White Mature MILF/Black Guy: Secret Fucks Pt. 2 (F

This is the 2nd and last steamy I.M. convo I saved from our many over the years. This one is pretty much as hot as part one. As you see here this was near the end of our fling since her cockblocking son was living with her at the time. If my memory serves me correct, I did go to her house on this night and bang her on the floor very quietly and quickly in her closed in sun porch which was freezing, lol. Anyway, enjoy and tell me what you think.

WhtMILF: ;-)
WhtMILF: i wish u could slip under my dress rite now and taste this
WhtMILF: i miss that
ME: yeah, i wanna lick that pussy good
ME: mmmm
WhtMILF: i want u to take it and work it like u do
WhtMILF: i want that every night
WhtMILF: u make me cum soooooooo good
ME: same here
ME: i wanna fill that pussy up with come
WhtMILF: i wanted u to cum in me soooo bad I want to feel u empty that dick inside me
WhtMILF: i want u jerking violently deep in there
WhtMILF: while I squeeze and milk it
ME: mmmmm
ME: make it happen
WhtMILF: i want that dick slipping in and out
ME: please
ME: i wanna slap my cock on that bushy pussy
WhtMILF: ;-):-)
WhtMILF: well, unless he goes somewhere tonight I’m stuck
ME: :-(
WhtMILF: unless i sneak u in the back room if he goes to sl**p early enough who knows
WhtMILF: brb
ME: ok
WhtMILF: sorry, had to throw a load of laundry in
ME: ok
WhtMILF: i'm gonna take a nice cool shower in a few minutes....feel like some fresh pussy?
WhtMILF: i need u to take it all and make me cum for u so i can take that hard dick
ME: dont tease me, lol
WhtMILF: u make this pussy so sensitive and slippery
ME: i bet
WhtMILF: i am imagining u rite now taking all this pussy for yourself
ME: mmmm
WhtMILF: i can feel your forehead down there and massage it gently
WhtMILF: u make me moan and quiver
WhtMILF: all that sucking drives me nuts and i NEVER want u to stop
WhtMILF: i can feel u under the sheets mastering this pussy
WhtMILF: and me begging u to take it all
ME: oh yeah
ME: do that
WhtMILF: u know i LOVE it
WhtMILF: and u do me even more
WhtMILF: soft then slow
WhtMILF: i love it when your slow on my pussy
WhtMILF: i feel every damn move u make
WhtMILF: it's sooo wet
ME: wow
WhtMILF: and sensual
WhtMILF: and erotic
ME: especially when i cum a little bit
WhtMILF: yea, i love that
WhtMILF: then u suddenly start to work it fast
WhtMILF: sucking me so hard as if to empty all of me
WhtMILF: u take all i got
WhtMILF: then fill me with that sweet black dick that u know i need
WhtMILF: it's so smooth and hard i want to just empty it rite then and there
WhtMILF: deep inside my swollen pussy
WhtMILF: replacing the wetness u just sucked from my pussy
WhtMILF: with your cum
ME: mmmm
WhtMILF: i love when it's slow and slipping in and out with those long strokes
WhtMILF: u give me a good nasty fuck
WhtMILF: it always feels so good
WhtMILF: i don't even mind when your tongue is working my ass that tongue is so good it can go anywhere
ME: mmmmmm
ME: sounds so good
ME: i like working that ass and clit
WhtMILF: i hope to cum for u like that with u on my ass. i wonder if i can?
WhtMILF: it does feel good after i got used to it
ME: really
ME: i like flickin my tongue on it
WhtMILF: yes i'm starting to really enjoy u doing it. sometimes i think i could let u do it 4ever
WhtMILF: it feels so fucking good
ME: wow, im glad your used to it and like it
WhtMILF: i think my son is home
WhtMILF: brb
ME: ok
WhtMILF: yea he is:-(
WhtMILF: i'll talk to u later
ME: ok

Bonus Emails:
This one was from the top of 2006:

Hey, where r u? I am in desperate need of your sweet smooth dick going deep in my white pussy, pulsating and coming hard for me...I miss that master tongue action you put on my pussy too...I need you to take care of business ASAP! I need to cum so bad that I can taste that dark meat already. I want to cum for you a few times--so I need u to work my body. I can hardly wait for u to taste this milky pussy waiting to service you. Get in touch with me when u read this, I want to cum till I'm dizzy for your skillz.

This one is from Spring 2005 (i think had to nut and leave quick that night, lol):

Wow, I was wondering when I'd hear from u, I was so upset when u left that nite, after U came in me and left me hanging like that....I needed to cum so bad and I needed U to make it happen! Your dick was feeling sooooo good inside me and I never got to suck on that sweetness of yours, plus...I wanted to feel your lips on my aching pussy Now that I'm not thinking about sex cuz I don't seem to be getting any....you write me and make me want sex. I want u over here in my pussy ASAP...I want that sweet slow fucking again from u....I want you to suck me until I cum for u...I want basically to fuck you to death! I have to have U for a few hours, I want it All! Damn, I can taste your dick already and feel you sucking this sweet pussy til I can't take it anymore....I feel your tongue slipping deep inside my honey...tasting my sweet juices...I want to get on top of you and come crashing down on that dark pipe of yours ,,call me asap so we can get together NOW

This was from a month before the last one in 2005:

Hi, if u get this let me know if i can call u tonite or u come by late tonite when he's sl**ping. i'm needing u

This is from the same month as above:

hey, altho i want u Tonite. i really need u to be in me ASAP call me so we can set up a time to get together ! I can't wait to feel you all over me my b*****r is here and staying in my son's room, but I shut my door all the way every nite and he never comes in... or maybe we can shoot for damn near all nite this friday

Another from the top of that same month. You can see how her bum b*****rs messed things up in this one:

Hey, wow it's been a long time...i have been aching for that sweet dick...well, my b*****r is hardly ever here but my other b*****r is staying here now. he and his roommate lost they're apartment and hopefully in the next few days he'll have another one. I still want to get with you ...immediately...i have to have that dark meat inside my pussy giving me what i want NOW! Call me (it's quicker) or email me and let me know when you can get out for most of the nite...i hate to go to a hotel and u have to leave after one cum...i need to do you a few times and go home just before daylite like 5:30 or so...or get the hotel early like 9 pm and stay 'till about 3...I want to feel your sweet lips sucking my swollen pussy...until i just about pass out from the pleasure you give me...you are the best at what you do to me...i wish i could keep that dick in me all day and just keep squeezing it softly till you beg me to Tighten up and take what's mine and make you climax and shudder deep in my pussy. I have to stop, i can't take it anymore....call me or email fast

And this last one from Winter 2005:

hey, where r u? can u get away one nite ASAP???!!!! I need to do u real bad. i want u in me and all over my pussy = over and over and over again. i'm hot and pulsating just thinking about doing u. i can feel that sweet dick in me and your magic tongue working me into a frenzy already. r u wet yet?
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