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Is this a weird fantasy?

This is my first blog post! Please let me know if you like it and maybe I will post more!

Lately while hubby drills me with his hard cock, I've had a fantasy running through my mind. I like to imagine that hubby has another girl tied up on a bed with a fucking machine ramming into her constantly. Hubby likes blondes, so it would be a hot young blond girl, maybe 18, and very innocent.

The machine would have a huge dildo on it and hubby would increase the size now and then to his heart's desire. After stretching her out, he'd have a fist dildo on it, so she would have a fist pounding ... Continue»
Posted by DW2011 1 year ago

[Story] Not so anonymous...

My girlfriend and I had been talking about fantasies for some time, and it had come out that she had a fantasy of having an anonymous encounter.

So we decided to do a craigslist ad. One where she'd be blindfolded, on her knees, and the stranger would walk in and receive some attentions. This was her fantasy.

I had a different one.

It was getting on late in the evening, she had one too many glasses of wine and I suggested to her that I post the ad. At first she was reluctant..But then I reminded her that she'd be blindfolded and it would be completely anonymous.
After another half g... Continue»
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[Story] 3 Days of Watching my Wife Fuck - Must Read

Watching several twenty-one year old men alternate fucking your beautiful thirty-seven year old wife over the course of three days and nights, might be enough to send most men to a mental institution. Up until last year, I would have been one of them. But I have learned that no one really knows how they might feel or how they would react until they are there, especially when a cosmically perfect set of circumstances falls into place.

Ever since our honeymoon, my wife and I have taken the very same vacation year after year. And I do mean the very same, the same motel, the same dates, the sam... Continue»
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Videos and pictures of me

I am not camera shy at all. And over the years, there have been quite a few videos made of me playing. It looks like a few of these have been posted here, so I wrote this so I could keep track of them. Here they are (the ones I know about, anyway), videos first:


http://xhamster.com/movies/1520125/it_039_s_1_30am_do_you_k... Continue»
Posted by hotlori2000 1 year ago

[Story] Tying my girlfriend up

We were finally alone, her parents gone for the weekend, it was just me and her. Oh how is she sexy, those soft plush lips of her so kissable, her ass so soft and squeezable and her hot little pussy, so eager. I tied her up on her bed as I had done may times before. Her pussy was already dripping in anticipation as I pulled out my blue little vibrator. "Do you want this," I asked. She told me she needed it. I turned it on high and began to rub it against her nipples, watching hotly as they slowly grew hard, forming little erasers. and then i trailed down to her crotch but would avoid her pussy... Continue»
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[Story] Weekend getayay

So the wife and I wanted to get away for a short weekend. We decided to go to Cincinnati, actually we went across the Ohio river to Newport Kentucky. We wanted to go to a bunch of places and eat and drink. Well we ended up in this Irish pub for a while and put down a few pints then stumbled to another bar just across the street. We met alot of people that night but there was a group of three we kept running into. 2 guys and a girl. The girl kept feeding my wife drinks while convincing her to joing up with them for the night, but she wasnt in the mood for that kind of fun, but she was looking t... Continue»
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[Story] Wifes night out

A few years back I was trying to talk my wife into swining. She used to be a wild one when we first met. Alot of nights out drinking, recreational d**gs and of course sex, including multiple partners. But things change when you have c***dren. Unfortunately the sex life took the biggest hit because she wanted to be a good role model...I told her she could do both. She never regretted being wild and she actually missed that part of her life. So it didn't suprise me one night when she came home real late one night......

She was going out with a few friends from work for a girls night out and w... Continue»
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[Story] Brandmilf in a Three-way?

Most of you know my story, if you don't, I was married to an ex-professional athelete for 28 years. He ran off with a 30 year old ex NFL cheerleader, we are now divorced, I'm on a quest to see how much sexy fun a 50 year old woman can have!

