education of jami

I heard the sound of tires crunching on the gravel drive as a car pulled into the drive, a door slammed and her voice called out to me, “HI Mr. E, is Ian around?” I turned and there stood Jami. She lived down the street and she and my youngest were fast friends.

I thought it weird that she just stopped by. All the k**s were networked and surely she knew he was out.

Jami and Ian had been friends for years. Even though Jami was older by 4 years they got along great. He was old for his age and she seemed young.

“No Ian and his aunt went to the store for a while...they will be back later”..

My wife, Ian's Mom had been gone for a couple of years now and we were getting by, but we all missed her. I focused on the k**s thinking that I could date once they were out of the house and that they didn't need any more confusion than they already had. I spent a lot of time taking cold showers...thinking of Jami.

“Would you tell him I stopped by? I want to tell him about the college I decided to go to.” she said.

“Sure..which one...I won't tell! Promise”

She asked “Can I really trust you?”

I looked her in the eyes and said “You can always trust me...on anything!”

I was in the shop sitting on my shop stool at the work bench and she took a step inside to get out of the sun. The lights were off as it was cooler inside without it. The garage faced away from the road and no one could see into it from the neighborhood.

“I looked at a couple of small schools down south, I think I found the one I want to go to”. She mentioned some tiny private school that was about 2 hours away. “ That way Ian can come visit once he gets his license!”

I thought, damn I am going to miss her hanging out at the house.

Jami was always skinny, but now had started to grow some curves as well. About 5'5 and not much more than 85 pounds if that, she had some nice small breasts, a great ass, beautiful cheek bones and a gap between her legs that I am sure I could cup her whole pussy with my big old hand and not touch either side.

She was the flyer on her cheer squad and was in great shape, flexible and fearless.

I sat back on the shop stool and said....”big move going that far away...are you ready for it?”

She said she was, that her s****r had talked to her about it as well, but there were still a few things she wasn't sure of. As she rambled on I brought her back to those things.

“So tell me...what are the things you are unsure of?”

She smiled and said “I really shouldn't ask you, it is sort of ...well....personal”

I said “well who you gonna ask then...your mom and dad? Ian? Tell me one issue and let me help!”

She stepped in a a few steps more. The light outside the garage had her in silhouette. Curves, brown hair and that lovely gap.

“well....I have never......never....never had any beer or gotten d***k and I am going to college!”

“Well that isn't to hard to fix we can get some beer and you can try it out. I'll make sure you are ok...You just have to find some time to sneak over here. Besides it will be better to find your limits around someone you can trust instead of some horny frat boy! Too bad you are driving or I'd give you one now!”

I keep a fridge in the garage for beer and some extra food. I walked over to it, grabbed one, cracked it open and chugged about ¾ of it. I handed her the rest, “here is a taste...that won't get you d***k”

She took a sip and made a funny face, I said, “Not all that great is it? You will learn to like...there are lots of things in life that at first you think UGH and then you learn to like!! One weekend when you don't need to drive you will have to come over for a while.”

She seemed relieved and softened a bit.

“Next problem?”

“Well....I have had a few boyfriends, but all we have ever done is make out...I don't want to mess things up in college!”

I was a bit taken back at the frankness. I knew she was shy and slightly socially backwards, heck she hung out with my son who was 14 and had been since he was 8 or 9.

My voice cracked a little. “what kind of things do you need help with?”

She said “I am not even sure...I have watch some videos online and it all seems scary!”

“Are you talking about actual sex?”

“Well yeah....I am 18 now and I have no idea what to do...”

I thought long and hard about what I was about to say.

“Well tell me what have you done?....You have made out...have you ever given a blow job or had a guy go down on you?”

“I touched a penis once and then we got interrupted....and no one has ever touched me down there...just me!”

I said “well tell me about that...I am trying to figure out what you need help with”

Jami looked shy again, but then she explained that her mom had a vibrator in her night stand and that she had put it inside a couple of times...that the first time it hurt and she bleed some but then it felt better, but she didn't understand the big deal.

I explained to her about virginity and that she likely was just getting warmed up and had never had an orgasm.

