Chapter 1

Aas is usually the case, three years of marriage our love making had grown
a little stale. I decided that we needed something to spice it up and I
broached the subject of adult videos to my wife to see if she would like to
try something different. She was initially hesitant about anything
"pornographic" but I told her it was just "soft porn" and thought we ought
to try it just once. My wife is very strong minded and was raised very
strict so I knew it would be a big job to sell her on it but I kept after
her. She finally agreed and I stopped at the local video rental on the way
home from work one Friday night to see what they might have. After looking
through the selection of adult videos I picked one that I thought wouldn't
scare her off but did have some fem dom. I had remembered from our love
making that sometimes she liked to be "on top" and I always got an extra
half inch on my cock when she "fucked me". I especially liked to spread my
legs to give her full access to my crotch and imagine that it was her cock
inside me. It felt wonderful to be vulnerable and submit in erotic

When I came in through the door of our apartment I found her home from work
preparing dinner. She saw the video in my hand and blushed before quickly
turning back to her preparations. I told her that I would set up the video
on the bed room TV/VCR and she just nodded and continued working. Dinner
was a quiet affair. I couldn't seem to get her to focus on a subject of
conversation; she seemed to be preoccupied and I was a little nervous
myself. After dinner we went into the living room and watched the news and
some prime time shows and then about nine I asked if she wanted to go to
bed. My wife looked startled for a second and then stood and headed for the
bed room while I locked up and turned off the lights.

When I got into the bed room I heard the water running in the bathroom as
she went through her nightly routine before bed. I quickly doffed my
clothes and turned on the VCR. She came out of the bathroom wearing a light
robe as I was slipping naked under the covers. In the dim light from the TV
I watched as she slipped off her robe and got into bed beside me revealing
a teddy that was my favorite. I should mention that my wife has a slim
figure at 5'8" and 120 lbs with small, firm breasts. She does not have a
gorgeous, movie star face but with her long brown hair and pleasant
features she is attractive in a boyish sort of way. I'm small framed and we
almost share the same physical characteristics at 5'9" and 135 lbs except
I'm flat chested and not very muscular. She snuggled down next to me as I
started the VCR with the remote.

The plot was weak, as they mostly are in these movies, but the scenes were
titillating and I began to get a semi hard-on watching the naked, female
flesh. Being "soft core" scenes were limited to showing bare, female
breasts without genital viewings and most sexual content was suggestive in
nature. The female dominant theme was limited to the woman in the film
forcing the man to wear her panties when they made love and seducing him to
submit to her. My wife must have been aroused also as I heard her breath
quicken by my ear and she turned and reached across to grasp my cock firmly
and pressed her cunt against my thigh. I felt her cunt become warm and
moist as the man in the video went down on the woman at her
instructions. My cock became rock hard, partly because of her caresses and
partly at the erotic fantasy of submission.

"That really made me hot and I see that it got you riled up too." she said
as she quickly slipped off her panties and we turned toward each other and
kissed with a deep, passionate kiss with her tongue deep in my throat. She
wrapped her legs around me and I found myself being turned on my back as
she slid on top of me still gripping my hard-on. Raising her hips she slid
my cock into her wet, steamy cunt and then settled down between my thighs.

Moving her hips slowly back and forth she said, "Ohh! That feels good
doesn't it."

"Mmmmm", I mumbled as I pushed back on her slow thrusts.

I was really enjoying the feel of my swollen cock in her warm, slick pussy
and could fantasize that it was her cock being shoved up into me.

"Would you like to wear panties when we make love?" she whispered in my ear
as her tongue probed its depths.

"Sure" I moaned. I would have agreed to anything right then.

"Do they feel nice on to your skin?" she asked as she caressed my face with
her panties and I could smell the musky/sweet odor of her sex and perfume
from the silken material.

My cock surged up into her as she slowly brought them down to my chest and
rubbed them on my nipples.

"Ohhh", I moaned as she raised herself off me and slid them down to my cock
and rubbed it around the shaft; keeping the head inside her.

"You like it, don't you?" she whispered.

"I like to pretend you're fucking me." I moaned.

"C'mon then, try them on." she told me as she slid off me and handed me the

I groaned in frustration at having the ecstasy of my cock in her cunt
suddenly terminated as I grabbed them and quickly slipped them on hoping to
get back inside her as quickly as possible. The feeling of the silky
material against my sensitive cock and balls was erotic as I reached for
her to resume our love making.

"Ouuu, they look good on you sweety but they are going to get all
stretched." she giggled as she looked at the big tent my cock was making in
the material.

I finally pulled the panty aside to let my cock stand free as she remounted
me and we resumed our lovemaking. "So my sweety likes to be fucked." she
whispered as she began suckling my nipples until they were hard.

"Oh yes, " I moaned in ecstasy, "Fuck me, fuck me hard, please!"

She began to move her hips up and down as I strained to shove her cock into
me. I wrapped my legs around her slim hips to open my self to her assault.

"Is my sweety ready for my cum now?" she gasped.

"Yes, yes my darling. Give it to me! I want it now!" and with a final
thrust we came together with a mutual cry of release, "Ohhhhh!"