I have become good friends with a sexy woman who take body pump classes with me 2-3 days per week at our health club. She's 10 years younger and a killer body, 34b-26-34, 5'7 and a long lean toned, and tanned body and long auburn hair! I met her and her boyfriend, who's 5 years younger than her, that's 15 years younger than ME! We had drinks, than shots... Continue»
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[Story] My wife and our older nieghbor

So my wife (Charisma), have been married for 20 years and and have 3 k**s. My wife is still hot as hell. 5'7", blonde hair, 36DD chest, flat stomache, and dark brown eyes.
Anyway she is very sexual, does cam and even plans on her own web site. When it comes to sex she has done BJ, creampie, and even anal.
2 guys max for now though and no dp yet.
So this happened like 6 months ago. We went out for a basic date. Dinner and maybe drinks. Maybe cuss I don't drink but she does. She had on her sexy outfit. Short skirt, loose white top, cute sneakers (we walk everywere so heels are a no) The wai... Continue»
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[Story] How my wife became a whore

One night my wife and myself were indoors with a good friend of ours, we were drinking and generally having a good time. After several drinks my Wife made up her mind she was going to take off her clothes, she sat next to our friend naked. She started stroking his cock, it grew and stood obediently to attention. She then started slowly licking, sucking and taking his cock in her mouth.

He started slowly caressing her breasts and encouraging her head to ride his shaft, he then started to play with her clit, she opened her legs wide so he could get great access to her clit. I was sat watching... Continue»
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My Thoughts About The Live Cams

This will probably be bouncing all over the place so please bear with me, it will come to a point eventually.

I've recently discovered the live cams and have become somewhat of a fan. I have always loved porn, magazines in the beginning then pictures when I got a computer and finally movies when the porn sites became more developed and internet/computer speeds increased. Now that I have found the live cams it takes porn for me to a different level. I don't jerk-off to them nor do I ever see my self doing that to cam shows, however it does stimulate my mind in the fact that I can actually... Continue»
Posted by reddogleader 3 years ago

[Story] My Wife was Set Up pt1

Chris and I are the typical late 20s with two good jobs and no k**s. We have elected to put off the f****y to enjoy our time with each other, travel and save some money before we take on the responsibility of c***dren. This freedom allows of time to take care of ourselves and Chris has taken advantage of that with a workout and recreation schedule that includes the gym, bicycling and swimming. She is a slender 5'7" with light brown shoulder length hair, brown eyes, and a smattering of light freckles on her cheeks. Her breasts are B/C cup which look quite good on her frame.

I'm more of a gol... Continue»
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[Story] What a surprise!!!!

You guy seem to like a variety of different things. Teri and I haven't try some of those things , but are willing to experiment. The best surprise I ever gave Teri was one day after she had gotten home from work ( medical assistant) she game into the house and I had dinner fixed for her. I sat her down with a glass of Tylenol #3 spike wing and told her I was going to feed her supper. She really told this was so sweet and then I asked her if I could blindfold her. She said yes and said this is so romantic. Little did she know my best friend was in the next room waiting to see what I was going t... Continue»
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Tips For NSA DATING (No Strings Attached Dating)

Here are 5 tips for no strings attached dating. Dating is hard enough as it is. Dating with no strings attached is even more difficult.

To make an attempt at dating with no strings attached, you have to ignore and or suppress certain natural human urges.

You have to keep yourself from getting to know too much about her. You can't allow her to find out too much about you.

You have to make a real effort to keep those strings from attaching. And those emotional strings are the hardest to keep from attaching.

If you want to learn how to date without any strings attached, this is ... Continue»
Posted by imsexy24 3 years ago

Sex Tips for Women Tips for giving Oral Sex

1.Don’t try so hard. Last year, my friend “Bridget” asked me why she couldn’t fellate her boyfriend to orgasm. My response? In a perfect world of Playboy and porno flicks, hummers lead to big, healthy orgasms. You know the scene: some tramp uses a pogo-like motion to deep throat her partner, only to be greeted by the requisite money-shot a mere seconds later.


