Little Jake's Perversions pt2

Jake realized that he could not leave his cum there and he got a washcloth and wet it with warm water and a dry towel. He gently wiped his mother's ass cleaning it as best he could then he dried her with the towel. He was amazed at how erotic just cleaning his cum from her ass was and what a rush the whole adventure had been. By the time he returned to his bed he was hard and needed to masturbate again. At least he already had the towel.

When Jake got up the next morning he was still thinking about the event with his Mom and he had to go to the bathroom and jerk off again before going down to the kitchen for breakfast. He walked into the kitchen in his boxers and a t-shirt to see his Mom was already at the stove making some eggs. She was dressed only in her short nightgown she did not expect to see Jake up so early. She normally would have covered herself with her robe but it was still in the bedroom. She decided that it was only her son and discounted any notion that he would even notice.

Well Jake couldn't stop watching his mother's ass and her massive breasts each time she moved. He would rub his cock under the table until he was hard as a rock. His mother kept chatting with him about this and that while at the stove. She was oblivious to his thoughts and to where his eyes stared. With out thinking he got up and approached her from behind and gave her a hug. He immediately positioned his hard cock between the crack of his Mom's ass. She clenched her but cheeks squeezing his cock in a reflex that occurred before she could even think about it. Quickly trying to gain control of the situation she asked Jake.

"Wow what was that big hug for?"

"Just because I love you Mom!"

Responded Jake. Then his Mom said

"Then she said well go pee or something before you hurt your self!"

She still felt his stiffness poking her in the ass. He laughed and left the kitchen to get ready for his day. He had a lot to do and after he left the kitchen his mom reached around and pulled her panties out of her ass.

No matter what Jake did that day he spent most of his thoughts on his Mom. He kept seeing her in her nightgown and seeing his cock spurt his cum allover her ass the night before. He knew that he would be doing that again just as soon as he had the chance.

A week passed and the opportunity to jerk off on his Mom's ass did not happen. It was always something, either she had trouble falling asl**p or something would come up that would prevent him from going to her room. His patience finally paid off as his Mom began to put in longer and longer days at her job. Combined with the fact that her boyfriend was out of town on business for a couple of months, his Mom started to come home, eat and go to bed. She was working so hard she was exhausted and though she would always try to spend at least an hour on the phone with her boyfriend and some time with Jake, she was conked out early just about every night.

It was not long after this routine started that Jake once again walked into his Mom's room after she had been in bed for a while. He whispered her name and asked if she was awake but she was so deeply asl**p that she never stirred. She just took a shower and was so tired that she didn't even bother to put on her nightgown. She was still wrapped in her bath towel.

Jake tried to wake her, he tapped her shoulder and jiggled the bed but she was out cold. There was not response to anything he did to wake her. Her heavy breathing told him she was in dreamland. He was so excited he felt as though his body was shaking. His cock was at full attention already pushing out the front of his boxers. As his mother gently snored he got up on the bed and slowly pulled down the top of the towel that was covering her huge breasts. They sprung free as soon as he moved the towel. They were firm but still lie on each side of her body because of their weight. He started squeezing them gently. He took one in each hand while paying attention to her face to see if there was any signal that she was waking up. There was no indication that his Mom felt anything that he was doing. Her breasts were beautiful. The nipples were dark pink and the breast itself was without blemishes. He couldn't hold back and started sucking on each of her nipples them while he stroked hard his cock with his hand. After a few minutes of doing this he got up and pulled his boxers off completely. This time he wanted to see how far he could go. Still shaking he stood up above her both of his legs on outside of her legs. The he sat knelt gently positioning his cock right between his mother breasts. Oh yes it was a great feeling as he moved his cock gently up and down the valley between her breasts while pressing both of them together. When his mother let out a soft moan it scared the shit out of Jake. He was frozen thinking she was waking up. He stayed as still as he could and she never opened her eyes or anything. She just moved her head to the other side and kept breathing deep still in a deep sl**p.

Jake was relieved. He kept thrusting slowly up and down while squeezing her breasts together. OMG he was in heaven. It didn't take long for him cum. He started shooting his load all over his mother chin and neck. He struggled not to get any on her but it was a hopeless cause as his cock spewed semen all over her. He found that it just turned him on more to see all his thick white semen on her chin and chest.

He got up and hurried to get a warm cloth so he could clean her before she woke up. As he was cleaning her he realized she had a bottle of pills by the side of the bed. He saw that they were to help her sl**p. He now knew why she was in such a deep sl**p.

The next morning he told her he had gone into her room and saw the pills and asked if she was sick. She told him she was healthy and that she takes them now and then to help her sl**p. She did not need them every night. So Jake knew for sure that his Mom was oblivious to all of what happened the night before.

Jake stopped in to see his Mom as she dressed for work and as usual came up behind her and gave her a big hug. He made sure his cock was pressing between her ass checks. Because she was wearing a dress skirt she did not notice his cock like she did the other day. As Jake unwrapped his arms from his Mom he copped a feel of her breast. She moved quickly away and busied herself with dressing. When she thought of what Jake had done she discarded it as youthful play.