It was an orgasm like I never had before and I didn't want it to end, but
slowly we came back down from our erotic high. "That was wonderful!" my
wife spoke at last. "Did you enjoy it too?" "Yes, it was great." I managed
to get out as my cock softened and slipped out of her dripping cunt.

She climbed off me and stood by the bed looking down at me and smiled. "My
little sweety looks so cute in his panties. Next time you can put a bra
on. Would you like that?" My soft cock lurched at her suggestion and she
laughed as she saw it. "I think we've found you out sweety!"


When I awoke in the morning I found I was still wearing the panties and
reaching down I began to fondle my cock and balls through the silky
material. My cock sprang to immediate attention at the exquisite feel of
the silky nylon and I continued to fondle myself as I looked at my wife
still sl**ping beside me. She was laying on her back with her teddy up
around her waist and her legs spread apart, exposing her pussy with its
soft pubic hair. I suddenly felt an undefined urge to please her and
quietly knelt between her legs, still rubbing my cock through the panties.

Leaning down I softly ran my tongue along her slit and through our love
juices from the night before. Slipping my tongue inside I began probing for
her clitty. I knew she had awakened when I felt her hands move to the back
of my head to press my mouth down onto her sex.

"Oh sweety," she moaned, "what a nice way to wake up. Can you find my

Probing deeper I found her "cock" and began exploring and rubbing it with
the tip of my tongue.

"Ooohhh!, that's it, that's it. Suck it! You can be my little cocksucker,

My hand was flying up and down my cock as I felt my self quickly build to
an gigantic orgasm as she continued to talk to me and I imagined I had a
big cock in my mouth. The thought didn't repulse me in my erotic state.

"Good!, good! Work it just like that! I'm going to come!, I'm going to
cum!" Her thighs clamped about my head as she raised her knees and pressed
my head deeper into her crotch.

I was on the verge of suffocating when she began to buck her hips and cry
out in loudly in the throes of orgasm; her juices flowing into my eager
mouth. At the same time a feeling of tremendous ecstasy boiled up out of my
loins as I exploded my cum into the filmy panties that held my cock and
balls. I was close to blacking out from lack of air when I felt her thighs
relax on my head as her orgasm ended. Gasping for breath I toppled down
beside her on the bed still holding my now flaccid cock in the cum filled
panties. My face was coated with her juices and I must have been a sorry
sight as she turned and looked at me.

"I'd give you a big kiss for that sweety, but go get cleaned up first. And
put on some clean panties," she laughed. I was tempted, but felt I had to
regain some normalcy in our relationship.

Later, we tried to assess what had happened that had triggered our role
reversals and my wife said," I think the video released our inhibitions and
we reverted to our fantasies. The thing we have to decide is whether to
continue or go back to the way things were before. I'd like to go on and
see where it will carry us. Are you willing?"

"I don't know," I responded. "If we go on I'm afraid there's no going

"Yes, but we won't know unless we go there. C'mon let's put some spice in
our lives. It was your idea." she pleaded.

I thought for awhile and finally agreed because she seemed so keen to go

"Oh good, can you get a video next time with a little more sex in it?" she

"I'm afraid the next step is into the XXX hard core stuff."

"That's OK, let's see how we respond to it."


The following Friday I went down to an adult video store and found a XXX
fem dom video which related to a woman who changed her boy friend into a
feminized male. The movie had designations of mf, mm & ff. I also picked up
a catalog of XXX videos and sex toys so that we could order our own
materials from home. When I walked into our apartment my wife had just
arrived home and was hanging up her coat.

She saw the video case and smiled, "Did you get a good one? I've been
excited all day."

"I hope you'll like it. If you don't, I brought a catalog so that you can
order you're own next time."

"Swell," she responded, "I 'm not hungry right now, do you want to get us a

She thumbed through the catalog as I made our drinks and she seemed
interested in the sex toys.

"Do you see anything you like?" I asked.

"It certainly gives one ideas."

I began to have some apprehensions.

After a couple of drinks and we were relaxed she said, "I'm still not
hungry and I'm getting horny. Let's go look at the video."

Moving into the bed room we undressed and laid on the bed. Before I could
start the VCR she asked, "Aren't you forgetting something?" and handed me a
pair of her panties.

Momentarily confused I slipped them on and pulled the soft, silky material
to my cock and balls. The feeling was very erotic. I laid down beside her
and started the video. My cock was already semi-hard and I couldn't resist
fondling it through the panties as the movie started. I noticed that my
wife had one of her hands on her breast, squeezing the nipple which
appeared to be quite hard.

The movie progressed from first the meeting of a strong, dominant woman and
a weaker male but with full exposure to genitals and all the hard core
scenes that heightened sexual eroticism. . She introduced the male to BDSM
with f***ed bondage, hormone therapy and dressing in female clothing. Along
the way she used his sexual appetite to allow her to use a dildo on him
both orally and anally which caused my cock to get very hard. My wife
noticed this and pushed my hand off my cock to replace it with her own as
her other hand found its way to her pussy. The movie eventually progressed
to the submission of the male to servicing other male and female lovers of
the female. By the time the movie ended I had a roaring hard-on which my
wife had maintained control of throughout the scenes. She had two fingers
of her hand inside her pussy and was slowly rubbing her clity.

