Daddy/Daughter Love

We’re lying in my California king bed, my head propped up against the well padded headboard, supported by a couple of the half dozen pillows that populate the bed, the sheets disheveled, us on top of whatever ones are under us, small drops of perspiration sparsely cover both our bodies, giving them a sheen and post orgasmic glow. Your shoulder is tucked into the crux of my left armpit, your head gently resting on my shoulder and chest, with your long silky brown hair pulled back in a pony tail (you know I love the way it makes you look like a school girl!) and lies across my upper arm. My left arm is stretched down the smoothness of your lean, tight body, my hand resting on your hip, gently stroking the incredibly soft supple, yet tight skin of your hip and ass. Your right hand is softly tracing circles on my quickly rising and falling abdomen, as I begin to establish a normal breathing pattern after our extended bout of sexual exercise. Your hand moves towards my softening cock, you want to touch it, feel its stiffness just once more before it fades into flaccidness. Then you speak…

“Do you remember the first time Daddy?” you say, almost in passing, but knowing you know the answer, I’m aware it is more than just idle chat. It stirs memories, special feelings and intense arousal thinking back 12 years earlier - the day after your 18th birthday; the day your Mother walked out of our lives and never looked back; Our day; the day we left caution to the wind in our vulnerable emotional state and came (figuratively and literally) together. I mean Really together, sharing such an incredible bond, it blinds us to its’ “taboo” status in the sexual world…the threat of discovery and the social stigma that accompanies being “outed”, all that easily pales in comparison to the inconceivable pleasures and orgasmic delights that result in our unabashed exploration and pleasuring of each others’ bodies.

“Yes Baby Doll,” I reply, “I remember it well” my cock seems to cease deflating in her gentle grasp and tender touches, in fact it begins to stiffen as I think back on that night…

We had known her mother was leaving weeks before that day, but because of the specialness of her only c***d’s 18th birthday, she decided not vacate the house until after the celebration. It didn’t take her long after either, by 10:00am that next morning my last memory of her was created…her tight, hard ass swaying sensually as she walked out the front door. She was Hot and Sexy and unfortunately an uncontrollable nympho. Her daughter, My Baby Girl, who had acquired her Mother’s great looks and hot body, only more perfect, took it well, yet even with the foreknowledge of her Mom’s departure, it still caused her to be melancholy throughout the day. Yet, something was different. That day, when she came downstairs after her morning shower, she had on her normal short shorts and miniscule sexy string thong underneath (she thought I never noticed them) and tight fitting Underarmor top, but….without a bra! Her pert, smallish perky B (going on C) - cup breasts were gorgeous and, seriously, wearing a bra was somewhat redundant for her, so firm they were. Her soft puffy nipples with small pointed tip were outlined in the thin material, while I could tell they weren’t in a state of arousal, my mind quickly calculated what that site would be like, something I had done often during her “budding” years!

I think that was the defining turning point in our normal Father/Daughter relationship…the unlocking of the door, the dropping of the guard to our deepest erotic feelings, since there was no “guard” (her mother) around anymore, it was just us two; and this was the signal that it was likely not going to be long before we would face that awkward moment, standing on the precipice between the gap of “normal” and “incredible”; “right” and “awesome”; “good” and “better”…having to make the decision of whether to jump and throw caution to the wind or stand on the stable ground and have to go through life suppressing the most basal instincts of humankind…we both subconsciously knew what the decision would be when the moment presented itself, and that it would only be a matter of time…but neither of us knew it would come as swiftly and easily as it did!

To help ease her feelings and feel good I made a nice steak and corn on the cob dinner on the grill, one of her favorites. We ate together and then she retired to her room to…well do what 18 year old girls do in their rooms. I eventually retired to my room as well, with the TV turned on to some show, and was browsing the internet for some good porn to watch and then figured I finish the job reading a new i****t story on, my favorite erotic story place. For some reason I was watching older male/younger female flicks and was lightly stroking my flaccid cock and fiddling with my heavy sagging ball sack, one of my favorite personal features. My arousal was building and my cock was filling with bl**d, but had not quite reached its’ full and thick 8 inches. I was at that place where it feels so good, but you know a real ROCK is still building up. Out of the blue, I remembered I hadn’t kissed and wished her Good Night, a normal routine for us, and I was not going to let it pass on this, of all nights!