Over the next couple of days Jake was not successful in taking advantage of his sl**ping Mom. Either she was still awake when he fell asl**p or she wasn't in that deep of a sl**p. When he checked her one night he saw that she did take the pills. However she was not as deeply asl**p as Jake liked and all he did was to caress her breast and suck on her nipples for a while. That night he shot his load on the floor.

His frustration of not being able to find the right time to play with his Mom's body was making Jake bolder. He was also becoming impatient at the same time. Then the night he was waiting for came. It was a Tuesday night and his Mom had worked late. When she came in she was so tired that all she had time to do was shower and go to sl**p. He was hoping she would go to sl**p naked but he realized there was no chance of that. He walked to the bathroom when she called out his name and said.

"Jake, sweetie can you bring me two pain killers"

He answered.

"Sure mom, got a head ache?"

She replied yes as he open the medicine cabinet and saw the bottle of sl**ping pills. He decided that instead of giving her the painkillers he would give his mom the sl**ping pills. He hoped they would knock her out, put her in a deep sl**p and also relieve the headache. The sl**ping pill did the trick and it wasn't long before she was out. Her being so tired combined with the two pills left her sound asl**p face down on the mattress. Jake could hear her heavy breathing as she lay there in her silk nightgown still on top of the covers.

As he looked in the door, his dick was rock hard. He immediately dropped his boxers on the floor and walked into the room. As always he started by whispering and calling her name to make sure she was deep asl**p. He ever went as far as to lift her hand and let it drop. Now he was sure she was knocked out. He quickly got up on top of the bed and proceeded to pull her nightgown up and her panties down. He was shivering in ecstasy as he contemplated her two ass cheeks. They were perfect and firm. He started caressing them softly and kissing on them his dream had come through. The sweet aroma was driving him crazy as he started to mount her. He went slowly still a little scared that he would wake her. He placed his dick between her ass cheeks and started to grind gently. It felt so good he could not believe it. He stopped for a second to position his cock between her crack of her ass and down between her legs. In this position he could feel her moist pussy lips rubbing on the top of his cock. He arched himself on top of her and while kissing her neck he started pumping his hips. Oh it felt so good.

He started slowly but the tightness of her legs and moisture of her pussy was driving him crazy. Plus the feeling of her ass cheeks bouncing against his crotch area was just too much. He had to stop now and then to keep from cuming. Every now and then he would lift himself up just to see how his dick would get lost between those two mounds of firm meat. He kept spiting saliva in his hand and rubbing it all over his dick to keep it wet, as he would introduce it back between her ass crack.

It felt so good that he speeded up his thrusts as he lay on her back humping away. It wasn't going to be long before he came. In one of those movements he clearly felt the head of his cock as it parted her pussy lips. He stopped to think about it but the lust and how great he was feeling did not let him think straight. He sat up and with one hand he parted her ass cheeks open and with the other hand he positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. As he started to penetrate her he could hear her let out a low sigh as his cock entered her cunt. As soon as he was all in he himself let out a loud Ahhh!

It felt divine how her warm snatch would tightly grip his thick veined shaft. It was a good thing he was only 6 inches long any longer and he guessed would have waked her. As he lay there impaled in her hot wet pussy he checked her respiration to see if it changed. It didn't she continued to sl**p soundly.

Man did it feel good to him he started to thrust in and out slowly but that didn't last long as he started to drill into her. Just watching her ass cheeks smack against him it was getting to be too much. Her body u*********sly responded to the pounding. Her ass checks clenched every time he would pull out and her vagina tightened as if she was cuming too. He was at the brink of cuming and he didn't care. He was in a high a high of pure pleasure and he just closed his eyes and pounded away. He did not realize that his mother was starting to wake up.

She was groggy but getting her bearings quickly with all the jerking around. She turned her head and looked back in horror at her son as he buried himself balls deep into her. He was shooting his load all the way up in her and she screamed.

"Jake, what the hell are you doing?"

As she screamed she clenched her ass cheeks tight not making the situation any better but just making him cum harder. He had one hand on her ass and the other keeping him up as both of them looked at each other in horror. Neither could believe what had happen.

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1 year ago
Damn I hate it when that happens
1 year ago
Damn you know how to write a sexy story
1 year ago
Ha ha, great story. Good move finishing the story there.
1 year ago
Very nice part 2
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i'm waiting part3
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Part one and two were so damn hot
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So perverted but too bad she did offer to fuck him the next day. ;-)
1 year ago
Very true. I've been there lol
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Wow... fantastic story! Jake isn't the only one who came at the end ;-)
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I was wanting the be pretending to be asleep the whole time and enjoyed it as much as he did
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Great! Can't wait for #3.
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Hot. I think that if there is a #3, Mom should slip Jake some pills.
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wow amazing story. really hope theres a part 3!
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Yesss very great story. Im impressed
1 year ago
Awesome story!
1 year ago this was good..erotic but still kinda funny. my favorite line: "He had a lot to do and after he left the kitchen his mom reached around and pulled her panties out of her ass."
1 year ago
awesome a part 3
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Well done:)
1 year ago
excellent, I was so turned on, you did a great job with the imagery and the story ended well, I hope there is a continuation.
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let's hope for a part 3 and hear what happens next
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Great story Aisha!
Buenisima !