Ooouu!!, she said, "that was good. What did you think?"

"Its made me horny as hell", I confessed.

"Would my sweety like to eat me now? I need a long tongue in my pussy."

Without comment I got on my knees between her legs and brought my mouth
down to her sex.

"Wait," she told me, "put a pillow under me. Then you can get close to your

I slipped a pillow under her ass and she opened her legs to give me full
access to her wet, slippery cunt.

I started to reach down to grab my cock in its silken nest but she told me,
"No, don't do that. We don't want you cumming too soon."

I put both hands under her ass cheeks as she placed her hands on the back
of my head and I plunged my tongue into her open gash.

"That's it, ooohhhh! good!, good!, OH GOD!!!" My tongue found her
clitty. "Suck it, suck my 'cock'! Make me cum in your mouth!

She bucked her hips under my mouth and pressed harder on the back of my
head as I continued to attack her clit with my tongue. Suddenly, a flood of
her juices entered my mouth as she had her first orgasm.

"Ooooohhhhhh!!! " She screamed her ecstasy and my cock surged.

I knew I was on the verge of a spontaneous orgasm because of my submission
to her needs and my ability to service her. It was an overpowering
emotion. However, I remembered her desire that I not come yet and I f***ed
my self to obey.

"That was very good, sweety. You're becoming an accomplished cocksucker."
she told me as her body recovered from cumming. "You do like to please me
don't you? Well, get on your back because I'm going to fuck you now and try
not to cum yet."

I inwardly moaned in frustration at the thought of not being able to cum
inside her as I laid on my back, spread my legs and pulled the panties
aside to allow her full access to my cunt. Grabbing my throbbing cock she
slipped between my legs and put it in her wet pussy allowing herself to
slowly slide down the length of it. With her legs pressed together within
mine it made her pussy tight and I groaned aloud as my cock slid deep into
her body.

"Does my little, cock sucking sweety like that?" she whispered in my ear.

"Oh yes!!, yes!! I gasped. She wiggled her hips sending waves of ecstasy
through my body and I knew I was on the verge of cumming again.

"Don't cum." she warned and I gritted my teeth in agony; determined to
yield to her commands.

"I think you would make a real pretty girl. Would you like to be a pretty
girl and be fucked and suck real cocks sweety?"

"If you want me too." I responded through clenched teeth without thought as
to what I was agreeing to.

"Don't the panties feel good? Would you like to wear them all the time?"

"That would be nice." I groaned. I knew that she was assuming control of me
but I couldn't stop myself from submitting to her.

"Pretty girls like their bodies to be sweet and clean. Would you like to be
sweet and clean?"

"Oh yes, I want to be sweet and clean for you" I croaked.

She slowly slipped off me and I groaned again as her cock slid out of my

"C'mon then sweety , if you want to be a pretty girl you have to have a

I got off the bed and followed her tight bare ass into the bathroom where
she began to prepare a bath.

She handed me a razor and shaving cream and aid," Now let's get rid of all
that dirty old hair on your body sweety."

She added some perfumed bath lotion to the bath water and helped me into
the tub. A half hour later I joined her back on the bed with all the hair
on my body removed and with my hard-on creating a huge tent in the front of
my panties. She had been reading the catalog while she waited for me.

When she saw the tent on the front of my panties she grinned at me, "I see
we're going to have to do something about that. I've found something in
this catalog that will help plus some other things I'm going to order."

"What are they", I asked.

"You'll find out. My! you look so nice and smell nice too. Its like having
another female around; and a really sexy one too."

I think I blushed.

"Let's see what you look like when you're all fixed up. You should be able
to fit into some of my clothes." she told me as she took me by the hand and
led me over to her makeup table. For the next hour she dressed me some of
her sexy clothes, applied makeup to my face and put an old wig of hers on
my head. It was fortunate that we were almost the same size and I fit into
her clothes without any problem. When she finished I was astounded at what
I saw.

"Oouu!, you look like a real pretty girl, sweety. Don't you think?"

I had to agree that I could easily pass for a woman.

"Now com'on, let me put these breast forms in your bra, put on some panty
hose and some shoes and you'll be almost be a woman."

She handed me a pair of her panty hose and showed me how to put them
on. Then she got me a pair of her low heeled shoes and after putting them
on I stood up and looked in the mirror. The panty hose helped constrain my
hard-on and the short skirt showed that I had passably good legs as I
admired myself.

"Walk around and get a feel of it all." my wife told me.

After moving around she told me, :"Move your hips a little. Try to picture
a woman walking in your mind." after a bit of practice she told me that I
was ready.

"Ready for what?" I asked.

"Ready to go out and get something to eat." she responded. "I'm starved."

"I'm not going out like this!"

"Yes, you are sweety. We'll go to a quiet place on the other side of town
and have a late dinner."

It was becoming obvious to me that she was assuming command of our
relationship, but dressed as I was I wasn't in a position to do much about

"But what if someone saw me?"

"So what. They won't know you and it will be a great confidence builder for
your alternate identity."

I knew that there was no arguing with here so I reluctantly accepted my
fate, but just hoped we wouldn't run into anyone we knew.