I got out of bed and pulled on my loose fitting, short but baggy gym shorts and figured they would hide my semi aroused state that was sure to soften further before getting to your room. No shirt was needed. When I got to her door, I listened to see if I could detect the TV or music, but nothing. I knocked gently, but there was no answer…iPod “deafness” most likely! I eased the door knob and slowly opened the door, noticing the only light in the room was coming from her computer screen. As I entered I saw her laying on her bed, in nothing but another one of those string thongs and a tight fitting “wife beater” tank top cut off about 5 inches below the swell of her mounds. She was on her back, left arm stretched out along her body, her right arm bent at the elbow and forearm across her exposed belly. As I suspected, her iPod earphones firmly fixed in her ears and the laptop sitting next to her on the bed, open and angled so the screen was facing her face and upper body. I stalled for a few moments, to drink in the site, the soft light of the computer accentuating her nubile, skin with the soft down hair wherever it had not been removed with waxing…an expense Daddy was happy to indulge on his Baby Girl…and now even more so. The nothingness of the minute piece of material covering my daughters…pussy…no, the labia major better describes its’ task…I realized my money had been spent on a little bit more than waxing the legs and underarms. God her smooth hairless vulva was gorgeous, the curves of her breasts outlined by the thin material of the minimalist t-shirt stunning. As I stared at her form, her eyes closed, apparently asl**p to the music, I felt the weight of my cock and balls pulling heavily towards the floor, my left nut and cockhead just barely poking out from the left leg of my shorts. I snapped to and took a few steps forward to stir her, tell her to turn in for the night, tuck her in and give her that Good Night Kiss. As I moved into viewing site of her computer screen, I noticed a familiar scene, one I had seen recently…very recently!

There on the her screen was the exact same older man/younger woman Tube8 video frozen to a scene where the little girl, whom I know realized very closely resembled Daddy’s Little Girl here, was laying on the bed, head back and tebagging the older man’s loose hanging scrotum and penis as he straddled her face standing at the side of the bed. I moved forward, partly to get a better look, to be sure I was seeing what I was seeing. As I reached across her to close the computer screen, to save her the embarrassment of being caught “sticky fingered” by her Daddy, I bumped the bed and she stirred. Her eyes opened slowly and she tried to focus on what was happening in the silent, dimly lit room. She turned her head toward the computer screen, but the light was too intense and she turned back the other way…facing the hem of the leg of my shorts and the flesh treasures that were exposed. She looked at them and then changed her gaze to my face, into my eyes. I had let go of the computer and straightened up, unintentionally lowering and exposing more of my flaccid manhood right in front of her face. As I caught her gaze, we both sensed a relief, she was busted with the porn, there was no denying what she had been watching…and doing; I was caught starring at her supple, taught and fit young body, with so little on, there was not much work for the imagination.

At that moment, we realized there was only one thing to do….jump from that precipice and throw ourselves into what, until now, were merely thoughts and fantasy’s of the incredibly wonderful intimate, sensual and sexual orgasmic pleasures we both knew were going to come to reality someday…that day was now!

She reached up with her hands and removed the earphones, we were still locked in the most erotic and sensual gaze we never knew was possible until that moment, communicating without words, confirming our shared innermost desires, mentally signing the pact of silence, and discretion, this act would most certainly invoke upon us, waiting and wanting at the same time.

“Your Baby Loves You Daddy!” she stated, like she had stated 1000’s of times before, but this time it had a new special emphasis, a new meaning, and most certainly a wonderfully new affect on the recipient of the news!

“I want you Daddy, I’ve saved myself for you Daddy, I want you to be my First Daddy, I want you to make me a Woman tonight Daddy” she whispered barely audible, but certainly ringing in my ears at 80 decibels, “I want to feel your massive cock deep inside my virgin pussy Daddy. I want to hold you, kiss you and look into your eyes as I feel your shaft split my pussy lips and fill me up.” she continued. She reached for my cock and ballsack with her right hand and her left hand slipped underneath the now moist piece of cloth that covered her labia major. She slowly rubbed circles around her beautiful mound, moving the area in small tight circles, refraining from slipping one of her long, thin fingers in her slit and coating it with her Love Nectar.

“Fill me with your seed Daddy, the seed that is half of me, the seed that created me, that brought me life and into this world…fill me with your cock and sperm and seed Daddy, I want to be ONE with you tonight. Be My LOVER Daddy.”