“I saw a video about girls having orgasms and it looks intense...I definitely didn't do that!”

I said “you make sure that any boy you are going to be with knows how to give you an orgasm before you go any further with him or give him one. And don't believe anything you see in online porn...most of those are cut and spliced or outright fake. Sex is about the exploration and journey and giving each other intense pleasure...not getting a load shot on your face, unless you want that...”

“I don't even know how to give myself one..” her voice trailed off”

“It's not that hard, you were just working on the wrong part! And lets call it coming...orgasm is too technical”

She smiled and asked “What do you mean? I had it inside of me! All the way and it felt good! Does it get that much better?”

I sat back in my chair and said “You need to work the you know what your clit is? Have you ever rubbed up against something and it fell great?” knowing full well that mom was pretty repressed and likely had not explained that to her.

She looked confused.

“The clit is a at the top of your slit under a little cover and you need to rub it or stroke it or lick it and then you will come. You never humped your pillow or rubbed on it at all?”

“SHOW ME” she said.

Oh fuck I thought to myself, now I have done it. “I can't do that, its not right!”

“Why not I am 18...please?....I won't tell!!”.....”Anyone”......”Ever”.....”promise”

I climbed down off the shop stool, walked over to the garage door opener, pushed the down button then motioned for her to climb up. I was glad I had sweats on as it was hiding a raging hard on.

She had on some gym shorts, a pink bra and a sleeveless T. She climbed up in the stool and gave it a spin around like a k**.

I said “you want the full experience or do you just want me to show you whats up?”

She thought a moment and said...”I want the full experience.”

“We need a safe that if you say it ….everything stops immediately...always have a safe word..”

She thought for a minute and said “Ian”...I thought kinky, but that will work.

I leaned into her and held her chin in one hand, cradling the back of her head with my other and kissed her softly on the lips. Pulling back to gauge her reaction I saw she had both eyes closed and was waiting.

I moved back in and gently kissed the corners of her mouth and moved away again. Her eyes remained closed, but her lips parted slightly.

I kissed her again on the lips and lightly ran my tongue the length of her lips and she shuddered.

I said “now I want you to run your tongue along my lips...” and moved back in. She did as she was told and I felt her tongue gracefully find the tip of mine and I pressed her against me.”

I backed off again and she looked up at me with her brown eyes wild. “the last time I kissed someone it was all sloppy and he kept trying to gag me with his tongue...but that was amazing”

“don't worry you can do all the heavy kissing but you have to work up to is all about the journey, not the the arrival...same with the orgasm, I meaning cumming!”

I kissed her again but more deeply, parting, delving, swirling...she smelled sweet and tasted sweeter.

Her hips had already started rising against me as we kissed and she sat in the chair, I knew it was going to be an amazing moment when the journey ended.

I slid a hand to her shoulder and pulled the top of her pink bra strap out to one side and she deftly pulled one arm out of the strap, I did the same with the other strap and reaching behind her with one hand I popped the clasp and pulled the small lacy pink bra out from one side.

I stroked the back of one hand across her chest and felt a firm nipple as I passed over it. She shuddered again.

I pulled back and clearly she had two erect nipples standing proud of her perfectly shaped tits. I wondered ….pink or brown?...I was going to find out soon enough.

I leaned in and worked my way up from the base of her neck to just behind her ear with a row of delicate kisses, her body shivering and shuddering the whole way as I gently circled her firm aureola with the thumb of my right hand.

As I nibble on her earlobe I cupped her breast and softly squeezed, she let out a soft moan of pleasure.

I lifted her arms while we kissed and slid her shirt upwards, parting our kiss as it passed between us and she shimmied out of it.

She sat back in the warm garage and covered her breasts with her hands and looked up at me with a beautiful smile. She then lowered her hands to mine and lifted them to replace hers and taking my face in her hands pulled me into her for another long kiss. They were pink...and swollen so hard they looked sore.

Her nipples felt like hot coals in my palms as I gently kneaded my hands around her tits.

She pulled away and leaned her head back and whispered “If this is the journey I can't imagine the destination..”

