I was Hanging out when......

I have never been the type to go out much, and when I don't feel like going out, nothing is going to get me to go out. One Saturday night some friends of mine came over and decided not to leave until I agreed to go out with them to this dance club called cheek to cheek. SO I took a shower, shaved, put on some calone, and put on some nice dress paints and short sleeve red button up shirt.
We decided to have a few drinks at the house before going out. That's what we call pegaming. While we was pregaming we started talking about who will bring home the nicest looking girl. When we got to the club the music was pounding, and the dance floor was packed. I headed strait for the bar to order a round of drinks. When I got to the bar I seen this girl from work. Kathy is her name, I had never seen her outside of work before. Kathy was wearing a red pencil skirt that stop just above the knee, and a black silk top. I had always like the way she looked. From he deep black long hair to her thick round ass. Her C cups did't hurt ether. I walked up behind Kathy and put my hands on her hips, leaned over and said in her ear "Damn your hips feel good". She tuned around quickly with an angry look on her face, but once she seen it was me she put on a smile showing her perfectly white teeth. "Oh My God! What are you doing here?" Kathy asked. I told here I was here with some friends and I was stopping at the bar before hitting the dance floor. I got me and
Kathy a long island and after downing them and talking for a bit we hit the dance floor. The way that girl moved her body was incredible. We danced and drank for most of the night. We was both rather lit by midnight. Just then the DJ played Whatcha Say by Jason Derulo.
Kathy asked me if I knew how to hold on to a women. I told here I have been holding on to a real one all night. She giggled and pulled me to the dance floor. Kathy had her back to me and was grinding on me and I started to get hard. She must have felt me getting hard because she grabbed my hands and put them on her thigh and started to rub them up and down. I moved my right hand close to the inside of her thigh. Kathy grabbed my hand and I though I had went too far, but she moved my hand up close to her pantys. Then she turned around and started to kiss my neck. By this time my dick was at full attention. Kathy reached down and felt my dick and then she stop kissing my neck and looked at me ans said "Damn that's big. You're comeing with me. Then she pulled me
off the dance floor and out side. "Where are we going?" I asked. "I live a few blocks away from here. Come on, hurry I want this." Kathy said. When we got to her apartment she asked me to wait in the living room as she went into her bedroom. I sat down on the floor in front of the couch and a few min later Kathy came out naked. Kathy leaned over me and unbuttoned my shirt. Then she undid my paints and grabbed my dick. Kathy took the head into her mouth and started stroking the shaft. She took her other hand and started fondling my balls. My head fell back on the couch as she took her hand of my shaft and started taking more of my dick into her mouth. I started running my hand through her hair as she took more and more of my dick into her mouth. I then felt the head of my cock hit the back of her throat then Kathy gagged a little and then my dick when into her throat. I never thought she would be able to take all 10 inches in. She gave me a blow job for a few more minutes then she got up. I told her to put her knees on the couch so I could lick her pussy. I started by licking on the inside of her thighs and slowly moved closer to her pussy. Just before I would get to her pussy I would stop and move over to her other leg. I did that a few times before I heard Katy whimper and say "Come on it's not nice to teas. Then I opened her pussy lips and found her clit sticking out at me. I liked, then took her clit into my mouth. As I gently sucked on her clit I could feel her hips push against my head. Then I would lick from the bottom of her pussy up to her clit. In the same motion Kathy started to move her hips up and down. The movement got faster, and faster until Kathy's body started to shake and her legs closed around y head and she started to cum in my mouth. Kathy went limp and laid next to me shaking with every
move my hands made on her. Kathy said "Now I want your dick in me." as she lean over the couch arm with her ass in the air. I got behind her and rubbed the head of my dick on her we pussy. "Start slow for a minute then go as deep as you can." Kathy said, "and let me know when you are about to cum." I did as instructed. I started slow with just half my cock moving in and out. With my hand on Kathy's round ass I started to thrust more of my cock inside. With every thrust I could hear Kathy asking for more in between heavy breaths. Now I was pushing all of my dick into her. Kathy was bent over the arm of the couch and biting on the throw pillow moaning in pleasure.
With every thrust I could feel me getting closer to climax. Just when I couldn't hold it any more I told Kathy I was getting ready to cum. She said OK pull out. When I pulled out Kathy turned around and took my cock deep into her mouth. As I exploded in her mouth some of my cum spilled out of her mouth. Kathy swallowed my cum and started to suck my dick to get the rest out. Kathy sucked me dry until my dick started to go limp in he mouth. After that went into her bedroom to sl**p naked.
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