Me and my classmate

Shane and I are both 15 years old when this really happened around two years ago...

I've got a big crush on Shane since we're 13 because she's cute, sexy although she got a not-so big tits for her age but it doesn't matter and kind too.

Our teacher assigned the two of us as a partner for our research project in one of our subject which makes me pretty excited and shy. We talked about our project and decided to start working on it on our house. We agree to start it Saturday which is 2 days later....

Back home, I found out that my f****y is going to grand ma's house and invited me to join them, but I said no because I'm going to do some project.. So they agree to leave me alone for 1 and a half day in our house..

That Saturday, the rest of the f****y left the house about 7:30 in the morning.
I woke up early so I can prepare when Shane came. About 8:00 am, I open the door and I saw that it was Shane. I let her in and offered her some soft drinks and cakes. We eat our snacks first before we proceed to making the research. We chat too much that we finished our snacks about 9 am.

"Let us start making the research project." She told me.

And I said "Okay. Let's go upstairs in my room. I prepare already some information there, hope they can help us."

When we got to my room,

"nice place you've got here." She said again.
"thanks." I said.

She suddenly jump into the bed and pretend to be asl**p. I try to wake her up as if she was really asl**p and as I'm going to shout at her ears, she suddenly turned facing me and our lips accidentally kissed each other.. It was soft and wet and I can taste that it was cherry flavored..

"Ohh. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.." I said.

"Don't you want to taste me a little bit more?" She said.

"Are you sure? You won't got mad?" I asked

"Why? I also wanted to try this all along." She replied.

So we started kissing each other. we started stripping down each other revealing her tight wet pink pussy and my 5.5 inch dick. She began touching my dick while we are kissing and I started touching her cute, soft and big ass.

"Actually, it's my first time you know.." She said.

"Me too... So I'll be gentle." I replied.

But instinctively, she started sucking my dick for about 5 minutes and I told her that I'm going to lick hers too. So she spread her legs wide open, and I began licking her undisturbed, hairless, pretty tight and pink pussy. She started moaning louder and louder. after 3 minutes, she began riding me gently and she also began moaning. As I'm about to came, I told her she might get pregnant if I came inside her. She told me that she's in the safe period so I started pounding her tight pussy a little bit longer and then I came inside her with lots of warm cum ejaculating from my dick inside her pussy.

After that, she played to me a little bit longer and she actually squirts.

We took a shower together and up until there, she's playing with my dick.

Until now, we play together and everytime we do it, it get better and better...

So lucky she didn't get pregnant.... :)
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4 years ago
more details not wham bam thank you mam