My wife quickly dressed and taking me by the hand led me out the door and
down the hall. I was extremely nervous about meeting one of our neighbors
but all went well and we made down to our car where she had me sit in the
passenger seat. We went to a restaurant that we had frequented before on
the other side of town and I was extremely nervous about meeting anyone.

"Now calm down. If I thought you couldn't pass as a woman I wouldn't be
doing this. It would be just as embarrassing for me." she told me and it
helped overcome my nervousness.

"Remember to walk like a woman" she reminded me, "and if you have to talk,
remember to use a little falsetto".

We entered the restaurant, which was almost ready to close because of the
late hour, and were e****ted to a table by a hostess who didn't pay the
slightest attention to me. We ordered drinks, which I hoped would help keep
me calm, and then dinner. The restaurant was almost empty but the few that
were there didn't notice us as we sipped our drinks.

"See" my wife said, "that wasn't so bad was it?"

I had to admit that I was gaining some confidence in our masquerade and
began to relax.

After dinner she wanted to stop in the lounge for an after-dinner drink. I
was apprehensive again but went anyway. Being a Friday night the bar was
busy but we managed to find an empty booth and ordered our drinks.

After we had been there a short time I heard a voice in my ear, "Do you
girls want company?"

Startled, I looked up and saw two good looking guys looking down on us with
a questioning look on their faces. I was momentarily confused and before I
could say "no" my wife said,

"Sure, sit down." Turning to me she said,"slide over sweety and let the man
sit down beside you."

I was momentarily panic stricken but managed to slide further into the
booth as one of the men slid in beside me and the other next to my wife.

"I see you girls already have drinks so we'll buy the next round", the one
next to me said and then went on to say, "My name's Jim and my friend is
Al. What're your handles."

"You can call me Jan and that's Sweetie" she said, nodding in my direction.

We made small talk for awhile with my wife doing most of the talking for us
and then I felt a hand rest on my thigh.

My wife must have seen the sudden panic on my face and realized what had
happened because she suddenly said, "Well its been nice meeting you guys
but I've got to get Sweetie home to her husband, We'll be back soon for
that drink you owe us." The guys looked disappointed but we made our way
out the door to our car and were soon back home.

"There, see how easy that was. Nobody caught onto our scam and you handled
it very well for the first time."

"First time?" I asked, "Am I expected to do that again?

"You bet sweety, we're going to have a ball. Now lets go to bed. I have a
surprise for you."

After I had stripped out of my clothes, except the panties, she told me to
lie on my back. Kneeling beside me she pulled the panties aside to expose
my cock and balls.

"You've been a good boy today and now I'm going to reward you." she told me
as she took my semi-hard member in her mouth and began to suck on it.

My cock immediately got hard as she worked on it and I remembered that this
was the first time she had ever taken my cock in her mouth. She had never
liked oral sex before. I had been holding my cum all day and it didn't take
her long to bring me to reach a tremendous orgasm.

"I'm going to cum" I groaned, thinking that she would take my cock out of
her mouth but she didn't and when I came I must have pumped a pint into

When I finally stopped spasming she carefully licked my cock clean and then
kissed me; opening her lips and allowing my cum to pour into my mouth. I
tried to pull away but she held my head and used her tongue to pass me as
much as she could.

Finally, she finished and released me and I moved to get up and go to the
toilet to spit it out but she placed her hand on my chest to hold me down
and told me, "Swallow it sweety. Show me what a real cocksucker can do."

I shook my head but she repeated, "Swallow it." and I did.

The taste was salty but not unpleasant and I smiled at her. "That's my
girl" she said. "See how nice it is to be a woman and keep your man happy?
Now lets go to sl**p and think about next weekend and I want you to wear
your panties all the time from now on, OK?"

I nodded and we turned in.


I wore my panties under my clothes at work the next week which wasn't too
inconvenient except I had trouble getting my cock out to urinate at the
urinal. I got into the habit of sitting down in a stall to piss. Just like
a woman I thought, but the feeling of the silky garment against my cock
made me horny all the time and by the following Friday I was ready for
anything. She had told me not to bother getting a video, that she would
have one to look at so I went straight home from work. She was already home
when I got there and the first thing I noticed was that she'd had her hair
cut short, almost man-like. The other thing I noticed was the large box on
the kitchen table that she had opened and was studying the contents.

When she saw me she casually reclosed the box and said.

"Hi, do you want to go and get ready. Give yourself an enema this
time. I'll bring in the video in a minute."

"OK" I said perplexed at her request to give myself an enema, but I went
into the bedroom and took off my clothes and then went in and had my
perfumed bath and shaved my body. Afterward I gave myself an enema.

When I came out she was waiting, "Let's put on your new bra and panties."
and showed me a bra with built in gel forms that she helped me put on and
then handed me a pair of crotchless panties which I put on also.

The feel of the crotchless panties was erotic with my cock and balls
swinging between my legs and I liked the realistic feel of my new
breasts. The thin material of the bra showed that the gel forms had nipples
that pushed out the fabric.

"I like these." I said feeling my new 34C "breasts" with my hands.

"Now would you put this on?" and handed me a small ring.

"What is it?' I asked.

"Its a cock ring. You put it around your cock behind your ball sack. It
will help you to stop cumming until you're ready and it will keep you hard
for a long time."

I put the ring on my cock.