I lowered my face to her chest and traced a circle around the outer edges of each nipple, she played nonchalantly with my ears and starred down at me as I worked. My lips formed a suction of the pink aureola and gently pulled each one alternately into my mouth, with a swirl of my tongue several times around.

I focused on her right nipple while my right hand played with her left and my elbow happened to rest on her pubic mound. I could feel her hips rise and fall as my arm moved to work her breast in slow circles and my elbow applied pressure to the area just above her clit, stretching the skin that it was attached to, working it without her even realizing.

I reached down and ran a finger around the waist band of her shorts and thought....not yet. I pulled away and took one her small hands in mine and placed it palm down against my sweat pants.

I said “That is what you do to me.” She closed her hand around the shaft and her eyes got bigger. “Can it I see your penis?”

I said “don't call it a penis unless you are at the it a cock or a dick...just like yours is a pussy or a cunt. It is ok to talk dirty when you are having sex!”

“Can I see your ….cock?” she said and grinned.

“Soon enough...remember you give nothing to the guy until he gets you off.”

I slid a hand up the side of her shorts and over her pubic bone, a light peach fuzz of hair was all that was there. “You shave?” She said “I saw that online and tried it. It feels much better this way”

Pulling my hand out I slipped two fingers in her waist band and she lift her hips to me and her shorts joined her shirt and bra on the workbench.

She clenched her legs together and hid her sex from me. I pulled her face up to meet mine and we kissed deeply, her legs parted as she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into her. Her hips rising to meet my swollen cock wrapped in the soft sweat pants. Her whole body tensed and trembled as she rubbed her mound against me and then she wrapped her legs up and around my ass.

I leaned back and stared deep into her eyes. “so far we have broken some boundaries, but nothing too major. I want you to know I will stop the instant you say the word, but will continue as far as you will let me go. I promise it will be worth your while.”

She smiled and pulled me back hard against her, I had started a fire.

I dropped to one knee and she placed a leg on my shoulder. I traced the outline where her thighs met the sides of her labia from front to back down once side and up the other, d**g my fingers lightly over her asshole as I went. I noticed an involuntary shuddering and a pucker of the tiny pink hole.

Putting my palm over her opening (yes I could fit an entire hand across that lovely gap) and my fingers up over her mound I completely covered her sex and slowly moved my hand in a small circle. I could feel her lips part against my palm and her wetness begin to seep out.

I then traced the line of each labia as they slightly parted, inside, outside as they blossomed like a flower blooming.

I could see the small pearl of her clit under the hood and knew she would be sensitive.

I leaned in and licked from just above her asshole all the way up to the hood. Warm, slightly salt, but so sweet.

I first took one finger and slid it into her while staring at her eyes. They were wild with desire. I stroked the walls of her vagina and acclimated her to someone else being inside her....”first” ...I thought..

I slipped a second finger inside and she accommodated me well. Hooking both fingers up towards her g spot I nearly lifter her off the stool. As I pulled upwards I leaned down and placed my open mouth over her hood and swirled my tongue over her. She was already close to cumming so I pulled back off and she hissed “don't stop”...

I said “it is about the journey not the destination” and slid my fingers out of her, lazily tracing her labia and brushing her hood.

When her breathing slowed I inserted one finger and loaded it with her wetness. I leaned in and let a ball of spit land on my out stretched finger and then continued on until I was again lapping at her labia.

As I neared the hood I pressed a finger against her anus and circled it slowly. I could feel each crinkle and ridge as it pulsed in time with my mouth sucking her clit. Eventually I slipped the tip of one finger into her ass and removed it a couple of times. With my other hand I lightly pulled the skin above her mound upwards, this pulled the hood up and over the clit and allowed full access to her most sensitive part.

As I lowered my lips to her mound I swirled her asshole with my finger. Once I made contact with her clit and felt her hips rise to meet me I pushed deeply into her asshole with my wet finger and slid my thumb into her cunt.

3 or 4 strung sucks and a couple of swipes with my tongue and her body went in intensely rigid and she began convulsing, 5,6,7 hard bucks and she went limp. I eased my finger out of her ass and gently kissed her mound above her clit being careful not to over stimulate her as she revived from her “petit mal” or little death.

