Fun with my best friend 2

Those who are reading this i'm a cute half Latina girl petite but adorable none the less.His name will be changed to "Papi".Papi's not the average black guy,he's kinda nerdy with glasses big arms little muscles weighing 180 soft big lips and a big thick dig that curves to the right. I was driving with him to the South Carolina me in the front seat, and he decided at the red light to start kissing my neckl.I couldn't focus so i pulled on the side of the road and started yelling at him.He decided to kiss me and say "your so cute when you stand up for yourself".Papi and i climbed in to backseat when he proceed to pull of my shirt.Rip my pants off and grab my boobs,and bite them which i love. Immediately Papi grabbed his dick and pushed into my wet pussy making me arch my back cause he's pretty thick.He starts slow so the truck won't move.Papi begins sweating and whispering he loves my pussy and picks up speed causing the car too rock being dark outside no one would notice hopefully.After fucking me for a straight hour and a half and me cumming and squirting all over his dick.He pulls out flipped me over on my stomach jams his dick up my ass and fucks me for a good ten minutes before cumming and pulling my hair.
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3 years ago
thanks but it's all my papi
3 years ago
You are so naughty. Loved it.