"Good sweety , would you rub your cock for me and get yourself hard?"

I was puzzled but I began to rub my cock through my panties as I watched
her get undressed. My cock quickly got hard and she had me get on the bed
on my knees.

"I'll be right back" my wife said and left the room

She was gone a few minutes but I remained on the bed and I didn't hear her
return until I felt her weight on the bed behind me. "I've got a surprise
for you". I wanted to look but she told me to look straight ahead and I was
startled to suddenly feel something pressing again my anus.

"Don't look now. Keep your hand off your cock and just relax."

And then the pressure on my anus began to increase.

"Relax now. Relax." What ever it was must have been lubricated because it
slipped easily into my ass without much pain as I relaxed to let it enter.

"There you are sweety. I'm going to fuck your cunt now, so just let it

The pole in my rectum began to go in and out and I suddenly realized that
she must be fucking me with a dildo and she was going deeper with each
thrust until I felt her bottom out against me. A feeling of total
submission came over me and I began to thrust back.

"You like being fucked don't you sweety?" You want a big cock in your
cunt. Tell me that you like being fucked." she gasped.

"Yes, I like it. Keep fucking me. I want to submit and have you cum in my

The erotic feelings continued to overwhelm me and I began to realize how
erotic total submission was. She kept thrusting into me and I heard her
panting so I knew the other end of the dildo was pressing against her
clitty and she was about to cum.

Suddenly she moaned, "I'm cumming!, I'm cumming! Take it my sweety
slut. Take my cum."

My cock was almost painfully hard but the cock ring suppressed my
orgasm. When she was finished I felt her withdraw the dildo.

"That was good wasn't it?" she asked.

"Yes," I moaned. "I enjoyed that."

"Good, because that was only a small dildo. I have two more, big and
bigger, but I have something that will help you get ready for them. Would
you like that?"

"I think so." I responded.

"Just a minute, you stay there and I'll be right back."

I remained kneeling on the bed, ready to submit to whatever she had for
me. My cock stood out rigidly from my groin in anticipation. Suddenly, I
felt her weight on the bed behind me and she said, "Now spread your cheeks
wide." I reached behind me and spread my ass cheeks and I felt pressure
against my anus again. I relaxed again and felt the greased object slide
into me.

"Now comes the fun part." she said and I heard a pumping and the object in
my ass began to expand.

I groaned as my anus was stretched wider and wider. Just when I thought it
would split me wide open the pumping stopped and I felt filled in my ass.

"There, that's called a butt plug. Do you like it?

"Its very big and it hurts."

"You'll get used to it. We'll leave that in there awhile and try one of the
bigger dildos later," she told me. "You can imagine you have a real man's
cock up you ass and satisfying him can't you?"

I momentarily fantasized about being fucked and having a man's semen pumped
inside me and my cock got even harder. I realized then that my wife's
efforts to femanize me were having their effect.

"Are you ready to watch the movie now?" she asked as she started the
VCR. My ass felt uncomfortable as the butt plug stretched my anus to the

The video was about male, gay sex and my wife took my hard cock and balls
in her hand and began fondling them as we watched the movie. The plot
consisted of the seduction of a teen age boy by an older man and took the
viewer through the first time oral sex and to first time anal sex. It was
very erotic to see the boy finally kneeling with the man's cock in his

"See how he likes to submit.", my wife said, "That's what a woman likes to

My cock lurched in her hand. When the movie ended I was ready to explode as
she instructed me to get on my hands and knees again. I complied as she
left the room momentarily. When she came back she was wearing the dildo
again but the dildo was bigger.

She brought it up to my face, "See how realistic it looks. Don't you want
to suck on it sweety?

I tentatively open my mouth and she slipped the head between my lips.

"That's it sweety! Suck it. Doesn't it feel real?"

I had to admit that it had the feel of a real thing even though this was
the first time I had ever experienced a cock in my mouth.

"Pretend I'm your man and you want to make him happy. Work your tongue
around it. Suck on it. You want to take his cum."

She began to fuck my mouth as she continued, "Watch your teeth. Let you
lips control it. That's it sweety. You will make such a nice cocksucker."

It made me wonder what she was planning but I felt compelled to follow her
instructions until she was satisfied that I could make a real man happy.

"Now", she said, "I think we're ready for the next step." as she withdrew
the dildo from my mouth and went behind me on the bed.

"Take off the cock ring now sweety." she told me and I quickly removed the
restrictive device.

I felt her relieve the pressure on the butt plug and withdraw it from my
ass. Then she positioned herself and I felt the head of the dildo;
lubricated by my saliva, against my anus and then she shoved it in
quickly. I felt a momentary pain but as it slipped into my rectum easily as
I relaxed to receive it.

"Very good sweety, you're learning fast. " she said as she began to fuck
me; grasping my cock with one hand and my breast with the other.

"Think about your man shoving his big cock into you. Doesn't he feel good
inside you? You want to please him and take his cum inside you. You know
that if you make him happy, he will want to fuck you again and again."

She continued to massage my cock and I was coming close to orgasm. Her
breathing became labored an I knew she was getting close to orgasm too.. I
pressed back against her so she could have maximum penetration and make it
good for her.