She was feeling the bl**d rush to my stiffening cock and she moved her hand further up my shorts leg, to feel, for the first time, what 8 inches of cock meat felt like. She had jacked off her high school boyfriends, she had to in order to keep them “happy” while she secretly save her hymen for her Daddy, their penises and gonads didn’t have the weight, girth, hang and length of Her DADDY’s COCK, Her MAN’s COCK! She reveled in the awesome feeling of the hardening flesh, the taught skin encasing the turgid muscle, knowing the arousal was ALL her doing, causing the most basic of human involuntary reactions in her Father.
Shortly after My Little Girl made contact with my manhood, I reached down to lightly squeeze her right breast and tweak the nipple through the thin material. I felt her right, and watched her left, puffy nipple tighten with arousal and the tiny bud of a tip press against the tight shirt. My other hand slipped inside the waistband of my shorts and pushed them down. She had to detach herself from my stiffening cock and sagging balls, but quickly grabbed them back up with her free hand, once the material cleared my appendage. I glanced down at her pussy and noticed she had moved the “thong” aside and had slipped her finger into the crease, slowly sliding it up and down the length of the now visibly wet and obviously swollen folds of her sweet, young pussy. I could see the wetness on her finger, shimmering in the soft computer screen light.

“MMMMmmmm…” she moaned, I’m not sure if it was from my touching her, her touching herself or her touching me, or all three, but she definitely was enjoying what was happening. Her eyes glossed over and got that smoky, sensual look to them that a woman gets when she is feeling a “special” orgasm build, long before it happens. I continued to massage her tit and watch the other nipple ache for the same treatment, when she looked up at me and said “These t-shirts are so flimsy, they tear so easily.” And gave me the sexiest wink I’d ever seen, and have ever seen since, except from her! I grabbed a hand full of the shirt and with one swift and quick yank, it ripped and completely pulled away from her body, I tossed it aside as if it was nothing. As I gazed at her exposed body, as close to naked as I have ever seen her, outside of my mind’s eye, I was stricken by the realization of perfect beauty my Little Girl, soon to become a woman, possessed. She leaned forward, bringing my cock to the soft, luscious lips she was damping with her unbelievably long tongue (my how wonderful that will feel deep down my throat later on I thought) and just as she was about to take it in her mouth, she pulled her slick “candy” coated finger from her pussy and offered it to my mouth. When it hit my lips, she said, “What about my panties Daddy? They tear easier than my shirt!” were the last audible words from her mouth and she worked the swollen head of my manhood past her pursed lips and over her wet, extended tongue. God, it felt like slipping into ultimate warmth and wetness!!!

I reached down and grabbed the now WET piece of cloth that was acting as underwear and, this time, gently pulled up until the strings snapped and came free. It landed on top of the t-shirt. By now My Baby Doll had slide sideways on the bed, so her head was back over the edge of the bed, me straddling her face and she was diligently working, with my thrusting help, to fit the length of my cock through her mouth, to the back of her throat and then past her larynx. Damn, the feeling of my cock head popping through the back of her throat was incredible. No woman had ever taken my full 8” all the way down their throat, not even her Mother who was the BEST, until now. I looked down and saw my balls resting on her nose and feeling my engorged cock and fat head lodged in the back of her throat. She made moaning noises, but they were muffled by my meat. I wondered for a second how she learned this skill so well, then I remembered she said she was a virgin, not inexperienced!

The taste tease she offered me with her slickened finger had me thinking of one thing and one thing only. To me there is no better feeling than a woman DANCING on the tip of my tongue…and it was time to take My Daughter for the DANCE of her life. It wasn’t likely to be the “Minute Waltz” either! As she freed her mouth of my manhood just long enough to catch her breath and then continue exploring her oral cavity with my cock, I leaned forward and down to her waiting, glistening honey slit. She sensed my movements and opened her legs, further exposing the beauty and complexity of her vaginal lips, folds and opening, all coated with the thick, creamy translucent expression of her lust and arousal.

Again she freed her mouth of its burden and said “Please Daddy, lick me, suck my clit and make me CUM! Finger me and make me squirt my JUICES Daddy, finger my G-Spot while you lick my pussy and suckle my clit! Show me the loving those boys don’t know about, can’t give me and never will!” I needed no further encouragement as I lightly licked along her sticky lips and down to her taint area.

The awesome feeling of her increased moaning on my cock, when my lips and tongue made first contact with her clit, was encouragement enough to cause me to continue stimulating the sensitive bud with my lips and tongue. Her taste was so sweet, so innocent, so thick and copious, it literally flowed from her pussy, challenging me to lap it up before it pooled on the bed dressing. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t keep up and a dark spot began to grow under her sweet, tight, athletic and girlishly fit ass cheeks. Her lithe body was the epitome of perfection and all I wanted to do was eat her up…well eat her out. I reached in under my tongue with my hand and slickened my finger with her juices and slowly inserted it as I sucked and hummed on her clit. She had pulled all but the head of my cock out of her mouth and was playing with my loosely hanging balls with one hand, and stroking my cock with the other.

