first time was with 2

My name is gio it was about to b my first time to have sex.. And it was with 2 girls.. It all started at a party with a bunch of the high school k**s there. Everyone was having a good time playing drinking games and fun stuff like that but u know what happens when boys and girls start geting a little bit to d***k. We start doing crazy things.. It all started with a dare no1 would beilieve that I would do two girls at once. So I had to prove them wrong.. We went to a room upstairs and we started having fun.. I had 2 girls kissing all up on me while I was there rubbing on them, both of the girls had some nice breast and one of them had I big ass that I couldn't keep my habds off.. They started rubbing on my nice cock and all of a sudden one starts sucking on it. It felt great! They where both taking turns until I was as hard as I could be.. I didn't know which one to do first but they picked for me. I was laying there whith one on top of me doing her thing and the other one was just kissing me.. We where all enjoying it but I think I was enjoying it a lil more than them.. One of the girls was riding me like she had done it before she was mighty good fucking my cock but they both where amazing and we all had a kickass experiance..
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