She came with a moan, "Ooohhh!!" and I exploded also, throwing a huge glob
of my cum across the bed as my unrestricted cock spasmed out the f***ed

When she recovered she slowly withdrew the dildo from my ass.

"Naughty sweety, look at the mess you've made. Now lick that up and change
the linen."

After I had finished she reinserted the butt plug and reinflated it even
larger then before. she then had me put the cock ring back on.


The next morning I woke with a huge hard-on sticking out of the crotchless
panties. I arose quietly to go to the bathroom and I felt the butt plug
working in my ass as I walked. It was an enjoyable, feminizing feeling and
I found myself swaying my hips slightly as I walked. With my roaring
hard-on I had difficulty urinating but I finally managed to void myself.

When I came back into the bedroom she was awake and smiled as I walked
toward her, "Oh sweety, you look so feminine. Come here and I will remove
the plug. Then you can go have a shower, shave and give yourself another
enema. I've got another surprise for you when you're done. "

When I returned from the bathroom she was waiting on the bed for me wearing
a strap on dildo with an enormous "cock" swaying from the apparatus. It was
much bigger than the previous "cocks" she had used on me. She stood up as I
approached and pointing to the floor in front of her said, "Kneel here." I
did and found myself facing the huge cock at mouth level. I stared at its
size and wondered if I could accommodate it in my body.

"Suck on it" she told me and I stretched my mouth wide to take it in.

When the glans of the "cock" were past my lips I closed my lips around it
but had difficulty keeping my mouth open wide enough not to touch it with
my teeth.

"That's it, sweety. Rub your tongue around the bottom. Make it cum in your
mouth. You want to taste and swallow his cum."

I vigorously rubbed my tongue on under the head as she gently thrust it in
and out. I could hear here breathing quicken as she fucked my mouth.

"He's going to cum sweety. You can feel his cock swell and stiffen in your
mouth. Get ready, here it comes."

Suddenly, the "cock" in my mouth began to spurt "cum" down my throat and I
eagerly swallowed to get it all. It tasted a little salty and had a slimy
quality to it but was not too unpleasant but not as sweet as my own cum.

"You like it don't you sweety? Now lick it clean, Do a good job for him."

I ran my tongue around the large head to collect all the cum and she pulled
it out of my mouth.

"You did a good job sweety. Did you like my "cum"? Its something I made
from egg whites, flour, milk and salt. This dildo has a reservoir and a a
hand bulb to pump it out through a hole in the end. Now get on the bed and
on your back and bring your feet up over your head, she ordered and I moved
slowly to comply, knowing what was coming next.

"This is the it sweety." she said as she placed the huge head, still wet
from my oral manipulations, against my anus.

"Now just relax and let it happen." She began to fondle my cock as she
slowly began to push into my ass.

"Oh! Oh! it hurts" I moaned.

"Just a little more sweety . Relax! Relax!"

I struggled to relax my sphincter as she relentlessly pushed the "cock"
into me.

"There," she said "the head's in your cunt. Now let's see how much you can

She began to slowly fuck me; pushing it deeper into me with each thrust and
masturbating me with her hand. I began to forget the pain as my body began
to respond to her ministrations and I began to wail,

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

The feeling in my groin became intense, erotic pleasure and I wanted more
cock to satisfy my craving for total submission. She gave a final shove and
I was totally impaled on her "cock". My cock ached from the restraints of
the cock ring.

"There sweety, there it is. You've taken it all. Now get ready, I'm going
to cum in you."

I suddenly felt the "cock" begin to pulsate as "cum" was ejaculated into

"Do you feel that sweety? Your man is giving you his cum deep inside
you. You're a real woman now. Aren't you proud?"

"Oh yes, oh yes, it feels sooo good!!"

She slowly withdrew the dildo from my ass as she said "Your ass is going to
be sore for awhile, sweety. Here, put this salve on it to control the
pain." she told me as she unbuckled the dildo harness. "Now I'm horny as
hell. Would you like to eat my cunt? she asked as she sat on the edge of
the bed and spread her legs wide to give me access.

I finished applying the salve to my sore "cunt" , wiped the cum off my
chest and face and then fell on my knees between her legs. Her sweet, musky
smell met my nostrils as my mouth centered on her slit and then my tongue
penetrated into her depths until I found her clitty.

"That's it!" she moaned as she pulled my mouth tighter to her cunt and I
began to suck on the little knob that was her "cock".

She began to buck her hips against my face as I quickly brought her to a

"Ooohhhhh!!! I'm cumming, I'm cumming!!" and her juices began to flow into
my mouth and down my chin.

I felt the pulsations of her vagina as her orgasm took her to the heights
of ecstasy. I was so happy to be able to service her. My cock was rock hard
and aching in the restraints of the cock ring as it continued to enflame my
need for submission.

"Lay on the bed on your back, sweety."

When I was in position she straddled my with her hips and slowly lowered
her wet cunt onto my rigid cock, then she cupped her small breasts with my
hands and I squeezed her firm nipples as she began to ride up and down on

"Oooouuu!! I like to fuck you." she moaned.

I could feel an orgasm building up inside me as she began to hurry her
thrusts into me. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" she gasped and collapsed on

When she recovered my cock still throbbed with pain and I cried with tears
on my face, " When can I cum?"