With a mouth full of Cock Head, she moaned “OH MY GOD….AHHHHHHHHH.” as my finger found her G-Spot. At 6’2”, I have big hands and just before I curved my digit up to her special shelf that houses her G-Spot, I gently probed deep inside and sure enough, right at the full depth I could comfortably reach, I felt it…the thin membrane that was the difference between My Sweet Innocent Little Girl now and the Sensual, Sexually Wanton Woman she would soon become…but she would always be Daddy’s Little Girl, Baby Doll, Sweetie!

Before I knew it she started quivering and shaking and making guttural noises as she continued to shove my cock in and out of her mouth while squeezing my balls and slapping them against her nose. Suddenly I felt her pussy clamp as tight as a vise around my finger as I kept a steady rubbing motion on her G-spot with my finger and a rhythmic flicking of my tongue across her clit while my lips supplied a pulsating sucking action. Then it happened, she tensed, pulled my cock from her mouth and screamed “MY GOD I’M CUUUUMMMMMMMMMIIIINNNNG!!” still stroking my cock in front of her gapped open mouth. As the “M’s” cleared her throat, her body relaxed, she opened her legs slightly and before I realized what was happening, she convulsed and released the first of many hard and sloppy ejaculations of Girl Cum, splashing her Liquid Love all over my face, hands, her legs and the bed, then again and again and by the fourth one, I realized what was happening and swiftly covered her pussy with my mouth, capturing the last two powerful squirts of her sweet honey and drinking them in. There was enough on the fifth contraction to fill half my mouth. I didn’t swallow. I knew what I wanted and I knew it was time to take it!

I stood up and pulled my cock from My Little Girls open mouth. She looked up at me with confusion and a sadness I hadn’t seen since her ice cream fell off her cone when she was 6 or 7. With a mouthful of her cum, I couldn’t speak, so I merely reached down, gently grabbed her, spun her around on the bed and gently tossed her to the middle of the queen size mattress. She quickly understood and invitingly opened her legs, making room for me to move up and finally come face to face with her. I slowly laid down on her, my cock pressing against her tight abdomen, and brought my face to hers, our eyes locked in that lust filled, sensual and mesmerizing stare. By now she figured out why I couldn’t speak and wrapped her arms around me, tilted her head slightly and said “Kiss Me Daddy, Feed me my CUM!” and she opened her mouth and pressed it to mine, sharing our first kiss as Lovers, She parted my lips with her tongue and I opened my mouth, releasing the sweet nectar of her orgasm for us to share in this passionate, illicit, taboo, but oh so delightful kiss! I probed her mouth with my tongue as she swirled the thin, sweet and tangy liquid that had just recently been released from her body. The kiss lingered, but there were other actions that were taking urgency. She pulled away from my lips and I instinctively raised my hips, to take the weight off her. She looked at me and said in the most sultry voice I’ve ever heard, “That was a first.” And smiled. “You’ve never kissed a boy after he went down on you?” I queried. “I’ve never squirted before!” she said, winking at me and reaching between us for my turgid tool. She stroked my cock head along her sloppy wet and now even more swollen lips, getting my muscle ready to penetrate her.

She leaned into me and whispered in my ear, “Now Daddy. Take my Virginity. Make me a Woman, Make me YOUR Woman!” and with those last words, she opened her legs and allowed my rock hard cock to slide, easily at first, into her soft, wet, velvety slick and juicy pussy. OH GOD I had never felt anything so wonderful! I felt as though my cock was wrapped in a tightly hugging, warm, wet and slick glove…it was, My Daughter’s PUSSY!!! However, never having accommodated anything bigger than a boy’s finger, she was still tight, VERY tight and my initial penetration was stopped after only getting about a fourth of my cock into her slit. There was resistance as I pushed, gently, not wanting to hurt her, not anymore than was natural and expected and necessary in order to deflower My Baby. She encouraged me, “Oh Yes Daddy, That feels so good Daddy, so tight, FILL ME DADDY. I can feel my pussy walls stretching from your thickness Daddy….OHHHHHH DADDY it feels so GOOOOOD!” She kept it up and as much as I thought I was as hard and long as I had ever been before entering her, her words were causing me to become harder, thicker and longer. I grew to a size I had never felt before!

I worked it in and out slowly, getting a little deeper with every controlled thrust, letting her adapt to the feeling of fullness and friction, let her recover from the discomfort of initial entry and relax a little. She enthusiastically encouraged me to “…go deeper Daddy, Take it Daddy, Break it Daddy, Take My CHERRY DADDY!!!!” But I knew what was coming and what she was about to feel, deal with, experience. Not just that intense, quick and sharp pain that would mark her change from adolescence to womanhood, but the emotional change that was also about to take place, the bond we were going to create, Father & Daughter sharing, enjoying and causing the most wonderful present Mother Nature has to offer.

