Experience of a Lifetime

This is not a fairy story it is the absolute God's Honest truth.
I was fifty years of age, in a (late) mid-life crisis, holding down an extremely respectable job in the community. Visiting e****ts over the previous two years had started to bore me, though I still got a buzz when driving to meet a new one - what does she look like this woman whom I have never met before but within the next hour she will be naked in front of me and allowing me to shag her? To those of you who have never punted I recommend you try it.

Anyway, I was in my office reading a copy of "freeads" a well known source for us punters and I read a classified advertisement that Jumped out of the page. It read something similar to ' Mature lady model available for glamour photography.' At the time I had, in connection with my work the sole use of a top of the range video camera and mature women had always been my preferred choice, but unfortunately very few e****ts were in that category as I assume, they were a minority interest.

I phoned the number without any second thoughts and was extremely surprised to be answered by an elderly sounding man. On being told the nature of my enqiry he replied politely, "Yes, hold on I will put you on to the model." I then spoke to a most charming lady who introduced herself as Helen. She described herself as being in her early sixties, tall with a good figure and as I was going to use video, she would have to charge an extra ten gbp for the session as it was much harder work than still photography. I still wasn't sure if I was on the right track until she reassured me that we were talking about French photography, whatever that was.

Two days later I was driving the 90 minute journey to a phone box on the M5 motorway services where I had been told to phone her for final directions. As instructed I eventually drove through a lodge gatehouse of a Victorian manor house which had been divided into apartments, located their door carrying my video recorder in it's own briefcase type case. Charming gent in his late sixties answered that door, handshake and invited in to meet Helen. Was I fucking amazed! She could have been the most glamorous Mayoress of your town, the president of the local W.I. or a long retired newsreader for the BBC. Elegant, grey hair with just few dark ones, aqualine features and the figure of a woman who had obviously looked after herself. She was a stunner. Hubby provided a very good bottle of French red wine and we got to talk about each other. Helen held a job closely aligned to mine (connected with the law) and had spent that day working at the local Magistrates' Court. Husband had obviously dabbled in many careers, including model agencies though I was told, they met long after that finished and Helen had not done any modelling until a few years ago. In front of me was one of the most respectable, georgeous, mature woman I had ever met and she was going to let me film her naked. I was praised for the video camera in it's case as it would not arouse the neighbours suspicions.

Hubby then said that he would leave the room to allow us to get on with the filming. Helen knew that this was my first such experience and said that she would start off by stripping then she would 'mess about for a bit.' She then went to the mantleshelf and turned f****y photographs to the wall. I shakily swithched on the camera and Helen laid out a white bedsheet in one corner of the room. She was wearing a black two piece skirt and top with a white lacey blouse - perfect for the courtroom. Slowly she lifted her skirt to show her stocking tops then knickers and corset and turned around for the back view. She faced me and slowly unbuttoned the top and let the skirt drop to the floor.
Looking straight into my camera she asked me if I would like her to take the blouse off. What do you think? I could'nt believe my fucking luck. Slowly she unbuttoned the blouse which she discarded and I was filming this stunner of a mature in front of me in her bra, pants and stockings. She turned around a few times, faced me, placed her thumbs inside the hips of her panties and ever so slowly dropped them to the floor.

Helen walked to me and asked if I would like a closer shot. She stood before me with legs together and I pressed the zoom button focussing on the pussy. The hair was thinning as it should in a lady of that age and I could see just the start of her divine beauty.

I was told that we were now going to move to the next phase. Yes please.

She asked me to carry on filming whilst she removed her bra revealing a perfect pair of white breasts with pink nipples and she then took out an enormous didlo from a cupboard and laid down on the sofa. This is what she had earlier called 'messing about.' Stood at the end of the sofa with camera aimed and without a hint of embarrassment she opened her legs to expose those beautiful stockingned thighs and her stunning pussy with labia protruding for my delight. She spent the next ten minutes or so masturbating for me in every position I asked of her until Hubby knocked and came back into the room.

He politely enquired if I had enjoyed the experience and we had a very civilised conversation during which time Helen lay in her almost naked state, slowly stroking her pussy, showing us both what she was doing. It was incredible, I had just spent at least an hour filming this stunning granny performing the most intimate acts and here I was with her husband, both clothed and her naked casually chatting about it.

He produced another bottle of vin rouge. We made tentative arrangements for our next meet and after about three hours in their splendid company I left and drove home. I could'nt believe my luck - all that for eighty five quid with more to come. Yes there were more such meetings which, for some reason became cheaper every time and finished with dear hubby filming me having sex with the lovely Helen.

P.S. I know her name is not Helen but to protect her anonymity it begins with S.... If there is anyone out there who could put me in touch I would be finacially grateful.
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6 months ago
one of life's pleasant surprises! Thank you for sharing!
3 years ago
Great story. Thanks for sharing. While I cant totally agree with you on age. I have been with someone 30+ years my senior and loved it as well as someone 17 years my junior. I found sexual appeal in both and all those in between.
4 years ago
Very much regret that following a health scare some years ago, I destroyed the vids as I did'nt want my daughters to find them after my days.
4 years ago
great story - hopefully you can show the videos here in Xhamster. I have been fortunate to film a few mature women.