As she sobered she looked up at me as I beamed down on her. My work here was done. Now she had an orgasm...unfortunately for her it was probably one of the best she would have for a long time as the groping college boys spilled their seed way to fast and failed to fulfill their partners.

She slid up in the stool and had a look of complete relaxation and a stoned stupor about her.

She pulled me into her and kissed me deeply....”I always wondered what I tasted like and now I know....thank you!”

I gathered her clothes from the work bench and began to turn them right side out so she could put them on. Handing her the pretty pink bra she said “wait....what about you?”

I explained that I was fixing her problems and she shouldn't worry about me.

She slipped her hand down along my sweat pants, which were now sopping wet with pre cum.

I pulled her hand away and said “no...” She pulled me down and kissed me hard. Letting me up she whispered in my ear....”I need to know how to give a blow job....but right now I want your cock in my pussy”

One of her hands plunged down the front of my pants and pulled at my throbbing cock. The air felt cool and her hand was like fire.

I said “one goes with the other, so are you sure?” The tug on the back of my neck as she pulled me in close told me everything we need to know.

I picked her little body up off the stool and spun around and sat down on the stool with her spread on my lap, she fumbled for footing and got herself steady. As she leaned over me she pressed her hot crotch hard against me and took several long strokes up and down my hard cock with her open pussy.

I pushed her off and steadied her as her feet hit the cold cement floor. I arched my back and slid my sweats down and kicked them off. Her eyes lit up.

“this is the first one I have seen...I had only touched one before...and it was much smaller”

I am sure to her it looked huge, but in reality I am only average...far as I am concerned the better to deep throat or shove up her ass.

She reached down and put her hand around the shaft.

I said “Here are the rules. Once it is hard you can squeeze a cock almost as hard as you can, you have to be gentle with the balls and don't rub the head much unless it is wet or lube or I'll be raw”.

I pointed out that the head is like her clit and is very sensitive.

She asked “Does it feel as good for you when I finger your ass as it does for me?”

I said “ you remember how I curled my fingers up and pushed inside of you? You do the same thing but you will push on my prostate...I was pushing on your G spot”

She tentatively licked along the shaft as she slowly moved her hand up and down. She pulled back and beamed up at me like she had been given a new toy to play with. She then place both hands on my cock and lowered her mouth around my swollen head and swirled her tongue around several times. I moaned. “I liked it when you did that to my clit...figured you would like it too...”

I leaned down and kissed her deeply and could faintly taste my cock and precum on her.

I let her play for a few more minutes, licking my balls, lowering her head down over my cock, circling my ass with her finger.

She looked up at me and said “lets try 69”

“You have been watching porn haven't you....” my voiced trailed off as she stood up and walled over to a canvas tarp that I used for painting. She spread it out and sat down on it. I clambered over to her and knelt next to her, her hand cupped my balls and the other found its way to my neck and pulled me down to her breast. As I sucked on her hardening nipples she rubber her other breast.

I broke off and lay down on the tarp with my head down in her lap and lifted her leg over my neck. Diving into her pussy with my tongue and lapping up the sweet juices I covered every inch and kept coming back to her clit to build tension. I wrapped my arms around her ass and spread her cheeks apart and, dipping my fingers into her pussy for lube, started finger her ass. First with one finger, then two.

After a while she dropped her head down into my lap and there we lay side by side. Her leg over my shoulder and her face buried on my cock.

I could feel the rhythm that was building as her body surged against mine with each lick, each intrusion into her ass and the slurping of her mouth on my cock.

I rolled away from her and let her lay on her stomach. I roughly grabbed her by the hips and d**g her to her knees, leaving her breasts flat against the rough canvas. Her back arched into a beautiful curve as her stomach dropped. This served to rotate and open her pelvis displaying her pussy and ass to me in a way no man had ever seen her.

I drove two fingers into her pussy and downward, reach for her g spot and dragging them back hard against it. I massaged her g spot in small circles and with my free hand rubbed her mound, leaving her clit inside its protective hood.