"Poor baby. You have to learn to restrain your self sweety and be ready to
serve your man at all times like any woman. Go take a cold shower."


After the cold shower she handed me a sanitary napkin and harness to wear
as a gaf so that my cock wouldn't show under my clothes if I got a
hard-on. She then instructed me to get dressed in woman's clothes,
including a modest skirt, bra, blouse, panty hose and flat heeled shoes,
and very carefully helped me apply my makeup.

"You are going to have to learn to do this yourself.. Its something that is
second nature to every woman." she told me.

She then adjusted and combed the wig.

"We're going to let your hair grow so you won't need this. You can tie it
back in a pony tail when you go to work. A lot of guys are doing that so
you won't be noticeable."

"Where are we going?" I asked as I slipped on the shoes she gave me.

"We're going to go shopping. You need your own clothes. I can't keep
lending you mine."

I was immediately nervous about going into a shopping mall to go shopping
on a busy Saturday but she was insistent so I went along with her. She had
me carry her purse to complete my feminine attire. Her clothes consisted of
jeans, a male styled shirt and loafers and no makeup. With her short hair
she looked almost masculine and we made an attractive couple.

When we arrived at the mall she took my hand and as we walked into the mall
my nervousness grew. However, we just blended into the crowds and no one
seemed to pay any special attention to us. I could feel my sore anus as I
tried to feminize my walk In order to save time and walking we went into a
large department store and spent some time in lingerie selecting panties,
panty hose and a couple of bras including breast forms, a corset and hip
enhancers to be worn under clothing. In cosmetics she helped me select
makeup that complimented my skin tone and enhanced my feminization. Next we
visited the clothing section and we picked out some combination outfits
including a short skirt and a low cut blouse. After trying them on and
paying for them we visited the shoe store and selected a pair of low heeled
shoes and a pair of medium height high heels.

"You have nice legs," she told me "and should show them off. We'll start
with a medium height until you get used to them."

By the time we were finished I was feeling more confident in my feminine
role and after had depositing our purchases back in the car she indicated
she wanted to go to lunch. She drove to a nearby restaurant and each had a
glass of wine before eating.

"Well," she asked as we sat sipping our wine. "What do you think of your
first full daylight exposure to the world?"

"I thought its going quite well." I responded in my falsetto voice that I
hoped sounded feminine.

"I thought so too and you've carried it off beautifully. No one has
suspected a thing."

On the way back to our apartment she suggested I think about hormone
therapy that would improve my female characteristics and retard my

"You could even have your own breasts" she told me, "and make your skin
softer with less facial and body hair."

I told her I would think about it.

Back in our apartment I went into our bedroom to put my new clothes away as
my wife read the paper in the living room. When I had finished I went out
to join her.

"Here's something interesting." she told me as I sat down beside her.

"What's that?"

"This item in the Personals. Here, read it." she said as she handed the
paper to me.

I read the item, "Wanted - Bisexual couple looking for like couple. Object:
intimate friendship. - call 555-4356."

"What do you think?" my wife asked me. I was momentarily confused and she

"I think I'm going to call them and find out a little more about them."

"Do we need that?" I asked as she rose and headed for the phone in the

"I think it will help our new relationship." she called back as she started

She took the wireless phone into the bedroom so I didn't hear the
conversation but in about five minutes she was back and told me,

"Its all set. They'll be over Wednesday evening for a get acquainted

I was apprehensive but tried not to show it as I responded, "Yes dear."

The rest of the weekend she had me wear my woman's clothes, prepare the
dinner and clean up afterward. I took over other chores such as bed making,
dusting and house cleaning as she took on some of my old chores such as
taking out the garbage and servicing our cars. She also had me eat her
pussy several times and suck on the big dildo.

"For practice" she said.

I began to like the taste of her homemade semen. By Monday morning my anus
was not as sore and she reinserted the butt plug before I went to work.

"This will remind you of your feminine side while you're at work." was her
comment as she kissed me good-bye.

It also kept me horny all the time too and I had difficulty not to "swish"
when I walked.


By Wednesday evening I was getting nervous about our visitors. She had me
dress in the short skirt, low cut blouse, crotchless panty hose and
underwire bra and silicon breast enhancers that f***ed up my chest to give
the impression of cleavage. Putting on the corset to give myself a more
feminine shape had been an ordeal and I had trouble breathing. I was also
heavily made up with a new, auburn wig. As we waited for them to arrive she
gave me a strong drink to "settle my nerves". My wife wore her jeans and

When the door bell chimed she went to answer it and I tried to take a deep
breath as the couple entered the room. She was a small, blond haired woman
with full breasts and wide hips. He was tall, large boned and dark
complexioned. They introduced themselves as Wanda and Phil. My wife asked
if they would like a drink after they were seated and while she made the
drinks I tried to over come my nervousness by having a conversation with

My nervousness must have been apparent because Phil asked, "This is your
first time isn't it?"

"Yes", I sighed.

"Well. I must say you look very feminine and attractive." he told me after
taking a sip of the drink my wife had brought.

"Thank you." I smiled at him.