She had relaxed a bit and I was slipping in and out freely, her juices had started to flow again, that internal bodily reaction, preparing her for what her body knew was coming, but had never experienced. I pulled back, my fat, swollen cockhead pressed against the gaping opening to her vagina. Her pussy seemed to be sucking to get my length back inside, to feel the fullness it had never known until 2 minutes ago. I passionately looked into her eyes and, as I started a slow, but f***eful thrust into her pussy, I said “Daddy Loves You Baby…” and as I felt the tip of my rod press against her hymen, the doorway to her womanhood, her cherry and the entrance to where no other entity had ever touched, as I was about to invade and touch her special Virgin place, I leaned in and kissed her deeply and passionately, my tongue mirroring my probing cock. As we both felt the membrane tear and my cock push another two inches deeper inside her, she pulled back and screamed, half in pain, half in pleasure, then she buried her head into the nap of my neck and gently bite me, not hard, but enough to leave a mark and as she released the grip of her teeth on my neck, she looked up at me, a few tears, coming from her hypnotic eyes, sliding across her beautiful young face, she smiled at me and said “Now CUM for me Daddy! Give me your SPUNK. I’m on the pill, I know you had a vasectomy, FEED YOUR BABY YOUR SPERM DADDY!” and she started bucking her hips, causing me to catch up with her rhythm.

It didn’t take long for everything to catch up to me, the emotions, the incredible physical feeling of being enveloped with her tight, yet soft and silky inner walls, I felt my orgasm build deep in my swollen balls, pent up from the activity so far. My Baby sensed it too and held me tighter and whispered in my ear, “I’m going to CUM again Daddy, you’re gonna make me CUM again Daddy…CUM WITH ME DADDY!” and that was it! My body tensed and my cockhead got so sensitive, it almost hurt, almost, but the pleasure I was feeling was like none I had ever felt before! The flood gates just opened and I started to spasm and jerk and spurt my CUM deep inside the depths of her pussy as she tensed up and her pussy vice gripped my cock and started milking my SEED, with pulse after pulse of vaginal contractions so hard I couldn’t have withdrawn my cock if I wanted. Just as the last of the 5 to 6 intense spurts it took to empty my nuts into my Daughters sucking pussy; she let out another shrill scream of ecstasy and then I felt the most wonderful and awesome feeling, next to what I just experienced a few short seconds earlier. My balls were instantaneously enveloped in wet warmth, as her pussy once again unleashed torrents of her sweet, watery CUM, squirt after squirt coated my balls, legs, her pussy and the bed. She was shaking and quivering uncontrollably, only able to mumble guttural utterances of pleasure and approval, from deep down inside. Then she just relaxed and we lay there hugging and sharing this special moment, knowing it would never happen again, not like this, but also knowing it would always be special….

As I’m finishing these thoughts, stirred by your “question”, I suddenly become aware of your expert mouth engulfing my cock, taking me deep in your mouth, working me for my second CUM of the early day. Then I erupt, fueled by the thoughts of our first tryst, “OH God Baby Doll, Daddy’s CUMMMING Baby!” I utter, as I shoot load after load of spunk into your willing mouth. “That’s it Baby, swallow Daddy’s CUM, get my SEED in your belly anyway you can!” and you stroke my cock to get the last drops of cum before it softens. You move your mouth away from my cock, making a popping sound as the head departs your pursed lips, I notice you haven’t swallowed the last couple spurts. You slide up my body and offer your lips to me, for a deep passionate French Kiss and to share my CUM with me, as I shared yours with you that first time, 12 years ago. We swap the thick, salty viscous liquid back and forth, each taking our share to swallow and enjoy. Our kiss lingers long after my sperm has been evacuated. Then you pull away and look deeply into my eyes and say “I’m glad you remember Daddy!’ and give me “that” wink.

Here we are, 12 years later, you 30, me 55 and it still is as special as the first time. You get up from bed and tell me you need to get showered and get home, hubby will be home from work shortly and you need to get some things done around the house. You are “happily” married, with a good life in all aspects, except one…the Fatherly Love only a Daddy can provide!
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oh baby
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Mmmm...yummy! I am sooo wet right now!!!
2 years ago
Daughters can be very tempting. My oldest is now eighteen and it is very hard for me to control it, the way she looks at me lets me know it would be ok. Her fathers day kiss was the kicker and made me incredibily hard.
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Excellent tale, hope there are more.
2 years ago
damn good loved it