White Mature Milf/Black Guy: Secret Fucks Pt. 1

Around 2001 I met this 40 something white mature beauty (now 53)on AOL chat. We chatted one evening and we opted to me each other the next evening at her house. I went to her house and the pussy was good as all hell. After our first encounter we met up for the next 7 years at her house maybe 2-3 times a month normally on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday Night around 12:00am to have great sex. We never talked too much on the phone or anything like that, but the sex was very meditative. For most of our encounters she would leave the door unlocked for me around 11:45pm, jump in the shower and I would always arrive while she was in the shower. I would go into her bedroom get undressed, lay in her bed and patiently wait for her sweet blond pussy to fuck. I know that she really did not want her neighbors or relatives to know she was fucking a Black guy, so everything was always on the lo late at night. As the years went on her dysfunctional b*****rs and s****r and degenrate son became a nuisance to our fuck sessions since they started living with her on and off from 2004 to the present. So our sexual ride came to an end in 2007 around the time i moved out of town. Too bad she never let me take any pics of her. I did save a few of our AOL I.M. chats though.This one was from around the end of 2005/top of 2006, and as u can tell i was kinda creeping myself during this first one, lol. The names are changed to protect the innocent, lol. Check the first of about three steamy chats I saved below:

ME: well what time does your son get out of school and what time is your mother coming?
WhtMILF: my mother should be here in an hour and then she has to run me a few places i let my son take the car cuz of the guy coming early for the toilet repair
ME: ooo
ME: :-(
ME: well i tried
WhtMILF: :-[
WhtMILF: sorry
WhtMILF: i reallly would like to fuck u now anyways
ME: i wanna fuck u too
WhtMILF: =-O
WhtMILF: :-D
ME: i wish u would have got on earlier
WhtMILF: i can feel your velvet tongue parting my lips and working this sweet pussy into madness
ME: i need some of that sweet pussy
WhtMILF: i love the feel of that warm mouth wrapped all up in my pussy FORCING me to cum
ME: yeAH
ME: i luv suckin it til u cum
WhtMILF: sometimes i want to just lay there and close my eyes, relax and enjoy your magic on my pussy for a long time to just relax and space out
ME: when your by your self?
WhtMILF: then u work this pussy deep and make me cum
WhtMILF: no, i think about this scenario
ME: ic
WhtMILF: u doing me for a long time and me enjoying it
ME: sounds nice
WhtMILF: taking my mind off everything
WhtMILF: drifting off
ME: yeah, same here
ME: i have the same thought often
WhtMILF: sometimes i need it so bad
WhtMILF: i think of it as u draining me off all my energy but i don't care cuz i need u so bad and want to just drift off anyways
ME: mmmmmm
WhtMILF: then i am so refreshed
ME: this happens at home and work still
ME: sounds so sexy
WhtMILF: no at work i think abaout u under my desk ;-)
ME: oooo
WhtMILF: at home i want u under the sheets
WhtMILF: sucking my into oblivion
WhtMILF: :-P
ME: i wanna fuck u right now
WhtMILF: and i want u too believe me i want u to
WhtMILF: i want to give it to u all of it take it all
ME: i wish i could at least see it right now
ME: see that ass in the air
ME: those sexy titties hanging
ME: while i rub your back and fuck u from behind
WhtMILF: i want that dick in me too
ME: i will fuck u in your garage right now if i have to
WhtMILF: but u staying still and letting me roll around it while u slowly push it in deeper
WhtMILF: i want u to EXPLODE in me so i can feel you release in me
ME: mmmmmmm
WhtMILF: heheheee the garage
WhtMILF: it's so cold
WhtMILF: i know u want it bad
ME: i wanna feel your pussy filled with my cum and yours
WhtMILF: u wanna feel my pussy after u cum?
