I lay next to you looking into your face thinking of the first time I saw you, it was early spring, I stopped in a little store by the beach for a pack of Marlboros. Didn’t even smoke regularly just had the urge. It was a perfect spring day, sunny, nice and warm and held all the promises of beautiful summer. After a hard winter everyone was out, walking driving anything to get out of the house. I got out of the car and the dusting of sand on the parking lot scuffed at the sole of my Tevas. A little bell rang as I pushed the squeaky door open to the empty store. I heard a car pull in behind me with some laughing and music. Girls laughter like they had no care in the world combined with a confidence that everyone carried around their friends.
You walked in as I was walking out; I was caught by surprise as you looked in my eyes and smiled. I was suddenly self conscience and stunned by your beauty, I said hi and looked away, you giggled a little as you guided a tuff of your jet black hair from your face. I’ll never forget it, I was so angry at my self, THINK, say something insightful! But the moment was lost as quick as it arrived. You floated by as if riding on a thin cloud, I took one more glance at you quickly as I walked through the door, jean shorts with soft tall legs, a bikini top with a short sleeve white cotton shirt, unbuttoned hanging off your shoulders reveling just enough of your hips and tummy as if to say, “I know you want to look, but this is all you get, for now…”
I got in my car and started the engine, “Nice” I thought, “dumbass” I thought, all I could do now is look tuff and pretend I am not interested. I came to except the fact the moment was gone and I would never see you again, maybe the fates would be kind and if I didn’t totally f’ things up now AND we bumped into each other again I could pull it off.
I thought of you all day, every turn, every step, a shower and a couple beers couldn’t get you from my mind. Now here you are lying next to me, its hot out tonight, but cool enough here so your skin shines in the moonlight. I caress your face with the back of fingers and your silky brown eyes open, a slight smile caresses your lips and give a little stretch.
Hey, you say as I move my fingers across your face and straighten out some lose strands of your hair now with some thin almost indiscernible blue streaks in it.
What are you doing staring at me in the middle of the night?
Thinking, I replied
Thinking, I hope it was dirty, you said as head slightly cocks to one side, your smile growing slightly mischievous, your hand now moving up to the center of my chest.
Me!? Never, I’m a good boy with only the purest of intentions…
You looked at me slightly squinting one eye, paused a second then said,
Well you better leave before my boyfriend gets back because you are definitely not our type, what did you do with that other guy any way?
We laughed and you pushed me over on my back, pinned my shoulders down and I could feel your legs tighten around ribs. What will you do now good boy?
Beg for mercy? I said
You will find none of that here, and you started to slowly kiss my neck, biting gently at my ear whispering your baby blue eyes will not get you any breaks from me good boy, if your nervous then you should run now while you can.
I didn’t move, you rose up straight above me, your beautiful body revealed as the sheets slowly slid off your shoulders and settled on your waist. We locked eyes as if you were daring me to look at you. I fought the urge, it wasn’t easy. The blue light of the full moon poured in and you looked at me with an impish smile and I felt your hand move down my right side to my hip, I felt your French manicured nails all the way back up as I tried not to squirm. All the while our eyes locked, reading my mind and me looking into yours.
Well then lets get started shall we, and we kissed hard, your tongue caressing and moving across mine our breathing rising fast and hard.

What do you think so far? You want me to go on, should I stop?

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3 years ago
That was very sensual. Personally, I don't think it doesn't need a conclusion. Life is good with some suspense every once in while. Whatever you decide, I'll be glad to read it. :)