Aunties surprise hangover cure the story continues

Several months after my first visit to my wifes aunt for a stay over after a night on the beer J found myself requiring her generousity again. There was
no major reason for a night out but a throbbing dick itching to get into the old dears knickers again
I took some time and guts before i called to see what reaction the reqest would be received but their was no hesitation in her awnser as she had waited
with baited breath for the call to come as she alw.ays worried had she put me
off with her fowardness, I assured her foward and back move that gave me reaeon to revisit. I had also stayed at the in-laws over the time so as not to raise any suspicion with the wife of my intentions.
Dymphna had called me that morning to inform me her daughter had made a last minute decision to fly home for a short break from working in scotland.
I said if there was still room i,d still stay and would have to make it up to her another time
I arrived juet before dinner and joined Dymphna husband Alex and daughter Karen for a drink. I had a couple of beers then we all shared some wine with
the food. Karen and i had met afew times before at f****y functions but never got to talk much so we finished the second bottle and caught up before getting ready for a night out.Karen was also going out with her friends so we shared a
taxi As Karen left she mentioned to her mother she might not be home.
I arrived back at the house around two thirty, got a drink of water to stop the hangover and sat on the couch to check the news text on telly.It didnt
feel like i had been there to long when i felt myself been shuck by karen asking if id like a coffee which i accepted.We sat talking some more but more personel than earlier and found ourselves getting closer.Iwas now looking at Karen and wondering what would she think if she knew the original plan was for her mother to slip into moy bed in the morning but was now admiring her body also and its shape. her body was well toned and a good pair of breasts that clung to her lyrca top wanting to escape. As Karen got off the couch she
stumbling and fell towards me i jumped to stop her fall.She turned to me closing her eyes to kiss to which i responded but known i had to get out of
this.When our lips parted i gave her a peck on the cheek and told her i was going to bed.
I wasnt in bed long thnking about what had happened i knew that while i wanted to respond it was the wrong place in my mind. The door then opened
slowly and Karen appeared around it and softly tip-toeing to the farside of
the bed getting in with out stripping she put her arm around to rub up and down my torso and kissing my back. My body soon began to respond and as Karens hand lowered she found my cock growing and began to slowly stroke it helping
it grow harder.I could feel her other hand move to open the buttons on her jeans into her what must have been now wet patch. I couldnt rsist any longer
and moved my hand back to help remove her jeans .
Karen took her hand from my cock when i began to help with the jeans and whipped them off imedediatly ,i had turned in the bed and watching her body
moved my hand to rub along the inside of her thighs as she tried to wriggle out of her top and not make noise. asi moved in on her labia and clitoris she
moved sidewways to get across the bed and push my head towards her lightly bushy mound, I could feel her thighs getting thigkter as i licked and flicked
at her clit before letting me back up to breath and reaching down to grip my cock and pulling me towards her mouth. We went on for some before finally falling asl**p.
I woke the next morning to find in the darkness of the room Dymhna pulling
back the covers and move in beside me .I jumped with shock relizing that Karen
was still the other side of me head covered, Dymhna took my left hand placing it on her left breast then moving her left hand to my cock which was pretty limp,probably with fear of what was going to happen when both of these women
were to discover each other in the same bed while i pretended to be still asl**p. Dymhna had obviously looked into karens room to check if she had come home and having said she might not assumed when the bed was still fresh the house was empty and coast clear.
It was when Dymhna turned to face me she discovered we were not alone, looking in shock to see it was nobody else but her daughter,at that moment Karen woke to see her mother almost naked in bed.
Both looked et each and asked how long this had been going on.A lot of explaining had to be done by all three especially myself and Dymhna. the
discussion went on for some time more before we were all in it for one thing and were all mature adults having a good time.We soon got back to busness and
I was the biggest winner with two fine ladies each side of me which now made my cock start to rise to which Karen responded taking it and getting itrock hard before gesturing her mother to takeme in hand as her hand moved onto my scrotum and again guiding my fingers to her mouth sucking on them before guiding them between her pubic lips her mother taking my other hand wetting
my fingers and guiding to her nipples
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