few men mixed in with the women as I made the rounds in the ballroom. There was a new guy this time and I was second. Most of the women were the same ones that had been here with Emily. Again the bidding went crazy and I went for a high price. The woman that bought me was as elegant as Emily had been and standing beside an older man.

She turned to kiss him before coming to take my hand and leading me away. As soon as the door closed behind us she turned to me, “Emily said you would be worth every penny.”

I was unsure but reached for her hand and led her to the other room. She pulled back at the bed, “I need to wash first.”

I shook my head, “That is my job.”

She looked at me in surprise as I turned and pulled her to the bathroom. I undressed her and folded her clothes neatly before helping her into the shower. I washed her carefully and tenderly and she began to sigh and relax. After I dried her off I led her back to the bed and helped her on before laying her back. She opened her mouth and then closed it as I kissed a nipple and moved down her body.

I noticed right away as I licked her that she still had her hymen which surprised me. I thought as I kept licking and teasing her. She was moaning and lifting her hips hesitantly and I started using two fingers to stretch her open. She winced at first but I was careful and continued to tease and suck on her clit. It wasn’t long before she wasn’t reacting as I stretched her.

She jerked and spasmed and thrust up hard before rolling away. I moved up between her legs and held her until she looked up into my face. I kissed her, “Are you sure?”

She nodded and bit her lip and I kissed her before lifting up and positioning my cock. She had become tense but I ignored that and kissed her before starting to hump. My cock started to enter her and I pulled back. She gasped and shivered as I kept doing that. It was several minutes before she groaned and spasmed, “fuck!”

I kissed her and suddenly thrust into her as she jerked and shook. She screamed and clutched at me but my cock was already buried to her womb. I held still and kept kissing her as she struggled and finally she relaxed, “Damn that hurt.”

I nodded and lifted up to look into her eyes, “I’ll wait until you are ready.”

She laughed and then hugged me, “Thank you.”

I kissed her softly, “No, thank you.”

It was a few minutes before her pussy squeezed my cock and she shuddered. I smiled and kissed her before pulling back and starting to fuck her slowly. At first she hissed but within a couple of minutes she was thrusting up and wailing as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. She squirted and thrashed around as her pussy milked my cock.

I fucked her a little harder and my cock slipped deeper to push into her womb. She howled as I held her with my cock throbbing and then I was peeing cum. She froze in surprise as she looked at me, “Oh my!”

I was shaking as I pumped cum into her and then I took a breath and she sighed. I pushed into her again and grunted as I began to spew more warm sperm into her already full womb. She jerked and screamed before starting to convulse. Her slimy pussy tightened even more as I continued to flood her. A third stream followed the second and then a fourth and fifth.

When I stopped cumming she was spasming and incoherent. I waited and just held her shaking body. It was several minutes before she relaxed. I kissed her and pulled out before laying beside her. I caressed her pelvis, “relax for awhile and we can take a warm bath. That should help.”

I slipped off the bed and went to the house phone like I had seen Emily do when she ordered meals. I picked it up and waited until it was answered, “The lady is going to need aspirin and something to reduce swelling.”

I hung up and a minute later grandmother open the door with a very large man. She cleared her throat, “What happened?”

I smiled, “She was a virgin.”

She blinked and then smiled and waved the man out, “How long ago did you stop?”

I glanced at the door, “A few minutes. I was going to give her a warm bath to relax.”

Grandmother nodded and turned as the man returned and handed her some pills. She crossed to hand them to me, “Give her more time between and keep giving her the warm baths.”

I nodded and went back into the bedroom, I went through into the bathroom for water and returned to the bed and handed the pills to the woman, “Take these.”

She took the pills and lay back again smiling, “I’m Christine.”

I sat beside her and held her hand and let her talk. She was the same age as Emily but had never had time or patients to date men. I finally went to start the bath and came back to help her out of bed. I sat her in front of me and slowly and gently washed her as she relaxed. The weekend with Christine went slowly and she seemed to love every minute.

When I got home there was a message for me from Emily. All it said was thank you for taking good care of her friend. I never realized how much the women talked until two weeks later. When I followed the other guys into the ballroom it was almost full of women. Grandmother appeared beside me, “I have a request Samuel.”

I smiled and waited and she actually blushed, “Six women have offered a pre bid of five hundred thousand each to share you for the weekend.”

I was surprised and she smiled, “Emily, Tracy and Christine all said you were still producing sperm Sunday night.”

I blushed and shrugged, “I can’t help it. It hurts if I don’t get release and waiting two weeks between is very... uncomfortable.”

She blinked and then grinned, “Tell you what, I’ll see what I can do to help.”

She looked around and gestured to the door, “Wait outside.”

I left and stood waiting and a minute later six women came out. They grinned and one grabbed my hand, “Come with us.”

The suite they took me to was huge. The bedroom had a bed big enough for a dozen people. The ladies began to undress as I waited and the one that had grabbed my hand, walked to me. She caressed my chest, “I’m Delilah.”