Her pelvis responded by pushing hard back against me and urging more of my hand inside of her warm opening. I pulled my wet fingers out and replaced them with my left fingers inside and my thumb riding in her wet slit and up to her clit.

With my driping fingers I drove a cone of three fingers into her ass, slowly, slowly I could feel alternate tension and relaxation. At each relaxation my fingers sunk deeper and deeper, stretching her sphincter.

A low gutteral moan emanated from deep within her body.

I pulled my left hand from her pussy and held it down to her mouth, she lapped up her juices from my glistening fingers.

I brought my rock hard cock to the entrance of her pussy and slipped the head up and down several times. As I passed the opening she pushed back against me and took my whole cock deep into her body. “First” I thought....

I felt the cock head slide alongside her cervix, like a second tongue swirling around the pulsing head.

I felt her alternately clench and relax as she savored the feeling of being one with another person for the first time in her young life.

“That is amazing”she cooed. I put a hand on each of her hips and rotated her hips as I slowly drove in and out of her. Pulling all the way out and then sinking all the way in.

Once she had the rhythm I placed the palm of my hand on the small of her back just above her ass and pressed her spine downward. Her crack opened up and her asshole, still glistening from its earlier intrusion pulsed as I drove into her.

“Rub your clit” I said. She freed her hand from under her body and reached back between our legs.

She gently held my balls in her warm palm and allowed me to fuck her as she tugged and gently massage my cum laden balls.

I said “when they shrink up and tighten you know I am going to cum...don't let boys come in your pussy without a condom...and be careful other places.” years ago I had been snipped so I had no qualms about filling her with my seed, but that would have to wait for another place and time since I was coming in her ass.

“Rub your clit” I repeated....she moved her hand up to her clit and started rubbing, her intensity immediately increased.

I pulled out and dropped to lick and suck her pussy. I spit a glob on her asshole and ran my thumb into her. She rubbed harder.

“I am going to slip the tip in and once it is in you should be able to take the whole thing at once”

“In my ass?” she said timidly. “Of are ready!!”

I placed my cock against her pink asshole and pushed gently. As she relaxed the tip slipped in gently, then another inch.

“You can push back at your pace and it will be ok” I said to her softly.

She dropped her spine and pushed steadily back until my cock was rooted fully in her ass.

I could feel her rub her clit as my balls were hard up against her pussy. Each time she hit her clit her asshole tensed and relaxed. Like she was milking my cock with her ass.

She pulled forward, almost all the way off and immediately pushed hard back against me, after 3 or 4 times she pulled my hand to her hips and said “move me like you did and fuck my ass!”

With both hands I controlled the gyrations of her hips and the pace of the pounding.

I wasn't going to last long at this pace.

She said “You are going to come soon ….I can feel your balls tighten up!” at that point she went back to rubbing hard on her clit...she was pushing herself over the edge.

I felt the first spasm of her ass as the orgasm began to rock through her body, she kept rubbing hard on her clit and slamming back hard against me. Each slam was accompanied with her asshole clenching hard around my cock. I felt the first spurt of hot come from deep within my balls race through my cock and splatter against the inside of her bowels.

She responded to the sensation by pounding hard and slapping at her clit.

I shot 7 or 8 hard loads deep inside of her tight ass and collapsed forward on her, forcing her onto the tarp. I rolled her onto her side and cradled her in my arms as she had clearly passed out cold. As she came to I stroked her hair and rubbed her shoulders.

Eventually my softening cock slid out of her ass and she let out a sad “awww” and then told me it had been wonderful.

As we cleaned up and got dressed I said “ our secret right?” She smiled and said ...”that keep doing that for me and I will never tell anyone!”

“Promise, cross my heart!” I said.

I actually felt a little sorry for her since I had set the bar pretty high for her and her future lovers, but maybe she could teach them a thing or two. Maybe eventually Ian.

As I watched that sweet little ass sway back to the car I realized she clearly had a different step to her walk. I sure hope her mom and dad didn't notice....

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your stories are mind blowing keep em cummming yeh
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Great story reminds me of my first time. ;)
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Great story!