f****y friend provides relief

I was alone in the house. This was the first time in the 3 days that I’d been staying here that I was alone. While my parents were away I was staying with my mum’s friend Sue, and right now she was out shopping, her husband at work and her k**s at school. Perfect. I hadn’t wanked for a couple of days before coming here and hadn’t had a chance since, so was horny as hell. Sue had been driving me crazy. I had always been strangely attracted to her. She wasn’t conventionally hot however she had always done it for me. She had a good figure for her age, curvy without being overweight and still pert for her 40 years of age, with fairly short red hair and voluptuous breasts. She had been wearing rather low cut tops while I had been here which had only increased my frustration. I had considered masturbating over her but instead the minute she left I grabbed the laptop, stripped off on my borrowed bed and browsed around for porn.

I had always had a thing for handjob videos, believing you could ‘act them out’ on your own, so there I was, jerking in time with the girl on screen. “Mmmmmm you like it when I rub your cock” she moaned. I was barely holding on. After 5 days of abstinence my cock was hard as iron and my balls were full and swollen. As I tugged my foreskin up and down I felt myself begin to lose control. My nutsack was tightening and my engorged penis was beginning to twitch. I threw back my head, moaning in anticipation when the door opened and Sue stepped in.

I swore and tried to hide my erection with my hands, while the video played on. “Ooooh baby your cock is so hard in my hand” said the on-screen actress. Sue just stared from the doorway. She was clearly shocked and embarrassed yet she did not leave the room. I was avoiding her gaze, while she tried to catch mine without looking at my penis. Here I was, naked on one of her beds, watching porn on her laptop, moments away from coming. Ashamed didn’t cover it. I was failing miserably at hiding my cock with my hands so abandoned hope and reached for a pillow to put over it. Sue had glanced at my cock when it was uncovered, and now it was concealed she came and perched on the bed.

“I’m so sorry” I mumbled. “Don’t be, it’s perfectly natural” she said with a glint in her eye and half a smile. After a few uncomfortable seconds she muted the sound on the laptop, which now showed the woman bringing the guy off all over her tits, and said in a rather sultry voice “So you like handjobs do you?” “Errrr yeah” “Do they turn you on?” “…Uh-huh” I replied nervously. “Mmmmmm can I see how much again?” she said gesturing at the pillow on my groin. “…Errrrrrrr” “Come on” she said, this time reaching out and slowly pulling it away from my unresisting arms. “Mmmmm you really do like hand jobs” she purred, devouring my cock with her eyes. Seeing her gaze my hard cock made it twitch slightly which brought a sexy smile to her face. “Can I watch you masturbate it?” she asked me in a sexy tone. I was so turned on. I had known this woman for many years and had often fantasised about her, I’d even wanked over her a couple of times, and now she was asking me to jerk off in front of her. I didn’t really feel I was in a position to refuse, and besides I didn’t really want to so instead I stammered an approval. “Wait here for a sec” she said, flashing me a cheeky smile, and left the room. I was ridiculously aroused. I was about to cum in front of someone for the very first time, and not just anyone, a woman who I had dreamed of doing this with. I was going to cum for her. I pictured her large curvy breasts and my cock bobbed in anticipation and a shudder ran through me.

She returned seconds later with a small bottle of lube which she handed to me saying “It’ll feel nicer with this”, and resumed her seat on the edge of the bed. With shaky hands I unscrewed the bottle and dribbled some on to my penis. I took a deep breath to try and restore my breathing rhythm which had gone out of control, and then took hold of my cock just below the head. I moved my hand down and then up, slowly at first until I ever so slowly built up a medium pace. I was so excited I knew I couldn’t last long. Here was a woman 25 years my senior, watching intently as I stroked my cock. She was inches away from me. She watched with a hungry look in her eyes as I moved my hand up and down, up and down, tying to hold out, trying to prolong the spectacle. It only took 30 seconds before I began to feel it. My legs began to twitch and every stroke brought a deep gasp. My balls tightened and my hand shook. This was it. As I began the last few strokes to orgasm she stopped me. She put a hand on my arm and pulled it from my cock. “I wanna make you cum” she whispered to me.

I was breathing heavily. I was amazed and slightly annoyed at the same time. I needed to cum. Twice I had been almost there and twice she had stopped me. The pressure between my legs was immense. She must have seen this in my eyes since she said “Don’t worry, it’ll be worth it, I promise”. If she had touched my cock then I would have cum, so instead, using the nails on her right hand she ran her fingers over my body. Being so close to orgasm meant my body was ultra sensitive meaning it felt amazing. She travelled from my cheek bones, down my shoulders and arms, across to my nipples where she lingered for a while, before travelling down to my navel and engorged penis. Here she concentrated, teasing me, making me swell even more, before dipping down to my swollen balls and perineum. God knows how long she did it for, it could have been 3 minutes, it could have been three hours. All I know is that at the end I was in heaven, and my cock was pulsing more than I had ever experienced before. I opened my eyes when her hands withdrew and I felt moisture drizzling onto my cock, to see her pouring lube onto my penis. She had an intense look in her eyes and maintained eye contact as she began running a solitary finger from the very tip, down the underside of my shaft to my balls, which she then cupped in her hand, squeezing my testes as if testing for ripeness. She repeated this a few times, still maintaining eye contact, before gripping my cock lightly at the glans, and performing an incredibly slow down stroke making my cock twitch in her hand. The next stroke was slightly faster, as the was the subsequent one, yet still her hand slid up and down incredibly slowly. While one hand gently jerked me, the other began to massage my testes, the combination causing my breath to come in gasps and my body to writhe. I looked down and saw my penis in her hand slowly sliding up and down, and saw my hips were beginning to involuntarily thrust into her grasp. She responded with a teasing smile and slowed her strokes even more to prolong my ecstasy. The sight of my cock in her hand, glistening with the lubricant, and that sexy teasing smile on her face while she jerked me is an image I’ll never forget. My cock was ridiculously swollen. It seemed engorged out of all normal proportions. Every vein jutted out, while the glans ballooned, purple and swollen above the shaft. The massaging of my balls caused them to swell up even more, making them ache with the amount of sperm they contained. Every slow stroke brought a twitch in my cock and a loud moan from my lips. “Watch me make you cum” she whispered to me. I did. She brought her hand down to the base and my cock tensed. She jerked me twice more, my cock tensing with every stroke. Sliding her hand over the head of my penis made me thrust upward. I was on the very brink. My body shuddered with ecstasy. Her other hand squeezed my balls. Her fingers began to glide down. She did it so leisurely it was like slow motion. Her sexy, glistening hand sliding over my swollen head. I came. My cock twitched violently in her hand. A huge string of cum erupted from my cock and flew into the air. Before it even landed another spurt fired onto my chest. I was crying out. More cum spurted out, running down the purple, straining head to puddle on her hand which still jerked me as I came, while her other hand squeezed my balls in time to my spurts, both combining to milk me dry. Finally my orgasm began to subside. She didn’t stop stroking, not until I’d stopped twitching and begun to soften. Even then she held my cock in her hands and looked into my eyes, giving me that sexy, sexy smile.
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4 years ago
sweet a pt 2??
4 years ago
Awesome story. Thanks for posting
4 years ago
i love mature chicks
4 years ago
great stuff!
4 years ago
amazing story, loved the whole thing