She started to push me back onto the bed but I turned and sat her down. I bent to kiss her before kneeling and opening her bald pussy. I licked through her pussy and started teasing her clit and heard the other women murmuring that they didn’t believe I was doing that. I continued to nibble and tease Delilah’s clit until she started bucking and screamed. I stood and moved her onto the bed. She grinned and rolled onto her stomach and lifted her hips, “I like it this way.”

I moved behind her and bent my cock before pushing into her. I started to fuck her with deep thrusts and her pussy started squeezing my cock right from the start. It was a few minutes before I hit her cervix and pushed. Delilah jerked away and then thrust back hard, “YES!”

I grunted as my cock was f***ed into her and then I held her hips as she howled and started convulsing. Her pussy grasped my cock and she squirted as she kept shaking. I began to fuck her with long thrusts and she continued to spasm and jerk as she kept squirting on me. I finally thrust into her and held her struggling hips against me. She screamed as I peed a warm stream of sperm into her womb.

She kept jerking erratically but I held her tight and spewed a huge second stream. Then I was pumping a third stream into her already full womb. Delilah howled as her womb expanded before cum was f***ed out around my cock. When I was done cumming I pushed her down and pulled out at the same time. I lay beside her and caressed her lovely butt.

It was a couple of minutes before she turned her head and sighed. I looked around and the other women had left. Delilah giggled, “The deal was one at a time.”

I smiled, “That makes me feel better. In an hour we can wash and I’ll take care of whoever is next.”

That was a long two days but all six women were extremely happy when they left. Grandmother handed me a bottle of pills as I dressed, “Take these and be back Friday.”

I looked at her, “Friday?”

She smiled, “I have someone to take care of your problem.”

She handed me the envelope with my check and left. The pills turned out to be supplements not that I thought I needed them. By Friday my balls were actually hurting and felt heavy. When I came into the mansion Grandmother met me and smiled as she walked me up to a room, “Take your time Samuel.”

I kissed her cheek, “I always do.”

She laughed as she walked away, “I know.”

In the room were two ladies in their early twenties. They looked exactly like each other, right down to the trimmed hearts in their pussy hair. I smiled and started undressing and they pulled me into the other room. One rubbed her firm breasts on my front while the other did it to my back, “I’m Sabrina and my s****r is Tabitha.”

I held her against me, “Thank you, I was hurting.”

They laughed and Tabitha kissed my shoulder, “That was what we were told. We were going to bid on you next week but this is better, we are fertile now.”

I kissed Sabrina and backed her to the bed before sitting her down and kneeling. She laughed as Tabitha giggled and moved onto the bed. As I started licking and teasing her clit she sighed, “Emily was right Tab.”

Tabitha pushed her down and kissed her passionately. I kept sucking and nibbling on her clit and it wasn’t long before she arched her back and screamed, “YYYEEEEESSSSSSS!”

She was jerking and shaking as she wiggled away from me and I stood. I moved onto the bed and Tabitha pulled me down and rolled me onto my back. Sabrina straddled me and lifted up so her s****r could position my cock. She slowly impaled herself before starting to rock. It wasn’t long before she was breathing harder and became erratic.

She was rocking and thrusting back and forth as her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. She started rocking hard and forcing my cock deeper into her womb. I cupped her breasts and tugged on her nipples and she gasped before wailing as she wet me and started convulsing. She jerked and shook as my cock throbbed and I pulled her hips down and held them.

She looked at me suddenly as I arched my back and started to pee cum into her womb. Sabrina screamed as warm sperm exploded into her and her whole body stiffened. She kept having twitches and jerks as I shuddered and spewed another stream of cum. Then I pumped a huge third and spurted a fourth, fifth and sixth before stopping.

I pulled her down and rolled before kissing her and slowly pulling out. Tabitha laughed and hugged her as I moved off her, “I told you he would be better then one of the others.”

I relaxed and caressed Sabrina’s pelvis, “We’ll wash in an hour and then I’ll tie your s****r to the bed to ravage her.”

Sabrina grinned and then laughed as her s****r giggled. Those two were as active as all six ladies from last week and wore me out. They both kissed me passionately before leaving and letting me get dressed. Grandmother was waiting and handed me another envelope and another bottle of supplements. She shook her head before letting me leave.

A dinner invitation was waiting when I got home. From the smell of perfume I thought it was Emily. I was right and wrong, the invitation was for Tuesday night so I was able to get some rest. It turned out to be Emily and Christine. They didn’t try anything and we had a nice dinner while we talked. That set a precedent every two weeks we would meet to have dinner.

Emily and Christine were close friends. I did auctions every two weeks and in between I had one or two clients Grandmother picked out. Six months later Emily and Christine asked me to stop and live with them. I was tempted but being a sex toy isn’t what I wanted. Emily solved that by asking me to marry her and live with them.
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1 year ago
Jeeesz, talke about "seed" money!!Just up to Sabrina and Tabitha, Samuel had made over four million dollars!! Sizzling money! Great story, well written and smoothly executed. There is a couple sections that are not easily interpreted nor understood, but overall the story turns out quite good. The dialogue of the characters was elegant and precise. The theme is very unique and unusually appropo to being a human stud. What a gig!! Two days of non-stop, high class pussy, and earning dollars up into six figures.
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excellent story....
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Great story!
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great story
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Very hot indeed
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Very nice story ,thank you.