After a couple of drinks and some small talk, my wife suggested we adjourn
to the bedrooms which Wanda and Phil readily agreed with. As we got up, I
thought that I would be going into a bedroom with Wanda and was shocked
when my wife and Wanda went into the other bedroom together and closed the
door as I numbly followed Phil into our bedroom. Inside Phil turned to me
and suddenly pulled me to him and brought his lips on mine. I struggled
briefly but his strong arms around me started a melting process inside me
and I found my arms up around his neck and responding to the tongue he
suddenly shoved into my mouth. His hand slipped down to my ass and pressed
me against his crotch to feel his huge hard-on against my belly. His other
hand reached down to my crotch and began to rub my cock through my skirt as
I moaned in response.

"You're a hot little bitch aren't you?" he murmured in my ear, "I've got
the thing that hot little bitches want."

He took my hand to his zipper and I slowly slid it down. Reaching inside my
fingers found his throbbing manhood and I worked it out of his boxers to
pull it free in my hand. I was amazed at the size and feel of it as he
continued to hold and kiss me. This was the first time I'd ever held
another man's sex organ. The large head was circumcised and felt spongy
with firm glans around it and the shaft was rock hard and ready. Then he
placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees where I found
myself looking at the huge, purple head of his cock with precum around the
slit in the end. A hand at the back of my head gently pushed me toward it
and I opened my mouth to welcome it inside. I felt elated that I hadn't
hesitated but truly wanted it in my mouth to submit and please him.

I remembered my training as I cradled the shaft on my lips as my tongue
explored the head and tasted his precum.

"Suck it! Suck it! Make me cum! Rub it with your tongue! he whispered as he
slowly began to fuck my mouth. "That's it! That's it! Oh, you sweet

I began to work both my hands on his shaft as it moved in and out of my
mouth and I could feel his cock beginning to throb and pulse.

"I'm cumming!" he groaned as a large glob of cum hit the back of my throat
followed by a host of others so that it quickly filled my mouth. "Swallow
it, slut!" he told me as he rigidly held my head and I was f***ed to gulp
it down or drown.

His monstrous cock finally stopped releasing its load of cum and began to

"Lick it clean darling!" he ordered and I began to lick the head that I
still held in my mouth. I decided that the taste and texture of his cum was
not that much different then the taste of my own cum, which I liked.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and said, "You did a good job. You make
a wonderful cocksucker darling! Now lets get undressed and on the bed."

As I stood up and began to remove my clothes, I realized that I was a true
cocksucker now. The taste and feel of his cum was in my mouth and as I ran
my tongue through the slimy coating and knew I would want more.

We quickly removed our clothes and got on the bed, except I left my bra and
crotchless panties on.

"Here," he told me, "Suck on my cock and get me hard again."

I moved my mouth to his soft cock and began to manipulate it with my hands
and tongue and immediately felt it harden.

"You have a nice touch darling. Now get on your back and raise your knees."

Laying back on the bed he shoved a pillow under my ass as I raised my knees
to give him access to my "cunt". " I love these crotchless panties." he
said. "They let you in front or back."

He positioned himself and brought his cock head to my anus and pushed it
in. I was glad for the previous experiences I had with the big dildo and
butt plug because he easily slid inside me as I relaxed to give him entry.

"Oooouuuu!" I moaned as he claimed my body.

"Oh darling", he whispered, "It feels so good doesn't it?"

"Yes!! Oh yes!!" as I used my hands on his ass to pull him in deeper. "Fuck
me! Fuck me!"

My cock was being rubbed against his stomach as he began to fuck me in long
thrusts of his rock hard member.

"Ugh!! Ugh!! You have a nice snug pussy."

I thrust my hips against him and felt his balls banging against me as he
continued his relentless assault of my ass. His mouth came down on mine and
my arms went around his neck to return his kiss. Our tongues entwined as we
moaned in the throes of our approaching orgasm. I didn't notice the door to
the bedroom open as our wives, fresh from their own love making, entered
and sat in chairs by the bed to watch us.

Suddenly, Phil began to gasp, "I'm cumming! You slut! I'm cumming!" and I
felt his cock, deep in my ass, begin to throb as he emptied his seed in my

"Oohhh", that was good darling." he murmured to me as he slowly withdrew
his cock from my ass and went into the bathroom to clean up..

I opened my eyes then and saw my wife smiling at me with her fingers in her
pussy, masturbating herself.

"How's my sweety doing?" she asked. "I see that you were enjoying
yourself. Wanda and I had such a good time. It was my first time with a
woman and she's such a good teacher. Its too bad they have to go now as I
would have enjoyed spending the night together, but we're going to get
together with them this weekend for more fun."

Her face was covered in cunt juice and I smelt the musky odor of woman as
she bent forward to kiss me.

"I love you!" she told me.

I felt totally satiated and complete in my femininity as I gently returned
her kiss with my cum covered lips.

Later, after Phil and Wanda had gone, she let me remove the cock ring and
fucked me until I came in a flood of cum and then straddle my face with her
hips had me lick and suck my cum out of her cunt.

"That's your reward for doing such a good job tonight sweety."

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It is, isn’t it! The magic of panties thrill me so. When I slip into them, my manhood withers, yet my cock swells, my desire for cunt recedes, and my lust for cock grows!
I want your COCK, right now!
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