ME: yes
WhtMILF: rub the outside? i need more info
ME: with my dick in you i wanna feel your pussy full of my cum and yours while my dick is in you
WhtMILF: I'm the one who never wants u to get out i always want to feel it in me after we cum
ME: oh yeah
WhtMILF: i want u to leave it in there and relax so i can squeeze it every now and then
WhtMILF: and make that sweet dick of mine cum back to life
WhtMILF: i LOVE to feel it grow deep in my pussy
WhtMILF: filling me up with that hard meat
WhtMILF: but i also like to empty it in me too to make it limp
WhtMILF: i love draining that dick in my pussy
WhtMILF: sometimes it gives me a little tingly feeling when u take it out and it's limp
ME: yeah
WhtMILF: it feels so good i want u to suck on my pussy rite then
ME: let me know next time - i will
WhtMILF: to take our cum our of me to drain me i love when u drain me
WhtMILF: and then fill me rite back up again
ME: talk to me in bed - tell me what u want
ME: i like hearing u moan
WhtMILF: this time u give it to me good and strong deep and alot
WhtMILF: ok I'll remember that
ME: do that
ME: u haven't sucked me off in a while
WhtMILF: I'm sitting here imagining u doing me now
ME: u act like u have to bring ur self to doing it
ME: wow
ME: too bad i cant see u
WhtMILF: too bad u weren't HERE
WhtMILF: fucking me
ME: i can be there
ME: in 15 minutes
WhtMILF: lol i want u too i need it
WhtMILF: but i can't
WhtMILF: i don't wanna take that chance
ME: is that pussy still bushy like i like it
WhtMILF: i haven't shaved since u said u don't like it shaved
ME: wow
ME: thanks
ME: i like that natural look
ME: i get to see that blond hair
WhtMILF: look if u wanted to suck cherries out of this pussy i'd let u u do it so well
ME: ok
ME: what else would u let me do.....
WhtMILF: =-O
WhtMILF: somehow i knew you'd start thinking of some shit
WhtMILF: I don't know all i know is it will never be anything painful
ME: well pain isn't my thing
WhtMILF: and i'm thankful for that
ME: anal is about as close as i get to pain
WhtMILF: cuz all i want is to moan to whatever u do to me
ME: sounds good
ME: i like to hear u tell me the pussy is mine
WhtMILF: oh yeah?
WhtMILF: i guess that would be music to someone's ears lol
ME: yeah, as long as it real/natural
WhtMILF: well i know your dick is mine when i feel that sweetness melting in my pussy emptying deep inside me that throbbing dick talks to me like a baby
WhtMILF: purring it needs only me
WhtMILF: almost begging me to keep taking that dick for myself
WhtMILF: wanting me to suck the life out of it
WhtMILF: and to keep letting u get lost inside my pussy
WhtMILF: u can't get deep enuf u try tho
WhtMILF: and i just keep milking that dick in me
WhtMILF: cuz i luv it
ME: u can't get deep enuf
WhtMILF: i'm greedy i want to empty everything u got inside of me all of it
ME: im not big enough for u?
WhtMILF: what do u mean?
WhtMILF: i didn't say that
ME: nuthin
WhtMILF: what i meant was if u could u would go all the inside my body
WhtMILF: just a figure of speech not that it is possible
WhtMILF: just sexual
ME: ok
WhtMILF: to get lost losing it like it 's so good your losing it as in your mind
WhtMILF: now is it clear?
ME: mmmmmm
ME: yes
WhtMILF: i want pleasure all the time
WhtMILF: sometimes i'm not in the mood but i KNOW as soon as u start working me I"m gone
WhtMILF: and it's soooooooooooooooo fucking good
ME: well when can we fuck
ME: tell me something definite
WhtMILF: let me see about later on maybe my son will take off for a little while
WhtMILF: i can't i don't know
ME: ok
ME: i understand
ME: i wish u had a pass for the hotel
WhtMILF: if he leaves for a while i will call u
WhtMILF: Y? u can't go anyways
ME: i can go to a hotel
ME: i can say im in ** or ** ** with my friends
WhtMILF: oh i thought u meant the casino hotel
ME: yeah i do
WhtMILF: i wish one of us had a nice warm truck or van we could get in the back and lay down
WhtMILF: in an emergency
WhtMILF: a needy fuck
WhtMILF: on some dark deserted road at nite oh that would be a turn on fuck me good
WhtMILF: for a few hours please
WhtMILF: i want all of it
ME: thats sounds like something we can do at the (local seaside park)
WhtMILF: no everyone goes there and not in a car where people can see
WhtMILF: if a truck yes
ME: ok
WhtMILF: hehee i haven't heard that one in yrs
ME: i normally go down there at night and walk around
WhtMILF: r u nuts? y?
WhtMILF: alone?