I told Bridget to ignore the pot o’ pearls at the end of the rain-blow. Instead, I asked her to think of the hummer as the perfect pre-game warm-up. Think about it…What better way to prepare for the plunge than with a good... Continue»
Posted by imsexy24 3 years ago

^^xHAMSTER^^ Directory of Links



Effective Date: May 02, 2013
Last Modified: September 27, 2011
Sites Covered: www.xhamster.com, www.xhamstercams.xxx
→ → → http://xhamster.com/terms.php

Site Owner - Boss
http://xhamster.com... Continue»
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[Story] I love "Sunday Night Football"

Last night was one of those nights.. My daddy was in one of his moods, feeling very aggressive and hyper throughout the day. Guess it was the workout he had earlier at the gym because when he came home he just took me while i was washing dishes, listening to music. As he walked in, he looked at me and stood right behind me, and just started to spread my ass cheeks open pulled out his dick and slide right into my pussy. He took the pussy with avengence and was pumping me nice and hard, before i knew it i was squirting all over the floor. He usually pulls out when he is about to cum so i can ... Continue»
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Trick for private profiles & caveat utilitor

Someone asked me about this the other day so I thought I'd just put it here.
"caveat utilitor" is latin for 'let the user beware' for those not versed. I.E. this is as much a warning to the unweary than a how to. (some people seem to not understand this so I'll just point it out)

If someone's profile is private you can still see their videos and pictures using a little trick. This will not circumvent passworded or friends only videos! Nor will it let you gain access to their about me, verification photo/video or wall comments.

Step 1.
Copy these to your addr... Continue»
Posted by xXxPoistxXx 3 years ago

[Story] Wet

“Are you wet?”

I flushed. I was always embarrassed by the copious amount of fluid produced whenever I was aroused. “Feel.”

His hand moved up under my skirt, finding the damp crotch of my panties, but that wasn’t enough. He shoved those roughly aside, seeking my inner heat, and I thrilled at the sharp intake of his breath in my ear when he discovered just how wet I really was.

“Christ,” he murmured. “That’s a hot, wet little waterslide, isn’t it?”

“Mmm-hmm,” I agreed, working his zipper one handed–the other was twisted behind my back, secured in his fist. “Wanna go for a ride?”

H... Continue»
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Vaginal Fisting Tips

The credits goes to: FistingFan's

We've been practicing one- and two-handed fisting and footing for over a year now, and we've discovered that there is very little information or experience in our local area. So I figured it was time to share some tips that we've picked up, in the interest of starting a fisting discussion online.

Tip #1 - Lube, lube, lube!
Fisting involves a great deal of stretching. While this can feel fantastic, a dry hand pulls on the skin, which does not feel fantastic. Apply generously and frequently to all affected areas. If you start to feel added friction while... Continue»
Posted by Extreme_Insertions 3 years ago

[Story] mi esposa vs 4 negros

hola a todos les contare una aventura que tuvimos yo y mi esposa ella una mujer de hogar pero a la ves putisima ella un dia me confeso que tenia una fantacia que queria cumplir yo le dije que es tu fantacia no me lo queria decir en fin me lo dijo. cual fue mi sorpresa queria cojer con 4 honbres negros yo al principio me negue no quise aceptar pero en fin ddespues de tanto insistir acepte.pero antes le atverty que la matarian y ella se sonrio y dijo este sabado ,, se acabo la semana de trabajo y llego el sabado y tenprano cuando me levante la encontre super maquillada de ojos ,labios ,una mini ... Continue»
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[Story] My First Black Cock

the night was young and I was ready to party! I slipped on the shorted mini skirt I could find and I put on a tiny little sparkly top to go with it and some high heels, me and my girls went out to the car and the first stop was the liqour store.

Fast forward to the club, we had just arived, a little d***k and ready to dance. The night was young and the club was popin', and Mr. DJ. was playin all my songs. I got to the bar and got me a draft and started to bump through the croud. Right away me and the girls started grinding. The dance floor was hot and the boys were on the prowl. Right away... Continue»
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