ME: I'm not nuts
ME: its a bunch of people go fishing or walking down there at night
WhtMILF: u walk around alone? thats' scary to me
ME: and there not pervs
ME: nah, its cool
WhtMILF: oh i'm talking like midnite or so
ME: now *** park on the other hand, i hate
WhtMILF: that's only open til 10
WhtMILF: u can't get laid there
ME: i dont go there anyway
ME: too bad u don't have a hotel pass
WhtMILF: look, I'm feeling your sweet dick penetrating me sliding in and out easily and we're both moaning
WhtMILF: do u want to give it to me
ME: yes
WhtMILF: let loose and fill me up
ME: nice and hard
WhtMILF: i want u to go deep as u can and just explode inside my pussy
WhtMILF: empty it out
WhtMILF: let me take u
WhtMILF: i want it all in me
WhtMILF: let it jerk and go wild inside my pussy
ME: mmmm
WhtMILF: don't stop it let it go
WhtMILF: then let me squeeze it give it the grip and make u moan
WhtMILF: and jerk
WhtMILF: your defenseless
WhtMILF: and i make u lay there inside me
WhtMILF: empty
WhtMILF: you relax for a few min
WhtMILF: still inside this pussy
WhtMILF: i love it
WhtMILF: now I'm make it hard
ME: i know u do
WhtMILF: and u now take me
WhtMILF: rough and hard with the fucking
WhtMILF: til we both cum together
WhtMILF: only this time u get out while your dick is still slippery and hard
ME: oh yeah
WhtMILF: and i slip it rite in between my lips
ME: mmmmmmm
WhtMILF: sliding it in and out
WhtMILF: its so hard i want to suck it hard
WhtMILF: i work it for a few min til u can't take it
ME: o yeah
WhtMILF: u put in inside me so i can feel that hardness release in me like i like it
WhtMILF: u know this is what i want so u let it get real hard in my mouth and give it to my pussy
WhtMILF: splashing all that cum in me so i can cum off of it
ME: hmmmmm
WhtMILF: now I'm spent and u pay me back by making me able to fuck again by sucking my swollen softness in a frenzy
ME: i want u to suck me and lick my balls
WhtMILF: i give u an orgasm u never had
ME: hmm, rub that clit for me
WhtMILF: i will :-P
WhtMILF: as soon as I'm done here
WhtMILF: and taste my fingers for u
ME: u only got your self off once in front of me
ME: mmmmmmm
ME: sounds so sweet
WhtMILF: i did? how so?
ME: u rubbed that pussy one day we was in ur bed
ME: it was a lonnnngggg time ago
WhtMILF: hmmmm
WhtMILF: cant remember
WhtMILF: must have needed to
ME: anyway, i want u to rub that bush now
WhtMILF: mmmmmmmmmm
WhtMILF: Oooooooooooo
ME: what do u have on
ME: pull your pants down and rub it for me
ME: my cock is hard for u
ME: i wanna open your legs while u sit in that chair and eat u out
ME: squeeze your tits and make u moan
WhtMILF: i just came
WhtMILF: i had to lay on my son's bed and visualize u working me
ME: wow
ME: that was quick
WhtMILF: i know i needed it
ME: what did u have on when u did it
WhtMILF: my nightgown
ME: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
WhtMILF: i just lifted it up
WhtMILF: all this while my neighbor was on my cell
WhtMILF: :-D
WhtMILF: she kept calling so i thought might be important NOT so i puit the phone down and came
WhtMILF: lol she has no idea
ME: lol
ME: wow
WhtMILF: she just wouldn't get off the ;phone so i left her there
ME: sounds like one of those late night movies on cable
WhtMILF: heheh yea i bet
ME: did u have your legs up and open or flat
ME: curious to know?
WhtMILF: the exact way as when u r doing me
ME: ok
WhtMILF: details details details lol:-D
ME: oh yeah
ME: i like that
WhtMILF: i know that adds to your amusement
ME: of course
ME: its only natural
WhtMILF: what's natural is
WhtMILF: U servicing my pussy
WhtMILF: :-P
ME: yeah, me thinking about how u are doing what ur doing over there
ME: i wish i had a picture of it, lol
ME: you rubbing that meaty pussy
ME: mmmm
ME: do u like when i kiss u?
WhtMILF: of course brb
ME: ok
WhtMILF signed off at 12:36:42 PM.
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thats why you my mentor lol beast work
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Hot. I'd love to lick your cum out of her pussy1
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Ok, you have my permission to fuck my wife !
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thanks mikey
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very interesting